Nisekoi Episode 20 (FINALE) – The curtains fall… until season 2

Nisekoi Chitoge Raku

A nice finale.
Nisekoi Episode 20 Review

After twenty episodes of harem antics, romantic stasis, reaction faces, and SHAFTTILTS, Nisekoi has finally come to an end. It’s been a journey that made me extremely frustrated at times due to the lack of actual romantic development, but this episode’s entertainment value¬†and advances in terms of romance does wash some of my dissatisfaction towards the overall anime away. Though, it’s foolhardy to think that such advances will not just reset the next season when it does eventually come out for the anime has done an exceedingly good job at delaying this for twenty episodes already.

Nisekoi Episode 20 Impressions

And nothing will come of it.

Kirisaki Chitoge cute


Wow, that job being shiny in the back must be amazing.


Chitoge and Raku fighting

Lewd hand holding.

10/10 acting by the way.

Shuu is so fucking dead after this, but at least he’s living his life to the fullest.

Tsugumi Seishirou embarrassed


Tsun until the end.
Shuu is dead now.

Foolish Romeo. Did you think a cold can come between true love?

Chill out, Marika.
Even if you are the girl with the key, it’s probably just a condom inside.

Now use those smarts to figure out the romantic relationships and we’ll be getting somewhere.

Tachibana Marika and Ichijou

Okay, this isn’t even WINCEST.
This is just incest.




Well, shit.

Stand proud, Romeo. Stand proud.
Your brick throwing skills are next level.

He’s climbing the fucking ropes, Juliet.

Nisekoi Ichijou Raku and Kirisaki Chitoge

How nice.

“Not really boyfriend and girlfriend.”
I wonder what miracle needs to happen before they progress beyond this point?

Ichijou Raku shocked


With that kind of question against that kind of tsundere, there can only be one answer.

Kirisaki Chitoge confession

Translation: “You’re a faggot.”

Nisekoi Chitoge

Raku and Chitoge couple

This reminds me of something… Hmmm…


Best wingman.

Ichijou Raku masochist Chitoge with whip


Tachibana Marika sick


Onodera Kosaki and Ichijou Raku

Is this just never meant to be?

Onodera Kosaki


Nisekoi Onodera and Raku

So, you lied to Chitoge then.


That’s lewd.

Onodera Kosaki very happy

How can the writer look at this face and write the way he does?

Ichijou Raku smiling

He should be like this and stop doing the bullshit that he is doing.


Until season 2. Coming soon. Count on it.


Nisekoi Episode 20 Review

For the conclusion of this season, this episode does what it needs to do. It delivers the comedy and harem antics in a creative way that differentiates itself from the typical RomCom situations it executed¬†over and over again throughout the season. Instead of having cliche misunderstandings, we have a play surrounding Romeo and Juliet except done in the fashion reflective of the various personalities of the characters. From the way Shuu manipulates the script to bring about Tsugumi’s true feelings to Claude’s overly-possessive feelings, the execution of the play is fitting and quite creative. For exaple, Raku’s struggle to reach Chitoge in this play is symbolic of what he needs to overcome in real life in order to be with her. It’s only made more fitting that the roles Marika, Claude, and Tsugumi play are actually themselves which in turn give¬†strong parallelism between¬†this situation and their reality. The scene between Raku and Onodera is also similar in this manner. Indeed, if it weren’t for the fake love between Raku and Chitoge, then maybe their relationship would have gotten somewhere. At least, that’s what one could say if the show didn’t try to cockblock any kind of development between every single pairing anyways.

It’s a shame that even though it seems like something has changed in Chitoge’s heart, the anime won’t take a path where that will actually amount to any meaningful development in the relationship between her and Raku. We have been deceived time and time again that something will actually happen between them, and that something will change as they spend more time together. Surely, they can advance just a step further after twenty episodes, right? But the writer clearly prioritizes the harem antics, comedy, and maintaining the status quo so that Nisekoi can go on for as long as it makes money. Is there something wrong with wanting to prolong the title? Of course not, but when the numerous attempts at developing romance¬†is shoved in the audience’s faces only to amount to absolutely nothing, it can be quite frustrating especially for a fan of the romance genre like me. If you truly think something will change now that Chitoge realizes how she feels, you need to read a few chapters of the manga after where this episode takes place. Otherwise, you’ll just be even more disappointed when a second season comes around, and trust me, it will. The manga is popular, and the anime is selling pretty well. It’s only a matter of time before they announce a season 2.

Some of you will probably say that I shouldn’t have expected anything from this anime romantically in the first place. The thing is though, I didn’t. I read what people thought of the manga, and people warned anime-only viewers that nothing meaningful would develop romantically. However, when I have to try so hard to twist my perspective to ignore how the characters are constantly thinking about the romantic relationships between them, and how the anime constantly highlights its romance every episode, it just becomes irritating. I’ll go into far more detail in my overall review of this anime that I’m still composing, but I’d be lying if I said I could overlook the badly done romance in favor of the comedy and harem antics. That’s not to say that I didn’t have fun watching this anime. If I didn’t enjoy it at all, I would have dropped it a long time ago, but the entertainment side of things, that is, the comedy, harem antics, the reaction faces, and so on, are the saving graces of the anime. For the most part, they’re overly generic, but still moderately entertaining. It’s just that, for me, they were simply not done well enough to overshadow the romance. Of course, you could find that it is enough, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s simply a difference in expectations, opinion, and perspective.

Perhaps if more episodes were like this finale then I’d be more willing to forgive the show because¬†this episode is as entertaining as it is charming and creative. Sadly, most of the episodes are not on the same level as they rely on the cliche¬†misunderstandings among other generic plot points. With all that said, Nisekoi isn’t a terrible show to watch when you just want to pad out your anime viewings with something more mindless. If it’s the cute reactions, the waifu wars, the reaction faces, and the usual harem shenanigans you’re looking for, then you’re probably very happy with how this anime ended up. Even though it’ll be average at the very best for me, I have to admit that I had a few good laughs at my own reactions towards the romantic “developments” in this anime as well as how others reacted. There’s a part of me that finds this show innocently appealing, but there’s the more critical side of me that just wants to relentlessly bash what this anime does wrong because what it does wrong is so very frustrating. What do you think? Did the entertainment side, that is, the comedy, the harem antics, the reaction faces, and so on manage to overshadow the romance? Perhaps, you find the romance well done?¬†Or maybe, you’re somewhere in between like me, leaning one way or the other? (I’m sure you can tell where I ended up leaning towards.)¬†If you’re going to leave some extremely long comment disagreeing with me, I’d actually recommend that you wait until I finish my review of the overall show because that’ll give more reasoning as to why I think the romance is poorly done among other things. After that, feel free to go all out… within reason of course.

Nisekoi Onodera and Raku Wallpaper Nisekoi Anime Wallpaper


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    • Entrav

      You sure like to cringe if you stuck with it this far and that’s all you have to say.

      • Lim Cheng Yi

        i am surprised that there are people who are still sticking to it, after episode 11, i stopped, i realized that no matter what, even if they added new characters to it, it isnt going to change anything all all, raku, chi___ and tofu are still gonna be draggin things out, and wasting everyone’s time.

        Sure, the reaction face are cute, but even those will not save this show..

        Also, entrav, are u gonna do a review on the avenger anime?

        • niknasr

          Nah, different people have different taste. As far as to say it did not save the show it’s clearly your (statement/opinion?)

          >Wasting EVERYONE’S time
          This is the second time you write your statement that refers to the general.. I for once not felt I’m wasting my time at all watching Nisekoi and I watch like 20+ ongoing anime this season too, from sports anime that clearly not my genre – to horror – dark – lighthearted -harem – ecchi – slice of life – and fantasy.. (I do have RL e.g exam too, if you curious).. It just not your cup of tea, brother.. But from what I can see, you didn’t watch a lot slice of life/romcom/harem anime..

          • Marek Ogarek

            Dont’t ASSume, man. He may have watched TOO much harem anime.

        • Entrav

          Avenger anime? Wait, what? You mean the one from 2003? If you’re talking about that, I definitely won’t review that.

          • Lim Cheng Yi

            nah, there’s a 2014 version.

            @niknasr:disqus : i apologize if i have offended you with that statement but i might have gotten bored from this anime and just ASSume that there were people who felt this way as well, and how were you able to tell what anime i have watched? I dont recall mentioning the number and title of animes that i have seen so far..?

          • niknasr

            Nah, I’m usually tend to avoid replying generalization insulting comment in anime because I always thought it is a cheap attempt at provocation.. (I did not say you trying to troll/provoke) but in this particular case, without realize I just gave in.. So, sorry about that..

            I can understand if people got boring with it, but generalization is not really a good method if you want to hyperbole your dislikeness about it.. Well, as for your question, I assume based on your reason

            (“i realized that no matter what, even if they added new characters to it, it isnt going to change anything all all, raku, chi___ and tofu are still gonna be draggin things out, and wasting everyone’s time.”) particularly this phrase.. Because dragging things out, it is not an exaggeration to say is one of the nature in the three genre I mentioned above (well, there are exception, of course)

            nothing more nothing less, if it’s wrong, gomenasai ne? :)

          • Lim Cheng Yi

            Nuts, you are right… now that i think about it, i guess Nisekoi just made that aspect a lot obvious… crap.. i am just gonna get a drink to freshen my head up, i guess with most other harem anime, there were baby steps in progression, usually at the end, number 2 – infinity will realized that while they will continue fighting over main dude for whatever reason, number 1 will still be in rein, but in this anime, who was the number 1?

      • Blablabla

        That’s because I’m secretly a masochist ;)

  • Yatogami

    Just throwing this out there but wherefore has a closer meaning to why than where are. So in the line “Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo” it translates to “Romeo why are you Romeo? instead of “where are you Romeo”, because if he was anyone else they would not be going through that whole situation.

    • Entrav

      Stop ruining my silly attempts at humor. ;___;

      • Yatogami


  • Trong Nghia Pham

    What I remember most is the first opening

  • GlennDill Bendijo

    Haru Onodera , Paula McCoy, Yui Kanakura :) New Characters Season 2

    • Gamematio

      And yet they do very little to advance the plot. In my opinion the anime was better than the manga, I mean, the manga is wayyy too slow.

      • GlennDill Bendijo

        Ye ur right. but i think season 2 release nxt year??

        • Gamematio

          Not sure.

    • Makuhiko

      Fuck people who gives spoilers.

  • EvilNemesis

    Daily reminder that this is doing well while Double Arts was cancelled on Volume 3.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    My thoughts on this anime and the manga as well can sum up into three words: entertaining but forgettable. Honestly I only watched it for the SHAFTTILTS. Since there is no plot development in the manga, I dropped it and will not watch s2 of the anime.

    • Gamematio

      One does not simply watch season 1 and not watch a season 2.

      • Entrav

        It depends though. Some people may not find it worthwhile to go through another season of nothing much happening. At first, maybe what Nisekoi did with its entertainment side can save the badly done romance, but if it does the same harem antics over and over, I wouldn’t blame anyone who wouldn’t want to watch a season 2.

        • Gamematio

          True, but comparing it to the manga, the anime did way better. The manga is just like running in a circle of bs.

          • Entrav

            All the more reason not to watch a season 2 for those uninterested. This anime follows the manga very closely and will continue to do so.

      • Drig

        I used to be the same………….till I watched Darker than Black S2 and Gundam Seed Destiny.

        • The Atomic Dwarf

          Funnily enough. If you watch Darker than Black S2 first, than S1 than the 3 OVAs, you’ll find the series overall a lot more enjoyable. That’s what someone recommended me and he was right.

          Nisekoi was ok. Shaft did a great job at animating the series. Heck, I don’t think any other studio could have done it better. Still, it’s not something I’ll buy or watch again. The most i’ll remember of this series is the “I want plot progression” memes that pop up on forums.

  • Gamematio

    Wow, great series. Now the long wait starts. I’m definitely proud of the creators. They managed to do a great season considering how slow the manga moves. And I just love how they did that thing at the end with Onodera, because at some point in this episode I was like “Yup, they just slightly confirmed it, the Gorilla is going to be the one (I’m on her team btw)” But that thing at the end left us all open minded. Loved the anime.

  • Drig

    Team Onodera or you don’t exist. You’re with me, right Entrav?

    • Entrav

      I’m with you.

      • Rixx

        Im with you guys too T^T

    • Ted..!!!!

      Onodera all the way man!!!!!!

    • Miqs

      Onodera for the win! please please please T_T

  • Someone from the net

    Chitoge all the way, bitchezxc. :p

  • Wallace

    If I were the writer, I would have done an “oremo” on the plot with Onodera. I mean, Chitoge is obiously the main lead, but Onodera is the most popular, so I would make Ichijo be in a relationship with Kosaki for a while, and then realize Chitoge is truly the one through some unforseen acton… That would have given it a hole new dimention to the plot. Instead… we just get more girls. (and boring ones)

    TBH I truly hope that season 2 will have something to the like. (if I Ichijo doesn’t end up with Onodera in one way or another I will f***** snap) But I’m pretty sure, there will just be a confession from Onodera eventually but after Ichijo has found out he’s truly in love with chitoge. He’ll reject her or Onodera will tell him “I understand, you love Chitoge. Don’t worry about it. I support you-”

    I’ll be very, very sad with that. Nisekoi writter, I beg you don’t! I can’t wait to see your full review BTW

    • Miqs

      I totally agree with you. I like Raku to end up with Onodera because of all what is happening, and you are right that Chitoge is obviously the main lead but the development and clarity of romance between Raku and Chitoge is not that strong.

  • xdeagles

    wtfffff…. this was the last episode ???? i expected much more of this series, but anyway it was a good one

  • Michal Hus√°k

    I hoped.. Raku will be with Chitoge :'( .. now… i really hate this anime.. bad, bad, bad!!!

  • rosencreuz

    Team Tsugumi <3

  • confused

    my brain tells me Onodera and my heart says Chitoge

    • xX~Dharly~Xx

      T^T Well said!!

    • Kynn Vargas

      Im reverse of it my brain says Chitoge because she is the one for Raku but my heart says Onodera… I wonder if Onodera is the type of girl i want

  • Carther1594

    is there a season 2?

  • Playzone_grafik

    good anime


    plss make ep 21 to 100 T_T i want to watch more chitoge and the others T_T make it for me or for all T_T


    CHITOGE IS SOOO OVER ACTING -__- She starts avoiding Raku and say mean things to him , SHE even have the guts to slap him like WTF? unreasonable bitch

    • xX~Dharly~Xx

      She’s not overreacting!! Imagine you just got told off by a person you just realized you loved? Chitoge didn’t ignore Raku for her own happiness, she did it for his. She thought that Raku was better off without her because she thought Raku hated being with her. She was just sad and mad!! And she slapped him because she was too hurt of what Raku said. Normal girls would just cry and run away after thaT. But, no. Chitoge way too brave and strong to do something weak like that. Tsunderes’ power, that’s what.

  • Blackcat13

    This reminds me of toradora… Minus the plot.