Nekomonogatari: Kuro Episode 3-4 (FINALE)

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A satisfying end to a much needed back-story.
Nekomonogatari: Kuro Episode 3-4 (FINALE):
“Tsubasa Family, Part Three”
“Tsubasa Famirī Sono San” (つばさファミリー 其ノ參)
“Tsubasa Family, Part Four”
“Tsubasa Famirī Sono Yon” (つばさファミリー 其ノ肆)

One hour and forty minutes have gone by since the start and by the end, I feel satisfied with the short back-story. There are many things that Nekomonogatari touches upon that makes us ponder on what we think about Hanekawa and her as a person. Well, that and the over the top fan-service is always welcome.
WARNING: Quite a lot of fan-service shots. Might be a bit NSFW.

Hanekawa’s Room

Araragi Tsukihi

Going into a girl’s room without permission what is he thinking… Oh. What. She doesn’t have one? Six rooms and she doesn’t have a room? At this point you would think her family to be insane. After all, having such horrific living conditions and still keeping up her good manners make her seem like deity. How could she not complain to others and live there for over fifteen years? Well, we find out bit by bit that Hanekawa isn’t the Hanekawa that Koyomi knows.

Oshino Meme Defeated

Oshino Meme

Sawari Neko

With even the exemplary Oshino Meme defeated, one can only be amazed at Hanekawa’s knowledge as an individual. Things start to get a little awkward as we get deeper into this. Firstly, the Meddlecat is actively attacking people presumably to relieve her stress. However, it appears that its uncharacteristic of the Meddlecat to attack other people. In other words, Hanekawa’s consciousness is still within the cat and it may be her who are seeking out targets to attack.


There is no such thing as a truly kind human, and any compassion is merely skimming the surface. The opposite is sure to lurk beneath. If there is light, there is darkness. If there is white, there is black. It’s a story of a man’s true nature revealed.

Isn’t this defining Hanekawa in the “perfect” way? She’s exemplary and never shows the other side of herself. Could it be that she assimilated the Meddlecat so that she may reveal her other side and roam free like how she truly wants?

During the talk with the Meddlecat, we notice that it has traits unlike what normal aberrations have. Compassion for the one it possessed? Taking out the stress for her master? If the Meddlecat truly took over her body, she wouldn’t even care about Hanekawa’s stress. Anyways, why is she even calling Hanekawa her “master” anyways? Is it indicating that the Meddlecat is not really in control?


Moreover, Hanekawa’s character gets even darker when the Meddlecat explains what happened when it was buried. No sympathy, no emotion and no pity. What does this mean? It could be that whatever she’s doing in life, all of her niceties and her pleasantries might just be an emotionless act that she obeys like a machine. Putting up the act all the time and not having time to release herself from her routine behavior leads her to an incredible amount of stress. Why does the Meddlecat even care? On a whim? As if an aberration like a Meddlecat would actually help someone.


Many things taken to extreme lengths can become the opposite. Whether it’s Communism and Capitalism or benevolence and malevolence. What would you feel if someone was too kind? Although almost no one is like this in real life, just imagine it. Do something bad to someone and they talk kindly and remain calm like an angel or a higher being. In other words, I was too quick to assume what I said about this case last time. What Oshino Meme says is right. There is no right or wrong; there’s only circumstances.

Gifted humans must be aware of the effect that gift has on the humans around them.

Hanekawa’s situation is quite similar to Shiina Mashiro’s in Sakurasou. Being a genius, Shiina unwittingly puts others into despair because of her talent. Likewise, Hanekawa’s righteousness puts her parents into shame as they are constantly being reminded just how amoral they are. If you look at it from that perspective, you can understand why people would hit Hanekawa. Now, I’m not saying this is “right” but at the very least, things are not as one sided as they seem. In fact, she protected her parents by mentioning this on the first episode.

Araragi Koyomi vs Hanekawa revealed

Araragi Koyomi blade Demon Sword Heartspan

Wait, what? No sympathy?… Let’s get back to that afterwards. Firstly, the Meddlecat, or should I say Hanekawa, leaps in asking if he’s okay. By this point, her safety is assured as she still retains her own consciousness. Nonetheless, Koyomi finally sees the other side of her for the first time. No more nya nya this time around. It’s all Hanekawa now.

Koyomi’s speech, as I’ll call it, doesn’t really click with me. What I think he’s saying is that she just has to adapt to the situation at hand instead of staying her righteous self all the time. Even if she releases all her stress now, it will undoubtedly accumulate in the future and the cycle will repeat. As for the reason he’s not sympathizing with her… I’m not absolutely certain. It could be that he believes that a lot of it is Hanekawa’s own fault and not because of her unfortunate circumstances. After all, she’s the one who took in the Meddlecat.


Araragi Koyomi

Oshino Shinobu


Shinobu Oshino and Tsubasa Nekomonogatari kuro black hanekawa

After all this time, Hanekawa really wanted Koyomi to save her and be her “hero.” And by the end of all of this as Oshino Meme talks to Koyomi about Hanekawa’s feelings towards him, we may conclude that another source of her stress could be because of Koyomi. She likes him and he doesn’t seem to reciprocate her feelings well enough. Moreover, that could be an adequate explanation for her wanting Koyomi to become her hero.


Araragi Koyomi Senjougahara Hitagi

What of Koyomi’s feelings? Why is the ending have him say that he never will love Hanekawa? Thinking about it, there are several answers. One of them could be that he didn’t truly like Hanekawa after seeing her other side. Therefore, his love was fake. He loved an illusion but now that illusion is gone, there is no more love. The other reason could be because he didn’t understand what love was. In the first episode when he was talking to Tsukihi, he didn’t understand. He mistook lust for love. Now, he realizes that his love back then was foolish and it wasn’t actually love that he felt.

Nekomonogatari: Kuro Review

Well, after quite some time I managed to get through some intricate details. It’s been an interesting ride and certainly will not be the last. There is a *gasp* second season that is coming for the Monogatari series. I will definitely be doing more normal reviews when the time comes.

So, instead of doing a formal review, I guess I’ll sum what I think about the series. Animation is varied and amazing as usual. Even though this is a dialogue anime, it doesn’t really get boring (for me). The fan-service is something to be made an example of for all other anime series in the future. Seriously, I wasn’t prepared. Also, the story is multifaceted so there will always be ideas to go back to and to discuss. Voice acting is excellent as usual and the opening and ending is incredible. Overall, this is a tasty treat for those who are waiting for more Monogatari episodes. If you haven’t watched Bakemonogatari, give it a shot. If you liked this you will almost certainly like it. Anyways, thank you for reading and I’ll see you guys in the next post :)

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