Noragami Episode 9 – Repentance

Noragami Yukine

The climax.
Noragami Episode 9 Review

With great sin comes great repentance, and with great repentance comes great maturation. The pain is real, the pain is substantial, but the pain is worth it.

Noragami Episode 9 Impressions

Kofuku god anime



Iki Hiyori suffering from blight



And those sweaty palms.


I wonder what’s their connection?

Kofuku sad


Iki Hiyori


Screaming at Gods will surely gain you their favor.

He’s got the loli harem going on behind Bishamon’s back.


To take a dump? :D

Oh God.

You see what I did there?!

Dude. Read the situation.


Yukine phantom sins

Did you not take a shower for that long?



Oh God.

It is indeed divine.

Man, this could get ugly quick.

Alright, but take that saliva back in your mouth.

Yato coughing blood

Oh God.


You got wings though.

Yukine Regalia

Well, that’s comforting. We get wings when we die.

You get to meet GODS!
Some people would literally die for that!

Noragami anime Yato God near death

For once my analysis is affirmed by the actual show.


Got to be friends with Hiyori.

Yato screaming

Awww… would be pretty sick if he got to keep the wings.

Yukine confessing his sins


Can’t blame him for that.


Don’t be sorry about the near-groping.
None can blame you.

Yato praying

Is he praying?

Great voice acting.


Oh, really? That’s a pretty interesting note.

No feeling up.

Iki Hiyori crying Noragami iki hiyori hugs yato and yukine

Noragami Yato blushing


Yukine crying

Okay, snot is not acceptable.

Tomone Mayu and Kazuma


Daikoku and Kofuku

How nice.

Was it? We’ll have to see.

Rabou anime original character


Many times, our first instincts at our own wrongdoing may be to deny it all. Through our perception, perhaps our deeds are not so terrible. We rationalize, and we ultimately seek reasons that make it all the more easy for us to commit treacherous deeds. A part of us knows that what we are doing is not considered acceptable, but that is quickly blocked off by other swarming thoughts that plague and overwhelm our sense of what is acceptable and what is not. For Yukine, he justifies his actions by expressing his anger towards the world for relegating him close to the line that no one should cross, taking from him those simple things that make one happy. Certainly, his rage is reasonable. He lost everything. Even the memories that he may not have wanted to keep are things that he wants now. Viewing his situation in such bleak light is what causes him to do what he does because he doesn’t really care about what the world views to be “good” and “bad.” The world left him in such a state, and he finds it fitting that he does whatever he pleases to make up for the emptiness inside of him. He thinks that he deserves at least this much for the seemingly despondent life that he now lives.

However, looking at it another way, Yukine is given a second chance at life. He will never interact with normal people the same way as he’s soon forgotten by them, but he has a new world in front of him now. A world that he never knew of before could be where he now finds solace. From the brief flashes of his past that we have seen so far, we can assume that he didn’t have the greatest upbringing. Then, isn’t this his chance to start anew? If he had familial troubles in the past, isn’t it now the time for him to be with Yato and Hiyori so he can have a family he never did before? Hiyori states that Yato’s words are like that of a father’s. If we add on the fact that when Yato gave Yukine a name that he saw parts of his past, we can assume that those memories may have been what made Yato so determined to keep Yukine around. This was omitted from the last scene in the anime, but I just checked the manga, and indeed, Yato states that Yukine did have troubles with his father. After seeing that line, Yato’s actions make perfect sense.

Hiyori hasn’t exactly played the most critical role in the series. She’s been more of an observer than anything else, but the anime really tries to stress the fact that she is an essential character. What the show hasn’t touched upon for quite some time is Hiyori wanting to go back to being a normal human being, and understandably so if you think about it. Why? Well, if she goes back to being a normal human being, she’ll probably forget about Yukine and Yato. This poses far greater of a problem than earlier in the series because she’s probably too heavily invested in the two of them to want to leave them. Heck, she hasn’t even brought up wanting to for quite some time. Will there be side-effects of staying in that form? Will Hiyori lose her humanity? These are all potentially intriguing paths that the show could cover. I’m not certain if this will be a plot point of importance since Noragami is ending in four episodes and there’s still the whole deal with the anime original character Rabou that seem to be the focus of the next arc.

Noragami Episode 9 Review

Well, this is the climax that we’ve been waiting for after all the build-up. Firstly, I have to applaud Kaji Yuki‘s voice acting abilities as he screamed his lungs out time and time again. Secondly, I have to give it up to BONES for creating such a solid adaptation of the manga. The anime is as loyal to the manga as it could possibly be giving the right dark tone when necessary and not adding in humor where it’s not needed. Faithful is the way to go when the manga itself is quite solid. I’m still a bit iffy about slow-motion dramatic moments with tons of crying. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not as if their reactions are not understandable. I just tend to find such moments a bit melodramatic. With that said, for what it is, it’s definitely solidly executed and better than many other moments in other anime with a similar nature. This episode also shows just how much proper build-up pays off in the long run. We had episode after episode of Yukine slowly stepping across the line which makes this climax incredibly fitting. It makes the line, “So live as a person! Live, Yukine!” that would otherwise be quite cliche, quite good. I’ve never really hated Yukine, but I’m sure it must be cathartic for some of you who disliked him when he admitted all his groping sins. Overall, it’s quite a nice episode that shows what proper pacing, time dedicated to develop a characters background, and a well-executed climax is capable of.

Noragami Anime Yukine Wallpaper


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  • Akizaki Ranho

    Ah. This episode. It wasn’t my favourite. Too shounen, and by that I mean emotionally hollow despite portraying intense emotions. Here’s why:
    I understand Yukine’s rage making him do the things he did (besides, well, trying to feel up Hiyori) but his reaction to Yato in pain will probably make it impossible for me to give him a pass going forward and has effectively dealt a crushing blow to my affection of this show.
    I can’t comprehend how anyone his age or YOUNGER would react like that knowing they are the direct cause of another’s suffering AND THE PERSON SUFFERING IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. There are instances where it does happen such as a case of revenge or a case where the person in Yukine’s shoes is unaware of what they are doing (situations of love, romantic or familial) but his reaction and his eventually trying to walk away just felt like anime logic to me.
    Basically, the writer did it just to rack up tension –
    “Oh, Yukine is walking away, Yato might die” and then Hiyori comes along and goes “FRIENDSHIP!” and that’s what stops him from going full demon mode? (Shounen nakama BS)
    And then the final resolution to the conflict is Yato yelling that Yukine must live?! Yukine’s dying was never really an issue before or rather an issue that was actually foreshadowed properly. He was still a little runt back then but that was because of his living conditions with Yato not because he was dead or couldn’t make friends with the living. Even Nora’s taunting had more to do with dealing his confidence a blow than taunting him for being dead (Yato praised him for making a strong barrier and then he sees Nora and becomes jealous because Yato has another Shinki?! But didn’t he just meet another god with like a dozen shinkis?). And jealousy over the living kids having futures? You’re practically immortal dude! How much more future do you freaking want?
    Hell, just the fact that Yato’s suffering so much for him coming to light in such an obvious way (blight) or the fact that Hiyori did so much to be around him and cuddled him when Yato was being a dick was insufficient in convincing him that people actually cared about him pre-punishment-ritual made this whole “You Can’t Be Friends With the Foreshore Beings” arc redundant.
    Yukine came across as a stupid ungrateful little cunt slathered in honey and left out for the bears. Ticked me off so much.
    As such, seeing he, Hiyori and Yato go back to goofing around will never be the same for me.
    This is why I stay the hell away from Shounen. The contrived-writing pisses me off.

    • MgMaster

      I’m hardly a fan of “POWER OF FRIENDSHIP” shounen elements myself so I will agree that the “I won’t be your friend anymore!” part made me go “ummm…okay.” I think this climax episode delivered overall though so I’m willing to let it slide,somewhat at least.

      Now,as a kid I’ve known some brats like Yukine myself and I’m sure many of us have. I really hated them back then,being the same age & all and I’d be lying if I’d say they wouldn’t annoy me now as well. However,I’ve eventually tried to understand WHY are they like that despite the fact that others aren’t even if they’re the same age. Truth be told,some kids are naturally more difficult than others and Yukine definitely ranks in the former category but it doesn’t mean that they can’t be helped…A kid’ upbringing,parental one in particular,would be the main issue here which the show doesn’t seem to have went into that much detail about but has given plenty of hints that it’s there.
      What follows is pretty much what Entrav said,as in finding excuses to commit treacherous deeds: “Living with Yato sucks,he can’t offer me anything so he can’t expect me to behave.” – is probably how Yukine’s mind worked.

      Of course,some kids wouldn’t have acted like that even if faced with the same circumstances(that kid who was getting bullied in ep8 would be a good example),but I honestly think those are the rare ones.

      While I like to think that I understand these kids to some degree,I still wouldn’t wanna deal with them. I’m not that patient :P As such,I can see how many viewers are annoyed by Yukine.

    • Entrav

      Alright, here’s my take on this.

      Firstly, you have to understand the age he’s at. I can remember back to my early teens where I did a ton of really stupid crap. That aside, it’s natural for people to deny their own wrongdoings. You can probably remember back to times that you were so invested in your denial that you continued it even though you knew it was wrong to do so. It’s not as if Yukine doesn’t realize Yato’s pain at all. He’s denied his wrongdoings all this time, and the more he does, the more difficult it becomes to admit them. Secondly, Yukine doesn’t actually know exactly what’s going on. Yato did say that he gets stung, but he probably didn’t know that it was going to be this severe. Shock and disbelief could easily be factors that made Yukine try and walk away from the situation. Why is Yukine trying to walk away “anime logic?” When people face distressing situations, it’s quite natural to want to avoid them. He’s trying to ignore his responsibility, but it’s not as if he feels absolutely nothing. If he felt absolutely nothing then he wouldn’t have gave a shit and walked away immediately. Heck, he wouldn’t have even followed Hiyori in the first place.

      Usually, I would agree with the friendship part, but I will disagree here because the context is completely different from normal shounen contexts. Remember that he is envious of the lives that normal people live. He’s envious of the friendship that they share. The previous episode, and even this one, dedicated some time to let Yukine be beside those people for a bit so he could taste the absence of his own friendship. It’s not BS because Yukine finally realizes that he does actually have friends even though he’s dead. He was so fixated on his previous life that he ignored what he now possesses. There’s more significance in this line than it first appears. Don’t dismiss it just because it’s overused in other shounen shows. Yes, it’s cliche, but it definitely isn’t just “shounen nakama BS.”

      You’re also taking the line that Yato says too literally. Yato isn’t talking about the issue of Yukine dying. He’s telling Yukine to actually live. Not steal, not commit sins, but live on with him as a Regalia. As for the future part, you have to see that his life changed dramatically. His whole life is flipped, and you can’t expect him to just accept his current state of living so quickly and think so positively about his life. It’s easy to sit back and watch this, but put yourself in his situation. Imagine that your family, friends, and so on just disappeared from you. You have nothing even after all those years you tried to build up your relationships with everyone. I know I’d be fucking depressed and resentful of the world if I were all of a sudden removed from the world and couldn’t talk to my friends or family any longer while still watching others have fun in the way that I could before.

      Yeah, Yukine is ungrateful. He’s irritating to watch. He’s annoying. He’s probably going to piss you off, but you know what? I think the anime does a good job of portraying his frustration. The writing isn’t contrived. Fundamental attribution error can probably address most of your complaints.

  • Akizaki Ranho

    UGH…I can never seem to get paragraphing right on this site, despite making spaces. Could someone explain how, please?

    • MgMaster

      Works just fine here,lol.

    • Entrav

      Not sure. You’re just pressing enter whenever you want to create a new paragraph, right?

  • zztop

    I’m very interested to see what the writers intend to use Rabou for the last 4 episodes. Btw, have you seen the latest Noragami OAD yet?

    Re Nobunaga: entrav, if you visit the randomc anime blog, I always post up an explanation in every episode of the weekly tarot card’s significance and how its themes tie back to each episode. If you have time, feel free to check it out!

    Have some clothes malfunction Jeanne:

    • Entrav

      Didn’t see that yet. I think I’ll check it out when the anime is over.


  • MgMaster

    Besides Hiyori’s issue,there’s Yato’s past which ties in with Bishamon and I’m guessing Nora too. I seriously doubt there’s enough time to deal with both of those in the remaining episodes so I’m guessing they’ll deal with the later and leave the former for a possible 2nd season. There’s also that other character,whom manga readers claim to be an anime original one,that will apparently get more attention next week. I guess they’re planning to do an anime original last arc and plan for a 2nd season.

    Honestly I’d kind of hope he’s just not a random villain that Yato will defeat together with Yukine in shounen style. Yato’s past with Nora & Bishamon seems the much more interesting plot point to explore. I’d rather hope that the anime original guy blends in with all that and doesn’t replace it.

    • Entrav

      I think they’re using the anime original character to just finish off the series since otherwise the pacing will be off as there won’t be adequate build-up for manga material. I think it’s a nice way to end the series without making it rushed.

  • Ian Anthony

    Noragami continues to interest more week by week with its awesome episodes. Usually talking about stories about Gods often revolve on err.. some confusing plots, but this I have to say is quite solid.

    If there is a season 2 ( I hopefully hopefully hope) I’d definitely watch it.

    • Entrav

      Let’s hope Japan actually buys some BDs/DVDs.

  • Cassandra @The Huge Anime Fan

    I loved Kaji Yuki’s performance too. I loved him as Oumu Shu in Guilty Crown and love him even more now as Yukine. Such talent but I felt deeply for all the characters with episode 9.

  • AlterTime

    : [ did you read the newest chapter of Noragami?

    • Entrav

      Nope. I stopped reading it right at this point.

      • James Du

        I just did. MY GOD.

        HOLY FUCK.


  • niknasr

    This episode was phenomenal.. If Noragami ends with this episode, which I think they should this will be a great finale..

    *Spoilers* but this great episode comes with a great price that is, it made the AO episodes (10 & 11) looks dull and sadly to say, I’m not too looking forward for the finale :(

  • Miku Blackrockshooter Hatsune

    I cried like hell in this episode srsly. TT^TT

  • Miku Blackrockshooter Hatsune


  • Anonymous

    Wish too see fan arts of Yukine being actually spanked… lol