Nekomonogatari: Kuro Episode 1-2

Nekomonogatari Tsubasa Hanekawa boobs neko/meddlecat

It’s finally here. NEKO POWA.
Nekomonogatari: Kuro Episode 1-2: “Tsubasa Family, Part One-Two”
“Tsubasa Famirī Sono Ichi” (つばさファミリー 其ノ壹)
“Tsubasa Famirī Sono Ni” (つばさファミリー 其ノ貳)

IT’S HERE! If you didn’t watch Bakemonogatari or Nisemonogatari fear not, this is before those two series. We will eventually be getting Kizumonogatari but who knows when that’ll be?

Episode 1


Araragi Tsukihi

Ah, I missed having to pause and replay the scenes only to fail miserably at pausing at the right time to see the signs. They’re back! And like usual, they’re as annoying for the subbers as ever. Nonetheless, that’s one of the defining traits of the monogatari series and it does make things much more intriguing. Not only that, it’s a pretty smart marketing tactic because people will want to buy the DVDs and BDs.


Anyways, with a beautiful opening we dive right into the conversation between Tsukihi and Koyomi. What’s the topic? LOVE! Being a complete amateur even with noticing if he actually has feelings for someone, Koyomi seeks the assistance of his younger sister. Well, it’s nothing to be too ashamed about; everyone has their own phases and each person differs in their approach to love.

Araragi Tsukihi


Tsukihi’s explanation is that she just knew and that coming up with reasons is just rationalization. I do agree with her. Love is… weird to say the least. Talking about it with various people will only make you realize how ridiculous it is at times. Besides, the barrier point that Koyomi is talking about (when one knows that he or she loves another) just sort of… happens.

And…. all of that was pent up sexual frustration. Okay you got me there Nisio Isin. Anyways, the random boob grabbing scene is definitely unexpected. What’s more is Karen’s explanation of love. “If you you look at someone and think that you want to have their kid, isn’t that what love is?” Well, that’s probably the most “primitive” way to put it. We are tuned at the most fundamental level to respond based on those instincts. Nonetheless, this could be taken as the truth as well. It just goes to show the type of person that Karen is.



Family. Many people value family above almost anything else. After all, what could knit people closer together than the notion of sharing blood? Except, it’s less the actual blood relationship and the actual knowing that makes such an idea stick. For example, if a person unrelated to another by blood is introduced as his or her sister or brother, it would be no different from if they were actually brothers and sisters.

Whenever family comes to my mind it does have blood relation as one of its aspects. More importantly, however is the actual relationship between the members. That, is what Hanekawa’s family lacks, or rather, is void of entirely. For those of you who believe that a family is possible without having the same blood, I agree. However, it doesn’t work in a lot of cases and Hanekawa’s is one such case. Hanekawa makes it sound like it’s completely impossible now that she’s experiencing it herself. Though, I am sure that she realizes that it’s still possible but… her experiences must be overwhelming her.

Not only that, she even tries to stick up to the douche-bag “father” who physically abuses her! Hanekawa is resorting to rationalization to keep herself in check. Knowing Hanekawa, I highly doubt that she spoke to her “father” as if she knew it all. I’m sure she was just stating the facts and he got pissed off because the truth hurts.

Araragi Koyomi


Things take a drastic turn as Koyomi imagines the possibilities with the one wish that he is given only to… use it to heal her wounded cheek. Way to ruin the fun Koyomi. I thought you were going to tell her to strip naked or something. Anyways, that ends the first episode. So, ONTO THE NEXT!

Episode 2

Oshino Shinobu Nekomonogatari Shinobu

Kiss shot acerola orion heart under blade


SHI-SHINOBU IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCCEEE. Okay, not really. Anyways, Oshino is here to explain things. Apparently, aberrations exist because humans think they do and are influence by people’s expectations of them. As a result, Shinobu’s childish nature is caused by Koyomi. Then, what of her past self? The proud vampire? I guess those are imagined by people in literary forms.

The Meddlecat

Oshino Meme Hanekawa meddlecat Monogatari Series Hanekawa Tsubasa

Meddlecat’s got to be meddlesome with it randomly invading Hanekawa’s body. Though that’s some hot- I mean, some trouble that Koyomi is going to get himself in. Dumping the bodies like trash (though I suppose they pretty much are) and then mercilessly biting his arm off. Oh, for those of you new to the Monogatari series, witness the splatter of blood and see for yourself the pain that Koyomi suffers every single time this sort of thing happens. Interesting, no?


The reason why Hanekawa is perfect for the Meddlecat (I’m guessing) is partially because of her situation and more importantly, her stress. The Meddlecat takes advantage of this and causes havoc in order to release the stress stored inside of her master’s body. What better way to relieve stress than to take it out on people who’ve been causing the most trouble?

Oshino. He’s probably one of my favorite characters. Knowledgable, enigmatic, and most of all, nice when it comes down to it. Anyways, Koyomi is still useless against that cat with the energy drain. It’s up to the professionals to take care of this problem. The feeling of not being able to do anything must be one of the worst feelings you could have. To watch and do nothing. However, that’s the ideal solution for now as he would only get in the way.

Nekomonogatari Episode 1-2 Review

Well, I’m glad that SHAFT is back with some more Monogatari awesomeness. The panels are still interesting to read and the text that comes up every-so often makes the conversations unlike most other anime. The art is crisp and somewhat varying. Most importantly, the characters is what stands out to me about these series. Each character is intriguing and has their own personality. Moreover, they develop in nuances throughout the story. It’s even more surprising when you realize that most of the time, the characters are just talking, talking and… talking. Nonetheless, everything remains interesting even with the abundance of words that are being shot around. Now, let’s wait for the next two episodes.

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