No Game No Life Episode 12 (FINALE) – So… season 2?

No Game No Life Sora Shiro
Kuuhaku never loses.

Until season 2.
No Game No Life Episode 12 Review
“Rule Number 10”
“Rūru Nanbā Jū”
(ルール ナンバー 10)

We had episodes that were funny. We had episodes that were awesome. We had episodes that made a lot of us hyped for the next. Finally, we have reached the last stop of the hype train with a cliffhanger that hopefully leads us to a season 2 sometime in the near future. It’s been a lot of fun watching, discussing, and writing reviews for this anime, so let’s send this anime off with the respect it deserves.

Critical review of the entire anime:


No Game No Life Episode 12 Impressions

Crazy mode. Let’s go.


As if NEETs can dodge a crazy Warbeast going out of control with Blood Destruction capabilities firing off hearts at high speeds.

Yeah, just fire another time-

Nice acting.

Hatsuse Izuna blood destruction

That looks painful.

Hatsuse Izuna cute

So adorab-

Hatsuse Izuna werebeast

Did you poop your pants?
Don’t tell me your grandpa forgot to program diapers-

He fucking forgot to program diapers into the game.


It is?
When did they mention this?

They needed to show this.
You know, not just for the foreshadowing but for the Stephs.

Magnificent butt cheeks indeed.


Actually… that doesn’t sound so bad.
No old man furry creatures though.
That’s… just no.


There won’t be a next time.

Ever since she got Sora’s memories, she’s been pretty cocky.

No game No Life Shiro Izuna bath



No Game No Life



And stop trying to push your non-existent boobs out of your chest, Kurami.

Okay, what the fuck is this race anyways?
Is it like a giant organism?
And is that a fucking head?

Your sideboobs are awesome, Jibril.
I will miss them.

That’s all you had up your sleeve?

He may be… into that kind of pain.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Uhh… we can’t guarantee Ino, but Izuna will be taken care of.
No, seriously. I just mean we’re going to scrub their fluffiness, okay?

I’m not a lolicon.


Shrine Priestess Miko Anime

That all the smugness you got?

That’s not enough smugness.

Because you can’t beat this smugness.

An upright coin, dumbass old furry.



TIL tiles on the ground can be moved like this.

How Doori is your Keikaku?

Sora anime girl paradise


NGNL Anime


Sora Shiro Cute Kemomimi

Shiro’s going to grow some of dat KEMOMIMI.



Holy shit, how many pig snorting sounds are you going to make in a span of a second, old furry?
It’s not a fucking zoo.


Forgot about one back in one of the first few episodes about becoming king.


Uhhh… gigantic chess pieces that hold magical powers needed to face those who challenge Tet?
Is the old furry talking about obvious things again?


But I would totally steal those two pieces.

Is that his piece?

One True God Tet



Yeah, except the anime didn’t explain any of that “darker past suffering 2despairing4u” stuff.

Kurami Zell and Nilvalen Feel


God dammit.
Oh, and good job, Madhouse!


She has two fluffy tails if that’s what you’re asking.
They also look like two huge ass cheeks-

Okay, maybe not two huge ass cheeks…





Stephanie Dora surprised


Sora and Shiro holding hands

Lewd, but I approve.


Firstly, let’s discuss the game. This one is fairly straightforward, but I actually have some qualms with how this game ended up turning out. One of the problems I have with it is how Sora and Shiro are able to outrun Izuna for as long, and as well as they did. Not only are they human without any extraordinary physical abilities like the Warbeasts, they’re NEETs, not professional athletes. Heck, I’d have a hard time imagining athletes being able to run away from Izuna for as long as they did. Of course, I’m not just counting this episode but the previous one as well. Sora did say that their physical strength is not too far off from what it is in real life in the previous episode which leads me to doubt how logical their physical tenacity is in this game. I mean, even if Shiro is capable of predicting the trajectory of those heart bullets, that doesn’t mean she has the physical ability to react and dodge on time. The other problem I have is with the resolution of the game. While episode 10 did show Sora talking to Steph about something, the previous episode didn’t actually show Steph looking at what Shiro was writing on the ground. This lack of foreshadowing is very problematic when it leads to something so important because in this instance, it really does feel like an ass-pull. That’s really too bad, but the rest of the game appears to be fine. If some of you are worried about Steph being able to shoot even though she’s unconscious, just remember that the pledges activated right at the point it was supposed to as indicated by what Shiro wrote on the ground which allowed Steph to make the shot.

So the shrine priestess, Miko, ended up having to challenge Imanity because Sora leaked the nature of the game to the elves which means that they’d just be beaten by them now that they’re figured out. What is a bit strange for me to take in is that they only have one game. Yes, it’s important to realize that it’s the nature of the game, and not just the game itself that’s being analyzed, but you’d think for a race as large and powerful as the Warbeasts that they’d have more than just a few tricks up their sleeves. Why don’t they have other games to play that have very different from this one? Heck, these are video games. The number of games with different quirks, cheats, specialties, or if you just want to call them “natures,” should certainly be larger than a single one. The only thing I can think of that mitigates this flaw is that the Avantheim, Elves, or Flugel is capable of figuring everything out after understanding the nature of just one of their games. In that case, things would make a lot more sense especially since the Flugel are involved as well. Anyways, since the Warbeasts are backed into a corner, the Shrine Priestess cleverly makes the most out of this situation. If she wins, the Warbeasts still get support from the continent, in other words, Imanity, while maintaining their right to self-rule. If she loses, the Warbeasts are under Imanity’s wing which is arguably going to be better than losing to the elves who probably resent them more than Sora and Shiro do as they lost to Warbeasts many times in the past. In the end, things play out very nicely with Sora gathering the pieces necessary to challenge Tet while planning for the future where he’ll take more pieces from the moves he’s already made. Indeed, “‘Checkmate’ doesn’t simply mean you’ve cornered the enemy king. It’s a declaration that the enemy king is yours.”

No Game No Life Season 2?

Before we talk about the prospects of a season 2, the cliffhanger has to be addressed. Some people are confused at what Sora really meant when he said, “If you’re a shrine priestess, you must have one, right?” The “one” here means a God. Since she’s a shrine priestess, she must worship something, and in this case, it’s Old Deus. So no, the shrine priestess herself is not actually Old Deus. One of the Old Deus possessed her body to respond to Sora’s inquiry as indicated by the “mind meld established” part. This actually transitions smoothly into the possibility of a season 2. Now, some of you may think that this is a great indicator that there will be a second season. However, things aren’t so simple. I’m going to talk about a very minor spoiler for the light novels so if you don’t want any information whatsoever, you’ll have to skip this paragraph. Okay? Good. The anime finishes at the very end of the third volume of the light novels. Old Deus, however, was not actually shown until volume 6. (Yes, there is enough source material for another season.) Instead of showing spoilers for the next volume, it jumped all the way to the sixth. You can look at this in a few ways: 1. They’re trying to boost light novel sales by hinting at something not in the immediate future so that people will be keen to read beyond just the fourth volume because they’ve been “spoiled” as to what’s ahead. 2. Doing number 1 partially for reasons already stated, but mostly because a season 2 is up in the air, and they wish to boost the sales of the light novels in general by as much as possible with as big of a cliffhanger as possible. A last attempt at getting a surge in sales, if you will. 3. They’re trying to make the cliffhanger as shocking as possible to promote sales of the anime for a second season which means that this is cliffhanger is better in terms of shock value than what would be possible to reveal from the fourth volume right now. 4. A combination of different factors above.

It’s most likely a combination of the reasons stated above, which means that the fate of the rest of the anime is still a bit uncertain. While it is immensely popular outside of Japan, sales in Japan are what drive new seasons, and it doesn’t look like it’s as popular in Japan as it is in other places. Nevertheless, we have to wait for actual sales. If it is somewhere above 7,000 sales per volume (BD/DVD), there’s a pretty decent chance of it getting a second season pretty soon. By pretty soon I mean at the very earliest, at least a year from now. I’m not talking about an announcement but when the show could possibly air should sales be that good. A few thousand lower than that and it may depend on other merchandise and boosts in light novel sales. Speaking of other merchandise, if you want to support the show, you can go buy some merchandise yourself. You can Google some, but AmiAmi (No, I’m not referral linking you, so don’t worry), Hobby Search, and so on are places you can go to. I’m not too familiar with most of those stores because, well, I don’t have that much money to spend, so research a bit more into them before deciding your purchase. I wouldn’t want you to get a bad deal because of my crappy recommendations. Anyways, although I kind of wanted to touch upon some themes in this episode, I’ll save that for my eventual analysis which will be very long. It’ll probably be on video format too, but don’t expect it in the next two to three weeks. This one is going to be a very long and fairly thorough one. Hopefully it’ll clear up some misconceptions some people may have (especially towards that chess game which everyone finds to be full of ass-pulls). Go support the anime if you have the money to spare and you enjoy it. Doing so will get it that much closer to a season 2.

No Game No Life Episode 12 Review

Phew, what a ride it has been. Looking back to what I said on the first episode, I can say that this anime met my expectations and then some. Not only is it exciting, but it is also quite well-thought-out at times. Right now, I’m very close to finishing my analysis of the chess game. What I noticed upon analyzing it a bit more closely while keeping the rest of the games in mind is that the games in No Game No Life has one very clear problem. That is, there is a lot of uncertainty. In the chess game, we don’t know how strong the elf magic is relative to Sora’s charisma until the results are seen. In this last game, it’s also difficult to know how much stamina Sora and Shiro really have that allow them to escape a Warbeast which was introduced to be monstrous in terms of physical ability. We could rationalize and try to make sense of things as best as we can in favor of the show, but you have to wonder if we are really justified in rationalizing it in such a way at times. Still, for the most part, it’s made a lot of sense. But what’s truly fantastic about this series and how well-thought-out it isn’t just about the games because at times, there are some clear flaws. It’s the preparation, planning, linking of objectives, and the way Kuuhaku strives towards defeating Tet with elaborate strategies that continuously fascinate me.

Look at what happened this episode. Using what they won from the previous game, Kuuhaku will probably manipulate the elves into making a move they’ll regret later down the line. They think far, far ahead, and it’s exciting to see everything unfold. What once seemed to be related to the bigger picture in ways you may not comprehend turn out to be strategical moves that add that much more to the exhilaration of watching this anime. Moreover, the show does a great job of constantly touching upon the final chess game with Tet using the race pieces, the ten pledges, and so on. It keeps the final objective in sight while not being too annoying with its attempts at building things up. We know it’s going to take a long time to get to that point, but the road to obtaining all the pieces will be quite something to witness. From the powerless Imanity breeds a federation that will challenge God. Gradually, all the pieces are coming into place. I can only hope that the conclusion will do this journey justice.

With all that said, there are also problems I can finally talk about now that the anime has finally ended. I talked about the lack of character exploration last time, and my complaints are now more valid than ever. We didn’t get to see anything surrounding Sora and Shiro’s backstory. We don’t know exactly why they are as close as they are. Even though Sora and Shiro are cool and entertaining, I can’t say I deeply care about them. I’m not one of those people who say that characters have to be relatable. Still, I do need to see more into their mind. I want to see their inner characteristics. It doesn’t have to be fed to me explicitly. In fact, I’d prefer it if it weren’t, but the anime is so focused on making them do as many awesome things as possible that it doesn’t expand upon who they really are as much as it really should. As I said previously, it’s not as if it doesn’t do this at all. For the amount of emphasis it puts into trying to make it seem like there’s this incredibly tightly-woven relationship between Sora and Shiro though, I can’t say I truly felt it myself.

I actually found it more enjoyable watching this finale a second time for some reason. Maybe it’s because my expectations are a bit too high due to how overrated this anime currently is. No, seriously. It’s very, very, very overrated. Yeah, it’s MAL, but still. It’s a metric that shows the rough picture of the absurdly high rating of this anime. I was actually more excited when I watched the Sora’s creative and bombastic methods of playing the chess game (except for the anticlimactic assassination) than I am excited now. I suppose I got used to expecting ludicrous things to happen, and it doesn’t affect me as much anymore. It may also be due to the show reaching such a high point of hype-inducing goodness so quickly instead of building it up more gradually. To maintain an extreme level of excitement, a show needs to constantly best itself which isn’t easy to do when it does so well in this respect close to the very beginning. Maintaining a constant quality may simply not be enough. Am I suggesting that things need to get even more insane? Yes. Am I crazy? Yes. Yes I am. In the end, I’ve had a lot of fun watching this anime week to week and very much hope for a continuation. You can stay tuned for my review (which will be coming hopefully in a week and a half and will be far more detailed than this review section) and my analysis that will come much later down the line. Thank you very much for sticking around with me for this ride, and I hope you stick around for some other ones as well. The games have ended for now, but they’ll one day begin again. Until then… ASCHENTE!

No Game No Life Wallpaper Cute Hot No Game No Life Characters Wallpaper


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  • Zerriet

    Insightful analysis of the final episode. Personally, it was a very enjoyable show and yes even though the hype train on this is like a bloody shinkasen, I think it more or less deserves it compared to other shows like attack on titan or sword art online. In terms of characterisation, for me it’s more or less sufficient but I do agree that a bigger emphasis on backstory will be nice even though it’s good that they at least showed a glimpse in episode 9, thus not completely ignoring it. I might put out my own review on mal during the weekends

    • Entrav

      I do agree that it deserves its hype more than Shingeki no Kyojin and Sword Art Online though. If I had to choose which anime had to be overrated, it’d be this one. I just don’t want people to jump into this show with such high expectations and people shouting out “NO GAME NO LIFE IS THE BEST ANIME EVER. 10/10 MASTERPIECE OMG.” Because that’s just… terrible.

      • Zerriet

        True, though I think that ngnl might have set the bar for what is suppose to be a good light novel adaptation together with hitsugi no chaika, something that is able not only follow the source material, but execute it intelligently. This may be due to how the author is closely working with madhouse rather than simply letting the studio do it

        • Entrav

          Yep, it’s good that the author had a hand in this adaptation. Otherwise, I don’t think it would have been as good.

  • sweN

    You say it’s overrated, so in your opinion, which mark does NGNL deserve ? On MAL, it got 8.83/10.
    In my opinion, NGNL is very great and entertaining (far more than SAO for exemple). I agree, it lacks some character exploration. You want to know more about Sora and Shiro previous life : why are they so close to each other ? etc… But with only 12 episodes, it would have been very hard to get something decent and not too rushed.

    • Entrav

      It’s just ridiculous to say that this anime is in the top 20 of all time. I’m sure the author, humbleness aside, would think the same. I’m not saying it can’t be in an individual’s top 20 of all time because they may find this show particularly entertaining, but with such a decently sized sample size, we have too many people rating this show 10/10 when it in fact is not a “masterpiece” by any stretch of the imagination. Perhaps when things calm down and people look at this series more critically, they’ll see that it’s not so.

      I don’t used the numbered rating system for very obvious reasons. The differences between a 6-6.5 or a 6-7 can be very slight at times and prone to small changes in moods. Nevertheless, you can look at it relative to other shows. Does it really deserve to be in the top 20 of all time? You be the judge, but even from the tiny amount of anime I’ve seen, it’s a pretty big stretch to say that it does deserve this.

      I don’t really think it’d be too hard to be honest. They could have sticked in some character development in those set-up episodes and everything would have been fine.

      • sweN

        Deserve to be in the top 20 of all time, probably not. But it is very hard to say because there are only 12 episodes.
        But I agree, we can’t compare NGNL to Clannad, FMA or Code Geass yet. There is still a gap between them and we don’t see enough of NGNL to judge.

        I would like to react on what you commented just below me. In my opinion, SAO (SnK but a little less) are far more overrated than NGNL. When you see SAO gets 8.23/10, it is a bit surprising because it does not deserve it (it is another debate).

        • Entrav

          It’s not really hard to say at all. What one should judge is what is out right now, not what could come out in the future. If NGNL turns out to be fantastic next season, then my view of it will change, but for now, it definitely doesn’t deserve to be in the top 20 of all time. It’s as simple as that. At least, for me.

          They’re all overrated. It doesn’t mean that NGNL being more fitting for its score than SAO for its score justifies the score of NGNL at all. Oh well, there’s not much I can really do about it. All I can do is make reviews and clear things up. It’s up to the majority discussing rationally after all.

  • Alexandra Rose

    This anime was so amazing. If there isn’t a second season I’m literally going to be so upset.

    • George Ivascu

      I would be only figuratively upset.

      • Nega Anon

        I’ll be upset metaphorically.

        • XxTheRapDevilxX

          I would be unequivocally upset

          • hakurei no miko

            oh very funny all of you

          • Anizuka

            Hypothetically we would all be upset.

          • Joon Kim

            Hypothetically of course. Seriously though, if they don’t make another hypothetical episode, one hypothetical man might hypothetically strangle them. Hypothetically.

          • lags

            and I will hypothetically help by hypothetically choking the hypothetical choker. hypothetically

          • vngate09

            So we can all hypothetically share a hypothetical prison cell.

          • lags

            then we can hypothetically rot in the hypothetical prison cell as the hypothetical time hypothetically goes by

    • random guy

      I would be upset to the point of abyssal.

    • Kat

      I would definitely be metaphysically upset, that’s for sure

    • Bryan Lawless

      in till the novel continues there will be no season two in the near future. the first 12 eps follow the 6 novels that are out right now. we have to wait for the author to put out more novels before we see more eps for no game no life.

      • Zero

        Umm… No?

        The anime follows the first three light novels, the article even says it O.o

    • Nikola Janakievski

      I wouldn’t be upset. xD

    • lags

      there are only three times in life where an anime lover tears up, a happy scene, a sad scene and when an anime gets AXED!!!

    • lags

      upvoted because you look pretty, keep it up :)

    • Shyann Anderson

      I would die if they decide not to make a second season!

    • Mike Vecaro

      i would be upset enough to start a petition if a new season an a movie or atleast an ova doesntt xome out by summer 2018

  • Yatogami

    It may be overrated but it is in my opinion that it is the best anime to come out this year so far. But, we still have the summer and fall seasons left so we’ll see how that goes. Especially with SAO II and Log Horizon S2 coming later this year.

    • Entrav

      Have you tried Ping Pong? For the people that saw it, that’s the show that is the best of the season, and I don’t blame them. Thematic execution is excellent.

      • Yatogami

        No, I couldn’t bring myself to watch it because the art style completely turned me off, which is pretty rare for me.

        • Entrav

          That’s too bad. It really is pretty good.

  • Anim Monmon

    season 2?

    • Entrav

      WAKU WAKU!

  • Some1

    I think (this is just a guess) that the reason for their reaction time would be prediction. It mentioned somewhere in the anime and light novel about predicting where she was going to shoot. But when Izuna activated her blood thingy Shiro did say she was unable to predict her movements. But then shino predicted her bullets at the end. Also I think the plan to pretend to be hit by the bullet was actually a ploy to conserve energy. I’m not 100% sure they went over this in the anime tho.

    I’m kind of worried about the ending of the storyline. I hope it ends with a good ending because I’m too use to having too many good series end with an annoying ending. But that’s just my opinion :p I also tended to like how the novel explained parts of the story in more detail whereas the anime kind went over it very briefly or not at all. I still think out of all of the games played I liked the chess game the best. I’m not really sure why but I felt like it was the most thrilling?

    • Entrav

      It feels strange that Izuna could not take them down even with Shiro’s “predictions” though. They do not have the reaction speed if she goes close enough to shoot or just shoots a bunch at once with no way out. Oh well, it’s not the biggest deal ever.

      • Kuro Inu

        Well. There could be a way easier explanation. Izuna just felt like she could not be beat. So instead of just finishing it she played around with those two. And the fact that Izuna had fun kinda supports this. If she never played to have fun(which was indicated several times) she maybe didn’t want to end it as fast this time and just use the opportunity.

        • Entrav

          She’s having fun, but part of that fun also comes from winning. Moreover, all her shots are aimed to win. I doubt she’s able to calculate what Shiro and Sora would do like Shiro and Sora can calculate her movements and shots otherwise she wouldn’t have lost in the first place.

      • Zoaea

        She did take them down at the end… but they just had a strategy to lure her into position so that that other chick could shoot her (I always forget the princess’ name as she is such a shallow character, fml). Anyway half the anime they are talking about how the weak win over the strong with wisdom.

  • Andrew Po

    I thought skipping ahead like that meant season 2 was highly unlikely. I mean, how would they explain Old Deus appearing without messing up the timeline completely?

    • Entrav

      Not really. They could just laugh it off in the first episode and add some anime-original lines to smooth things out. Remember when they thought they were in Tokyo and in the very next episode it got addressed in a minute? Yeah, that’s what’ll probably happen.


    I found the games to be really cool and creative. My only issue with this last episode is that Izuna was obviously cheating. Moving beyond physical limits can only be done with magic, and it was stated at the start of the game that magic can’t be used. Yet she used it anyway.
    It’s cool that Kuuhaku just rolled with it and totally won with their KEIKAKU DOORI but still. It’s hard to accept that they managed to dodge Izuna’s very fast movements long enough for their plan to work.

    Overall, I found this to be a great show. Very enteraining until the end. But it’s certainly not a 10/10 of my book. A solid 8 at least. It’s not a 9 because of the issues I had with the last game and because they didn’t go into character development. 12 episodes isn’t a lot of time for that anyway, but they could’ve thrown a hint or two for like 2 seconds.

    • Entrav

      You certainly won’t hear my thoughts soon. I dropped that show quite some time ago, but I saw some people discussing it and saw some stuff that was interesting so I may pick it up again. I probably won’t do a review of it unless it’s actually great, so I’ll just end up saying some things on Twitter otherwise.

      • MACHA

        No prob. You either love it or hate it. A lot of people dropped it, which is a shame because it’s been entertaining the whole way, even though the pacing was a bit slow at the start. People either like the characters or hate them a lot. And not many people seem to be satisfied with the storytelling itself. If you find a middle ground, then the ending is the same: either it’s good or not. It’s very weird. XD

    • ecskdee

      Werebeasts’ ability called Blood Destruction isn’t magic. It’s a physical ability unique to their species and does not use “magic”, which in the show is defined as “use of elementary particles”.

      • MACHA

        Ah ok. Thanks for clearing that up. :)

        • ecksdee

          And to be more specific, there are two types of elementary particles – the external and internal.

          All species on Disboard regardless of race has both internal and external particles. Magic is defined as the races’ ability to use external elementary particles.

          The rule of Werebeasts’ game was the ban of magic, or the external particles. This means that all races can still use their internal elementary particles. This explains Jibril’s (flugel) amazing physical abilities (which comes from her internal elementary particles) although she couldn’t use external elementary particles to cast magic or fly. Werebeasts’ internal elementary particiles allow them to use Blood Destruction. Werebeasts can’t use magic (external elementals) but they can use their internal ones. And the light novel says: “But as for [the elementals within each body], the only race who would be unconscious to their use was the Imanity.”

          The exceed ranks are determined by the races’ abilities to use the external elementals.

          • MACHA

            That’s really interesting! The anime adaption really does leave out some very important stuff. Based on your explanation alone, the novel is obviously a far better choice if you want the complete story.

            One question: if the exceed ranks are based on their ability to use external elementals, what measure are they referring to exactly? Is it something like how skillful a race is at manipulating external elemental particles (Old Deus: skill level 100%; Imanity 0% and everything between)?

            It’d be awesome if Sora or Shiro can ‘learn’ to utilize external particles. Is that even theoretically possible? Since they aren’t originally from Disboard, maybe they’d have some potential to?

            Thanks again for the awesome explanation!

          • ecksdee

            1) The exceed rank should be based on their ability to use external ementals and more specifically how much of it at a time (I believe); so old deus 100% and imanity 0% and everything inbetween sounds good.
            I’m basing this on the mention that flugel’s are stronger at magic than the Elves, but elves are said to know how to cast more “intricate/delicate” magic. This basically means flugels (exceeds of higher ranks) are able to cast big and strong magics while elves who are adapt at magic are able to use more tricky magic. Also, dhampirs (succubi basically) that’s introduced in vol4 is Exceed Rank 12, but they are strongest in terms of magic that controls perception.

            2) Shiro and Sora can’t utilize external elementals neither will they be able to learn how. They’re basically “humans” and they may or may not even have the internal elementals that every race on Disboard has. Either that or they have “unique” internal elementals, which is how Jibril first found out that they weren’t from Disboard originally.

          • MACHA

            Nice! Thanks again for the explanation! Too bad about Sora and Shiro~ would’ve been awesome. But, thinking about it a bit more, it’d probably take away from the fact they use their awesome brains.

            Dhampirs sound awesome~ SEASON 2 PLZ.

            I shall look for the novel to enjoy until season 2.

  • niknasr

    This show is great, certainly great.. 10/10 is really not an exaggeration to say how much I’m enjoying this show.. Well, spring has always been the season for good anime and it didn’t fell short of expectations for this year too.. No game No life certainly cream of the crop for this season (at least for me)

    • Entrav

      Really? I felt that this spring was pretty weak at least compared to last year’s. There’s not much standing in the way between Ping Pong, and NGNL as the best two non-continuations this season whereas last spring there were quite a few surprises. Hataraku, Yahari, VALVRAAAAVE, and so on.

      • niknasr

        Actually I found many anime to my liking this season like Haikyuu, Chaika, Soredemo Sekai Utsukushii, Baby Steps, Daimidaler, Minna Kawaisou, Gaworare and Mahouka (2nd arc is progressing better than the 1st btw) just some of it, but yeah, Yahari and Maou-sama really caught me off-guard last year, and I agree with you that this season didn’t really have anything that standing in the way of those 2 you mentioned above.. They were just beast!!

        Now for SAO and Akame ga Kill (before somebody said anything about Akame they should know that this manga is SHOUNEN!!)

  • Sean Flynn

    I think season 2 will be coming out cause at last they have to beat tet again cause they did accept his challenge to conquer the whole race and they still have 14 races left to conquer so literally season and season 3 or more will come out but I love this anime.ASCHENTE!!!

    • Entrav

      Well, obviously the story is going to continue, but whether the rest actually gets adapted is a different story entirely.

      • Mike Vecaro

        honestly… i wish anime could manifest itself out of peoples minds so we could come together and make the ultimate single genre and multi genre animes

  • Rejmod

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    • Entrav

      Thanks! And you’re both pretty shameless with how you two play every game too!

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  • Hana M

    I couldn’t help but love this anime because of how ridiculous it is. Completely silly and yet awesome at the same time, I love the siblings. In fact, go ahead and judge me, slightly jealous of their relationship. They are completely there for each other, Sora address his older brother role while at the same time viewing Shiro as his equal if not better, and the love the have for each other is so sweet but not hey i want to get into your pants (not that much at least, that little bit of complex/creepiness I am not jealous of). Fyi Im an only child. They make such a brilliant team with such an understanding of the other, its fantastic.

    I think this anime gets “overrated” because other watchers like myself love to take a break and enjoy the craziness of this anime. Its ridiculousness is an escape and fun refreshment.
    Also, kinda new here, could someone explain the Kuuhaku, doori, etc stuff? Little confused.

    Btw Entrav, Avantheim/Avant Heim is where the Angels/Flugels sorta live. Its their country. Thats why the Shrine Priestess said “Avantheim, Elven Gard, and Elkia” but then “Flugels, Elves, and Imanity”. Countries and races, respectively. I’m not quite sure why a Phantasma, if indeed thats what the weird flying islands are and was what was referred to the last time the show talked about Phantasma, was shown or involved, however.

    • Entrav

      Kuuhaku = Blank. It’s just their name in Japanese.

      “Doori” is from “Keikaku doori” which means “Just as planned.” “Keikaku” being equal to “plan,” and “doori” means something along the lines of “according to something.” In this case, that “something” is the plan.

      Thanks for clearing up the Avantheim. It makes more sense now.

      • Hana M

        It all makes so much sense now….
        No problem!
        I love your review btw. Funny but also thorough. I have to agree with tbe stamina issue.

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      There is a skip button for those who don’t want to read the captions. I’m not really trying to be that funny to be honest. Whenever I do the captions, I just do whatever random shit I think is fun to do, and that’s pretty much it. Moreover, I wouldn’t even classify that as “writing,” so if you’re going to critique my writing, then critique my actual writing at the bottom of the post.

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      Please wait for around one more week. I’m still finishing it up.

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    I’m not 100% sure but i saw a news feed on FB that NGNL is gonna have a season 2 on October 2015

    • Entrav

      That’s probably just a rumor. I haven’t seen any official news about it. Then again, a season 2 is pretty much guaranteed at this point sometime later on.

  • Zachary

    there are people who take anime to seriously like the first video on the page. They are trying to get reason and logic from it but anime is there to be watched and give entertainment not to be taken seriously.

    • Entrav

      Yes, I understand that, and I even said that the entertainment side is a major part of this anime. However, if an anime tries to be smart with its games it has to also back it up with logic. Having the games be weaker logically affected the entertainment value of the show for me. If it doesn’t for you, that’s fine. But that’s just how I feel about it. I can’t enjoy a show as much when I find the resolution of a supposedly exciting part become an ass-pull.

  • Chris Sedrick B. Caniones

    it’s still so sad, it’s been several months and we still haven’t gotten any confirmation of a season 2.

  • Stealth

    If there r season 2, the story should continue with the dhampir since all the anime is adapted based on the Light Novel. The fight with Tet will be long time more. Even the light novel it self is yet to be reach to that stage. Normally anime with 2nd season release 2 years after the 1st season release. XD Most probably 2016 or more late. XD

  • Zoaea

    Entravity, I wanted to try to explain my perspective on Shiro and Sora’s relationship. Although I too felt the anime writers (I have not touched the novels, yet, at all) did not pay enough attention to their back story and relationship, I felt I grasped it a little more than you had. Just as you helped me see the games in new light, I wanted to see if I could aid you in seeing the siblings in a new light (and a less shallow one).

    Firstly I’d like to say that I am a pediatric nurse and also the child of a sociopathic mother, so I feel I have the edge in gleaning more details from the brief flashes the anime gives into the siblings past as an explanation of their current state. I could be totally off, as the writer might makes some mistakes in terms of real life mental development too.

    First the major mistake made by the author is that Shiro is taken to an orphanage because of her extreme intelligence for about 2 years (age 1-3). In real life this is an extremely critical time in brain development. Removing the child completely from the family at this point would have catastrophic effects on that child’s metal growth. Basically, with out regular interaction with the mother, and secondary caregivers (father, ect), her IQ would have actually suffered at this point. This has been well studied over the last century, and is an issue when children are institutionalized or very sick and missing that first socialization. Put simply, in the first 3 years of life, mental growth is almost solely based on child to parent interactions, unlike when we are older and can learn will from “teaching”.

    I could go on for 3 hours with details, so I am going to stick with a few of the bigger items.

    Now I think the author did use this first institutionalization as part of the explanation of Shiros behavior, so while they didn’t take into account the effects on her IQ they did use it well to show the effects on how she would interact with the world. Basically, her family abandoned her to this steril, loveless environment. At the tender age of 1, when you are just beginning to learn about being a separate individual (babies view the mother as part of themselves) being separated would be highly traumatic. This also hints at the true nature of Sora and Shiro’s parents. They are obviously sociopathic, which is not that uncommon so its believable. Basically the parents would not be able to display true love, they would view their children as property, only useful in furthering their own gains or social standing. For example, being able to brag that your daughter is so smart she is in such and such institution, while not caring that you don’t see her. A reasonable parent might allow several hours a day for them to work with the child, but would keep the child at home, see?

    This also hints why Sora would be empty, as the parents would not have true love and compassion for any of their children. Here is where my personal experience comes in. As a child you always love your parents, even if they are crewel, even if they don’t really care about you. You always hold out hope that if you just try hard enough, next time… It creates a desperation in the child, a feeling of disconnection from the world also. Even by age 8 you start to view the world in a pessimistic way, that people only care about themselves and how outsiders view them.

    So in 2-3 short scenes this is hinted at, and I agree they needed more scenes, especially as the show progressed to explain this. Most people have loving parents so would not know how it impacts your view of the world or drives you as a child. Basically, Shiro’s clinging to the first and only person that showed her love, and Sora is doing likewise but to a lesser extent. When they are getting separated they go into a panic attack (exaggerated as anime likes to do) but this is not unrealistic. Children that are severely neglected can go down one of a few paths, and this is one of them. To shut out others, and the world, to protect their hearts from more pain. Every rejection of love or careless word from their parent is a new wound to the heart, and painful to the extreme. Trusting a stranger would not come naturally, it would be greatly feared.

    So, I think you are right in saying for the character’s to be less shallow it needs development, but I also disagree when you say that they haven’t shown us anything to explain their harsh world view. It is hinted and veiled, but their for people that have personal experience with it. I think even, that the main growth of the characters would be for Sora and Shiro to be able to make healthy relationships with others. And as it was emphasised in the first few episodes, I think their “weakness” to overcome, will be to be able to function as happy, healthy people, separate from one another. They are so god like with gaming, there is no weakness there, their weakness is wholly in their mental development, their ability to interact with others. At the start, they scoffed at the notion of friends. But by episode 12 you can see, even now, they are developing the beginnings of friendships. Even Shiro in bath time (which is fan service but also serves as a point where Sora must maintain at least some distance) has changed, where she is physically interacting more with the other girls.

    Anyway, Im sure at least some of this is over thought. However, most of this came to me without much thought in the first few episodes just from the few flashbacks. They didn’t cry about missing parents, they didn’t give a second thought about not seeing them again. That itself is a red flag to their past, only repeated pain from an uncaring parent creates that disregard (unless they are also sociopaths haha).

    PS, I loved how detailed your review was, it made me reflect on things I over looked and made the chessboard more believable (who knew it wasn’t chest but just a relationship sim)! Also, keep in mind that NPC’s would obviously have rules regulating their paths and spawn points. It’s true of any computer game, and it is not hard to see those patterns, after about 5 mins in an area its kinda obvious. Thats why they ran around a bit before writing the message to command that bimbo-princess, it was always part of the plan as they knew it was a shooter game. I think they play a close game to make it “fun” but even in close games are never really close to losing. their displays of dismay and shock are to mislead the enemy. There weakness is never in the game, only other areas!

    • Zoaea

      Ah, as for the believability of the last game, I also think that their physical ability must be altered a bit in that digital world, they could impact the ground without dieing after all. And also it is their area of speciality. Their physical bodies were still laying in those pods, so perhaps reaction time was more based on mental speed. I rather found the first game as rather too silly to be believable at points over the third.

      Also, sorry for the spelling errors, I forgot to reread before sending. *blush*

    • Entrav

      Firstly, I want to start by saying that I appreciate your lengthy reply. These are the comments I like reading a lot since they are often good platforms for worthwhile discussions.

      Secondly, I want to say that I understand where you’re coming from. Your explanations about why Sora and Shiro are acting the way they are do make a lot of sense and I have personally thought of something similar (though not in as much detail because of reasons I’ll soon back up) when I originally reviewed the show. However, I still stick with my statement that “I understand that there are only twelve episodes, but you can’t possibly expect me to overlook their world view for this long without much reasonable foreshadowing or minor explanations.”

      I don’t think I said that “they haven’t shown us anything to explain their harsh world view.” The word “anything” is far too strong. I think “without much reasonable foreshadowing or minor explanations” is still justifiable. There is one major reason why I still stick to my perspective even though you bring up some very reasonable points. Quite simply, the anime doesn’t do a good job portraying your explanations for what they might have gone through in the past.

      Especially for people like me who hasn’t lived a tough life, it’s very difficult for us to feel sympathetic towards anime characters when the anime itself doesn’t do a great job showing what happened to them. This is even more the case for more serious topics like their past which led to their world view. It shouldn’t be up to people like you who are well acquainted with things like this to rationalize and explain what is going on behind the scenes. It’s the anime’s job to portray that so everyone, no matter the background, can appreciate, understand and be sympathetic towards the characters. The audience should put the pieces of the puzzle together. They shouldn’t be the ones to create the pieces.

      Now, I’m not saying that everything needs to be spoon-fed to us and that they should explain every single little thing, but they spend far too little time on developing their past which is supposed to be fairly serious and serves as the foundation for their world view. We get a few flashbacks with a few lines of dialogue but not much else beyond that. If I dig into other people’s real life experiences, read journal articles, books, and other things like that I would be able to understand their situation better. But even if I understand their situation better, that doesn’t mean that the anime is good at actually portraying their situation. There’s a big difference.

      Basically, the fault lies in its execution. For example, you say that “This also hints why Sora would be empty, as the parents would not have true love and compassion for any of their children. Here is where my personal experience comes in. As a child you always love your parents, even if they are crewel, even if they don’t really care about you. You always hold out hope that if you just try hard enough, next time… It creates a desperation in the child, a feeling of disconnection from the world also. Even by age 8 you start to view the world in a pessimistic way, that people only care about themselves and how outsiders view them.”

      But does the anime actually show this or something similar to this? To a very small extent, I suppose? Does the anime do a good job portraying the idea of a child still holding hope for their parents or other ideas that may support the construction of Sora and Shiro as characters and their world view? Absolutely not. It’s not only about putting in realistic cases where one could be negatively affected like Sora and Shiro have been. It’s about creating a convincing story that tells us about them and their troubled past. This is not a guessing game where we do the majority of the work when it comes to justifying their world view. The evidence has to be there, and quite frankly, it isn’t in No Game No Life’s case. I don’t know if the author is pulling something out of thin air and doesn’t understand much at all about people that suffer from those kinds of situations or if he really did take a lot of things (basically all of your explanations) into consideration.

      And even if he were to show everything and explain it, that still doesn’t mean that the storytelling or the execution will be good. TV shows, movies, books, and so on are arts where one should feel, understand, and be sympathetic towards the characters. Simply stating what happened to them in the past without the suitable writing, emotional impact, and so on will still affect my opinion of their characterization and their world view. If the anime’s not done well, I will end up not caring too much about them as characters, and I won’t feel sympathetic towards them and their world view. But anyways, that’s a bit of a separate point.

      As for the last game, I can see that the NPCs have patterns. It’s not as if the game is completely unjustifiable. The problem is that such a solution can be pulled out of thin air without the need of much foreshadowing. I mean, the writer could have also ended the game by bouncing the bullet across a building, then it bounces on the ground, then it its the opponent. Some version of dominoes or something like that could be used to solve the game, but that’s a cheap way of finishing the game. They’re just computing random equations into their brains that we cannot see and managed to time everything so that Steph is at the right place at the right time. But the way it happens. The way everything falls into place is pulled out of thin air. It just happened in their brains internally where we can’t really see it. It’s a bit hard to explain why the believability is so lacking. I don’t think I’m doing a good job of it at all, but I hope you get some kind of an idea.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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      edit: also eromanga-sensei is a good one to start watching after

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    k so I will be completely honest… I skipped through a lot of what you said mainly cause I either didn’t agree with the reasoning or it was very repetitive or contradictory… there are some points where you said the same thing 3 times but just reworded it to try to ad length to the paragraph.

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