Outbreak Company Episode 1-2 (FIRST IMPRESSIONS) – Surprise of the season?

Outbreak company anime
Spreading the culture.

A nice surprise.
Outbreak Company Episode 1-2
“Awakening in the Other Realm”
I Landed in Another World

Instead of having the regular impressions and review sections, I’m going to focus mostly on criticizing, more like praising in this case, instead of my interpretations on what’s going on in both episodes because I think there are a lot of aspects that the show does well that I need to emphasize more so than anything else. In my season preview, I stated that if they manage to capture the deeper side of the anime regarding discrimination, and so on then it may become very interesting. While it hasn’t done that quite yet because only two episodes have passed, the fundamentals of a show are quite well defined.

(Opening + Ending)

Outbreak Company Episode 1-2 Review

Kanou Shinichi otaku


Foaran Myuseru




Oh man, supreme ruler eh?

The premise itself is what captivated me before watching, and after watching the first episode, I have to say that I am not disappointed. It’s certainly a unique premise with how a “thoroughbred otaku” is trying to spread culture by going into another world. We have the dragons, elves, and so on which are all nice and adds that fantasy twist that interest me personally. It is a gateway show that’s not as serious as something like Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There and even if it does get serious in the future, it won’t be similar to that. What we are introduced to is a more… fun setting almost like Hataraku Maou-sama!


Foaran Myuseru moe

So moe.

BUT… SHE’S SO MOE. All they need to do is to introduce the concept and it’ll be good. MOE IS GOING SAVING LIVES. LITERALLY.


Shinichi Kanou boner


When it comes to creating an at least decent show, characters that are not completely unlikable is a good starting point. Kanou Shinichi is a straight forward, not mentally challenged, and isn’t the hot-blooded individual that is hellbent on throwing his beliefs all over the place. He has that standard moe-loving, oppai-loving characteristic, but it’s never done to extents as to feel irritating. The way he stands up and confronts others calmly, and rationally accentuates his level-headed nature even if he really likes to say what he’s thinking even when the time may be inappropriate. Yes, this is a fairly “normal” person, but maybe because this the medium of anime promotes something extraordinary that it’s nice for something ordinary to be portrayed once in a while. Other than that though, he’s just has a… nice personality which brings in some interesting character interactions with the servants who are not used to such kindness.

Outbreak Company petrarca




Myuseru and Shinichi


Of course, we also cannot forget one more solid character called Myuseru Foaran (Miusel Foalan as some translate it). Rejoice, for she is not a tsundere and is a loyal maid looking after Shinichi’s nosebleeds- I mean, his needs. Her intentions are so pure that it compliments her looks very well. I expect her relationship with Shinichi to continue to grow so that she will develop beyond her servant side and be more of an ally to Shinichi. Also, as discrimination is beginning to be more emphasized, I expect her innocence to evoke some kind of emotions due to poor treatment like it has in episode 2.


Too gud.

Outbreak company




Petararca, on the other hand, is a spoiled little girl that berates just about anyone she wants to. Now, if you are to say that this is a bad character, I would disagree. At least for now. The reason is that her childishness and her outlook on her society is currently fixed in a certain state that Shinichi doesn’t accept at all. It doesn’t reflect her character as much as it reflects the society that she has grown up in. So, the gradual transition from her mindset now to a different one cultivated by Shinichi would be something that will probably happen. If it does happen, it will be both entertaining, as it is the otaku culture bringing in such change, and thought provoking as the more challenging topics that this show is trying to tackle are popping up. However, if she remains an annoying tsundere even after going through future challenges that would promote growth, then that may be enough to call her a “bad character.”

Attack on Lap.


Kanou Shinichi angry

For some reason this part is weirdly funny.


You better.

It’s just awesome how some stories can touch the hearts of many people in such a way. While all entertainment mediums have a lot of shit, it’s incredible how great works can affect our lives.

Overall, the show has just been very entertaining so far with some nice bits of humor, the promising characters, and the potentially thought-provoking story. I strongly believe that if the Outbreak Company pulls off the more meaningful side of the story while providing some entertaining moments pertaining to the otaku culture alongside that then this may just be one of the best anime of the season. As it stands, this is definitely the anime to watch out for as it has possibly the greatest potential of the season outside of Refrain which already has a very established reputation. So far, this is my biggest surprise of the season, and I really do hope it continues on as well as it has so far. It’ll be tough balancing the profound aspects with the entertaining ones, and not falling into mediocrity, but the possibility and potential is there. Great start so far.

Outbreak Company Wallpaper

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  • Crackin355

    It was a surprise for me too. Definitely going to keep an eye on this one. I want to see some more race conflict and how it deals with it.

    Also, so moe.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      It’s hard to incorporate the deeper conflicts in the story especially with only a season so it’ll be quite something if they actually manage to pull it off.


      • Evilnemesis


        I don’t know about you but I’d rather not teach her the way of the Otaku ways when it comes to elves, especially not half-elves.

        I mean if you take a quick glance, males are meant to be killed and their women are meant to be cum dumpsters for the strong human soldiers and their kings.

        And this is pure blooded elves, can’t imagine how a filthy half-breed would be treated like.

        Better teach her the way of the elves from a western fiction’s perspective, they are always graceful and eternally beautiful.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          Alright, bro. You got a point there… >.> SHINICHI WILL KNOW WHAT’S RIGHT FOR THEM.

  • Ian Porterfield

    So…Will you review the Otorimonogatari Arc? (Episodes 12-15?)

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Yes, I’ll review the last episode of each arc for sure and maybe the in between episodes if I want to.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    So much MOE! This anime is really good. I laughed my ass off when I saw the parody figures of Miku and Nyaruko.

    But for me the good surprise of this season is Log Horizon. It’s far better than it’s predecessor SAO in many ways. The MC is more calm and collected and he is a support mage. How awesome is that! They explain every aspect of the game like a tutorial for new players so it’s not only oriented towards the hardcore MMO gamers but it’s friendly to newbies too. Oh and it has it’s moe elements as well :)

    • Evilnemesis

      Man LH is what every MMO player have been waiting for. I’ve read the LNs and there’s really a pretty good grasp of MMO gameplay/politics/guild life and PK/PVP/griefing and a myriad of MMO related things.

      I do believe that the more “darker” side of griefing and abuse because the players are bored will be tuned down compared to the LN. It’s broadcasted on NHK E so… can’t be showing too many bad things to the children on national TV.

      In the LN a lot of “dark guilds” or whatever you want to call them, have taken control of some cities and all. It’s total anarchy.

      They’ve even started sex-slaving and trafficking the female NPCs before moving on to Female players.

      But really the most important factor here is that the characters are all likeable.

      There’s the megane MC support mage that pushes his glasses about 10 times per episodes ( people are counting ).

      Loyal loli waifu assassin that is so moe ( I can’t decide between her and Fino Blood stone from Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita for best girl of the season ).

      Womanizing tank bro.

      Glorious mysterious cat guy ( he gets really awesome ).

      Drunk Onee-san AoE mage guild leader

      Also DameDame best subs!

      • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

        It’s great to hear that it continues to focus on the game aspect of things. It’s pretty awesome how we finally get a show focusing on MMOs. Definitely looking forward to more.

      • The Atomic Dwarf

        Dude, you made me curious. Where did you find the LN’s? Hope there isn’t much NTR in them. I’m not a fan of that genre.

        Yea, being broadcast on NHK means we’re only going to see small aspects or just hints of the “darker” side and only if it has a message to deliver to the kids. And definitely little if anything related to cybersex.

        Sorry for making the comparison to SAO but it’s the only other anime out there that even resembles this a bit.

        • Evilnemesis

          Nah man ntr? This ain’t no work by MTSP here!

          And Unlike SA:O which every girl wants his dick ( because he’s a dual wielding gary stu ) pretty much every male character gets his own waifu at some point in this, even pervert tankbro.

          As for where I found em, well amazon Japan of course.

          My moonrunes are stronk! Took me a few years ( 5 and counting ) but with all this perseverance comes the blessing ( ain’t no blessing it was hard work! ) that I can buy and read 99.9% more series than pretty much the majority of manga/anime readers/viewers.

          I began my journey with resolve when I stumbled upon big manga raw sites years ago, I just couldn’t believe how many ( over nine thousand ) good mangas I was missing out on. They were mainly Seinen /Josei titles due to the fact that there’s a bazillion scan groups doing pretty much every single half decent Shoujo / Shounen.

          I mean, how hard could it be ( LOL ITS HARD AS FUUUK ).

          But I have a pretty stubborn personality and having conquered English and Spanish ( my first language is French ) as 2nd and 3rd language I felt the need to throw myself at something harder.

          I mean, Spanish is insanely similar to French that it never felt like such a foreign language honestly, and English… everyone learns English!

          So I decided to throw myself into thousands of Kanjis and more. Still after half a decade of working at it, I still learn a little bit pretty much everday if I apply myself.

          • The Atomic Dwarf

            Keep at it! Dem moonrunes are tricky bastards. I heard that if you even blink for a moment they move around. One even flipped me off.

            Yea you’re right there is a lot of awesome stuff that isn’t translated and there aren’t that many good groups that translate LN’s. Man… Amazon JP, nice!

            I’ve been trying to learn Korean for a while to read my fav webcomics and to curse them in SC2 whenever they kick my ass. There’s been a boom of good Korean manhwa lately and most of them aren’t translated up-to-date. Got a loong way to go.

          • Evilnemesis

            Totally agree on the numbers of good manwhas and most importantly webtoons that have been popping left and right.

            Naver and Daum waging war pretty ferociously!

            I remember the craze started with Noblesse and ToG, and then in 2012 the amount of webtoon scanlated skyrocketed. I still remember needing my almost daily dose of The Friendly Winter from Supreme Cream Scans ( it was their first work at the time, now everyone loves every project they pick up what a great group ) . They were so far behind the raws and managed to catch up so quickly.

            The only thing that’s a bit sad is to know that all of those great works will never be animated because Korea has almost no animation industry.

            And you play on Sc2 KR servers? Don’t you need a Korean social security number for that ? Also YFW you realize gold in korea are all a bunch of elementary school and middle school gosu kids. I remember my friend telling me that he felt ashamed when he skype called with a young boy that had pretty good English. Turns out he was 12. Dat Ego was CRUUUUUUSHED.

            I know I was slightly irked when I made my Daum account to view this 18+ webcomic that looked really badass ( it was a female on the portrait and she looked like she could kick anyone’s ass. I mean, 18+ and action with a femal protag? It really looked up my alley, seinen demographic basically with a bit of fanservice I’m sure.

            Turns out that not only did I need to make an account but I needed a KSSN to prove I was over 18. I was not amused, I remember that their captcha system was almost unreadable and I battled a few minutes cycling along the ones I could read. I really wanted a glimpse at that webtoon.

            All this off-topic though ! Back to Log Horizon, I was talking about how more in-depth the LNs are. And it turns out a group as recently begun the scanlation of the LH Manga adaptation. I haven’t skimmed the first chapter but the first comment is saying that it’s explaining a bit more than the anime already, not sure if that’s true or not but It’s worth mentioning.


            Pretty funny, the two groups collaborating together are

            -Loli Brigade Scans

            -Pocket Loli Scans

            I wonder which character they like the most !

          • The Atomic Dwarf

            You can bypass stuff like SSN if you know somebody there who doesn’t play and trusts you enough to give it :). But you won’t get out of Bronze for the first 3 months at least. Plus, right now you get a lot of koreans on western servers as well. EU has it’s fair share of KR players. Yeah you’re right about dem kids. Even on the pro scene they pop up now and then and take the world by storm. And they’re half my age!

            Have you read any of those horror webcomics? Where the screen suddenly jumps a few frames and you also hear screeches? I fell out of my chair the first time i read one of those. That’s some scary stuff man.

            Ok back to Log Horizon, thx for the link. Interesting to see him before he logs in the game. We can already see he has another character on a different server whose class is Summoner? Now i’m curious to see that in action. Also glad to see a Cat race that resembles a western perspective (Skyrim Khajiit) rather than the traditional Nekomimi. Though the manga seems to be there just to support the LN and anime. It’s pretty fast paced.

            Those 2 groups are new and they grasp their hands on anything that has a loli in it :)). They’re like wolves dude. Wait till Outbreak gets a manga. Guess who will tranlate it? :)

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Log Horizon isn’t as big of a surprise for me because I knew that as long as it focused on the game aspects of things, it would be pretty good. So far, it is doing just that and I am actually really liking the series. I wouldn’t even call SAO its predecessor as they’re two different shows in my book. SAO doesn’t even focus on the game aspect at all and feels more like just a fantasy setting with minor game mechanics tacked on which was a huge disappointment for me.

      The characters are better, and there’s just so much potential with how big the world actually is and the fact that there isn’t just a single objective and people can do anything they want. That is what I wanted to see from a game-like anime. It’s also 2-cours which is just awesome.

      • Anon

        Hihi, I enjoy your posts as usual. The many references in OC are great and you’re right, having a (mostly) sensible, “normal” male lead is (ironically) refreshing.

        But just wanna point out that its easy to jab at SAO because the adaptation unfortunately ended on the “worst” arc, Fairy Dance which had silly systems that yes felt tacked on and were just a means for Kirito to go do his thing. While its commonly known as the worst arc, it does lay framework for the more “ghost-in-the-shell-y” themes in the later novels.

        As for the Aincard arc, I would have to disagree. The game systems are the best part of SAO-Aincard because they’re extremely familiar to early 2000s era Korean MMO’s. I believe Kawahara even said they were based loosely on Ragnarok Online and Lineage 1 and 2 (SAO was written in 2002). Reminder, one great example is the 2 eps “Murder in the Safe Zone” where our detective MC’s talk a lot about game systems. Item durability, types of duels, sleep-PK “duels”, safe zone purple barriers, marriage/shared inventory, orange/red guilds, etc.

        In the end, I agree the comparisons really need to stop. .hack, Log Horizon and SAO are all about completely different things lol.

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav


          I understand that Fairy Dance is the “worst arc,” but it’s not like the Aincrad arc is all that great either. Other elements aside such as the surface romance, the Gary Stu Kirito, and Mary Sue Asuna aside, the game elements are really not there. I mean, sleep PKing, item durability and so on is such a small, small part of the show that it doesn’t feel like they’re in a game as much as it is just an anime based in this world that has some game elements tacked on.

          Seriously, the game parts of SAO consist of the HP bars, some really lame crafting, cooking which is okay, and some PKing that could have happened without it being a game anyways. The only things I’ll give it is the orange/red guilds as well as the shared inventory. The raids are really primitive and so are the tactics behind all the combat. I understand that Kirito’s a lone wolf so guilds aren’t really supposed to be touched upon that much. However, since it did get touched upon later, it wasn’t even with depth.

          I’m rambling here and it’d probably be better for me to write something more formal as an argument, but in the end, as a person who has played many MMOs, and games in general in the past, SAO is really a poor excuse of a “game” anime. Nonetheless, the comparisons do definitely need to stop as they are all very different.