Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. (Oreimo) Season 2 Episode 14-16 (FINALE) – Siscon

Ore no Imouto kirino

And that’s the end!
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Season 2 Episode 14-16 Review
Oreimo Episode 14-16 Review
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Specials Review

It’s finally over. Struggle after struggle, rejection after rejection, Oreimo has gotten to the point where it can close its doors for good. It has been a rocky ride and it’ll be that way all the way to the end with its ending being extremely controversial. As usual, I’ll give my impressions and a decent-length exposition in favor of the author with regards to the ending. LET’S GET STARTED!

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. (Oreimo) Season 2 Episode 14 Impressions

Gokou Ruri


Kuroneko and Kyousuke


Kousaka Kyousuke rejection


Gokou Ruri


Oreimo kuroneko tears destiny record


Kuroneko crying


Gokou Ruri curse

Yeah, get cursed. Jeez.

I can already see the rage from those who have been hoping that Kuroneko would be the one for Kyousuke, but of course, this anime being the way it is, that’s never meant to be. To Kyousuke, his imouto will remain number one and whatever anyone else does, it only remains an obstacle for a period of time for he’s the biggest siscon out there. I admit, it’s difficult to see Kuroneko with all her pure intentions with her sticking up for his feelings all the way through and taking Kirino’s feelings into considerations being completely flat out rejected. Even so, Kuroneko’s, or should I say Yamineko, brings about her usual chuunibyou side that makes the confession perhaps a bit more bearable for her fans. To the extent with the plot in mind and how it’s inevitable for her to be rejected, this part is not badly done. At the very least, the main character is making a decision, but how good is the actual confession itself?…


Kirino crying



Ore no imouto saori moe




Dude, this is the biggest siscon going after you. Of course he knows the incest route.


MARRY? Next level.

Alright, so, this is the moment that many have been dreading and many have been eagerly waiting for. With yelling, chasing, screaming, and even a sound device to confirm Kyousuke’s feelings, we finally receive the moment that may actually be a bit more drastic than I had initially thought. This isn’t a plain old confession about “going out.” Ohhhhh no. This is fucking marriage. Yep, marriage. But before we get onto that, let’s talk about the confession itself. It has your typical Oreimo feel with Kyousuke’s screaming, but what surprised me is how they incorporated the muted words he said to Kuroneko. Kyousuke’s lines are creepy, embarrassing, true (with how he says that was the most popular part of his life and all that), and right where it hits the mark.

Kirino is also being herself, but some people may be already annoyed with how she has behaved during… oh, just about the whole entire anime and she acted accordingly until the very last word of the episode which undoubtedly struck hard and fast in the hearts of many people. Look, I don’t like Kirino. She needed up to straighten her feelings and she doesn’t even say how she really feels and sticks to being a tsundere all the way until the very end. The way she says “I hate hate hate hate hate x10000 you” is extremely characteristic of her but also incredibly annoying. After her brother went though all of this, can’t she just… Agh, then again, if she didn’t, it may have been out of character so it’s hard to say whether her part is “good” or not. Overall, though, having Kyousuke speak his mind like he did back in season one sure is uncomfortably awesome in its own quirky way. Remember guys, marriage.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. (Oreimo) Season 2 Episode 15 Impressions

Now dere dere?!

Good, more eroge is always good…


Eroge or Kyousuke love. Choose.

What a boss.

Kirino and Kyousuke promise

A happy promise. It must be.



The interactions between Kyousuke and Kirino in the hotel are probably the best I’ve seen from the series. At long last, it’s a less tsundere Kirino that actually conveys her feelings for her precious onii-san. With the eroge that bound them together still being a factor and Kyousuke putting on the ring for Kirino, it gives off a very pleasant atmosphere that some have been waiting for and others perhaps have been dreading. Even if you’re not a fan of Kirino, you still have to admit that this is a huge improvement over the coldheartedness that we’ve seen in countless episodes.

Meruru transformation

Awwww yeeehhh…

Kuroneko chuunibyou reference

AWWW YEEEAAAAAHHHH!! Chuunibyou reference?

Kurusu Kanako

Damn, this guy is popular.

Dat pose.

Ah, it’s been so long since Saori, Kuroneko, Kirino, and Kyousuke have gotten together. And YES IT’S CHUUNIBYOU TIIIIIMEEEE!! Hell yeah! I was hoping for more since the last time that happened between Ayase and Kuroneko and I do get what I want. Phew, they should have gathered more often and had some more amusing moments together. Anyways, yet another person confesses to the popular Kyousuke and this time it’s Kanako. Damn, even by harem standards he’s popular because of how all of them openly confess to him. I didn’t feel anything for Kanako because, well, let’s be honest, she’s not a character that has been developed well enough for me to give a damn.

Kirino boob poke



Kirino dere

AWWW… SEE, WHY COULDN’T WE HAVE HAD THIS A SEASON AGO? Maybe she’d actually have less haters.

Think about it. They can’t just break up after such a short period of time. No way… RIGHT?!

Going back in time, we hear the child Kirino talk about her feelings for Kyousuke and we explore the possibility of it not happening. We’ll talk more about how incest isn’t acceptable and so on later because that’s what Manami is there for, but this part gives the two some time together and at least gives some time to develop their feelings as an actual couple in this short hour. This part is just a recollection back in time to further ratify their feelings for each other for the final concluding episode that will close Oreimo forever. Will incest prevail? Will it be a happy ending? Will Kyousuke and Kirino’s convictions rule over what is normally accepted by society? How will it end? Let’s find out.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. (Oreimo) Season 2 Episode 16 Impressions

Akagi Kouhei

Okay, guys. Be honest, 2D girls or incest. Which is more acceptable to you?


I have no idea about Japanese tradition so…


Let’s be damn honest. The first quarter of the episode is just some time dedicated to the not-as-important side characters and is not really worth talking about. What is the most fiercest and intriguing part of Oreimo is upon us as Manami and Kirino have their final fight. As you all know, Kirino has disliked Manami for pushing reality on her from a young age. At least from the looks of things throughout the series, Manami remains a kind-hearted person who understands Kyousuke well even though at times she may be harsh with the “truth.” However, when the person she loves is on the line, she’s not going to play the “nice girl” anymore. It’s time to FUCKING BRAWL.

Kirino taunting



Oreimo manami punches Kirino


Kousaka Kyousuke shocked


Oreimo anime



Oreimo kirino punched


Tamura manami punched

Wow, on the glasses? Really? Dick move.

HOOOOOOOLLLLLLYYYY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT. They’re actually fucking smacking and punching each other in the face! Woooooo that’s pretty awesome. Alright, alright, I’ve calmed down a bit. Anyways, it’s true that Kirino is being a huge asshole before being punched right in the stomach. Seeing the two of them fight it out must have made Kyousuke feel extremely awkward and perhaps slightly honored at the same time. I mean, how is one supposed to react? Though the fight itself may just be about their feelings and how they both love Kyousuke, the inevitable ethical questions begin to arise and Kyousuke mans up once again.

Tamura Manami


D: I honestly wouldn’t mind if he chose another person and I’m sure a lot of people would be quite satisfied but……..

CONVICTION. He’s not just going out with her for like a few days right? RIGHT? RIGHT?!

Wow. Dick. Move.

Tamura Manami

UHH… Don’t follow the order of the pictures. So out of context that way.

Dat pose.

oreimo kyousuke slapped


Incest is a huge topic. I mean, yes, there are lots of eroge, hentai, and things like that surrounding it, but of course, we’re talking about a more serious approach. Indeed, from Manami’s perspective, and from many others, incest is “wrong.” They’ll be under social pressure for the rest of their lives as society itself doesn’t accept this way of thinking. In the long run, it’s extremely, extremely difficult to bear the pressure and may even lead to depression or even suicide. However, African Americans were once disparaged and so were homosexuals. Nowadays, people are more lenient towards the subject even though there are people who still cannot accept certain ideas.

Will incest be the same? Who knows? Perhaps people will still feel uncomfortable of incest for hundreds of years to come. Yes, there’s problems with inbreeding among other things, but in the end, it’s all about how much they love each other. If their love is strong enough and they have each other, then perhaps they can endure the hardship that comes their way. Personally, I’m lenient towards incest as long as they understand the consequences. That is, it is socially shunned, causes birth problems, and so on. If they know that, and they are still willing to undertake it, then by all means go ahead. But as I’ve said, I could write a whole alternate post on incest so, let’s not get too deep in the argument here. The point is that they’re willing to stick through thick and thin for each other with each other and that’s what’s going to overpower the idea of incest.


This guy…


Kousaka Kirino


Oreimo kirino kyousuke kiss marriage

An obligatory kiss.

Kyousuke and Kirino marriage




Kyousuke kisses kirino



Alright. Alright. Alright. This is the most controversial scene in the entire anime that literally has caused an uproar among viewers. I’ll explain my view on how it ended below so let’s just talk about the actual “marriage.” Somehow, someway, Kyousuke gets things done and sets up a mock marriage that binds the two of them together. Or so I thought. A kiss that is so characteristic of these types of final episodes is overshadowed by what’s to come which is a shame considering Kirino is finally considerate for once. The words that we didn’t hear are probably going to be the ones that will change the opinion of many people on how they would rate the ending of Oreimo. In the end, they decided to be normal brothers and sisters after enjoying some time together. Yes, they fucking ended their romantic relationship. My first thought was “WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT ARE THEY FUCKING DOING?! THIS IS THE MOST RETARDED SHIT EVER. ALL THE CRAP HAS GONE TO WASTE WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!??!?!?!” Then, I calmed down and thought it through some more. So, here’s my take on it.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. (Oreimo) Ending

And so it ends…

First of all, here is a link to what the author thinks of the ending. Here is another link about some more of his other thoughts. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to it. Initially, I thought this was completely bullshit. Seriously, after all that time, all that work, all those rejections, all that drama, it just ended with them separated?!?! Afterwards, I actually calmed down and I viewed the ending in a different light. Firstly, let’s put the author’s viewpoint on how it’s supposed to be a “Kirino ending” aside but understand that it’s his intention. Why? Because even if an author intended it to be “route A,” but instead misleads people into thinking that it’s “route B,” the story is still going the “route B” path because that’s how the story is made. It’s not “route A” just because the author says it is. However, if the author says it’s “route A” and people saw “route B” because they didn’t understand implicit meanings, then people must re-evaluate and see if the hinting is strong enough for it to be actually “route A.”

Let me get this straight. If they actually “broke up” and became normal siblings, that would be utter bullshit. All the build up, all the shit, would be ruined. So, this part is arguing for the fact that maybe the author implied that they didn’t actually “break up.” As I said before, incest is not something to be taken lightly. As a result, it’s hard for him to publish a light novel that has “wincest” as the conclusion. What is the only way he can make this work? To imply and to not explicitly state. Remember, we’re pushing the author’s opinion on the ending aside; all that matters is whether he wrote it well enough and hinted well enough to indicate that their romantic relationship is continuing and not cut off.

Manami was talking to Kirino and Kyousuke about the problem of incest. Kyousuke clearly defends his case and admits that while it’s wrong, he doesn’t care because he’ll break those rules. He’s completely adamant about his stance and how he loves his sister. Why then, would he be willing to “break up” with her? After saying all of that to Manami, he’s not going to stick through with it? That doesn’t seem very likely. Moreover, he breaks up with every girl and forces himself into a situation where he can’t be with anyone else. Would he do that just for a few days with his sister? Really? He’s going to break the hearts of all these girls and say, “Well, sorry, I went out with my sister for a few days but it’s okay now!” If he really wanted to be with his sister for such a short period of time, he wouldn’t have had to go through all of that mess with the other girls. They can admit that this is a short fling or keep it a secret because it’s really only for a short period of time. Either way, there’s no reason to conclusively cut off relationships with everyone. You could say that he wanted to remain loyal to Kirino and not be with other girls, but then that poses yet another problem as I indicate below.

The two of them really do love each other. Why, after going through so much, would they simply quit it at that? Their love is not that weak. One could even say that it’s a bit too strong. Kirino even says that “once it’s over, you’ll have nothing left” after Kyousuke’s talk with Manami. She realizes this and she’s just going to cut off the relationship with him to cause him even more trouble? Hell no. They’re not even sad after they supposedly “broke up” so it’s highly unlikely that they returned to be completely normal brothers and sisters. When they promised each other, they also didn’t have anything but a smile on their faces. To add to that, a kiss on the cheek is not something normal brothers and sisters do in Japan. Also, there’s more life advice (demanded by Kirino at the end even though the translation says talk, she really says jinsei sodan which means “life advice”) this means that they are still continuing their “life counseling.” Yes, it’s not the last one so we can assume that the author is hinting that their relationship is still continuing except this time, they are keeping their romantic relationship a secret just like how Kirino asked Kyousuke’s advice on past ordeals that she couldn’t ask anyone else.

Now, on the other hand, you could say that their promise to be normal siblings overrules a lot of the other points. Then again, it’s extremely weird as to why they would be so happy about it which makes me go back to the other point about them keeping it a secret between the both of them and making it seem like they are “normal brothers and sisters” on the outside. I honestly don’t believe that Kyousuke “gained nothing” from this or that they really broke up. If I had to narrow it down to one reason it would be because they fucking love each other and dammit, I may not like the pairing, but Kyousuke sacrificed so many things for her. With how he has pursued Kirino all this way, do you really think he’d settle for just being “a normal brother and sister?”

Personally, I think the evidence of them still being together outweighs the precautions the author had to take to be able to be accepted by Dengeki Bunko which makes me say that, at the very least, it didn’t take away too much from the specials. You could even argue that it added another layer by not going the typical happy ending path and hinted more about how they’re continuing their relationship in secret, life advice style. Also, in some weird way, it kind of reminds me of how I deduced some scenes in Yahari Ore no Seishun as I had to look a bit deeper. Regardless, I’ll give the author the benefit of the doubt on this ending and say that it’s not as bad as many think it is. Though, I wouldn’t exactly say it’s great either.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. (Oreimo) Specials Review

Let’s just put aside the controversial ending for a bit and review the rest of the parts. I’m not a Kirino fan, I’m not a Kuroneko fan, I’m not an Ayase fan, I’m no one’s fan. I’m not shipping any two people in particular which is why I could accept whatever is coming in my way. You know what, if Kyousuke loves his sister, fuck it, he does and there’s nothing you can do about it. It can’t be helped that some of you may be sad about the “best girl” not winning, but love is weird that way and it’s not as if you can argue the show is bad purely because he didn’t choose the girl you wanted him to choose. Besides, you can look at it and think that maybe the other girls deserve someone better.

That aside, I have to say that I do enjoy the specials a lot more than I enjoyed the second season. It feels much more like the first in how it’s portrayed and has a clear direction instead of the messy pacing in the second season. The dramatic parts themselves were well done even though the part where Kyousuke confesses is extremely awkward. They hit right where they needed to and didn’t feel too melodramatic which actually kind of surprised me. When the diary is torn apart and… Jesus… Kuroneko even toughens up with her chuunibyou side. Man, that’s awesomely depressing. Manami’s fight with Kirino should be a “HELL YEAH!” for some and I can say that it’s damn awesome.

If we take the ending aside, it’s a surprisingly good special in its execution of the various dramatic moments and character interactions. Many people just have a huge problem with the ending. I was cussing and denying that the ending ever existed before I thought about it a bit more. The more I thought about it, the more unlikely it felt for them to have actually broken up. It may even have been a good thing once people calmed down and looked at it from a different perspective. Though, I’m a bit all over the place after writing 3,000 words so I may actually end up disagreeing with what I’m writing here later on.

I’m always a bit sad to see a series go unless if it’s utter shit. In this case, I’m slightly sad as it’s brought me a little bit of everything. Frustration, anger, wonder, fascination, excitement, disappointment, and so on. It’s been an interesting ride with the first season still being something that I thought I wouldn’t enjoy but did. I was happy with how that turned out and the second season certainly didn’t match up to my expectations. Yet again, it goes through a roller-coaster ride and the specials end up being superior to the second season much like the first. I can’t say I’m in awe of how it has ended, but I am still satisfied. I’ll miss the eroge moments, the random yelling, the antics, and the characters. Having the main character yell out some sister-loving comments sure is something else…

Ore no Imouto Wallpaper Kirino


Well, there’s nothing more to spoil, SO GO ALL OUT!

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  • omgITSorange

    Wow..his poses. wow. a little mixed feelings here and there. i suppose?

  • Jacob

    Completely agree with you except when Kirino said they were gonna talk when they got home after the kiss on the cheek,I interpreted that as she was mad that kyousuke kissed her in public and they needed to sort it out( she wasn’t genuinley mad obvivuosly) and not that she needed advixe

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      It’s kind of confusing because the translation said “talk” but she said jinsei (uhh whatever else) which means “life advice.” I just took that as they are continuing their “life counseling” or whatever like before. Anyways, I could be completely wrong as my Japanese isn’t that great.

      • sonicsenryaku

        No you’re right; it seems to me that it was purposely phrased that way as way of representing “life advice” stuff that bonds kyousuke and Kirino; and as a wink to the audience that their romantic tension is not over because if you really think about it, all that “life advice” bull crap was just an excuse for Kyousuke and Kirino to feel important to each other. Overall, I thought the ending was not good; not because Kyousuke ended up with Kirino; i just dont think the writing truly delivered and I was not emotionally invested in Kirino and Kyousuke to truly care. My disdain for these final episodes and my overall feeling of the series being average and mediocre (while having some shining moments) as a whole goes much deeper but that’s for another time.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          Yeah, I didn’t think it was that good either and it goes back to how they developed the pairing. It was more like Kirino was tsun for the whole two seasons and then turns considerate and all that during the end of season 2 and these specials. The development between them could have been a lot better which may have brought upon a better end.

          As for the ending itself, it’s not great either. I’m just stating the case because a lot of people are saying how it’s utter shit which it isn’t. Honestly, I enjoyed the specials other than the ending, but I can agree that it could have been a lot better. These specials are better than the last season with how the various parts are played out, but overall, if we take everything into account, I have to say that Oreimo slipped into mediocrity a while ago. The ending didn’t really help it get out :/

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    KURONEKOOOO NOOOO!!!!!11 The moment he rejected her again was… damn!
    Still she got a bit of payback with those speakers. The begining of Yamineko’s curse has begun!

    Now then about the ending. I think the author wanted to be a bit more subtle than this in portraying how their relationship is after the wedding but he messed it up somewhere in the middle. And remember that both Kuroneko and Manami at some point in the series predicted that this will happen. Ruri even said that she doesn’t mind being no2… damn why no2?!?

    You’re right about this 3 extras. They’re incredibly good compared to the rest of season 2. Good pacing, a lot of emotional moments and a pretty good catfight at the end. That dirty puch breaking the glasses dayum!

    Pretty sad to see this series end. Now only if Oregairu’s authour would write faster! We need a season 2!

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Honestly, it came down to the limitations that he had, but that shouldn’t hinder us in our judgement of the show. If it’s bad, it’s bad. I just don’t think it’s as terrible as some make it out to be,. Some of them may be getting a wrong idea about the ending like how “Kyousuke didn’t get anything in the end and this anime is pointless” which I don’t think is true at all.

      Too bad it didn’t end off stronger and didn’t get as much development as I would have liked which is mostly due to season 2’s fault. Kirino was a tsundere until literally the last few episodes which only contributed to frustration and the lack of development between the two. Sad really. It could have been a lot more.

      It’s going to be a while before OreGairu D:

      • The Atomic Dwarf

        Ok after checking those 2 links you left with the author’s thoughts, it became a bit clear what he wanted to do with the ending especially after I’ve searched for the Oreimo If route on youtube. Too bad he was “censored” by the publishers. Btw that yandere mode Kirino in one of the alt endings was pretty damn scary.

  • Ian Anthony

    My hands hurt from punching the table for the whole three episodes. I’m profoundly and utterly wrecked in this last 3 specials. As the saying goes, “When there’s a will, there’s a way.”

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Were you cheering on a different pairing or did you just find the ending disappointing? I can understand a bit of how you feel because when the specials ended I was livid. Until I calmed down and actually thought about it haha.

      • Ian Anthony

        its hard to explain, you know a chaos of mixed feelings, I can feel disappointed and fulfilled at the same time, was expecting and not expecting an incest route, but deym those feels. I didn’t have a specific pairing just like you *thoughIwantedKuronekoForMyselfcoughcough* its all up to the main character to decide, but the profundity of how this was presented was utterly hard to describe. Mixed feelings about this. It was one hell of a ride, and I liked it.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          I can sympathize with the mixed feelings part. I want to like this anime. I really do. That’s mostly because of season 1 and how that was a surprisingly enjoyable season. Now… I’m really not sure. The specials are better than season 2, but the ending isn’t strong enough to make me feel like it’s done as well as it could have. Still, with how he concluded every other relationship, it kind of feels complete. Eh, a bit all over the place as I’m still not completely sure how I feel about everything.

          • Ian Anthony

            I’ll try on rewatching this after a day or so, look at different standpoints, see if it may enlighten me some more.

            But out of all this there is something good out of it though, Ayase, Kuroneko, Manami and even Bajeena is available and you do know what that means *shipshipshipthemallmyself*

  • tima

    that makes my heart breaks. i really hoped kyuosuke would choose kuroneko but,, so sad and angry he is dumbass like kirino TT_TT curses curses curses who love another specially kyousuke!!!

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      It’s okay, Kuroneko deserves better anyways. At least he said how he feels and didn’t just leave it up in the air.

  • nuudelsandmeetballs

    I liked the last episodes. I think it’s clear they are going to keep dating. Feelings like that aren’t something you just turn off because of a promise. Also him kissing her on the cheek (and her happy face after that) make it very clear that they are going to keep dating. I thought the promise was a stupid idea but I understand why the author did it (hard to publish and so on).

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Such a shame that restrictions have to get in the way :/

      • Snarfalot

        It makes me wonder how Yosuga No Sora got away with it so blatantly …

        I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was hoping for this kind of ending. Not smutty, and yet committal enough to end the series with a sense of surety and conclusiveness ^_^

        • evilnemesis

          First off it’s original content is an Adult VN so they can do w/e they want pretty much.

          As for the anime, there’s this loophole that if you portray an incestuous relationship as something bad in a serious tone it can pass the censorship.

          -The president girl flipped her shit

          -MC was conflicted a lot more than “oh b-but she’s my sister”

          But really it probably had a lot more to do with the content it was based on and it’s omnibus format.

      • nuudelsandmeetballs

        Yeah but I’m not sure people are ready for much more than this. Hell, I was sure they would play it like this “Oh look at this photo album Kirino! Hmmm.. strange that there are only family photos of me, mom and dad, don’t you think?”
        Luckily they didn’t, that would’ve ruined it complitely.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          Well, apparently people are flipping their shit over this ending so they were clearly not prepared for the censorship. I for one think that under the circumstances the author did a fine job. Though, looking at it as-is, it’s not as good as it could have been.

      • latinalover

        in the light novel kyousuke actually kiss her on the mouth

  • Spidervenom

    Am I the only one who likes this paring

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Haha, definitely not. For me, I just didn’t like how Kirino stayed tsun basically throughout the whole series instead of actually developing with Kyousuke. Her eroge side is pretty awesome though and after these specials, I like the pairing a bit more than before at least.

    • Sardorim

      Eh, don’t like the incest all that much. Ayase Aragaki also seemed much more tolerable to me than Kirino.

    • latinalover

      i LOVE kyousukexkirino

      • http://meyriu.blogspot.com Mey Aquarius


        again sorry :D

        • latinalover

          kuroneko wasn’t the main girl.

  • Anonk

    Hm….Nope still disgusting ending.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Well, you’re going to have to give more of a reply than that because that doesn’t really explain your reasoning.

    • Ian Anthony

      it really is a difficult topic to touch incest, so lets just say its ethically and morally disapproved by society.

      But you know, man created society to begin with. We are profound creatures, we might and might not follow what society says, thats why we all have different standpoints about it.

    • Snarfalot

      Hmm, well, I can understand that in the current social value system a pairing of brother and sister would be considered disgusting, but you have to remember that this wasn’t always the case. If you look at royal families over the course of history you’ll find that incestuous relationships were preferred, if not enforced. Hell, in some countries today marrying your first cousin isn’t a problem at all.
      But, I suppose that’s not really what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about the ending to an anime we’ve all be following eagerly for quiet some time.
      At the end of the day I suppose it’s a personal preference. I for one don’t mind the ending. It could have been done in a non-committal way (for example, nothing is said and they just continue to watch over each other in a kind of limbo), or they could take the initiative and do the best they can considering the situation … after all, the heart wants what the heart wants. In my opinion it could’ve been done a little better, but all in all it wasn’t necessarily a bad ending.

  • Name

    of all the pairing they could have done they chose that one. i support kuroneko x kyousuke.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I don’t like this pairing either, but if that’s who Kyousuke loves, then that’s who he loves.

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    You know what? They could have gone with the Kyousuke X Kirino but……. yeah you know the rest of the 5 minute story.

    Still Kuroneko is the best

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      It’s not the way many of us wanted it to end, but I think the author did an adequate job considering the circumstances he was in.

  • InvictusCobra

    Hey everyone!For all of you who like this pairing but didn’t like the half-hearted ending,I wrote a little text with an alternate ending.It’s the 1st fan fic I’ve written so I’d like your opinion,so just be honest:D

  • cayden

    God damn it animes. This ending made me feel sad like the ending of 5cm per second. But at least they Kyo & Kirino seemed to be happy.

  • KillerHawke

    What makes me sad is knowing that if Kuroneko hadn’t broke with him, THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN lmao She totally cockblocked herself. It’s pure logic, Kyou keeps dating her, their love for each other grows and if Kirino gained the strenght to confess her love, Kyou would, following the story properly, reject her. God Damn Kuroneko, why did you had to fuck everything up? xDD

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Well, while I wouldn’t say that it’s completely impossible for him to have ended up with Kuroneko, I think sooner or later, Kyousuke would have broken up with her if she didn’t. I think Kuroneko knew that and ended it where it was best. Besides, she’s still Kirino’s friend and she knows how she feels so… But yeah, she did cockblock herself to some extent :/

      • KillerHawke

        Oh well, mixed feelings on Oreimo. As a reviewer it is pretty damn good to watch, but personally, fuck everything xD Fun times, i’ll miss this anime D:

  • http://youtube.com/user/JumpingLogans Gamematio

    Tradition thing:
    The second button – This is romantic in Japan because in graduation some girls ask you for the second button in your uniform, the way this is romantic is because the second button is closest to your heart, so, you just gave them what for 145 days of school was closest to your heart, now, she can be the one closest to your heart … get it? D’awwwww. Happened to me once … I fucked up guys.
    The tie – This is also romantic in graduations, I don’t really understand this one since, I’ve never seen it, but it appears to have the same meaning … just … Google Japan it or something.

    Now, enough with the traditions, my opinion:
    The series had potential although it brought some … disturbing memories of my childhood invovling my sister (not gonna go into details). I think the way it ended was … expected, though the series was entertaining, fun and … to be honest … really good, I guess the whole sister thing is … shit but … (ok it’s 100% shit that after going through all those heart – breaks he’d stay just some fucking days with her sister and then dump each other … it’s fucking stupid I mean … did you see Ayase’s face :'( ). This was my honest opinion I probably give it a … 8.5 because of it’s success but I’ll probably give the ending a 6 … too generous … ok how about a 5.9? huh? huh? good? no? well fuck that, haha, fun series, fun review, thank you so much Entrav for another amazing review. Sorry for the long post.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Thanks for the clarifications on the traditions.

      It was interesting watching this show for sure, but it just got disappointing in the second half with how it progressed. The ending is completely predicable though the execution is what matters here and it certainly isn’t downright terrible like some say even though it may not be what could have been done. I don’t give out scores to anime so, but I would recommend people to at least try out the first season as that was a nice surprise for me.

      Thank you very much for your support as usual :)

      • http://youtube.com/user/JumpingLogans Gamematio

        Actually the whole, kiss in the chick at the end kind of part was … wrong, I think it should have ended with Ayase and the other girls telling him they would not give up on him so that Ayase fans and fans of the other girls could stay happy, happy that maybe an untold day Ayase would get her chance or some of the other (Please don’t write a fanfic about this … guys … please). That really got me … idk, disappointed, I mean the manga ended at the church, with Kirino saying that they are not lovers anymore, but that kiss in the anime, just … doesn’t leave any chance for other fans that had a different point of view of who they wanted Kyousuke to stay with.
        Good Reviews As Always Entrav, Keep up the good work.

        • The Atomic Dwarf

          That’s what makes this anime a bit different than the other slice of life harem-ish series out there. It has a clear cut ending with a real “winner” should we say?

          I hate that he picked Kirino over other girls too but at least he stuck with his decision no matter how !@$!@!@# it was. Really hate those indecisive endings.

          • http://youtube.com/user/JumpingLogans Gamematio

            I have to agree with you.

            I wanted either Ayase or Kuroneko

            Ayase because well … kawaiiiiiiiiiii

            and Kuroneko because … I tought she was a good fit for him, though . it was kind of strange (their relationship I mean) though she was the most interesting character in the series so … yeah.

            AYASE FANBOY 100%!!!!

  • Alisher


  • Master Jason


  • Roaddog

    Humanity says what it wrong and what is right.. in many countries Incest is allowed and nobody cares.

    Everyone has different meaning about this. I don’t say other meanigs are wrong because I think no one is right or wrong. I respect everyones thinking. Also my thinking is not wrong or right but here is my opinion:

    Love between cousins = totaly normal because different blood
    Love between siblings = Okay if they don’t try to make babys… they have to adopt kids.
    Everything else of incest = hm I would find that disgusting.

    I love that ending even if the Author couldn’t show directly that whey are still together =)

    Kirino X Kyousuke <3

  • nukedukem

    I just have watched it and, even I like Kuroneko (damn, her poor lithe heart, to me she is the most frail of all, in mind and emotions) in the end I liked the setting, you are right…it was aiming for kirinin/kyo from the start and just the crafting of the storytelling keep us of thinking otherwise; I like how Kyo cashes his promise, not explicit but implying what he desire….I wonder and I wish the author continue with Kuroneko spin off because right, she gets a bit of revenge with the confession scene but her heart was hurt, and she gonna see them when their club reunite again.

    Really im crossing my fingers for that xD.
    P.D., all the hentai doujins between these two are cannon now Xd

  • Kanashiineko

    I just finished watching this, and I had considered that at some point Kyousuke realized his sister needed him, and that he was playing the role of big brother until the very end, until he was not needed anymore. Complete dedication to his sister’s needs, because she was frankly pretty messed up.

    But then I remembered him touching her breast and kissing her in Akihabara, which he did both things for his own gratification, not for her… So I guess my delusion is over, he really did end up going past big brother to lover… I was blinding myself to think he was just playing big brother to his troubled sister.

    What I enjoyed the most about this show, was how Kuroneko could see the truth, and worked out a plan to make it happen. The fact that she recorded his ‘love confession’ for his sister in episode 14, only to play it back from the speakers in the van at the appropriate time so that his sister could hear his confession was consolation for me that she was ok, as she had her wits about her through the whole ‘destiny’ that she designed.

    • Kanashiineko

      P.S. Don’t forget, Kyousuke imagined Kuroneko saying goodbye at the gaming club in epi 16, that was a really big deal IMHO. Her curse is still with him, and he is thinking about her.

  • Juan

    It was implied in sort of manner that they would continue their relationship if not for the censorship. The ending really got into me as well as I would like for Kirino and Kyousuke to be together, no matter what society thinks. My point is that the author strongly suggests that if not for his publishers, he would write an ending that might be a more taboo one where Kirino and Kyousuke continued their relationship. So, for those who support and ship them to be together, dwell on what the author says. As for those who ship Kyousuke with someone else, I am sorry as I can’t help you guys. Maybe playing the game would help. Look at the link for what the author says in the interview.


  • maxime gagne

    Ayase with kyousuke will be great but with little sister Kirino, thats DISCUSTING.

  • Lawliet


    • The Atomic Dwarf

      This should sate a bit of your hunger fellow Kuroneko fan http://bato.to/comic/_/comics/ore-no-kouhai-ga-konna-ni-kawaii-wake-ga-nai-r475

      • Lawliet

        i think there is a good chance for season 3

        • The Atomic Dwarf

          Unfortunately, no. The light novels on which the anime is based are over. The ending is the same as for the anime. That’s it.

          If there will be a season 3, it’ll perhaps be a Kuroneko Gaiden in the same manner the Yuiki Nagato spin-off will be animated.

          • Lawliet

            I know that I think that novel will continue because at the end it felt like it s not finished.Maybe not yet maybe for few years

  • niknasr

    Woo!! Got around watching these three last episode at last… And I have 45654847 back log anime to watch also, my opinion doesn’t really sway much with most people about the incest… But I’m actually felt somewhat calmed at the ending, It is what it is.. Romance is complicated, they also knew what in store for them in the future, but I think the determination shown by Kirino and especially Kyousuke despite that, in other words stay true to themselves (characteristically) till the end is what give this anime benefit of doubt by me.. Manami’s reason enough to sway but his determination is top-notch that actually made me a little bit in awe too I guess, Well he also the one who rejects Kanako, Ayase Manami and Kuroneko so that should be a given.. Despite that, I’m quite sad for Ruri well because obviously she’s my favourite character but surprisingly contrary to people belief, I don’t have any problem with Kirino ending..

    :: Oreimo was a fun ride :: – this is what I believe

  • EndingCouldHaveBeenBetter

    The ending was quite depressing. While I admit it’s possible their story didn’t end there because of the kiss, and the life consoling… I wish they just bit the bullet, and gave that ending since it was going to be controversial either way. In the game on psp choosing the Kirino route ends with them together married for real. Their friends, and family accept their relationship. The reason? In the game they aren’t blood related. So in a way it’s confirmed in one spectrum they stayed together… Even if that was one of many endings in the game. It’s one confirmed end for them at least so maybe there’s some solace to fans who feel hurt by the anime/manga’s ending? They could have went about a lot of the things in the anime way better though…