Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. (Oreimo) Season 2 Episode 8 – Kamineko

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KAMINEKO! Then… it turns.
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Season 2 Episode 8 Review
Oreimo Season 2 Episode 8 Review
“I Can’t Create a Summer Memory with My Underclassman”
“Ore ga Kōhai to Hito Natsu no Omoide o Tsukuru Wake ga Nai”

Well, we knew it was going to come. We all knew this happiness that seems to span all of summer would not last. We knew from the previous episode, and from the tone of this one that such a progression only makes for a swift end. And dammit it is here.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. (Oreimo) Season 2 Episode 8 Impressions

Kirino crying over sticker

Aren’t you?

Oh man.



After getting a girlfriend, I suppose Kyousuke is more open about his relationship with his sister. But what did come as a surprise is his sudden confession to the fact that he and Kuroneko are going out. Kirino’s reaction isn’t necessarily unexpected as it’s quite natural for someone to take it silently and be utterly destroyed on the inside. The way she’s completely ignoring him and not even saying how idiotic he is is an indicator of her mental state. Well, that and the obvious close up of her widening her eyes. In this way, it’s less cliche than her going all out saying “baka onii-san” and running away which is great.


Is it bad if I can understand?

Gokou Ruri mask chuunibyou


Kamineko kuroneko anime


Gokou Ruri cosplaying smiling

More Kamineko pls.

Sometimes, I have an urge to go chuunibyou (careful of spoilers on review page as always) as well. Well, I mean I go chuunibyou on my podcast fairly often, but anyways, Kuroneko is doing an awesome job of making the relationship between her and Kyousuke much more… interesting with her proclivity for her unconventional way of dress. She may be making it interesting for viewers, but that must be fairly awkward having someone cosplaying beside you in broad daylight. Kuroneko/Gokou Ruri does look amazing though.


True dat.

Yep, it’s an interesting relationship alright. Or it’s more like Kuroneko is just pure entertainment because I’m a sucker for people who have the chuunibyou syndrome. Otherwise, it’s still a fairly normal boyfriend-girlfriend relationship that involves the usual formula. For Kuroneko fans, they must be spinning in their revolvable chairs or something. Personally, it’s nice to see Kyousuke settle down somewhat and to see another side of the anime that we haven’t seen before.

Maschera manga

Spin off please.

Kuroneko offers to hold hands


Kuroneko and Kyousuke

Kamineko Gokou Ruri moe


The seemingly innocuous offer of holding hands still is quite something for someone new to such a close relationship to withstand. Who could not like the affinity between the two? Even if you’re a Kirino fan, you’ve got to admit that it’s not bad. It’s quite ordinary, but with small things here and there, it becomes quite different. Well, everything was going well, and then this happens.

Kuroneko happy and blushing

Kyousuke and Kirino ideal world drawing


So. A picture of Kirino and Kyousuke eh? So this is the first flag of the downfall of their relationship. Seriously. I mean, it’s almost as if Kuroneko already knows that the bond between the two isn’t strong enough and she’s giving up trying to savor the time she has left with him. It’s disheartening to hear her say that “this is the ideal world I want to risk everything to achieve.” Why? Why does she have to achieve this? Is she really trying to be the person that puts the two together while sacrificing herself? Is she trying to make both of them realize their true feelings for each other and be happy? Does she think that the only way things can go on is this route? Come on, that’s just… no.

Maschera anime near kiss Kousaka Kyousuke wild imaginations Gokou Hinata sister

LOL. Such an insult.

Gokou Tamaki onii-chan


Normally, going into the other person’s home requires formality with regards to the parents and everything, but it’s much more carefree in Kuroneko’s place. Seeing an semi-erotic scene, and then having sisters charge in asking assertive questions is quite something. Everything here adds a bit of flavor and makes me like the Gokou family even more. Tamaki is adorable :)

Kousaka Kirino shocked face




This always happens doesn’t it? Misunderstandings with the sounds and all. That’s just a side factor in the Kuroneko and Kirino conversation though. They’re both friends even if they’re usually on opposite ends of the spectrum arguing with each other, but this time Kuroneko is being a bit more… normal? What exactly is Kuroneko to Kirino anyways? A friend? A rival or what? Whatever it may be, Kuroneko’s sigh and her mental resignation makes me think that she wants the friendship between them to last. And to make it last, she has to… sacrifice herself.

Oreimo Kuroneko Gokou Ruri in kimono cute

MORE KURONEKO WIN. Dammit the flags are…

KyousukexKuroneko pairing watching fireworks

*Sigh. Enjoy the final moments.

Kyousuke liking her more

That’s great but…

As I watch the scenes where Kyousuke and Kuroneko are together having a blast at the festival, I can’t help but feel that this is a signal for the end. It could just be my bias, but the tone of the last part, and the hints given throughout the episode makes it really clear that what’s going to happen is going to happen. It’s almost as if the episode is trying to portray a farewell moment with the music and the overall tone of the scenes. And yep. It fucking happens.

Destiny Record opening


That’s right. Break up with her senpai. So, is she really trying to preserve the friendship between them all by sacrificing herself? Is she trying to get at least a little bit of what she wants before doing so? Is it because she knows that Kyousuke likes Kirino more? Well, whatever her reasons, one thing is clear. The Oreimo drama is going to come from the next episode onwards and it’s going to be probably more dramatic than what we’ve had before. I mean, the next episode’s title alone, which is the anime’s title, is an indicator of how pivotal it will be to the overall story.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. (Oreimo) Season 2 Episode 8 Review

Well well well. Kuroneko fans are depressed and Kirino fans rejoice. For me, this episode delivers the needed mood between Kyousuke and Kuroneko well. While it saddens me that Kyousuke may never call Kuroneko “Ruri” as I’m rooting for her, as long as the resolution itself, and of course, the drama, works out well, then while it may not be the ending I may have wanted personally, it will be satisfying nonetheless. I’m not really sure what other reasons Kuroneko can have for doing what she’s doing, and I’m pretty sure I’m close.

It’s just that, Oreimo is going on the road of drama and everyone can feel it coming already with all the subtle facial expressions in this episode. I like drama, but please, please do not make Oreimo cringe-worthy. I don’t mind emotional outbursts here and there along with some Kyousuke badassery, but it’s very easy for Oreimo to be melodramatic with this kind of direction. The problem is that, if it does become overdramatic, the feelings that the viewers have towards the characters will be washed away by it. Next episode will be very important, so let’s see how Oreimo executes this!


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  • Kuronekofag

    I’m a sad panda :[

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Sad indeed. :(

  • TheAtomicDwarf

    Man… Knew this was coming but it’s still too much! Cuteness overload and then that ending :(
    Either way Kuroneko is smart. She did all of this with a reason. And I think that drawing says it all.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      She’s just… I’m betting she’s just sacrificing herself so they can get together. It’s cliche, and I don’t know if the writer is going to really do it, but aghdgaiofajfpodsjofidasjfpa. This episode is…

      • A.C.

        That’s pretty much where I’m at. You know, I had a feeling from the very beginning (of this season) it would go like this. I’m a huge Kuroneko fan but still the instinctive feeling of vague melancholy to her whole courting of Kyo (hey, if I shorten his name he sounds like that guy from KOF, cool!) was hard to shake.

        And yet still… I’m disappointed. More than anything, Kirino (in my humble and most likely unpopular opinion) has only grown in her obnoxiousness since season 1. I’m picky about tsundere heroines as it is, but in Kirino’s own words, I find myself thinking ‘that’s just pure TSUN!’ all the time. Kuroneko on the other hand is actually a likable character, with just enough flaws to be realistic (well, as realistic as you’d want a character like that to get).

        Kirino on the other hand treats almost everyone like crap most of the time, then acts like a complete hypocrite when it’s to her favour, then has everyone bend over backwards (in Kyo’s case almost literally) to help her anyway. I could go on, but yeah, this post WAS supposed to be about Kuroneko. >_>

        I just wish it didn’t have to go the way I think it’s going. Kirino is NO saint nor is she deserving of empathy, and if Kuroneko was honest, brave and UNPRETENTIOUS enough to be honest to Kyo with her feelings in the first place, she deserves all the Kyo action she can get, for as long as she can get it. And if Kyo genuinely prefers Kirino deep down, well, he has terrible taste. (again, I can literally feel the spears of burning fury being prepared by Kirino fans).

        Still, I’ll watch it because (apart from Kirino) I’m curious to see what happens to the characters. Buy yeah, poor Kuroneko. The self-sacrificial angel lamb. *sigh*

        I just hope she doesn’t make herself come off as a b… nasty lady in order to kick Kyo to the kerb. That would only add insult to injury. >_<

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          Personally, I think, like you, that Kuroneko deserves Kyousuke more as a person. However, there’s still the inevitable nature of these types of anime that makes the “first heroine” a much more likely candidate in the end. I would like Kuroneko to actually have a fair shot, and it seems that she’s getting it in the beginning of the episode only for her to be torn down like we expected.

          But maybe it’ll be surprising by the end. Who knows? I just think that while the resolution may be foreseeable, there’s a lot that could be done to make the Kuroneko fans at least somewhat satisfied as well given that the writer plays the cards right.

          • A.C.

            True, I’m still holding out hope there’s some kind of emotional satisfaction (and not just the painful, altruistic kind) for Kuroneko by the end of it.

            And really nice site by the way, should have said something about that in my first post (bad manners) but I can think of a few ‘premium’ sites that could learn a thing or two from your writing style and layout. Good stuff! ;)

          • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

            Yeah, I’m hoping for some emotional satisfaction from the future episodes as well.

            Thanks a lot! Haha, you don’t have to worry about “bad manners” at all. It’s really not a big deal. The very fact that you take your time to read my reviews is already much, much appreciated. Commenting is fantastic as well, so don’t worry about formalities or anything like that.

            To be honest, I am very unsatisfied with how my site layout is and I haven’t devoted enough time to tweaking, and changing basically everything. With summer coming, I will have more time to change the site quite a bit. So we can all look forward to that! As for my writing, it’s nowhere near what I want it to be, so I’ll improve that over time as well.

            Thank you very much for your support!

  • TheOriginalArcader

    After watching this, it would have been kinder for Ruri not to have asked Kyousuke out at all then to go through all of this. I mean, Kyousuke admits he has grown to like her more and they are each others first boyfriend/girlfriend. I would think her breaking up with him would be a crushing blow to both of them- it would to me! All for the friendship of a scathing beyotch?!?

    I’m am looking forward to the next episode with much dread for the cluster of an explanation of why she is doing this.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      I really want her reason to be good so then at least I can overlook some things, but the next episode is going to be the deciding point. Agh.

      • latinalover

        she acutally have 3 reasons for doing it.. i can tell u right now if u like?

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          Thanks for the offer, but no spoilers please. Like, ever. Even if someone requests it, please do not give spoilers. Thanks for asking before saying it though. Much appreciated.

          • TheAtomicDwarf

            The Books are there for you to read. If you enjoy the series I really recommend reading the books as well. Go to Baka-Tsuki and check them out :)

          • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

            Yeah, I’ll definitely check into that sometime soon. I was actually starting to read it, but I just didn’t for some reason. I’ll check on it eventually as I do enjoy the anime.

          • latinalover

            kirino is more likable in the light novel because the anime team take out kirino cute moments

          • TheAtomicDwarf

            Likable, yes but through the eyes of her brother as he describes his interactions with her. You dont want a staring contest a la Twilight in the Anime do you?:D So they had to cut down on the inner monologue.

          • latinalover

            i already read it all the way to the 11th volume. so right now i am waiting for the last volume to be release in june

  • Drig


    This episode never existed. Like ever.

    And this couple looked so cute……..This was a sad ending.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      :( We have to accept it because while there is the sad moment at the end, the majority of it is… happy to say the least.

      • Drig

        BTW, forgot to mention, your reviews are pretty damn awesome and great fun to read. Keep them coming :D.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          Thanks a lot, Drig! I’ll definitely keep them coming :)

  • Laopride

    The reason I dont really like Ruri is that she acts so weird. She pretends she some evil demon or something. I dont know. I Usually always route for the main characters in series. Go Kirino, haters gonna hate.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Well, if you’re not into chuunibyou stuff (Google it if you’re not sure what that is), then of course it’s awkward for you. It’s just interesting for some people to see this kind of… awkward, childish, but at the same time interesting type of characteristic.