Nobunaga the Fool

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 6 Review

Are you ready for some MIYANO SCREAMS? Are you ready for some double kills? Are you ready for some intensity? It’s Nobunaga the Fool time.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 6 Impressions


Oh yeah, then there’ll be enough banana’s for you to eat.

Gotta have those condoms.




Don’t be a baby.
Make your own decisions.





Oda Nobunaga anime



Nobunaga the Fool


To smash his dad’s face full of ashes?




Nobukatsu is supposed to be after Nobunaga’s ass all the time, but oh well.

Akechi Mitsuhide anime


But her boobs, man.

Leonardo da vinci and Jeanne Kaguya anime


Ok, just calm your boner.

Akechi Mitsuhide demon anime



He’s mentally fine. Chill out.


D'arc jeanne kaguya crying anime




Nobunaga the fool himiko death



Did they just get there or… Or maybe… MORE CONSPIRACIES.



Oda Nobukatsu death anime

Life sure sucks for these guys.



The question on our minds as Nobunaga foolhardily throws his father’s ashes everywhere is probably, “Why is he doing this?” Indeed, it seems stupid for him to purposefully act the way he does in front of the already despondent advisers ready to assassinate him. While Nobunaga is unquestionably a “fool,” that is certainly not all that he is as Himiko and Ichihime so often state. His improprieties are what make him stand out among others. He is a man who does not obey tradition and instead creates them. He is a man who will do whatever he wishes to do with his willingness to comply limited only to himself. It’s not as if Nobunaga does not understand the formalities that he should adhere to. He is, in his own way which seem to be nothing short of insane to most, showing respect to his father. It may be an unconventional method, but if he truly did not feel anything for his father then he would have neither shown up in the first place nor grieve over the death of his father.

Because Nobunaga is so unabashedly radical, he holds the potential to be a great ruler in this time of war and turmoil. The tribulation of his people is going to be his greatest adversity for few find him fitting to rule, and as great of a warrior he may be, to conquer the Eastern Star he will need the support of his people. If not through etiquette, Nobunaga can show is prowess in battle in these war-torn times so that the advisers of old have no choice but to accept him. In turn, he can continue to gain the support of his people. Nevertheless, he needs to make use of his ability to fight quickly or else the Oda clan will simply collapse internally. Already, Himiko and Nobukatsu have died so the fate of the clan will rest completely on Nobunaga’s shoulders. Will Nobunaga be overwhelmed with rage and be unable to realize his ambitions crushed by his own clan, or will he burn with even more ferocity and fight against all odds?

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 6 Review

This is a kind of series that tries to deliver a serious story alongside crazy developments much like how Valvrave did in its second season. The problem with doing this is that the blend is difficult to do without making either lacking in some respect. Valvrave was able to utilize its craziness as the primary means of conveying the story with how well thought out it is being a secondary factor. Nobunaga the Fool, on the other hand, switches it around. It’s not nearly as absurd and relies on its storytelling to succeed. However, this is the biggest problem for this show. Craziness and absurdity is easy to execute for, while wrapping everything up after dealing out crazy ideas one after the other is extremely difficult, one could at least partially forgive the show as long as the initial delivery is exciting. On the other hand, there is no such recompense for Nobunaga the Fool should its story fall flat as the craziness is not the central focus of this show. From the six episodes so far, there’s nothing superb about the writing that makes me convinced that this blend of craziness and serious story will succeed. It wouldn’t surprise me if in the second half of the show it discards the more serious side of the story for more crazy Miyano screaming altogether. I’d be fine with that as long as the show can maintain a constant level of excitement.

Nobunaga the Fool Anime Wallpaper

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  • James Du

    Valvrave without l-elf just isn’t the same.

    • Entrav

      Well, it’s not even as crazy story-wise either, but ERU ERUFU certainly made Valvrave, VALVRAAAAAAAAAAAVE.

      • James Du

        Nvidia powered mechs + Space Vampires vs Steampunk/Magitech robots + Leyline/Regalia ‘Force’…

        Eh, the premises are a tie so far.

        Without our favorite anti-hero sprinting around talking on a cellphone and blowing enemies away casually, one side is clearly winning though.

        • Entrav

          No shining finger. No vampire space nazis. No random dancing. No country creating. No Moses. Six episodes in, I don’t think the story is near the same level of intensity even without ERU ERUFU.

          • James Du

            You can’t compare a full anime to something that’s only 6 episodes in- we have to take a step back and evaluate VVV at 6 episodes.

            Wacky marriage ceremony? Randomass card drawing? The character designs of Monkey & Mitsuhide?

          • Entrav

            No, I am evaluating VVV at 6 episodes though. Shining finger is in episode 2. Space vampire nazis are in episode 1. Random dancing is in episode 5. Country creating is in episode 4. Moses is in episode 4.

            I’m obviously not going to compare the whole first season to six episodes of this anime. Since we’re excluding ERU ERUFU, I’m not even mentioning the moments he’s responsible for. Not to mention what happens later which is even more insane. I just don’t see Nobunaga the Fool catching up to Valvrave this season. It may for the second half, but then it’d have to compete with Valvrave’s second season.

            The tarot card is nice, but it’s just foreshadowing for what happens later in the episode. The marriage ceremony is indeed pretty crazy. I… I don’t really think the character designs of Mitsuhide and them really contribute much to the craziness of the show. I think the disparity in terms of absurdities and craziness is pretty clear.

          • James Du

            Monkey is taric grade outrageous.
            Mitsuhide design harder to be more flaming… I mean, fabulous.
            And the fool outfit… Nothing needs to be said.

            That being said, no wacky highschool music videos yet, or tells from the future (from a gorgeous Saki) may be a loss.

  • A guy who knows things

    I actually knew nakatsu will die since in every adaptation of nobunaga he dies (also the thing with the ashes DID happen in the real story) so i hope the other BIG spoiler doesnt happen because it will mean (spoiler alert) mitsuhide`s betrayal.

    • A guy who knows things

      sorry I mean nobukatsu

      • Dycize

        Spoiler : Jeanne gets burned at the stake.
        Nobunaga actually dreams of his betrayal at the hand of Mitsuhide at the very beginning of the 1st episode, just like Jeanne dreams of her death. Heck, he even mentions it to Mitsuhide. Now the mystery is to know how “historical” things will stay. And it’s a show from the guy that did Aquarion and Aquarion EVOL and look how that 2nd one turned out. “Cannon” accuracy isn’t a problem here.

    • Betty Christopoulou

      SPOIL ALERT: Jeanne d’arc as ranmaru might follow real Ranmaru’s story and not Jean d’arc’s story also if they will be accurate Hideyoshi will betray him too in order to continue Oda’s plan in his place :(

  • MgMaster

    So like,I’m liking this anime and I WANT to like it even more but as you said,there’s that fear that it’ll trick us into thinking it’s setting itself up for something great,only to fail to deliver towards the end,which seems to happen way too often nowadays.

    Let’s be honest here,I’m sure the majority of viewers who are expecting this anime to deliver on a deeper level and not just in terms of entertainment are waiting for Nobunaga to finally stop acting like a douche,at least to more of his closest followers. We have like,what? 3 deaths to serve as catalysts for that(2 if Himiko somehow didn’t die but should be enough anyway) so he’d better start showing some signs of development. I don’t mind if it’s slow,but they at least start on it very soon so they don’t risk running out of time for other things by the end and it doesn’t follow the VVV path.

    Nobunaga the fool seems to have a pretty good budged,some great famous seiyuus and with this episode,it showed that it has potential to be entertaining on a deeper level as well. Plus,the pacing & execution so far’s been pretty good as well if you ask me.

    So please,PLEASE don’t disappoint show. The odds are in your favor,give us a good,meaningful story.

    • Entrav

      I don’t know man, from these six episodes, I’m not sure if it can pull off a meaningful story. I adjusted my expectations properly just hoping for some MIYANO SCREEEAAAMMMING. At least it’s 2-cours.

      • MgMaster

        And I should probably do the same,it’s definitely the safer choice. But I’m still holding out on adjusting my expectations until episode 10 or so. I need to see if I catch any wind of Nobunaga showing some signs of development or concern beyond what we usually see. If nothing of the sorts happens until then yeah,it’ll probably be safe to say that Nobunaga the Fool is meant to be watched in VVV style minus L-Elf but with the added bonus of the SUPER MANLY ROAR that is the Miyano scream :)

  • Ian Porterfield

    My advice was well-heeded, it seems. Keep watching bro. ;)

    • Entrav

      I will. :)

  • zztop

    Nobunaga’s character designer was quite popular doing illustrations for otome games, explaining the bishounen/ikemen look for some male characters.
    Also, the tarot card designs really should be released as a collectible real-life set

  • zztop

    The episode’s end made me wonder whether Nobukatsu knew that Mitsu had shot him. Your thoughts?

    • Entrav

      I’m pretty sure he did. He said, “Take care of him,” when he looked in Mitsuhide’s direction.

  • Gamematio

    This is practically one of the few “Main Stream” (in my point of view) anime that I like [mainstream in a sense that it’s really well known and popular]

  • Falezy

    I sense purge of the old guys council next episode. I also believe, that Nobukatsu told Mitsuhide what he told on purpouse.

  • George Ivascu

    just watched 8 episodes of this-i quite like it really. I knew they not gonna kill the only loli char here, i mean this aint valvrave . The engagement was kool btw

  • Karasuma Kaito

    keep reviewing this anime, coz it’s have a frickin fast development