No Game No Life Episode 6 – HYPERNOVA? HYPERNOVA.

No Game No Life Jibril
Jibril? Jibril.

Exciting explosions of WINCEST Jibrils.
No Game No Life Episode 6 Review

So, we got fanservice, a hydrogen bomb (as if those boobs weren’t deadly enough), giant explosions, creative manipulations of physics that make sense, next level censoring, WINCEST kissing, Jibriel moaning of pure sexiness, and a hypernova? Yep, this is No Game No Life alright.

Note: As much as I hate to say this, Adsense doesn’t allow me to put pictures of delicious nude 2D creatures. I’ve already got in trouble twice so I’d like to avoid a third warning as much as possible. It’s a shame I know, but it can’t be helped.

No Game No Life Episode 6 Impressions

Hello, sexy angel of goodness.

There will always be someone ahead of you.
Almost always.

Their virginity?

Sora and Shiro blank


Really? They sure are old.
Tet stronk.


Sora Kuuhaku crazy


Ngnl anime jibril


Sora and Jibril


You are.

Please, you and your fluffy wings shall be theirs soon enough


Nonononononono. Bad dog.
Sit, and watch the explosions.

Sora hydrogen bomb



Why- Why are you shoving her face away?


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Reminds me of those moments of near-fanservice in Mondaiji-tachi.
Dat Kurousagi goodness was some delicious goodness.

Stephanie Dola


No Game No Life Sora

Living the life.
Firing off hydrogen bombs, undressing women, living the WINCEST life, and soon to blow up the universe.

Sure is healthy.


No, just to the WINCEST.







No Game No Life kiss sora shiro


Is this really happening?

This is really happening.


Sora Kuuhaku smiling


No Game No Life sora anime


Jibril Flugel anime

Outplayed so hard the universe is going to explode.



Would Jibril really die before Sora and Shiro though? She can withstand much more than them, right?

You bet your fluffy wings the WINCEST is terrifying.

All the other planets are still fine?

Stephanie Dora

– Stephanie Dora (Cute puppy slave), 2014


“the best wincest our world has ever known. May Sora’s ballsacks be with us. Always.”

No Game No Life Jibril anime

Hopefully she remains important.

Even if it means becoming a dog like Steph?
Dat Steph tho.

Let’s see… You got six more episodes to go.
Then hopefully, another season.
And another.
And another.
And another.
The nightmare will continue for you.


Phew, another exciting episode and this time things escalate to a whole new level. Some of you may find some parts of the game flawed so let me just address some of the complaints I’ve seen so far. Firstly, shouldn’t Shiro, Sora, and Jibril have all died when Sora took away coulomb’s force? That is, shouldn’t their matter collapse as well? Look back at the nine minute mark and Jibril says, “You can’t directly cause a player to die, that is, be unable to continue.” This is why when Sora took away oxygen that they still had it within their bodies. Secondly, how did Sora know that the new world has the same rules (physics, chemistry, and so on) as their old world? Couldn’t the prevalence of magic have altered the world and changed things around? You could be right, but remember that what Sora altered were the basic rules of the universe. The two worlds are not so far apart in the nature of their composition that basic rules of nature no longer apply. I mean, imagine if coulomb’s force, oxygen, and all those things didn’t exist. If a universe didn’t have those basic elements, and were somehow composed of elements on a fundamental level that are completely alien to us, it would most likely be so different from our universe that it would hardly even look and behave the same as our universe. Moreover, no human is capable of conceiving such a universe in the first place so the writer couldn’t have made a completely original universe to begin with.

That aside, Sora did initially test whether atomic theory still works the same way in this new universe with his first phrase. By seeing that the hydrogen bomb behaves the way it does in his world, he knew that coulomb’s law, and other knowledge in his possession could be put to use properly. You could, however, argue that when Sora took away coulomb’s force that the explosion of the hypernova could have killed everyone at the same time or even Sora and Shiro first because we don’t know with certainty from the information that the anime has given that the explosion will hit Jibril first. The hypernova (or hyperovas) could have happened anywhere, but the show makes it so that it was from the planet Sora and Shiro jumped off of which doesn’t have to be the case in reality. This is unquestionably the most flawed part of the episode by far. Though, even if we take that into consideration, Jibril still got outsmarted by their knowledge, and she’ll take it as a loss regardless of who dies first. She’s not so petty that she won’t admit her loss when it comes down to a game of knowledge… Probably. By the way, they didn’t even say “Aschente” to begin with. It could be that the staff just forgot to put it in, but could it be that the two parties’ prides are so deep that the thought of not accepting the demands after they lose never crossed their minds? Actually, Jibril made the last phrase exactly what Sora wanted because of her deeply entrenched pride. I’m sure she could have beaten them if she started off with something that they don’t know, but her pride got in the way. She thought that no matter what happened that she couldn’t lose which means she didn’t use whatever methods she could to win. Her underestimation was her downfall.

No Game No Life Episode 6 Review

There were quite a few people who spoke of how awesome this part was going to be, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Everything from the fanservice with “censoring” that is surprisingly clever to the wits of the main characters that made even a hypernova occur, this episode is thrilling. One of the most critical aspects of how it manages to accomplish such a level of enjoyment is how it continues to ramp up the crazy events one by one regardless of how crazy things get. By the time Sora took away the atmosphere, I thought it was already over, BUT NOPE. WE HAVE A HYPERNOVA TO END THINGS OFF. That’s the No Game No Life I know. It somehow almost always manages to one up my expectations of just how insane things are going to get. I’m also pretty sure that no one is going to complain about this game having huge ass pulls with how reasonable everything seems for the most part. Sure, you could probably pick apart certain ideas and eventually find plot holes, but none of them are apparent enough that they hurt the quality of the show greatly. You could nit-pick that there’s still gravitational force left even though Sora says there are only the two nuclear forces remaining… But seriously, all the atoms will attract regardless and who the fuck is going to comment on something so insignificant anyways? The episode, and the show as a whole is an absolute blast. It makes use of logic nicely no matter how ludicrous it gets. The entertainment value this anime has is, at least for me, something of a rarity. Since it’s getting better episode by episode, I’m just wondering how this will end by the twelfth episode. Let the games continue!

No Game No Life Anime



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  • George Ivascu

    this episode made this series jump way up on top of this season. Pure entertainment – just awesome.

    • Entrav

      Hell yeah.

  • Yatogami

    This animu too stronk. I wish Jibril kept her quirky way of speaking though that would push her over the edge to me and make her my second favorite character. It’s hard to top Shiro as a #2 though.

  • Yatogami

    Also i read somewhere that this anime is already scheduled for a season 2 this fall season. Though I may have mixed this up with Hitsugi no Chaika but I think it was NGNL

    • Entrav

      You did get it mixed up with Hitsugi no Chaika. Nothing has been announced for NGNL yet.

  • niknasr

    This anime is soooooo much winnn!! I really need the announcement of S2 so bad right now.. the game is briliantly entertaining.. I also like how they use the game as an ‘excuse’ to the fanservice and obligatory beach scene.. XD

    btw, just general dissatisfaction, in MAL there were always someone who being critical about ecchi in this genre ecchi-anime, I cannot comprehend their reading at which level.. because as far as my eyes can see, there is ecchi in genre tag..

    • Entrav

      I can understand why some people feel uncomfortable towards ecchi and still like the absurdities though. It could hamper their experience if they like the rest of it, but honestly, I think the fanservice is pretty well done this episode as it didn’t get annoying or anything of the sort.

      • niknasr

        I guess that’s also true and I agree with “well done fanservice” you mentioned above.. But still, it’s more preferrable if they were well-prepared with the ‘incoming attack’ of ecchiness in anime with ecchi tag, so they could set a standard for it and have a vague understanding what will they get themselves into..

  • zztop

    No clothes, no life! ><
    Does that 'arrow to the knee' line mean anything in particular?
    Also, Chaika confirmed as a split season show. Season 2 airs this coming October.

    • Entrav

      “Arrow to the knee” is a reference to Skyrim.

    • Guest

      arrow to the knee-game over

  • Alvaro

    Omega Good Job!!!

  • kyrian

    “Jibril still got outsmarted by their knowledge, and she’ll take it as a loss regardless of who dies first.”
    Well, regardless who died first in either of them, the fact that Sora and Shiro responded last makes them the winner. The only fundamental rule in the materialization shiratori is that the opponent must respond within 30 seconds or the opponent will lose. Since neither of them will be able to physically continue the game, it’s a default win for Sora and Shiro.

    • Entrav

      It would be nice for that to be exactly the case, but Jibril says “fail to answer for 30 seconds, or cannot continue.” There are two rules in that part of the sentence.

      • Dylan Green-Sky Dugan

        It doesnt matter who died a millisecond apart, that’s just stupid nitpicking from people who want to create random idiotic discrepancies from absolutely nothing. They both died at pretty much the same time(give or take .000001 second) for all intents and purposes, and Shiro made the last answer before the game ended. Theres no reason to make petty attempts at finding nonexistent plot holes.

        • Entrav

          Let’s be honest. It does matter, but it’s not that big of a deal. It’s not idiotic because the anime is trying to be logical and if it’s flawed, it’s flawed. You can still point out these things and enjoy the show. It does matter who dies first because that determines who wins this game. It is not a nonexistent plot hole. One should never be blinded by their love for the show and accept these things without question. That kind of mentality is just as bad as those who bash it without good reasoning.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    I see Oreimo left a permanent scar in the anime culture. No complaints, I like how this season is going so far.

    This episode had no logic what-so-ever, but it was still fun to watch. The middle section of the game was *cough* visually stunning. Still I’m a bit curious to see what kind of life forms they are. Sexy Jibril only said they are technically not alive…

    • Entrav

      No logic whatsoever? Really? Can you point out why? I can understand people not accepting how the chess game played out even though I think it’s fine as it’s more of a lateral-thinking game than anything else, but I didn’t think many people would have problems with this game logic-wise. Almost everything made perfect sense.

      • The Atomic Dwarf

        The fact that they used both japanease and some english words meant the game could’ve went on forever. Also, I think the MC used a phrase instead of a word once? That’s why I think the game made no sense. The rules were pretty flexible. Hey, it was still fun to watch though!

        The basic elements may be the same for the current universe they are in, but that doesn’t mean the same rules of physics may apply. The presence of the game rules alters the fabric of the universe more than enough to consider some basic laws obsolete. So that leaves a lot to the player’s imagination.

        The Hypernova was awesome, but I’m beginning to wonder if this wasn’t just the product of the MC’s imagination. In which case he could’ve just made up a word to end the game quicker without all the awesome spectacle. But hey, why waste a good wincest opportunity?

        • Entrav

          I’ll give you the point about Sora saying a phrase instead of a word, but I don’t see how that makes no sense. Just pretend that instead of a word you can say 2 words at max. Actually, if you translate everything into Japanese, I think it is just 1 word for everything he said, but in the end he is just saying one thing with his phrase. Yes, it could have gone on forever, but it’s clear that the point of the game is to make the other player be unable to continue more than anything else since this is a materialization version. If anything, it could have ended very quickly. I don’t know how it doesn’t make any sense with the rules very clearly laid out like this. Is the game flexible? Yes, there is a lot of things the author could have done, but everything that Sora did makes perfect sense.

          As I said in the review, Sora tested if the same rules of physics worked with his first phrase. The hydrogen bomb detonated the way it was supposed to in real life, and that’s more than enough affirmation for him to put his plan into action. I’m not sure what you mean by “the presence of the game rules alter the fabric of the universe more than enough to consider some basic laws obsolete.” If you are talking about the three game rules Jibril said at the outset, I don’t see how that would alter the fabric of the universe. The universe remains the same until the players do something to change it.

          I’m also not sure what you mean by the hypernova being a part of the MC’s imagination. It is a thing that exist in the real world. Also, the rules state that you must use words that have been used before. Taking it another way, words that have meaning even before the player says it, and not just gibberish like “dfjapsdofjsdiof.” If he just said coulomb’s force right away, then Jibril could have countered with something else. Taking away the atmosphere was crucial and so was a lot of what he did beforehand.

          • The Atomic Dwarf

            I mean I’m curious if they could have used the word game to change the laws of physics. Okay my phrasing was a bit off, sorry about that. You need to remember I’m not a native speaker.

            Thinking about it, a black hole would have been far better if you want to keep with the game rules. Think about time dilation of an object falling into a black hole. It means that even with air and everything else still present, it would’ve taken Jibril more than 30 seconds to come up with an answer.

            That’s just my 2 cents.

          • Entrav

            Well, they did “change it,” but they can’t make something up. They can only take away what’s already there or add something in, and what they add in has to be a concept that existed in some universe that they’re aware of. So, they couldn’t just add some other force or whatever that didn’t exist in either worlds.

            A black hole may not have been better because we don’t exactly know where it’ll appear. If it doesn’t appear close enough, the difference in the perception of time between Jibril and Sora wouldn’t be great enough for her to not have a comeback in 30 seconds. It would be tough to measure as well and may seem like more of an ass-pull to many people. There’s also the bigger problem of what “30 seconds” even means in that case. What is it relative to? Sora, or Jibril? This gets into places where it becomes unnecessarily complicated and is prone to have many holes that the writer may not have seen coming. The author probably thought about this, but he most likely dropped it because it causes more problems than solutions.


    Well~ That was quite literally a blast! This anime is absolutely awesome!

    I don’t see why some people would have issues with the whole air exluding oxygen thing. The rules of the game were that if the word exists in that world, it would disappear and if it doesn’t it would appear. When sora took away oxygen, you had air without oxygen. But air naturally has oxygen. So when Jibril took away air, it’s only logical that oxygen (that should be present by default but wasn’t any more) would return.

    Honestly, I didn’t really see anything that could potentially be a hole, though it was surprising that you could use phrases and not just a single word.

    I wonder if other people in the world also noticed the change? That would be pretty epic, and probably disturbing for some XD.


  • Instagrimm

    couple things: Most Importantly, sure there is still gravitational force, but either freaking way all atoms are going to be brought together and cause the Hypernova. Next, The atomic theory and Oxygen have to be the same in this world and Earth, if they weren’t the same, Sora and Shiro’s biology wouldn’t even be compatible with this world, they would have died on arrival. That alone made it obvious this world still had Oxygen; and getting a little deeper into it, even if it were different fundamentally somehow and Tet just made them compatible, something equivalent to oxygen HAS to exist, there’s no way around that, and since names are all subjective, (i.e. Hooter-nub = Nipples) by naming Oxygen, whatever this world possessed that would have been equivalent to Oxygen would have vanished. And lastly, there is enough information to conclude Jibril was hit by the Hypernova first and NO WAY anything could possibly survive a 50 BILLION DEGREE CELSIUS EXPLOSION, even if there was more than one explosion, certainly the explosion of the core they were falling toward was the closest one, and would reach them first, and so I quote: JIBRIL: “Even if I die only a fraction of a second earlier, I still lose.” nothing could possibly survive that explosion past the nanosecond it touched them, and since the explosion certainly reached Jibril before them, she died first.

    • Entrav

      I don’t know if your comment is aimed at me or not, but it sounds like it so I’ll respond. Firstly, I never said that the atoms wouldn’t attract. Obviously, gravitational force attracts the atoms and will cause the hypernova anyways. I said it in my post to indicate the triviality of these nitpicks and how they don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Also, I basically said what you said about the oxygen part just in a different way, so I have nothing else to add regarding that.

      No one is talking about how Jibril will survive the explosion. Everyone knows that she’ll die. However, that doesn’t mean that Sora and Shiro won’t die first if the explosion is from somewhere else. Remember, we have no idea where the area with the greatest mass is. The area with the greatest mass will collapse quicker and thus cause an explosion first. Yes, it may be far away and take longer to reach them, but there is no definite answer from what the anime has shown that would lead us to the single conclusion that the explosion from the planet they were on will reach them first. Moreover, she also didn’t even shield herself from the hydrogen bomb and wasn’t even scratched. (She didn’t make a bubble around herself. She only made it around Sora and Shiro.) The physical distance between Sora and Jibril isn’t that much. If she has such strong physical fortitude, it’s not a stretch to assume that Sora could die first as he is human. The hypernova doesn’t have to touch them to kill them either. The heat would kill them far before the actual explosion did. It’s questionable whether Jibril would have really died first in this case with her physical prowess. It’s not a stretch to say that the heat will kill Sora and Shiro first. In fact, it’s very reasonable to assume such given their physical distance.

      • Inanis

        the area with the greater mass was the planet core (which was at Jibril’s back) .. gravity was in effect..they were “falling towards” the core (in other words gravity was pulling them to the core)..AND Jibril was the one closest to the core ..that is what she meant with the “even if I die a fraction of a second before”… she WAS going to die like 1 millionth of a second before Sora and Shiro..just because she was like 15 meters CLOSER to the biggest mass around (planet’s core) before it went boom.

        Also Jibril herself was sure she was gonna die from it.. my guess is that she can stand 1-5 nuclear bombs … but a supernova is MUCH stronger than that.. A supernova puts out a total energy of about 1E46 Joules. So we’re talking about 1E32 “Fat Man” (Nagasaki atomic bomb) bombs or so. that is 100000000000000000000000000000000 of those bombs … that was enough power that it didn’t matter hos resilient Jibril’s body was..she was gonna die in the same time as Sora and Shiro … is the same situation as asking “if I explode 10 kg of C4 right next to a brick and a glass cup … which breaks first?”

        • Entrav

          Again, I’m not saying she will survive the event. If Sora and Shiro die first then Jibril still wins. 15 meters isn’t that much when you take into mind just how much stronger Jibril is (physically) compared to Sora and Shiro as indicated by the hydrogen bomb.

          But if you really think she’ll die at the same time, then okay. I’ll give you that point. No problem. But that doesn’t mean anyone wins does it? It’s a draw then, and not a win for Sora and Shiro.

          • Jan Matthias Grundmann

            What the people are pointing out, is not that she could survive the
            hypernova, but the fact that jibril will die before sora and shiro. Even
            if jibril has more resistence than a normal human, against a hypernova
            both partys are pretty similar. Even heat radiation is a form of a
            electromagnetic wave, which travels with lightspeed (299792458m/s). With
            a distance of 10m to each other, with the core of the hypernova to
            jibrils back, it results that jibril gets hit by the heat 33,4 nano
            seconds before sora and shiro. Even if Jibril has more resistence you
            can be sure that the death will be far under 1 nano second. Because the
            energyamount is so high…How high it was…well it was said somewhere
            aboth my post. In the end, theres no doubt that the gap between jirbil
            and shiro/sora will make sure that jibril dies first.

          • Entrav

            I have no idea how the heat would actually hit them, so I’m not sure. What I am assuming, probably falsely from what you are both saying, is that as it expands out, and the initial weakest waves of heat would be able to kill Sora and Shiro first before the temperature becomes hot enough for Jibril to die. If there is no such change in temperature and it just instantaneously changes from normal temperature to the temperature of the hypernova, then I’d agree. I’m not sure how the expansion of heat would work in this extreme scenario so…

          • Nudennie Dre White

            I feel like you are intentionally refusing to understand that all that you’re saying literally doesn’t matter.

            The moment the explosion hits her, she would be vaporized, yes she has a stronger constitution than a normal human, but it doesn’t matter.

            The Perfect example already given to you was “If I put a tree and a glass cup next to an atomic bomb, which breaks first”.

            It doesn’t matter at these levels how the items compare to one another, the moment the effects of the explosion reaches them, they will die instantly, to the explosion they are all the same.

  • Anim Monmon

    omega good job :3

  • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

    I keep enjoying just how unbelievably crazy it gets. For this episode thought it was pretty smart how they supposedly censored it. And the Sora and Shiro kiss was my favorite part.

  • ddab

    actualy there is a good reason fr the other planets not exploding at the same time:

    if you asume that Causality still applies to magic, magic can only take effect at the maximum transmission speeed for information (ie. the speed of light) and the other planets can not suffer the consequence of the game.

    or if they could the light can not reach the poin of the game in time, thus the planet will apear to explode first.

    :D not that it would mater, the matter/energy blast wave of a hypernova travels at near enough the speed of light…
    also even if a fugel’s body is made of pure carbon, it would be atomised or anihilated on contact with the blast wave

    • Entrav

      I don’t know if I’d agree with the fact that if you take away a law in the universe that it’d take time for it to affect everything. Why would taking away a law need to travel at the speed of light? Doesn’t it make more sense for it to affect everything at the same time?

      And yes, it would matter because the rules of the game indicate that whoever dies first loses. Of course anything would die upon impact, but the heat would probably kill Sora and Shiro before it killed Jibril due to their natural physical abilities.

      • ddab

        for second point: Its not heat that would kill you, its your molecules being torn into individual atoms, and the atoms themselves being either shattered into subatomic particles, or totaly anihilated from existance.

        for why causality: if we are asuming “magic” is the medium through wich the law is removed, and “magic” has to obey causality, then it would be limited to producing the effect at the speed of light. On the other hand if magic can ignore causality, it can timtravel and give the effect before the cause, making all the planets explode at the same time.

        Even if it is the second case, if we asume that it is being viewed from the prespective of sora and shiro, they would not be able to see the planets exploding untill a few minutes later (because the light must first travel to reach their eyes)

        in effect it does not mater all that much weathere it is case 1 or 2, since both cases would have the same result (sora & shiro observing that the other planets have not been (yet) effected by the magic)

        • Entrav

          Whatever that will kill them, with naturally stronger physical constitution, even if it’s a millisecond before, Jibril could survive longer than Sora. We just don’t know with what information we have.

          For the hypernova part, the main problem is that nothing is specified in detail regarding the distance of planets and their mass. If there is an extremely large planet not too far away and the law is removed instantly (which is also uncertain, but let’s just suppose it’s instant), that planet will cause a hypernova first. In fact, we don’t even know if the atoms that attract on the planet closest to Sora would be affected by the pull of this greater mass and thus travel towards that to cause a hypernova instead. There is simply too much uncertainty.

          • 変換に(`∀´)

            I don’t know If u are alive after 9 months, I watched this anime since it went aired. I return backs, watch again to get the shit done. I want to argue with you some problem.

            Firstly, how awesome the game is! The game is pretty simple, however, I still don’t get over the rule. Whatever they said will appear in front of them or be real. You can see when they Jibiri said Beach(Umi), the background immediately turns into the beach. Meaning, If you said the words It will APPEARS, not disappears. Why when they said Oxygen it disappeared?

            Secondly, you should know gravity only available on the earth. They are already said Mantle and “CRUST” the most important part here. Without Crust, the earth is not the earth. Yes, this planet is not the earth, however as Sora found out. The properly using these theory in this planet may as well be the same as the earth. Meaning, the gravity should be taken out when they said Crust.

            Thirdly, I am quite confused about oxygen part. Here is my theory, the part when sora said: The rules said what is there disappears , and what isn’t appears.” I kinda get into the idea, since they took out oxygen. The others gases are not the matter here since they were there to begin with. However, the only disappears is oxygen. Meaning when the AIR went back, only oxygen was available. Other gases were there will disappears. OFC, if oxygen is only 20%~, it is containable. However, pure oxygen will become toxic.. that is what they are called Oxygen toxicity
            So the question here is, is that the rule of the game they are playing. Or the rule of atomic theory. Because when I looked it up. They don’t have that kind of theory in wiki.
            Whatever, This episode IS MIND BLOWN. It’s not too hard for me to understand, they are just making the thing seems like normal becoming MINDFUCK. Holy shit.

  • Dynasty12

    Was that a Gigguk reference I saw?

    • Entrav

      What? Where?

      • Dynasty12

        People die if they are killed. He referenced that in one of his reviews

        • Entrav

          I’m not sure if you’re saying that Gigguk made up the reference or not, but he didn’t. When he mentioned it in his reviews, he was referencing Fate/Stay Night, and the meme surrounding that sentence. It’s a pretty well-known meme.

  • Entrav

    Sorry for marking this comment as spam. I don’t know why it was counted as such by Disqus.

    Anyways, here’s the point I was trying to make. I’m not saying that Jibril will not die. I know she will, but since they are not that far apart physically, Shiro and Sora could die first since their body composition is far weaker than that of the Flugel. It doesn’t matter if Jibril will die if they die first. Again, I am not saying that she will survive the actual explosion, but there one could throw doubt into the idea that she’d die first because Shiro and Sora are so much weaker (physically) than Jibril. I am not saying that she definitely would not have died first, but that the very fact one can throw doubt into the equation makes this win questionable.

    • ddab

      btw in the LN the cause of death is actualy defined as the gamma ray burst of the hypernova, not heat. Admitedly jibril actualy only shields sora shiro and steph with the long range defence spell, she easily survives the atom bomb on her own power. Also jibril could not use any magic to reinforce her body, because sora removed the elemental gallery, meaning that she was significantly weaker compared to the state she was in at the start of the game (ie. nuke proof).

      body composition=molecules (in both cases)
      atoms + (high density)gamma ray burst = atoms -electrons
      molecules – electrons(from atoms) = no more molecules
      no more molecules = instant death

      in the case of a hypernova gamma ray burst, this would happen (almost) instantly; as in the amount of time light takes to travel 1 meter. Im not sure how I could describe this more acurately, its simply an imposible to survive scenario, anything other then cuthulu would die “instantly” from that event…

      a real life scenario is: if the nearest star to our sun went hypernova, all humanity on earth would die “instantly”, and this is at a range of lightyears.

      • Entrav

        Even in the situation you describe it would be a draw, wouldn’t it?

        • ddab

          well sora and shiro are a meter or so above jibril, so by the time jibril have been reduced to what amounts to space dust they would be just about to die themselves :P so yea a draw would be a posible outcome depending on how far sora and shiro managed to jump.

          but consider this: if during the progress of the game they hollowed out the planet, gravity would be much less then normal. This would alow sora and shiro to jump much higher, so their survival chance would increase proportinately. (I actualy just thought of this myself)

          • Entrav

            Yeah, either of the scenarios could be right, but it’s just that we don’t know from the information given by the episode exactly which one is right. The fact that there is doubt in the equation is something we need to be aware of. It’s not that big of a deal anyways because this episode makes perfect sense, but it’s always nice to dig a bit deeper.

  • RThor

    I really like this post. It’s hard to find somebody that analyzes this episode with great insight.
    One thing I would like to point out is when Steph explodes in the vacuum.
    Yes, gas molecules inside one’s body do indeed exert pressure. And it is also true that a vacuum has zero pressure. It is commonly believed that when the air filled human body is exposed to a vacuum, the pressure exerting from inside the body would explode the physique from the inside out.
    However, the tissues of a human body are strong enough to withstand the collision of gases from inside the body.
    Instead of the body blowing up by the gas pressure inside, the gases in the respiratory and digestive system will release, not exploding the body, but simply exiting. So Steph shouldn’t have blown up when the atmosphere was removed.
    However, our beloved heroes and heroines will indeed lose consciousness by the exposure of space within seconds. Not to mention we have to reluctantly admit the hideous appearances of our adorn characters when their bodies are in a vacuum.
    Since a vacuum has no pressure, the water in the human body will vaporize, causing the human body to swell up due to the nonexistence of moist. So Sora, Shiro, Jibril, and Steph will lose their beautiful faces and attractive figures, replaced with bloated ones.
    Just a reminder, I am not criticizing you, I am just pointing out an inaccuracy in the anime.
    I especially liked how you pointed out the Coulomb’s forces flaw. If all electric repulsion and attraction disappeared, it would be obvious that ALL matter would lose collapse. Why would Sora, Shiro, and Jibril still be around without any electric charges repelling and attracting each other?
    Once again I will say that I really enjoyed reading this post.

    • Entrav

      Thank you very much!

      Thanks for clarifying some points as I’m in the process of analyzing all the games and I’m not well-versed with these things at all. As for the Coulomb’s force law, I actually didn’t mean to say that it was the fault of the show. That is, Jibril explains the rules that taking away or adding something cannot directly cause the player to die. I just mentioned it because it was a problem some people had towards the show, and felt that some clarification was needed with this point because it does make sense.

      Thanks for reading!

    • Jan Matthias Grundmann

      Well, if a human body is exposed to a vacuum, it doesnt explode, and the skin wont be boated. Totaly vacuum means no molecules that would come in contact with the body. The water on the skins surface will vaporize, but not the water in the body. For more details you can look into this link:
      This link contains the answer of the nasa of what happens if a humanbody is exposed to vacuum

      If ppl dont trust the link, i copied the introduction here:

      How long can a human live unprotected in space?

      If you don’t try to hold your breath, exposure to space for half a
      minute or so is unlikely to produce permanent injury. Holding your
      breath is likely to damage your lungs, something scuba divers have to
      watch out for when ascending, and you’ll have eardrum trouble if
      your Eustachian tubes are badly plugged up, but theory predicts —
      and animal experiments confirm — that otherwise, exposure to
      vacuum causes no immediate injury. You do not explode. Your blood
      does not boil. You do not freeze. You do not instantly lose

      • RThor

        Thank you for replying.

        I will admit that “the water in the human body will vaporize” is inaccurate.

        So I apologize for my mistake.

        I should have written, “the water in the skin will vaporize.”

        However, it is true that the human body bloats up in a vacuum. When I mean bloat, I mean bloat in a way that is interchangeable with the word swell. (It is even acknowledged in the link you have provided.)

  • Maddie

    One question I have.. how do sora and shiros cellphone and iPad stay charged and powered? They didn’t come with a charger and even if they did where do they plug it in? Lol just something I noticed after watching the series a second time. Best anime I’ve ever watched though. And another thing is sora told jibril after winning that she could still read his 4000 books but I thought sora said more than once that you can’t do stuff like that bc he won and she lost and that’s how it goes. I still don’t understand how they beat jibril though I watched this show dubbed and the stuff written has no sub so I don’t get the part where she wrote something in air then all the sudden he won. I’m trying to look up how they beat her but no one is really saying and I’m kinda over looking after a while.

    • JJtoob

      They mentioned and showed having a battery pack and solar charger in E1 around 20:08
      The stuff she wrote in the air was the phrase “Empty-headed Academic”, she only used it to be able to answer before her 30 seconds were up, just as a gamble, and since nobody could answer with their voice, she thought she had won, but didn’t realize Sora had written on the back of the paper, but this time, she could not guess what the phrase was, since at that point they weren’t having a conversation, and as such couldn’t continue the game because chances would be even if she could write something in the air again, it would be wrong.
      Your point about Sora protecting the pledges before is understandable though, but the difference is that the library still belonged to Sora, the Flugel would now only be borrowing the books, she wouldn’t own them anymore.

  • JJtoob

    Best episode and a reason I’m so sad there is no second season yet.