No Game No Life Episode 4 – HOW AWESOME? TOO AWESOME.

No Game No Life Anime
Let the games continue!

This is one hell of a ride.
No Game No Life Episode 4 Review

From the unexpected humorous scenes to the moments of inspiration, this show never ceases to be entertaining on a level that brings me great excitement. The Valvrave days of craziness had its appeal, and No Game No Life has its appeal. One is full of absurdities that needs plenty of suspension of disbelief while the other has a more logical backbone to support its thrilling events. But they have one essential thing in common. They are both electrifying to almost a frightening degree, and I love them both for it.

No Game No Life Episode 4 Impressions

Struck by how handsome you are, bro.
No homo.

He’s got the loli so…


Alright, fancy dude that can’t even show his real face.

Here’s an interesting thought. What would you call “peace” in this world? I mean, even war in this world is just people playing games. Is resolving everything with games considered peaceful?


It is.

“For some reason”
Yeah, I’m sure a tyrant’s subordinates has absolutely no reason to resent such a malevolent ruler.


Zell Kurami defeated

It’s okay, you’ll be happy in Sora’s harem.

The main message of this chess match:

Don’t stutter, YOU’RE A JUDGE.

Translation: “Your fatness is bangable.”

No Game No Life Anime


Zell Kurami crying

Oh she went through a lot of trouble alright.



Hopefully they don’t overuse this. For me, I don’t really care about the references all too much. Don’t fucking kill me, okay?

Shiro Kuuhaku jealous of harem

It’ll be made anyways, Shiro.
It’s futile.
It’s an anime.
But your jelliness is delicious.

Do you want to be in the harem that badly, fatness?


No Game No Life Shiro Sora

Stephanie, stop trying to act retarded.

We all know you usually are anyways.


Stephanie Dora hot cute anime girl

Dayum, and Rias as VA too.

Is Shiro that confident?



That’s a good way to solve it.

You guys…
Why do you guys have headbands for your designated roles?
I can see why Imanity fell from power.
Good lord.


Your huge headband is actually mesmerizing.

Feels good to be from the “future.”
Good luck with inflation and deflation though.

As soon as I saw “turns” I knew where this was heading.

Would have been something for him to mention Europa Universalis or Crusader Kings.

Quiz games?
Who the hell plays those?


Fuck yes. That’s how a ruler’s got to portray his image.
I’m talking about the heart on his shirt and not me saying


Don’t even say this is what the first episode meant by communication disorder or whatever crap. There are few people who wouldn’t be nervous with this many people watching.
But showing off the loli sister to the world should give you energy.


No Game No Life Shiro

It was?
Well, shit. Fucking headbands.



Feel da Feel.


Blushing from the lewdness.


Now that just sounds weak.

There are children here, dude.
And how are the people so close all of a sudden?
Oh I get it.




Always be lewd.

Fuck yes.



FUCK YEA- Wait, they have loudspeakers?

Shiro and Sora declare war


Calm your fatness.
It wouldn’t be interesting any other way.


Angel harem? Hell yes.


(My futile attempts sadden me ;__;)

Shiro Sora Tet

That way he can have as big of a harem as he wishes…
Until Shiro intervenes and just marries him.

“Next time.”

Like the kid that he is.

She’s wary of the harem.

Haha, I’ve had that thought plenty of times too.

God Tet laughing

Nope, suits the show well.


Shiro and Sora Kuuhaku

Based shota God.

No, you’re drunk.

No, you’re high.


Yeah, if you don’t die from not being able to get off that tower.

God tet NGNL shota

I fucking love this show.

Those who are weak and do not accept their weakness will forever remain weak. Those who are weak but accept their weakness can grow to be strong. The elves have magic, the warbeasts possess physical strength, and the Flugel have longevity. Before the ten pledges came around, how do you think those would have fought? The elves would have used magic and the warbeasts would have used brute strength. You may say that humans are born with greater intelligence and that’s why humans prevailed. But even if we suppose that the races are born with nearly the same amount of intelligence, humans could still thrive. Hold on, shouldn’t the Flugel, with their longer lifespan have a huge advantage over humans if that were the case? To this I say that the shortened lifespan of humans can be a great advantage. I’d argue that it is because humans have shorter lifespans that we try to realize our ambitions more quickly. It is because we have limited time that we try to accomplish more than we would have otherwise. Because our lives are so transient, we have the sense of urgency to do what we need to do. Imagine if you lived for hundreds or thousands of years. There’d be very little urgency in your life. You’d always fall back on the fact that you can do it later because time is on your side. Heck, plenty of people feel this way anyways. Just imagine how much worse it’d be if people lived even longer.

For the elves, instead of schools for educating the mind, it’ll be schools for educating magic, and for warbeasts, it’ll be training grounds for building strong warriors. Because they both have strong natural abilities to overcome foes, they may not even realize their weakness in other areas. Even if they do, they’ll sharpen their own blade further instead of picking up the forsaken blade of wisdom. Compared to them, humans do not have strong natural abilities. With no magical affinity, it’s useless to try and beat the elves at magic. With weaker physical nature and the warbeasts focusing on mastering their physical prowess, humans cannot possibly hope to defeat them on that same ground. Humans understand just how powerless they are. They see just how weak they are. They tremble. They fear. But it is through this cowardice that brings a sense of caution, a sense of wariness that leads to obtaining wisdom. They pause because charging the enemy would end in death. They think because it is their only option remaining. And finally, they accept their weakness and improve upon their only remaining hope. It is this dire need for survival that pushes their wisdom far beyond all others. It is the blade that other races have forsaken that has become the ultimate weapon of human beings.

But now that others have picked the blade of wisdom what can Imanity do? With the other races’ natural advantages in magic, physical might, and so on, aren’t Imanity at a huge disadvantage? Is it hopeless? No. The elves still have their magic to rely on, and the warbeasts still have their physical might to rely on. Humans still have nothing to rely on but their wisdom. Indeed, “nothing has changed.” This blade to them is still one of many weapons while it is the only weapon for Imanity. If one could only rely on a single weapon for survival, then the mastery of that weapon will be all the greater compared to if that person could rely on multiple. Now that the other races have caught up to humans, just like before, humans understand how weak they are. Just like before, their dire need for survival will push their wisdom even further to surpass the wisdom that other races possess. Nothing has truly changed. The situation has merely gotten more dire, but Imanity still clings on to the same blade all the same. It will be with this same blade that Imanity will conquer the world again with their renewed understanding of their weakness and further mastery of their sole weapon of wisdom.

No Game No Life Episode 4 Review

I have looked around forums and discussions on this anime, and some criticism put against this show needs to be addressed. Some people are saying that it’s unreasonable for Shiro and Sora to be able to solve the kingdom’s problems so easily. Perhaps they didn’t pay attention, but Shiro and Sora clearly look at the devices that they got from their world to assist in their decision-making process. What time period is the last city of Imanity currently in? The medieval period. That is already part of history in Shiro and Sora’s world so they can easily use what strategies have worked well for prosperous kingdoms of the past. You don’t even have to be a genius to figure out what worked well in the past; you just need to have that information. Economic affairs during those times are not nearly as complicated as economics of today either. Using a few simple strategies can greatly bolster a kingdom’s strength during the middle ages, and if they incorporate some more modern strategies like issuing government bonds then that helps even more. The way the author resolved this issue is very reasonable. Yes, the show can expand upon this area more, but it should be pretty clear that this anime isn’t focused on economics.

Some others have even said that they don’t like the pairing between Shiro and Sora which is very strange as I think that it is one of the show’s strongest strengths. They are comrades, they are rivals, they are friends, they are king and queen, and most of all, they are brothers and sisters who need each other in order to be the powerful pair that they are. It’s not just because of the plot point that they can’t be separated from one another as that’s really just a facade for meaningful dependence. They truly do support each other through the ordeals they have gone through so far. If one can’t figure out the missing piece of a puzzle, the other will. As shown by the chess match, they cannot succeed without each other as they both have flaws that the other makes up for. There’s a delicate balance that they maintain which makes this relationship far more interesting to see than the typical incestuous relationship you see in other anime. However, one thing that could be said against this is that Shiro isn’t as directly involved in the games as Sora is. More than anything, she’s playing a moral support role. That’s still worthwhile to see, but having her play more of an active role in the games themselves would be even better.

Because the ten pledges have broken the fangs of the strong, and they have learned to polish their wisdom. The wisdom and strategies that we, the weak, once monopolized… The power to strive… The strong have gained them all.

I have to emphasize how fitting this speech is, or rather, just how this speech would not be possible without the setting. Look at the quote above. Humans rose at first because they realized their inherent weaknesses, but then they fell because of the ten pledges as everyone took up wisdom in order to win games. Now, they are on the rise again. The transition from the high point of Imanity to the current low point serves to emphasize the need for Imanity to realize its weakness so that they can master wisdom extremely well. It’s the creation of the game that changed everything and made human beings the underdogs which in turn makes this speech just a bit different from other speeches that also accentuate human weakness and wisdom. It’s a speech that is impossible to make in the real world and perhaps that’s what makes it all the more enthralling and inspiring. It’s just a marvelous speech that human beings in general could relate to. Not to mention the reasoning behind Tet bringing them to this world is also surprisingly interesting and relatable. I mean, I’m pretty sure some of you can relate to the line, “You’re not allowed to quit while you’re ahead.” I certainly can. Most of all, it highlights the fun nature of the anime which makes me even more excited for what’s to come and a bit sad at the same time because it’s only going to be a 12-episode ride. Regardless, it’s already greatly surpassed my expectations and has become one of the most entertaining shows I’ve followed week to week. You can probably tell with how much effort I’ve put into this review alone. It’s been a while since I’ve had 90+ pictures and 1500+ words in a single episode review. Let the conquest begin and let the games continue!

No Game No Life Shiro Sora Wallpaper No Game No Life Tet Wallpaper



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  • Yatogami

    This show and Hitsugi no Chaika are competing for anime of the season to me. Currently No Game No Life is clearly in the lead but chaika is very much a dark horse in this race. I look forward to see how their stories will progress. I also like Black Bullet but what im getting from a lot of reviews elsewhere is that the story is very rushed and its skipping a lot important pretext from the LNs

    • Drig

      Ishuukan Friends. Baby Steps. Hunter X Hunter.

      And above them, the godly Mushishi and Ping-Pong.
      And, for some inexplicable reason, the addicting Haikyuu and that shoujo anime…..

      One thing is clear though. This season is quite solid. Not spectacular like Spring 2012 but solid.

    • Cormag

      Break Blade and Sidonia no Kishi are very high on my list. Chaika has been interesting also, but I’m not sure how it will turn out. Guess we’ll find out though.

      • sweN

        Break Blade is just a remake, it is a bit disappointing. A sequel would have been better.

        • Cormag

          I can’t really comment on that because this is the first I’ve heard of it. So no disappointment for me haha.

        • Bam

          Yeah I’m saving this for after I watch the original OVAs

    • Yatogami

      OHHHH I also forgot about Akuma no Riddle. That anime is VERY entertaining so far as well

    • Entrav

      Black Bullet did skip a lot of stuff. But yeah, Chaika is getting better too.

  • Ashley A.

    Please. Sidonia no Kishi is definitely AOTS.

    • George Ivascu

      nooooo way. We getting Hanamonogatari this month

  • sonissenryaku

    I think the best thing this show has been able to accomplish is to be enjoyable (it sure doesnt hurt to tune into it every week) but there’s something about it that isnt quite vibing with me the way it is with others. There are many people praising this show for how amazing it is but i dont see that amazingness. I would love to be invested in these characters but they are playing so close to their archetypes that there isnt anything of interest to take away from them. I would love to be fully invested in the adventures of these characters in this wonderful world, but the writing isnt particularly intelligent and witty enough to keep me enthralled. That’s not to say that the writing is flat because its not, but for what it’s trying to do, it just hasnt reached that caliber to make the most out of its setting. The writing just reaches a certain level where its good enough.

    Lastly, I would love to invested in the plot progression, but that is also formulaic that again, its not that interesting. Im not a guy who needs his show to break new grounds or always do something different; I enjoy watching almost anything. But the shows i find terrific regardless of them have generic settings are the one with wonderful execution to offset that. NGNL execution ends up falling on the generic side, although it ends up being that good type of generic if that makes sense, which is why i still find the show enjoyable regardless of how negative i may seem on the series. Im going to stick around hoping that this series hits me with that amazing wave it has hit everyone else with but right now, I just think its decent (though i may just be crazy). I just dont get it at the moment and i really want to.

    • Entrav

      I’m a sucker for shows that give me a great feeling of excitement episode to episode and NGNL has done that extremely well the past few episodes. If you don’t feel it, then you just won’t. It’s as simple as that. I find the writing more than captivating enough (as exemplified by the speech). It’s not as great as some people say it is though, but there will be people exaggerating things always. Some people claiming that this is AOTY just makes me laugh.

      • sonicsenryaku

        it makes me laugh as well; but i agree that the show has this high energy about it and that’s where i find enjoyment from the series

      • niknasr

        Well, believe it or not this is the author of No Game No Life, his face is everything except Japanese which is quite a shock for me actually upon knowing he’s the author.. His other works Clockwork Planet is also good..

      • James Du

        Clearly isn’t the AOTY.


        • Entrav


  • George Ivascu

    so deep this show. Makes ppl white essays.

    • Entrav

      You can dig pretty deep into most shows if you really want to. A lot of times profundity isn’t determined by the show itself but rather how that show captivates the audience and how the audience responds.

      • Bam

        And at the same time we have shows that are inherently deep and thought provoking (ex: Mushishi)

  • Ayu

    About the headbands, the novel skipped over it but Sora made them wear it since he couldn’t be bothered to learn their names+role on the spot

    • Ayu

      Er, I meant the anime skipped over it.

      • George Ivascu

        oh..dam,would of loved to see that

  • Bam

    I dropped this show after the 1st episode failed to impress me and I thought this season offered more decent animes than it really did, but will get back into it due to all the positive feedback you guys been giving to it, so all this hype better not fail me now.

    currently my schedule is as such:

    THUR: Ping Pong/Knights of Sidonia
    SAT: Nobunaga the Fool

    hence I can easily fit in NGNL on Wednesdays :)

    • niknasr

      Well, if you really want to watch, watch it until episode 3 (ep 3 is a decision breaker whether to watch it or not) to see whether this kind of anime is really for you or not. But looking at your watching list, IMHO, I really think this is not the show for you..

      • Bam

        Will do. I already have the two next episode downloaded and will give it a chance tmrw, but yes this is really not my cup of tea but I’ll like to stay current and engage in ongoing discussions of shows that garner community attention. And I’m pretty good with adjusting my expectetions to match the quality of the series since all shows are not created equal.

  • niknasr

    yeah, awesome.. me want moarrrr!!

  • Shirayuki

    Can you make a Review of Gokukoku no Brynhildr
    I think it’s a really good Anime and thing are about to get (F*cking) interesting anyways

    • Entrav

      Can’t guarantee anything. It’s not just about whether a show is good or not; it’s about whether I can discuss the episode, and the show as a whole, at decent length.

  • leannacaracappa

    am I the only one who’s Astrophilia levels were sky high when Tet appeared????

    yes? oh ok I’ll go cry in a corner then ; ;