Psycho-Pass Episode 16

Psycho-Pass Sibyl System
What's inside?

Psycho-Pass Episode 16: “The Gates of Judgment”
“Sabaki no Mon”

After all the build-up, after all the planning and increase in tension, it is now the time for the events to play out like a finale would. Through the fights and the action, we witness a deeper layer that will hopefully lead to an even more exciting climax.

Splitting and Pursuing

Well, he’s dead.

Karanamori Shion

To be honest, this episode may be lacking in terms of philosophical ideas about the society at large compared to the other episodes. However, that doesn’t make this episode “bad” by any means. It’s a more straight forward approach in which Kougami and Akane pursue Makishima in order to deal with their anger towards him. Kagari, on the other hand, goes alone to pursue Choi who is trying to destroy the Sibyl System. Right away, I’m sure you all know that Kagari is a goner as it’s about time Uro killed another member of the cast. One thing I can applaud is the use of soundtracks to further the intensity leading up to the eventual face to face battle.

Kagari and Choi

As we know, Choi and Makishima are trying to change the world but it’s not as if they are more “just” than the Sibyl System. Kagari puts it perfectly as he says that they “reek just as badly.” It’s debatable whether the end justifies the means, but it’s not as if Makishima and Choi are all that righteous when compared to the Sibyl System. Devil or God, God or Devil, they are both opposite ends of the spectrum that are just as faulty as the other.

Makishima Shougo and Kougami Shinya

Kougami Shinya needlegun Makishima blocks


Makishima Shougo Kougami and Makishima


Makishima vs Kougami


Makishima shogo knife

Makishima helmet owned


After 16 episodes, what we saw in the first episode finally came around and it’s as thrilling as ever watching the two face to face. From episode 14, we understand that Makishima is not only intelligent but also physically strong. Kougami might have been injured from the previous fight, but he gets utterly overwhelmed by Makishima and fails to land a single hit on him. In the end, it seems that Makishima’s fascination with Kougami doesn’t go as far as I thought it would. Kougami is just another person who entertains him for a while. Still, his lax behavior as he takes out his knife spells his doom as Akane pummels him in the head with the helmet he made. Everything came back to bite him when he could have ended their lives beforehand. Now, the decision of life and death is upon Akane.

Akane Tsunemori’s Decision

Tsunemori Akane crying

After witnessing Funahara Yuki being killed in front of her, Akane has undoubtedly been under a great amount of pain. However, she pushes her emotions down and puts him under arrest. This action may have redeemed Akane’s previous inaction by not stumbling down to his level of cruelty. She may forgo an opportunity that she may never have but Makishima is more useful alive than dead. Nonetheless, Akane will retain her Psycho-Pass and perhaps become better because of it. However, we as the audience know to some extent that this isn’t the last of Makishima and Akane could be making the same mistake Makishima made.

The Unrevealed Secret and the Cybernetic Chief


Kagari and Guseong Choe Guseong death Chief Kasei

With the boss fight done, we now enter the enigma of the Sibyl System. Apparently, what is inside of it is so perplexing and outrageous that Choi decides to not even destroy it. In fact, there is no need to because if people see it, then they will riot. Well, he better have been streaming this because the Chief shoots him with the Dominator. Guess what? She’s a cyborg just like I, and a lot of others, guessed. While this doesn’t come as much of a surprise, the scene as she eliminates Kagari gives me a feeling of despair. Even though they have “won” over the “antagonists,” it feels that they may have been after the wrong people.



Kagari Shuusei death


If the Chief is part of the Sibyl System, it means that it must be much more advanced than we think as it is capable of almost perfectly simulating a human being. We can probably understand how once we see inside of it but for now, it’s anyone’s guess. It could be human brains, people trapped inside, aliens, or anything! The most outrageous claims are probably more likely to be right as Choi and Kagari are completely shocked.

More Thoughts

I’m actually a bit conflicted with this episode. Don’t get me wrong, this episode is probably the most thrilling and entertaining one so far because of the fights and the tension. However, the lack of revelation makes me feel that something is missed. Some say that this episode is anti-climactic and predictable and to some extent, I agree. Then again, since this is not the highest point of the anime, the anime will undoubtedly reach higher heights as we draw closer to the conclusion. Still, I am afraid that the revealing of the Sibyl System and future events may not live up to people’s expectations now as it has been further hyped. Things can’t die down for more than an episode or else there won’t be much of a build up to the end. Here’s to hoping that Psycho-Pass can achieve what it wishes to achieve!

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  • Picaname

    Why is Kagami R.I.P.? From the subs the Dominator was set to “Non-Lethal Paralyzer”.

    • Picaname

      my bad I just re-watched it.

      • Entrav

        A lot of people got that wrong actually :) It’s about Urobutcher killed someone off after all.

      • allen30331

        So he was just paralyzed right?