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Names of Regalia.
Noragami Episode 7 Review
“Uncertainty & Destiny”
“Mayoigoto, Sadamegoto”

We are given a name upon our birth and so do Regalia. What is the significance of a name given to a Regalia to Yato? What is the significance of a name given to Regalia in this world?

Noragami Episode 7 Impressions and Review

He can’t help but ravage your body?

Noragami anime


Bishamon anime

Come on, girl. Get some SEXY TIME…

Don’t you understand?

Poor Yato.

Man, are you just tsun tsun or jelly jelly?


Tenjin regalia

They’re not so different, Yato and this old man… Uhh… Tenjin.

Nora will never betray Yato.


I don’t understand.
Why wouldn’t you want to have sexy time with your own Regalias?

Nice try, perverted old man.
You know you’re going to call them up tonight.

Yato and Nora



Iki Hiyori and Yato

When you realize that he is a God.

Bet he saved your life.


Then Nora will reign supreme. Yeeesss…

Doesn’t look like they’re going to go over his past before this season ends…

Well, yeah.

If that’s not a job I don’t know what is.

Yato anime



Yato and Daikoku

Don’t worry, he’ll get that bill ready for you by the end of the episode.

Iki Hiyori blushing


Noragami Yukine

Good job capturing that look, BONES.


Fucking busted, dude.

Burglars will be no more.

Iki Hiyori smacks her own face

First you were blushing now your jimmies are rustling.

Nora Regalia





The blight has gotten really bad.




Nora and Rabo

Anime original character. Let’s see how this works out.

Sexy time is even more distant now…

Before we tackle any questions about names for Regalia, we should first ask ourselves, what is the importance of a name for human beings? It is one of the first things parents think of for their children and yet children do not have a choice in the matter. They are merely given one by someone else much like how Gods thrust upon a name on those who have yet to die. We grow up and the name becomes how others identify us. It’s common courtesy to introduce oneself using a name for it is what others will attach our actions, behavior, responsibilities, and all the things we do to. Without a name, it’s not only others who will lose track of your sense of identity. You yourself will lose your sense of identity if you do not have a name. Indeed, we attach it to everything we do whether it be our bank accounts, contracts, essays, and whatnot. We also receive feedback, judgment, criticism, love, hate, and so on with our name. If a person who didn’t like how they ventured through life had a choice to start completely anew from the beginning, most likely that person would first and foremost change his or her name. We live with the same name, most of the time, throughout our whole lives and we carry it until we die. Even after our death, our names carry meaning for family members, and sometimes the name will hold meaning for the rest of the world as well. I could go on making more examples, but the point is that, to a human being, a name is significant on so many levels. But what does it mean for Regalia and Gods in Noragami?

For the Gods, their own names hold more or less the same significance as human beings hold their own. Their renown, accomplishments, and so on are all identified through their name. When it comes down to Regalia though, things are a bit different. Yato’s livelihood depends on Regalia, and to call upon Yukine’s power, he must say the name which will grant him almost direct control. The name then becomes significant not only for the Regalia, but also for the master of that Regalia. This is why Nora is considered to be such a “wretched scoundrel” for if she serves multiple masters, she may not heed the call of any master and threaten the livelihood of the Gods. Since it is so looked down upon to have more than one name, it is incumbent on Regalia to serve single master at a time and they don’t really have a choice but to serve even if it may be temporary. It’s not really just a Regalia’s name that holds significance then; it is the acceptance of holding a single name as a Regalia which allows the trust between God and Regalia to exist so that they may accomplish their tasks to live that’s significant. It’s not looked down upon at all for ordinary people to hold all kinds of aliases, but as Gods and Regalia are very much reliant upon each other and are tied together via the Regalia’s name, the concept of having just one name suddenly becomes a very serious thing.

Why does Yato not want to use Nora any longer? Is he simply tired of dealing with other Gods looking down on him? It’s probably more likely that he simply wants a partner that he can trust all the time. As he says, “He might be a lousy little punk, but I found and named him! I’m going to reforge the Sekki!” There is something like a parent-child relationship here as Yato feels responsible for Yukine’s growth. After dealing with Nora so long, maybe he unwittingly viewed Yukine as just a tool at times, but he’s trying to stay away from holding that mindset so perhaps that’s why he isn’t handling Yukine all that well. He is desperate to cling on what he can so that he doesn’t go back to those old times alongside Nora. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be enduring such a great deal of suffering. Is this just foolish trust? In a way, yes, but maybe when Yukine realizes that Yato has been tolerating his temptations, he’ll feel too guilty for his actions, take some responsibility, and grow more mature alongside Yato. The greater the ordeal the two go through, the greater their bond bond will become.

Noragami Wallpaper Yato kills Yukine


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  • Bread Pan

    Uhmm… That’s not an anime original character. We’ll know who that guy is soon enough. ;)

  • George Ivascu

    Ow poor Kofuku…. someone rub her ouchie pls.

    • Entrav

      Yeah, someone. Not me because that would beget a lot of bad luck.

  • MgMaster

    I’m sure a lot of people want to see Yato use Nora at least once :P

    You bring an interesting point on why Yato doesn’t wanna use Nora anymore but I’m still kind of hoping that there’s a more practical reason to it. The fact that a Nora isn’t reliable definitely is one but you’d think there should be no issue with him using her just once in a while,in critical or special situations then break off until he need’s to use it again,assuming she happens to be around – I mean,that’s what they should be for in the 1st place shouldn’t they? Not for constant,day to day use.

    Of course,that’s all assuming that a god & regalia can make & break a bond multiple times,without any consequences and that would be a bit too convenient to be true,heh.

    There’s also the fact that Yato didn’t consider his situation serious enough to have to use Nora,but I’m guessing that might come soon.

    • Entrav

      I wonder how powerful they’ll be?

      Well, Yato still knows what he’s capable of even without her. If Yukine and Hiyori are about to die or something, I suspect he will use her because at least then he’d be able to justify his actions. It’s just that in this instance it’s not really necessary. I’m not sure if they’ll do anything before this season ends though (I didn’t read that far in the manga either).

      • TurriPi

        If you re-watch the first episode Yato actually says he couldn’t use Nora just because she was being used at the moment… He seemed laid back about her and willing to use her however now he seems completely opposed to the idea, I wonder if it has to do with Yukine.

    • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

      I know I do. Nora seems so cute despite how she might be a bad person.
      Maybe Yato and Nora should also work through their problems especially since it seemed to me he missed Nora when he looked at his hand when she kept insisting for him to use her as a regalia.

    • wkm6322

      hes the reason Nora became nora in the first place. he did use her, for some secret work (killing bad human under request). Nora is originally Hiiro / Hiki his shinki before she became Nora. Nora is easily my fav character.