Psycho-Pass Episode 17

Psycho Pass Makishima Shogo God and omnipotence
Oh damn.

Makishima’s reaction to the Sibyl System.
Psycho-Pass 17 Review: “Iron Heart”
“Tetsu no Harawata”

From the last episode, I clearly stated that Psycho-Pass cannot die down in terms of story and must accelerate in order to have enough build-up for the ending climax episodes. Without missing a beat, Psycho-Pass manages to effectively do so without sacrificing coherence.

Kougami and Akane

Kougami Shinya


Kougami and Akane have a heart to heart, non-romantic talk about the state of society. With the riots, the system’s flaws are revealed to the world. Like they said, I’m sure citizens knew of the dangers of trusting such a system because it’s not perfect and as a result, it cannot perfectly protect the citizens and society as a whole. However, many will live in this delusion because they can and there is nothing stopping them from doing so. Only when something like this arises do they truly question their state of affairs. After all, when you are born into a world such as this, it’s far too easy for it to be taken for granted.

Ginoza’s Predicament

Ginoza may be thought of as the loyal and docile person in the Bureau from the few moments we’ve been exposed to his behavior. He may question why they cannot question Makishima but he is powerless to do anything about it. Or rather, he’s simply giving up because he believes that there’s nothing he can do. Even so, we can see that even he is beginning to question the nature of how things are working out in this system.

The True Form of the Sibyl System

Kasei Sibyl System Sibyl System

Makishima not convinced

Transcend mankind. Lol. Makishima’s not convinced.

Now, we get to the heart of the matter. Previously, I was worried about the revelation of what the Sibyl System consists of to be not able to meet the people’s expectations now that the climax has passed. Nonetheless, they did a great job with casually disclosing the details of the system. While it’s not a huge surprise as numerous people have guessed correctly, the anime did not make the revelation the focus point which is a smart decision. Instead, it’s more about the intricacies of the system and how Makishima reacts to it that matters.

Moreover, the revelation of Touma Kouzaburo certainly surprised me as I was too preoccupied with the Sibyl System. To that extent, Psycho-Pass provides the necessary twist factor that is surprising enough to leave most satisfied and doesn’t take the risk of holding onto the secret for too long which is a wise choice.

Makishima’s Participation

Makishima Shogo ownage


Psycho-Pass troll

If anyone is to say that this part made them like Makishima more, I would heartily agree. His character is becoming the focus in recent events and is responsible for some badass scenes that has the flair of some more devious characters like Lelouche or Yagami Light. One thing I do note to be a bit peculiar on the storytelling side is how Makishima escapes. He’s a high-risk character that is being transported on an auto-pilot plane that has a highly advanced cybernetic body keeping watch over him. I can understand why no one else is guarding him as no one should know the truth about the system, but how is the supposedly super-advanced cybernetic body utterly destroyed by Makishima and his human hands? The guy rips apart the skull and breaks the body as if it were human. Even so, they didn’t try to even have a plan B. Some ultimate intelligence they are. Now, you could rationalize this, and say it’s part of the story and how they’re overestimating themselves. I guess Touma did think that Makishima would understand. It’s not a big deal, but I just feel like pointing that out.

Let’s get onto the system itself. What could be more ironic than the citizens thinking that they are fairly judged by machines only for them to be judged by humans again? Sure enough, the reason why those criminally asymptotic are captured and disappears as a result is because they are converted and put into the overall Sibyl System. Apparently, these people think they are all so special with their deep insight and intelligence that they can govern the world like a God. The delivery of the scene basically makes the whole system look like some childish God-wannabe and its members to be conceited individuals with egos the size of the planet. The technology may be advanced enough to somehow capture the thoughts of the brains in a more effective manner and combine them to make decisions. I mean, I cannot imagine the brains talking with each other and sorting everything out like a council would.

More Thoughts

If anything, this episode is exciting as it is informative. Every episode feels like a ride that makes me pumped for the next. Although Choi is dead, Makishima will no doubt find a method to uproot society and change it for better or worse. Kougami and him are no doubt rivals that will eventually meet to conclude their differences. As for what will exactly happen, many roads are open now and whichever road Psycho-Pass may take, I’m sure it’ll be an electrifying one.

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