Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. (Oreimo) Season 2 Episode 3 – Makishima Saori

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Makishima Saori’s turn.
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. (Oreimo) Season 2 Episode 3 Review
Oreimo Season 2 Episode 3 Review
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Strangely enough, this episode is dedicated to Makishima Saori and her past. Seeing into her past is what I wanted, but I was taken off guard as it’s fairly random.

Oreimo Season 2 Episode 3 Impressions

Makishima Saori embarrassed

Wow, they showed off Saori’s real appearance really randomly. I was expecting it to be more… grand so that I could see everyone’s reactions. Not to mention, her real appearance hasn’t been shown ever and it almost seems like a disservice for it to be randomly inserted out of nowhere. Nonetheless, this leads right into the backstory of Saori and her hardships of her past.


So unlike what we’ve been used to, Saori is actually a conservative and shy girl that used to not do much. Her sister is quite the opposite and even says herself that she wants to experience as many things as possible before she dies. We can suppose that Saori of old did not have much interest in the “otaku culture” and, because of her sister, got exposed to people who were and became friends with them.

Oreimo Kanakana Ore no Imouto Kanata-san

Well well well, if it isn’t Saori’s master, Yamanashi Ganma / Kasuga Haruka / Kanata / Kanakana… Yeah, okay, you get the point, but she really does act like Saori does with Kirino, Kuroneko and Kyousuke. It’s actually hard to imagine that she was so shy in the past (and such a beauty). The group as a whole isn’t bad, and Kanata is definitely the most entertaining one. Granted, it is only one episode, but even then, the characters aren’t nearly as interesting as Kirino, Kuroneko, and Kyousuke as there’s some foundational rivalry between all of them.

Bajeena Saori sister

The story of how the group fell apart and how the sister uses punishment by means of saying how Saori is basically irrelevant to the group and is considered to be an outsider. Of course, it’s her way of encouraging Saori to stop being such a downer and step up to make friends herself instead of always having others do the work for her. Although, it’s hard for me to really feel sympathetic or anything because it’s not like the characters developed, and besides, it’s to be expected anyways.

Ore no Imouto cosplay Kousaka Kirino cosplay Kuroneko cosplay Oreimo Kyousuke Makishima Saori dress

So, after all of that, the party returns and finally we get to see Kirino, Kyousuke, and Kuroneko again. The whole group is why we watch the anime and they haven’t been around… for three episodes! Is this really Oreimo?!?! I would have expected something more integrated with the group, and while a backstory isn’t bad, the timing of it is just completely awkward and random. Well, I guess the ending part made up for some of it. Cosplay FTW.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. (Oreimo) Season 2 Episode 3 Review

Honestly, this episode is not up to par with many of the others. The backstory served no purpose other than it being just a backstory. I didn’t feel anything watching Saori’s struggle, and it’s not as if I was intrigued by it either. The presentation and the overall backstory isn’t very entertaining, and it also felt out of place. One has to wonder why A-1 inserted this part so randomly in between everything. Ultimately, this didn’t serve Oreimo’s usual purpose of entertaining the audience, and I can argue that it’s an episode of some potentially awesome character interactions wasted.

I really didn’t want to have to write this type of review, but Oreimo doesn’t really show off what makes it “Oreimo” in the first place with this episode. Even if it does something a bit different trying to grab the audience’s attention via emotions, I feel that it has failed. The characters presented were also uninteresting and is nothing in comparison to the original group. Some may have thought the last episode is awkwardly placed, but this one is even worse in that regard. Overall, this episode is lackluster and makes me worried about the adaptation. Hopefully, Oreimo will improve from this low-point onwards.

Oreimo end card

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  • Nicholas

    Yeah, I get how you feel when you say this episode was awkwardly placed. I didn’t understand the purpose of it either. Maybe they were just trying to devote an episode to each of Kirino/Kyousuke’s friends. Since last episode featured a lot of Ayase, maybe they made this episode to feature a lot of Saori or something xD. I did enjoy the cosplay though, especially in the last image, Kyousuke looks so badass wearing that haha.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Awkwardly placed is one thing, and I could definitely overlook it if the episode is actually good, but it’s not. It doesn’t really make me feel like I did when I watched other episodes of Oreimo, and it’s not that entertaining overall. A disappointment actually, which really is too bad.