Nisekoi Episode 8 – KEYS KEYS KEYS

Nisekoi Tsugumi Seishirou

The Tsugumi is strong in this episode.
Nisekoi Episode 8 Review

With keys being thrown around everywhere, you have to wonder where the male characters that made promises with them went. They sure let one man get all the benefits.

Nisekoi Episode 8 Impressions and Review

The assassin.

Fantastic. More tsundere moments await.

Tsugumi Seishirou


Waiting for the deredere.

He sure loves being abused.


Nisekoi tsugumi hot cute anime


Tsugumi Seishirou blushing

She should let her hair grow.

Good response.


Tsugumi and Ichijou Raku



Tsugumi Seishirou feet



Nisekoi Ichijou and Tsugumi

Femdom is fine.

If only another guy showed up… Everything would change dramatically.

Ichijou Raku surprised



They sure are used to their roles.
I wonder if they’ll be so invested in their roles that they actually unconsciously take up their roles for real?


Post-traumatic stress disorder?

It already has.

You’re going to eat Chitoge?…

That’s an interesting photo.

Maiko Shuu

For some reason Kaji laughing got me laughing.


This thing?

Shiny semen?

Onodera Kosaki


Because harem anime.

Onodera Kosaki and Ruri

YFW you’ll never get smacked by Onodera’s beautiful hand.

Nisekoi Tsugumi and Chitoge imagination

Man, if Tsugumi actually put her love first…
That could be fantastic.


Yeah, she’s perfectly fine.
Smacking your head against a wall is pretty normal.

Tsugumi slaps Ichijou

So is this.

Faithful to the manga.

A condom.

Condoms are pretty important.

Hell yeah, you gave made that promise to him after all and even gave him protection.

A tsundere with a gun.
Now if she were just an antagonist and she’d be one of the most dangerous characters of all time.


Nisekoi Kirisaki chitoge head tilt




I can’t tell which one is trying to attack the other.



Because plot.

Kirisaki Chitoge key


Affection can be such a mysterious things at times. Who would have thought that expressing one’s liking towards another would involve smacking that person’s face, twirling like crazy, screaming, headwalling, and blushing crazily? Typical tsundere characteristics aside, Tsugumi’s fondness towards Ichijou Raku is quite understandable. After growing up like a man for such a long period of time, having Ichijou appreciate her femininity must have stirred something in her heart for the first time. It’s not a surprise that she would feel the way she does towards him, but whether it will last or not is a different story entirely. It’s best to not confuse the fact that coincidence played more of a role than Ichijou’s allure as a partner in creating the feeling that Tsugumi currently feels. Ichijou Raku was just there at the right place, at the right time, did some things a regular person would do, and said some things a regular person would say. The first love is also the most confusing one because Tsugumi has absolutely no experience with this foreign feeling that now cripples her role as Chitoge’s bodyguard. And since this feeling is so foreign, that in itself can create a source of enticement that may not be so strong the second time around.

Whether it is Chitoge or Tsugumi, the way both fall more and more for him is more or less done in the same way. While Ichijou is no one extraordinary, he makes the right move at the right time displaying that he can be reliable and, well, manly when the situation calls for it. These little moves that help them in the most minute of ways are the only things that really move their hearts, but even though Ichijou’s efforts may be small, the results are huge. Asking whether this is unrealistic or not is going to be problematic because one could fall in love in a multitude of different ways. Perhaps instead, we should ask whether the developments between the characters really are bringing them closer or if they are stumbling across the same issue over and over again which only appears to be progress. This episode mostly revolves around Tsugumi’s realization that she is in love. And you know what? This is perfectly fine. It may be a bit dragged out, but it’s not as if she’s trying to ignore her feelings; Tsugumi is really trying to understand what this weird feeling is which is progress. However, the repetitive moments where she blushes and acts like a tsundere around Ichijou are not signs of progress however entertaining they may be. Note that I’m not saying those repetitive moments are “bad.” They provide entertainment, but it’s best if we don’t mix the two up.

Will the repetitive tsundere moments continue? They probably will, and that’s where some series really begin to stall the development between some characters. It’s a shame really, if this turns out to be the case, as it could be an interesting source of character growth in Tsugumi if she were to put her love before her mission. That could be quite something to see as conflicts arise all over the place as she tries to face her feelings. Heck, maybe that would spur Onodera and Chitoge into action. One can dream. Of course, we can’t forget about Chitoge’s key at the very end which doesn’t come as a surprise at all. On one hand I’m glad that things may be able to progress with Chitoge and Ichijou, but on the other hand I can see it easily being stalled on this one point for quite some time. I’ve already seen how manga readers are warning anime-only viewers to not hope for progress, and it shows. We’re eight episodes in, and nothing much has transpired romantically. At the very least, the characters are not moving beyond the first step of just realizing their feelings if they entered the first step at all. There’s a lot of time dedicated to characters being flustered and embarrassed, but not a lot of time has been dedicated to the strengthening of bonds between any of the characters. It’s best to change your perspective and reason for watching this show if you want a solid romance anime as you’ll most likely end up disappointed by the time the last episode hits. Nisekoi can certainly be a decent piece of entertainment for the typical harem scenarios that may intrigue some, but it won’t be stepping into extraordinary ground romantically speaking. Anime that focus on romance, comedy, and slice of life tend to have the problem of having a lackluster romance. Plenty of them are harems which end up diluting the pool of characters not allowing for a lot of progress. I’ll continue to wait for the day when an anime blends these elements properly, so in the meantime, Nisekoi can at least meet some of the aspects with its artistic direction and entertainment value.

Nisekoi Tsugumi Anime Wallpaper Nisekoi Chitoge End Card


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  • Akizaki Ranho

    This show is awful. The jokes, the cliche scenarios (Raku: “You have some dust on your shoulder”…what the fuuuu?), the characters and finally the love developments.

    Awful, awful, awful.

    That’s obviously the manga writer’s fault, something that even SHAFT with all their irritating (in my opinion, obviously) gloss and camera zooms/pans/closeups and head tilts and glittery background SFX cannot cover up.

    It leads in to Sekai-Seifuku, I guess there’s that.
    But it’s the most generic romcom anime I’ve ever seen, gang-bosses, keys, childhood promises and all.

    • Yunii

      All Just Preferences~
      I enjoy this anime. That is mine.
      I also enjoy Entravity Reviews, everyone should. :D

      • Entrav

        :) Thanks!

        • Yunii

          But actually, I think I’m only really watching this is because of Shaft. Maybe.

    • MgMaster

      I’m still debating on whether I should bail out now or not and probably still will for a while,heh. To me,this feels like that type of anime that I could drop even at episode 15.

    • Entrav

      Haha, I can’t really argue with you about that. However, just remember that even though it’s incredibly generic of a romcom, some people still enjoy it.

      • Akizaki Ranho

        Yeah, you have a point there. Two years ago and before watching the 180+ anime I’ve seen I’d probably find this show slightly entertaining.
        BTW no “Kill la Kill” recap since episode 18 (and I haven’t seen you make a post in the forum on MAL either). Is that indicative of your affection levels for the show or merely a “I’ll post when it gives me something to write about”?
        You know what, it doesn’t matter. I’m sure you’ll be posting your overall thoughts come episode 24.
        Great job as always.

        • Entrav

          I’ll post when it gives me something to write about. :)


  • The Atomic Dwarf

    Return of the killer condoms captions.

    • Entrav

      They’re very important. We should all treasure our promises.

  • MgMaster

    I liked this show at first but as the weeks passed,I’ve definitely started to see what the manga readers were referring to.

    Honestly,I’m still surprised I’m watching it since types of TSUNderes like Gorilla-Woman(I call them Kirino types since she’s the most annoying female character I know and will always be used by me to separate the good tsunderes from the bad ones) annoy the living daylights out of me. Onodera is not bad I guess but she just doesn’t do anything and her shyness is slowly starting to irritate me as well. The comedy isn’t anything special either and has yet to make me laugh a bit last week. After pondering on the matter last week for a bit I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m watching this to see how much more Rakku can put up with Gorilla-Woman but then again,you just KNOW he’ll fall in love with her more instead of getting fed up with her.

    That being said,I kind of liked the addition of Tsugumi last week(even though she annoyed me at first as well) and I liked this week’s episode even more,although that’s not really saying much. At least Tsugumi’s more entertaining and the thought that I might find future girls added to Rakku’s “harem” somewhat entertaining is probably another reason that keeps me watching.

    • Entrav

      At least the manga readers did warn us or else we’d have skewed expectations and would probably be very disappointed right about now. Since we know they’re just going to be unnecessarily prolonging the “developments” between the characters, I actually hope they continue to introduce new characters to freshen things up.

  • zztop

    20 eps confirmed for Nisekoi.

  • zztop

    People say Nisekoi’s mangaka, Komi Naoshi, actually knows how to do really good stories(ie. his previous manga Double Arts). The problem is that his shonen target readers don’t appreciate them, preferring the fluffy, somewhat vapid content of Nisekoi.
    Strangely, his loyalty’s still with Shonen Jump, so I think he’ll definitely pen more stuff in this category for now. That and Nisekoi’s his most successful work to date.

    • Entrav

      Yeah, I heard something like that. His one shots are apparently pretty good though I have yet to check them out.

  • Hijo del León

    If you want a romantic manga that actually goes somewhere, go read Bonnouji. Pretty much destroys almost any other romantic manga.

  • Josh Herbert

    claude! you idiot.