Nagi no Asukara Episode 20 – Moving forward

Nagi no Asukara Chisaki

It’s time to move forward.
Nagi no Asukara Episode 20 Review
Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea Episode 20 Review
“Sleeping Beauty”
“Nemuri Hime”

All the major players have returned and with that the tides of progress begin to move once more. Happiness, fear, agony, relief, and everything in between await for our protagonists. We are at the final stretch of Nagi no Asukara.

Nagi no Asukara Episode 20 Impressions

Miuna head pat

The pain…


And Miuna is going to sacrifice herself to the Sea God and everyone else lives happily ever after.


Nagiasu anime


Hiradaira Chisaki grown up


Isaki Kaname blushing


So close yet so far.

She’s chained up right now. D:


You don’t even know how many gons are in this lovenaginogon.

TWIST: It was actually Miuna who drew it and not Akira.

Sakishima Hikari


Nagiasu Hikari


Nagi no Asukara

That’s unsettling.

Dat protag.

Hisanuma Sayu

Please no, Disney movies do that already. Animu needs to stay animu.


Well yeah, got to lessen the competition somehow.

Hikari and Manaka



Shiodome Miuna anime



Sakishima Hikari fever


Kaname totally knows your feelings.

Well, duh.

Got dis.


Kihara Tsumugu


Don’t worry, it’s far from over.

That’s a tall order.

Shiodome Miuna kiss


A lull in the sea hikari


Even she’s shipping them.
That’s game, other shippers.


Sakishima Hikari derp

Mukaido Manaka


Ah, how Hikari has grown up. While I didn’t necessarily greatly dislike him in the beginning, he was certainly far from likable. After the headbutts, dealing with people on the surface, arranging the Ofuneki, and putting his all into waving the big flag, Hikari’s progress as a character is clear. He’s become more mature and knows what feelings to keep to himself, but he’s still quite “childish” when it comes to certain things like saving Manaka… Or is he? He wants to be the main person responsible for Manaka’s return. Part of that may be due to the guilt inside of him because he couldn’t save her from the Sea God and that he didn’t do his job properly when waving the flag and everyone ended up getting lost. No, it’s not really his fault that everyone got lost, but he nonetheless feels partially responsible. And of course, there’s the need for him to be the one to wake Manaka up because he holds feelings for her. It’s quite natural for Hikari to feel this way as he just wants to do all that he can for the person he loves. Perhaps above all, he does this so Manaka will realize how strong his feelings towards her really are. Actions do speak louder than words at times. Hikari may be “childish” in this respect, but when it comes to love, people hold unreasonable thoughts in their minds, and do unreasonable things. What is really unreasonable though? Is it really childish and unreasonable for Hikari to be viewed in the greatest light in front of the person he cherishes? Is it really unreasonable for him to push himself so far for a person so important to him?

It’s also not so unnatural for Miuna to hold conflicting feelings of whether she wants Manaka to wake up or not. There’s a side of her that wants her to come back because it’s horrible for her to wish otherwise. She’d feel guilty for not wishing that Manaka returns. She may also think that Hikari and the others will be happier as a result. Their happiness is her happiness, right? Then there’s the side of her that wants to keep Hikari to herself much like how Tsumugu wants to keep Chisaki to himself. Tsumugu speaks of both being scared and happy when Kaname and Hikari returned which is the same conflict that Miuna feels in this episode. However she may feel, I think it’s still better for Miuna if Manaka were to wake up. Let’s suppose that Manaka doesn’t wake up. What happens? Hikari will continue to walk the path of trying to bring Manaka back. He will ignore all the noise and walk the “straight and narrow” path of bringing her back. Relegated to the side, Miuna will find it difficult to even confess seeing how much pain Hikari is in. Miuna will feel guilty that she’s even thinking of having her feelings reciprocated when Hikari is in such dire straits. At the same time, she will not be able to find it within herself to give up either because she holds the hope that Hikari will give up one day, and she holds the hope that because she doesn’t know how Manaka truly feels about Hikari, that she still may have a chance. This leaves everything hanging.

Why is it good for Miuna that Manaka returns? Because there will be progress. Once Manaka wakes up, the playing field levels and Miuna will find it more appropriate to confess her feelings to Hikari. Hikari will also can express his feelings to Manaka. There is the opportunity to set things straight once and for all. If Manaka reciprocates Hikari’s feelings, Miuna may understand that she has no chance which will give her the ability to give up and move on. Or, she could continue to fight. If Manaka doesn’t reciprocate Hikari’s feelings, then it will give Miuna the courage to push on even further. Any which way, there is progress. Worse case scenario is that, as long as nothing like an angry Sea God needing another sacrifice happens, Miuna will move on to find love somewhere else. A broken heart hurts and it may never fully heal, but it could still be mended whereas a stalled heart will be hard pressed to find solace anywhere.

Nagi no Asukara Episode 20 Review

Finally, everyone is back. Finally, things can begin to progress at greater speeds. I’ve actually had a pretty big “problem” with these past few episodes. They’ve all felt very… slow. Not much really went on in the past few episodes, but it’s completely possible that this is fully intentional. The lack of progress due to this time skip is a major theme of this second season, and perhaps this anime is trying to depict it by making the episodes themselves seem slow so that we understand this theme even better. It’s actually quite a clever way to depict this theme. Although, it could just have been a byproduct of the time skip. I suppose we’ll never know until we ask the writer if this pacing was intentional or not. Regardless, I was getting a bit tired hoping for things to pick up a bit, but Manaka came back just at the right time. It’s not like the past few episodes are boring. They are solid episodes, but there are just so many things left to develop and so many things left to resolve romantically that the episodes felt slower than they should have been. These last six episodes will determine whether this episode ascends to greatness or fall into mediocrity. We can only hope that it turns out well.

Nagi no Asukara Wallpaper Tsumugu and Miuna

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    Kaname and Sayu have the same problem as Miuna. Last week made it clear that Chisaki really still loves Hikari. And Kaname has made it clear that he still loves her (and always will) no matter how much time passes.

    Both Hikari and Chisaki are the love interest of several people and their choices will leave at least one person heart broken. But I can root for Hikari because he’s matured so much. Chisaki, on the other hand hasn’t changed. Last week just proved that she still loves Hikari, which is… quite annoying actually. She doesn’t like Kaname romantically which is fine, but hard anyways because the poor guy just can’t get a break. But I’m rooting for Sayu to make a move! :) She’s older than them now, so she really should move on from her feelings for Hikari. Judging last week, I’d say she admires him a lot, not truly loves him. She hasn’t proven that she’d do anything for him – not in a big way anyway, Miuna does more in my opinion. And that’s why it’s frustrating to see her deny Tsumugu’s feelings. She refuses to acknowledge them. I’m not entire sure, but she must be aware of Tsumugu’s feelings… right?
    Chisaki’s love triangle is more problematic than Hikari’s love quadrangle(thingy). Everyone involved in Hikari’s quadrangle are his age (excluding Chisaki). Chisaki has Tsumugu and Kaname – neither will back down. I fear that her journey to love will be more painful for a lot of people, and more people will be heartbroken than happy. Definitely before the end of the series.

    The way Manaka came back was funny! I didn’t see that coming the way it did! :D
    I completely agree that it’s better for Miuna that Manaka comes back.
    I like Miuna, but I’ve always been rooting for HikarixManaka. Totally want to see KanamexSayu happen! And Chisaki please. Just want everyone to be happy, but things won’t be that easy.

    • Entrav

      It’s hard to say if Chisaki really, really does still love Hikari though. She was frozen in time before, but now that things are moving forward, maybe she’ll realize things she didn’t before. She always put the past about Hikari as the “reason” why she loves him, but that can all change once she is more aware of the fact of the five year distance between her and Hikari. I think she’s denying Tsumugu’s feelings because everyone wasn’t back yet, and she couldn’t settle anything. That’s probably all about to change now as everyone begins to confront their feelings.

      I’ll be very surprised if everyone ends up happy. Right now, it looks like it’ll be a bittersweet ending with some unfulfilled love and broken hearts while a few may end up truly happy.

      • MACHA

        Chisaki could have some strong lingering admiration for Hikari. The reason she isn’t more aware of the age gap at the moment may be because Hikari said (twice) that she hasn’t changed at all. That put her mind at ease, but she’s not looking at the reality of the situation. As you said, now that Manaka’s back, she’ll be forced to look at things as they are and really re-evaluate her feelings, and allow us to see Kaname vs SuaveMugu!!

        If pairings go down the way ideal way (Chi-Mugu; Kana-Sayu; Mana-Hiikun) then at least one person will be heartbroken at the end of this. :(
        And if goes any other way, only more broken hearts will be the result. D:

        It’s so quiet here^^

        • issaxchan

          I think the part where Kaname and Hikari are looking in awe at Chisaki is a sign that the fact Chisaki is now older than them start to sink in (well, to Hikari at least. Kaname seems to get that in the previous episode). I imagine them thinking, “Chisaki’s grown to be quite beautiful.” or something. Like they start to acknowledge that she has changed. They never look at her admiringly before the time skip (even Kaname).

          • MACHA

            Sorry for ulta late response^^

            Yeah, that scene very clearly depicted them thinking that. It’s Chisaki that I’m hoping can somehow come to accept that as well and move on from her admiration and get her feelings straight. She ‘likes’ Hikari, but DOES SHE LOVE TSUMUGU!? She (probably) knows that he likes her, so she’ll have to face the issue eventually. Or Tsumugu will take the initiative (please do that Suavemugu).

            Now to watch the latest episode~

  • Flaiboy

    Am I the only one who finds all this utterly boring? I was expecting more plot pieces dealing with the town, its people, the sea village, etc. . . . I was not expecting the second half of this anime to deal almost exclusively with romance which is not a genre I find interesting.

    I know it’s pretty late in the series but I’ve lost all interest in this. Damn, all that time wasted . . .

    • Entrav

      I do agree that the fault with recent episodes is the lack of things going on. It feels like they could have done the things they did with previous episodes in a shorter timeframe. It’s certainly not as interesting as it was since the time skip, but it’s not utterly boring for me. I can see why you would be if you’re not into romance.

      Well, the thing is that, if you didn’t like the series in the beginning since it dealt with romance, you shouldn’t have watched it again until you read other people’s thoughts on it when it was over. It was pretty obvious that they have to resolve the lovewhatevergon.

      • Flaiboy

        This series was always on the edge for me as I think I commented while watching the first half. Sure, the plot dealt with romance, but it never seemed the main thrust. I enjoyed the different elements of acceptance, forgiveness, maturity, tradition, change, and the more global issues dealing with the two towns and the various families involved enough to stay interested – it outweighed the romance, and what can I say? . . . it was pretty.

        The issue is not the presence of romance, but the difference in focus first half vs. second half. And to be honest, there really hasn’t been much romance, just the incessant build up to the potential of there being romance if you hung around long enough. If you read my above comment carefully you’ll see that I’m being critical of the second half in which it seems most of the time is spent with the characters navel-gazing and being petulant. I knew they had to resolve the loveagon, I just didn’t think they would take so long to do it . . . it just feels so draaaaaaaged out.

        Dammit, fooled again.