No Game No Life Episode 8 – Speculations and theories

No Game No Life Sora Shiro
All or nothing.

What a twist.
No Game No Life Episode 8 Review
“Fake End.”

Well, this is certainly quite an episode on many levels. Instead of doing a review on the day that it airs, I decided to hold off for a day and try to come up with some theories. Alas, I am fairly busy and only came up with some premises and no solid conclusions. However, I will give my take on some information given in this episode so that maybe one of you can put everything together and figure it out. If not, then we can always wait until the next episode.

Note: Since I don’t have any theories I strongly believe are correct, this is going to be¬†me rambling.¬†Do not expect a post with insightful answers. You have been warned.

No Game No Life Episode 8 Impressions


This fucking guy…
Messing with everyone…

You’re beginning to catch on now.

Dat smugness.



Comparing sizes. Hah.


So, how did Imanity survive?

No Game No Life Jibril Hyouka Reference Kininarimasu


No Game No Life Hatsuse Izuna

Sora Shiro rubbing Izuna



First Tina, now Izuna.
Something is changing within me.

Hatsuse Ino angry

Uncensored BDs when?

Kuuhaku and Izuna cute


Sora Shiro Izuna





NGNL Sora Anime

Oh lord.



Everyone gets their turn.


Sora 3 god cards yu gi oh reference

God, I still remember back when the 3 God cards were the fucking shit.
They still are, but not to the same degree.


you must really want those pantsu.


More pantsu?

Sora Blank wagers race piece


Imanity Anime

Show that chest.
Thank you for your service, Sora.

Kurami Zell and Nilvalen Feel


Zell Clammy Angry

They just want the fluffiness. The fluffy kingdom will not be harmed.

Sora badass

This attitude.
I fucking love it.

No Game No Life warbeasts checkmate


Any cheats or aids? Man, I don’t even.


A NEET loli genius Sue, and a badass NEET badass Stu.

Interesting point.


Hatsuse Izuna cute

Mmm… Delicious fluffiness.



You really are a Steph.

Gather all the chess pieces and face Tet will those chess pieces.



19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19.


Uh… waitwat?

What an innocent reply.

That realization.





Not just memories.
It’s his existence.

21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21.

Shiro scared

It’s time.


No Game No Life Episode 8 Speculation and Theories

How Sora put the Warbeasts in a checkmate position is straightforward so I won’t delve into explaining it any further. Instead, let’s dig mostly into what happens at the end, and the game that Sora and Shiro are going to play with the lives of millions of people on the line. Firstly, let’s go over an interesting theory that some proposed. Some say that perhaps Sora is a figment of Shiro’s imagination and that he was created in order for Shiro to be able to fend off the world that she hated. This could then be used to explain why they always need to be together, and why Shiro is so quiet most of the time. Some counterarguments to this could be that, well, they kissed back in episode 6, and that all the other characters can see Sora. That said, a counterargument to that could be that Tet actually created him when they transported into the world instead of leaving Sora a figment of her imagination. How likely is this? Honestly, I have no idea. Even if he was created by Shiro in their original world, the fact that he is very much existent in Disboard makes it so that it doesn’t really matter if he actually existed back in their old world or not¬†because it’s highly unlikely that the author would just “kill” off a character as important as Sora. He’ll still be with Shiro regardless of whether or not he actually existed in the previous world. Not to mention, what would be Kuuhaku then? So as interesting of a theory as this is, I’m not sure if this is hugely relevant to what happens in the last part of the episode.

Now, let’s start throwing around some ideas. There are quite a few major things to note so let’s list them:

1. Blank never loses. (Obvious I know, but the first word is important to note.)

2. If a race loses its race piece then it loses its rights as an Exceed meaning the Ten Commandments no longer protect them. (The question here is whether the race that loses their rights are capable of doing things they couldn’t to the other races now that they are not Exceed anymore or if they cannot do anything to any other race because the other races are still protected by the Ten Commandments while they can be fully exploited. There is also the question of how the wager works. Logically speaking, it only makes sense that the¬†wager¬†dealt with first, and then the protection from the Ten Commandments are taken away. However, we don’t know what will happen to those wagers that last for longer periods. So, is it only the protection that’s taken away? Is it only the race that beats the other that has power over them? If the final goal is to gather up all the chess pieces to beat Tet, it’s quite unlikely that obtaining another race’s chess piece would mean that everyone else can exploit them as well. Things are quite unclear here.)

3. Sora is “expecting someone with more backbone.” (This is one of the most important points. Who is it exactly that he’s expecting? One could say that it’s the leader of the Warbeasts, but Sora says, “So before that…” after he talks about how long the Warbeasts were taking. This is a sign that it’s not the Warbeasts that he is expecting here. Another possibility is that it’s Zell and Feel, but it’s hard to imagine that Sora would say they are the ones who have more backbone. It’s possible for them to try and take Sora and Shiro’s representative power away, and in the process, Sora loses on purpose and his existence its wiped all according to his plan. If that is the case, however, it’s even more likely for it to be an even more powerful race such as Old Deus that could utilize incredibly powerful magic. It’s hard to say.)

4. Sora talks to something we can’t see, and he knows what they want.

5. Sora says these lines to Shiro:
“I believe in you.”
“Shiro, the two of us are always one.”
“Shiro, we’re bound by a promise.”
“Shiro, we’re not the heroes from some boys’ comic.”
“Shiro, we always win every game before we start.”
I’m going to get the last piece we need to bring over the Eastern Federation.

Here, Sora puts his faith in Shiro because he knows that Shiro will be the one to directly win the game this time. His sacrifice will be so that Shiro can win the game. But before we get to that, let’s discuss that last critical sentence. At first, I thought that this “last piece” is¬†the book from the previous king because it’s only natural that the Eastern Federation wants no record of how to beat them remaining. Immediately, there is a problem with this line of thinking in that they could just structure the wager¬†so that they couldn’t make any copies of the book and had to destroy it. Surely, they would not make the same mistake as they did the previous time. The bigger hint as to why I think it’s not the book is due to how Sora says the sentence. He says, “„Ā¶„Āę„ĀĄ„āĆ„āč,” which means to obtain or procure. I am not proficient in Japanese by any means, but I think this has the connotation that he doesn’t actually have this last piece yet. He’s going to get it now.

6. The grey buzzing fluctuations. (The sound effects used right before Sora disappears sounds a lot like a video game sound. It could be that he got transported into the game or that Shiro got transported into the game.)

7. Sora says after he disappears, “Now, let’s start the game.” (The key is to note that he says this after he disappears. Did he get transported somewhere so that he can play a different game? Did Shiro get transported into the other game and Sora is playing that game or is it the other way around?)

8. Shiro wakes up¬†and only Shiro knows of Sora’s existence. Sora’s existence is erased from the world itself.

9. Day 21 on phone whereas it was day 19 when Sora disappeared.

Okay, now that we have almost everything that’s important, let’s try to put things together a bit more. The most important point in this entire episode is undoubtedly number eight. The fact that Sora’s existence is gone from the world is the most critical point that we must fully understand in order to figure out¬†the game or at least so we can understand what is even happening. At the same time, this it is also the point that has the most possibilities which makes it not only complex and difficult to fully solve, but also very time consuming as well. But let’s give it a shot and try to find a¬†direction by tackling number nine.¬†It’s the morning on the twenty-first day when Shiro wakes up which means that Sora did something on day twenty. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to find it strange that there’s no month or not, but it feels like with how the anime highlights this on several occasions that these dates¬†have some significance that I’m not aware of yet.¬†It is strange that Shiro woke up not even realizing what happened on day. It’s not like she could just miss a day when Sora disappears from her life. It’s as if she got knocked out and perhaps got transported into the game. That, or her memories of what happened on that day also got wiped.

So what exactly happened on that day? What did Sora do? One can aim some speculations at the fact that Sora could have exploited the rules by having his existence wiped out in the world except in Shiro’s mind. He probably said something along the lines of “If I lose, then wipe my existence from all of of the people born in this world.” (I don’t think it’ll work if he says “Imanity” because Shiro is part of Imanity now with how she also had the glowing piece on her chest when Sora put down the race piece. Also, for those of you saying that he can’t lose because of number one, look at the first word. It says “Blank,” not Sora or Shiro. They can both individually lose, but together, they will never lose.”) Since Shiro is not from Disboard, she would retain her memories. If this is what he did, then he must have played a game against Old Deus because no other race would be capable of using such large scale magic. But why? How is erasing his existence the key to winning this game? Let’s lay down a few possibilities: a) Shiro is already in the game, and Sora wipes his existence as a necessary condition for playing the game in the first place. b) Shiro is already in the game, and Sora has played a part of the same game which led to his existence being erased. (Perhaps he lost that particular part of the game.) c) He loses¬†to another race¬†like Old Deus, wipes his existence from the world, and Shiro is playing the game afterwards.

There are obviously way more possibilities, and they go on and on. I’ll leave you to figure out more possibilities. What I will finally discuss are just some random thoughts that you may find useful in figuring out everything. If we think that Shiro is in the game when she wakes up at the end, then we have to wonder what kind of a game this is. Perhaps, this is a game where Shiro must find out what happened on the twentieth day. So, it’d be a mystery game then. A virtual reality mystery game or something like that. We also have to keep in mind that the Warbeasts can use cheats, so we have to question what kind of cheats are they using. What are the extents of cheating? Could the cheat be that Sora’s existence is erased? What does the title of the episode, “Fake End,” have to do with it all? Is Sora’s existence disappearing just a form of deception? Again, it all comes back to the single question: Why is it necessary that his existence being removed from the world, or the game, the key to Shiro beating it?¬†Perhaps it is only because his existence got wiped from the world that the Warbeasts accepted the challenge¬†because otherwise they may have found it too risky.¬†I’m sure that if we keep thinking things up, eventually we’ll get close to an answer that sounds right. As for knowing for absolute certain whether a single theory is correct or not, I don’t know if that’s possible with the information we currently have. I’ll have to stop here because this can be quite endless, but hopefully some of you found my thoughts at least somewhat useful. Well, I know that I’m horrible at speculating these kinds of things so I’ll probably just be flat out wrong on most things as we’ll see next episode. Oh well, it was fun trying to figure things out, and hey, No Game No Life¬†deserves more of my attention because I love watching it, and I’m someone who doesn’t say that lightly. Next time, we’ll find out the true nature of the game and exactly what Sora did. Let the games continue!

No Game No Life Shiro Sora Blank Wallpaper


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  • Ian Porterfield


    • Entrav


      • Ian Porterfield


        • Entrav


          • Ian Porterfield

            Psycho Pass reference? That’s for the fall. (S2!)

  • TurriPi

    According to the LN readers this move by Sora was “necessary”. I just can’t find out why, what circumstance would force him into doing that? Is he just fucking around and having fun? I’ve read stuff about him being irresponsible about something.

    As for the dialogue before his departure I can’t see the someone with more backbone as being an old deus, why would they help him? However I also can’t see anyone else that has been introduced cooperating with him,the other races must be extremely suspicious of them, maybe it’s someone we haven’t seen or heard from before.

    Someone with backbone… Start the game… Is Shiro the character and is Sora “controlling” her? Is Sora leaving going to make Shiro stronger in some way? And also how the hell did she win the chess/war game if before she needed the help of Sora to win it?

    Another question which was overshadowed by the “what the hell just happened” ending is how the war beasts got that technology, they’re not the smartest from what we’ve seen, that’d be the flugel I suppose, yet they seem to be almost up to par with our own advancement while everyone else is living in the middle ages

    I’m really starting to enjoy this show.

    • Lim Cheng Yi

      Guess i will get started on reading the LN and figure if there was anything left out… still this episode was awesome on just so many level, with steph being a steph as usual

      • TurriPi

        Tbh Steph is starting to grind my gears a bit. I love her, but god damn is she clueless at times.

        • Lim Cheng Yi

          well… she is a steph after all :) Still, unlike sora and shiro, i guess her speciality was in politics so unless some game involving politics comes up, she will probably remain as a steph

        • Entrav

          Steph is Steph.

    • Entrav

      Well, necessary in what way though? It’s obvious that it’s necessary in some way whether it be for them to win or necessary to play the game in the first place, but we don’t know exactly which one. We do know that there’s no way he’s fucking around. This is the linchpin of their strategy to win.

      Who says that Old Deus is helping him? Maybe Old Deus wants something from him and he purposefully twists it so it became his advantage in the end. What do you mean by the chess/war game? I’m not too clear on that point.

      Good question about the Warbeast technology. I have no idea either. THEY’RE LIVING THE LIFE.

      • TurriPi

        I meant the ridiculous chess game back from episode 3 – 4, as smart as Shiro is from what I saw she wouldn’t have been able to do it alone.

        About the Old Deus, I get what you’re saying. Still another question remains, how in the name of all that is Shiro-sama did he contact one?

        • Entrav

          Yeah, that’s the problem, and apparently it’s not the Old Deus and a much more obvious answer. We’re just overthinking that point.

  • Anim Monmon

    waku waku!!

    • Entrav

      WAKU WAKU!


    **********************************”Hangover 4: NGNL*****************************************
    Shiro recollects the memory of his wild adventures between the 19th until the 21st ;)

    • MACHA

      That is awesome.

      And your avatar is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.

      • SASUGA

        Blitzendegen ;-)

    • Entrav


  • Bam

    Umm … I think you’re forgetting this little unknown mini micro epsilon series that is made by an obscure studio and staff based on this amateur manga that is barely even conventionally animated that totally isn’t brewing up a storm called … um …what was it again? oh yeah: KNIGHTS OF FREAKING SIDONIA!

    Hopes were high for this one, but honestly who knew that somewhere Kobun Shizuno and Sadayuki Murai were brewing an Evangelion of a series. Maybe early to tell but so far the force is strong in this one.

    P.S Good job on the GBF video, liked it. make moar

    • SASUGA

      YES!! plz do an episode 5-7 review or weekly update or something! anything ! lol

    • Entrav

      I didn’t forget. Look at it from my perspective. It’s hard to write more than 600 words on the show because I’d be more or less repeating what I said before already. Not that you can’t dig deeper, but most of that would be random speculation without much evidence which I don’t think would be very interesting to read. I actually ended up reading more of the manga but to say that it’s an “Evangelion of a series” is definitely a stretch right now. When I say that I really mean that the two are not even that similar. At least, not right now. I will at the very least write a review for the finale. I am not sure about anything in-between though, but it’s fairly likely.

      Yep. I’m making another one, and thanks!

      • Bam


        Oh I do beg to differ there. Both Eva and KoS are mecha series with a distinctively bleak perspective. I’m not even going to make the Nagate/Shinji connection as he has pretty much become a stock character for mecha series at this point. However please note:

        –both feature organic alien enemies as opposed to other mechas or technology. (emphasis on close-quarter combat)
        –enemies with sudden arrival, unknown past and ambiguous objectives and level of hostility
        –both series sit comfortably in the same general vicinity on the Mohs Scale of Science Fiction Hardness (A little harder than the soft SF found in anime)
        –Spear of Lonignus Kabizashi
        –Tsugumori Eva-01
        –SEELE Immortal Ship Commitee
        –2nd impact 1st Gauna Defense War
        –Rei clones the Honoka sisters

        And I’m sure there are much more that I can’t recall immediately. I agree that in some of these cases the similarity might be superficial, but there are still quite a number of them. And that’s what brings me to the main point. The real meat of a work. To me they “feel” so very similar !

        Both are dark and edgy with a good measure of daringness when it comes to their executions. Both feature beautiful soundtracks that really carries the emotional drama as well as the kinetic action scenes. The cinematography is witty and the quick shots and fluid in-between animation is drawn to induce a feeling of grotesque.

        And they accomplished all of this using CGI, a technique rarely ever used in the medium to create this type of cerebral experiences. It might be a sleeper hit, but you’ll be surprised of the level of industry and critic praise it’s been receiving.

        This is not the type of anime of anime that gets absurdly hyped, so the amount it’s been receiving here means that this is something a little special. I missed these types of shows. I’m not one of those who says anime needs saving or whatnut but KoS, Ping Pong and Mushishi this season have warmed my heart.

        P.S not that I don’t get a kick from the absurdities like Nobunaga the Fool and NGNL, but hey man … main meals and desserts.

        • Entrav

          I’m actually the opposite of you. To me, Sidonia never feels close to Evangelion at all. Granted, it has been a very, very long time since I’ve seen Evangelion so my perspective on it would probably change by now. I definitely know the similarities in their setting, premise, and so on, but I’d argue that Evangelion is far more bleak than Sidonia. Moreover, the themes are quite different, though again, I have to watch Evangelion again to make sure, but from memory, Evangelion has far more emphasis on Shinji as a character and his psyche. No one would think, “NAGATE, GET IN THE FUCKING ROBOT” in Sidonia. The two have very different personalities, and the show doesn’t look deep into the mind of Nagate.

          I’m not sure if I will feel the same when I watch it now, but I felt pretty… isolated when watching Evangelion. For the scale of the event, there are quite few people actually involved (I mean that in the sense of how the show doesn’t portray ordinary people walking around or things like that). I think a lot of this is due to the show exclusively taking Shinji’s perspective so strongly. In Sidonia, it feels like there are way more people involved, and it’s no longer a one-man show. I may just be spouting nonsense as I haven’t seen any of the movies aside from The End of Evangelion, but even then I don’t remember much of it. All I know for certain is that the tone of the two shows are different enough for me to not find them very similar beyond the premise, setting, and so on.

          • Bam

            I’m a bit of an Evageek but believe me when I say that it isn’t based on my bias at all that you should definitely, and immediately, set time aside to watch the rebuild movies. They are much more than just a rehash, and Anno has frequently said that he wants the guadrulogy to be the ultimate version of the story. You should have Eva movie night for a weekend or something, cuz I would love to discuss those, specially the third one, with someone that can delve deep in the themes and offer good speculation.

            Although the feel of evangelion is massively different depending on whether the episode is before or after the tonal change in ep10, and then again in ep24 (which supposedly portrayed the changes in Anno’s own state of mind) but I still agree with you on Eva being much more isolated and bleak in it’s theme; but I never meant to say that Sidonia is a carbon copy of it neither. With the amount of Shinjis and Harutards we have running around it’s a bit refreshing for Nagate not to be total butt-monkey, albeit still a bit of a wiggle-puss. If it strived too similarly to be Evangelion it actually would’ve ended up kinda boring and redundant to be honest with you. It has a decent sense of identity (big thanks to the source material and Nishi’s autistic genius) but yet to me it feels as it’s trailing on the same path theat Eva was blazing back in 96. A better way to describe this feel, I guess, would be that:

          • SASUGA


          • Entrav

            I’ll definitely check out the movies sooner or later. I know from the praise it gets that I have to get around to watching it eventually. ONE DAY.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    That Yu-Gi-Oh tribute made my day. Also the seal on Imanity reminds me of Berserk.

    By the way, Exodia is still the best!

    • Entrav

      No, screw Exodia. It’s all about SLIFER THE SKY DRAGON.

      • Anim Monmon

        still dont understand how to play RA

  • Kimiha

    No one seem to be commenting about the ending song for episode 8…quite nice sora gone more loli for me

    • Entrav


  • FudgeNouget

    Hints (from a LN reader – NO SPOILERS)1) “Someone with a little more backbone” –> someone who has the “audacity” to challenge Sora and Shiro.
    2) Sora’s been expecting him/her –> can’t be some other random race like Old Deus (cuz Sora hasn’t made contact with any other race) –> a character you probably know of already.
    3) Like you pointed out, someone (or more) with enough power to “wipe out someone’s existence” is involved.

    Personally I thought it was obvious who this person Sora was expecting was. I won’t say anything about what actually happened because it’s impossible to guess w/o having read the novel. BUT COME ON, IT’S SO OBVIOUS WHO IT IS.

    • Entrav

      Well, I left out one very clear option because I thought it’d be too typical for it to be the case. Other than Feel and Zell, the only other character is Tet, but after what happened in episode 4, I thought he’d just leave it up to them and not interfere. Guess not.

      Oh, it’s impossible to guess this game at this point? Welp, I tried.

      • FudgeNouget

        Now that I think about it, you did say “feel and zell”… I just didn’t realize because of the spelling (Fii and Kurami is how I know them).

      • Foxenco

        Another hint: “We are not the protagonists of a shounen manga”

        • Entrav

          Well, I mean, I knew that line would be important, but it can be so many things that it’s not much of a hint at all.

    • ddab

      yes the LN is worth reading, even is just up to the part where the anime stops… it explains so much.

  • Scarno Scarlet

    I really enjoyed your notes, it made me realize some things and opened my mind. I’d want to talk about Sora’s lines: Sora is obviously encouraging Shiro, but he says “WE always win”, as you said before: Blank always wins, but this shows us how the two of them are participating in the game; still he says “I’m going to get”, so he probably gets the more important part in it. If he does it wrong, they lose, but also if Shiro does, that’s why he warns her (I suppose) and talks about confidence, he lets the important role to Shiro, but he appears to have it because if he does not proceed correctly, Shiro won’t win. We could think he is controlling her in some point, and we erase the possibility of only one of them playing. Also, the “the two of us are always one” means, in my humble opinion, that he is depending on her to do what he wants her to do even without knowing.
    The reason of one day being out of this could be because that’s the day in which all the procedures to the game are done (like changing the memories). The “win every game before we start” also wakes in me the feeling that they are not playing yet (although Sora gave his approval already), so the final touches to enter the game being done in the 20th wouldn’t be strange if that is correct. Shiro not questioning herself about the date? Could be that his memories were changed and has a restriction in her mind, but could also simply be that she is too shocked now. I would say Steph is also playing the game, but with a different role. Also, some random facts:

    – In one of Sora’s scenes in the ending, there’s and image of the bedroom in which Sora and Shiro were in the first episode, screens are turned on.

    – In the ending, Sora is never present, but Shiro is smiling always in the same way as it does in the original version, except in the final scene, where she is playing a videogame, now alone and discouraged.

    The oponent? Not the warbeasts I think, but maybe yes… Maybe the wager with the warbeasts is also a changed memory, but…why would Sora lie about being waiting someone with “more backbone”? Then, if not the warbeasts, the one(s) who helped them to erase the memories of the players, the one(s) who gave them the technology maybe? They were not capable of using magic, right? Also, they/he/she “knew the conditions” for the game, so we know there was a previous talk about it (maybe it goes with the same condition as the game with the warbeasts).

    • Entrav


      When Sora says “we always win before we start,” I found it more to be the case that they know how to win 100% and not that the game hasn’t started. It’s just simply that they have found a definite way to win already and they’re just following that path now. They probably thought of the way to win right after they read the book left by the former king.

      I don’t think Sora lied about waiting for someone with more backbone. Pretty much everything he says to Shiro in that scene is true. At least, I think so.

      The only other character that we know of right now is Tet. It’s the most obvious answer, but also the one I avoided because it was too obvious. I guess looking back, I shouldn’t have overlooked that point.

      • Scarno Scarlet

        Well, you’re right, I did not think about that XD But why would Shiro act like that then? Oh, but I said that her memories could be changed… so, yeah, I completely agree that it could also be the case.
        Oh, I did not explain myself very well about that! I don’t think it is a lie, I just formulated the question as I do in spanish, so maybe it sounded strange, I’m sorry. I wanted to say that I think it can’t be the warbeasts because Sora wouldn’t lie about being waiting for someone with more backbone (I don’t know if I’m really explaining myself here).
        Like I said “if Tet… I’ll cry”, that would be seriously disappointing XD
        I’m sorry for the long comments and my bad english.