Psycho-Pass Episode 15

Psycho-Pass Makishima Shougo smiling
Are you ready? Makishima certainly is.

Fall of the Sibyl System
Psycho-Pass Episode 15: “The Town Where Sulfur Falls”
“Iō Furu Machi”

Society has changed in less than a day. Without the bulwark called the Sibyl System, citizens have taken the situation into their own hands and mankind is put into a state of disarray. At the same time, Makishima and Choi (or Choe) discuss writers and varying ideas that can represent the anime as a whole. I wonder how will humanity deal with this change?


Anarchy occurs when the law or a given legislative body fails to protect and punish accordingly. People who have lost hope because of the Sibyl System, and the people who have been given hope by it, they all get swept up in the fervor of events and commit acts they wouldn’t have under normal circumstances. For the people who lost hope, they find a reason in their corrupt system to cause grief to those blessed by the Sibyl System. The Sibyl System may have been the perpetrator in their minds but they will vent it on the closest things possible, those who have been given “good lives” by the system. Eventually, everyone loses control and the city is in complete chaos with rumors flying all over the internet and people gathering whatever they can to survive.

Makishia and Choi

Makishima Shougo

You and I are both quite ordinary, essentially common people. I’ve never thought of myself as avaricious. I just long for a world in which everyday things are done in an everyday way. That’s all I really want.

Last episode, I mentioned how Makishima is not a sadistic individual who preys upon people. Instead, he is more of an antihero than anything else. From the quote, Makishima and Choi are said to be “common people.” But in which world? Indeed, in our world, they may be exemplary citizens abiding by the rules that we have today. After all, Makishima wouldn’t undertake his mission because the world would be the way he wants it to be. Choi, on the other hand, is another enigma altogether. From his smile to the screen panning over his crafty face to his conversation with Makishima, Choi gives me the feeling that he’s more than meets the eye. Choi doesn’t emit an air of hostility but rather an atmosphere of uncertainty. Although they are close accomplices, I can’t shake off the feeling that maybe Choi has something planned as well.

Books have been the gateway into vast worlds where one can extract ideas one would not be able to surmise alone. We have already been exposed to Makishima reading 1984 and now Gen Urobuchi continues to insert stories that can be related to the world of Psycho-Pass. The book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick may be the closest “parody” of the city and to that I agree though it’s been some time since I was exposed to the book. Androids and humans, the Sibyl System’s loyal followers and revolutionaries, they all have some correlation.


Choe guseong

As for reading itself, Makishima is more traditional as he prefers actual books rather than E-Books. He states that it’s a form of meditation when flipping through the various pages. For me, when I read books and flip pages, I feel like I’m moving along and finding a path and it can be cathartic to my mind. Still, over the years, I’ve deviated from them to E-Books as I find them much more convenient.

We can probably assume that the city had a great influence over Makishima’s life as that’s one of his main reasons for causing this mayhem. However, it has gotten to the point where he is disgusted with the world that has overtaken the one he grew up in. In fact, he doesn’t seem to care if there is even a future after this; he just wants the Sibyl System gone.

Where The Sibyl System Lies

Kougami Shinya throwing grenade


Makishima genius


Makishima Shogo

It’s strange that the Sibyl System is in only one building as that generates a great amount of risk. Presumably, there must be something to hide if it’s not spread out across the city. We may have been exposed to the voice of the Sibyl System but we don’t have a single clue about what it truly is. It may even be some human-android hybrid. From episode 13, the Chief Kasei of the Security Bureau is seen to be strangely robotic. Could she be a proxy for the A.I? What will Makishima and Choi discover?


The perspective takes a twist as we are forced to look at it through the lenses of the “antagonists” or maybe better yet, the antiheroes. Since the beginning, the idea of “good” and “evil” have been merged into one big blob of grey. Honestly, that’s how it should be as the world isn’t so clearly distinguished. I am quite impressed by the amount of coherent content that Psycho-Pass is able to spew out every week as each section could be discussed for lengthy periods. Heck, this time, I didn’t even talk about Kougami or Akane as they were not the focus of this episode. Nonetheless, there will be undoubtedly plenty of twists as we delve deeper into the mysteries of the Sibyl System and it’s origins and implications.

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