Psycho-Pass Episode 14

Psycho-Pass Makishima Shougo determination
Makishima's conviction.

The revolution BEGINS.
Psycho-Pass Episode 14: “Sweet Poison”
“Amai Doku”

Psycho-Pass Episode 14 Impressions

The Sibyl System is depended on just as much as people rely on the law today. Without it, anarchy would soon ensue and the world will become even more chaotic. So, what happens when a group of people has the powers to surpass law and order? The time for a revolution has come for the world of Psycho-Pass.

The Helmet

Psycho-Pass dominator Ginoza Nobuchika Tsunemori Akane sad

Last episode, the Chief of the Security Bureau talked about the necessity of trusting the Sibyl System. While the Inspectors maintain their Psycho-Pass levels, undoubtedly, they have doubts on the consequences of relying on the system for legal authority. But what happens when there is a glitch in the system and irregularities occur?

While the helmet may be a new addition to the anime, it’s actually not. Looking back at the first episode, we know that Kougami fought with a person who had this helmet before meeting Makishima personally. Watching the part again, now we understand why Kougami couldn’t fire the Dominator. Slowly but surely, the pieces are falling into place and their meeting will be a critical part of this anime.

Beginning of the Crumbling of Society

Even citizens, who, without the Sibyl System would dial 9/11 or yell out help, are stunned and display no signs of emotion for the victim. To them, the act of violence or anything that disobeys the law will be dealt swiftly by the Sibyl System. They have, in fact, sacrificed their freedom for security. Perhaps the darkest of moments in this episode is when a patrol drone fails to notice the brutality and offers advice for the mentally stressed. If not by anything else, I am affected most by this disturbing scene as it hints that the foundations of this society crumble.

Makishima’s Doing

Of course, Makishima Shougo is the one behind this. Brutal? Yes. Necessary? It’s up to debate. He has made his point clear that people should have their own wills and not to be dictated by a system. Naturally, overthrowing the current system by means of proving the current to be faulty is the way to proceed with his revolution. The helmet works simply by imitating the Psycho-Pass of a person with a clear hue within a thirty meter radius. These tools will be used by Makishima to reach the result he desires. They also don’t seem to be going away anytime soon as seen in episode one.

Theft and Discovery

Karanamori Shion flattery

Attacking an armored car and stealing boxes of… equipment? Dominators? For the moment, we are left in the dark about this but it will come up at a later time. Anyways, Kougami, being the excellent detective that he is, finds out the trick and manages to pin the culprit down.

Makishima Shougo’s Ultimate Purpose


While most people would view the helmets as nothing but a tool to do illegal activity, Makishima takes a broader perspective and wishes to create awareness for people. Tired of seeing society in such a pitiful state, he takes a stance and becomes a kingpin of the revolution. Moreover, not only is he philosophical and intelligent but he also has the physical aptitude to take down three people effortlessly. Although his methods are cruel, his ultimate goal may compensate for them. To me, Makishima doesn’t appear as a sadist who whips everyone around but is rather a unique human being affected by the environment around him.

Psycho-Pass Episode 14 Review

I’m certain that everyone watching this anime has realized the faults of the Sibyl System. From episode one, many have probably noted the inhumane nature of it. Finally, we are witnessing a static world become misshapen and eventually, it will be molded into a new society. The situation is no doubt dire and as I stated earlier, the inability for Sibyl to realize these acts of unlawful behavior is the highlight of this episode. The mentality of the citizens makes me sick. In these respects, Production I.G. has done a phenomenal job. All I can say is that, “I can’t wait for more.”

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    You’re awesome! Thank you for your reviews, can’t wait for more!

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