Psycho-Pass Episode 18

Psycho-Pass Akane reads letter

The calm before the storm.
Psycho Pass 18 Review: “Promises Written in Water”
“Mizu ni Kaita Yakusoku”

Even though the animations are off, this episode still manages to portray a bit of emotional depth unfound in other parts of this anime.


Ginoza Nobuchika


Akane and Kougami

With Makishima’s escape, Kasei has a lot of explaining to do, but she avoids all the questions regarding it and pushes Ginoza into accepting the responsibilities that she herself created. Even after Makishima’s harsh refusal, the Sibyl System is working hard to attain his “different” intellect. The Enforcers, no, everyone thinks that something is off. Usually, Ginoza is the first to disregard any form of speculation, but in this case, things are indeed “not normal.”


Remember when Kougami said he could be a detective under Akane’s care and not a hunting dog? Finally, there is some acknowledgement of the past between the two of them. Honestly, I would have liked to see the characters to be more familiar with each other because the connections between them are fairly weak. Even the father-son relationship between Nobuchika and Masaoka were not expanded upon and at least, as of now, there are no implications that arose from such a connection.

Kasei’s Intervention

Psycho-Pass Ginoza


Really? The Chief just… Why? I can understand she wants Kougami out of the picture so she can take Makishima all for herself, but still, such an action must really be frightening Ginoza as his trust in the Sibyl System is put on the line. Even so, Akane shows her prowess and saves Kougami from being blown to pieces. Kasei, you may be able to take Kagari’s life, but you will not stop the eventual confrontation between Makishima and Kougami.

Kougami Shinya’s Desertion

Should have hit that.

Tsunemori Akane crying

Lastly, we have some final moments that wraps up the emotions of the anime well. Indeed, there may be no right perspective and Akane’s way of living certainly isn’t “wrong,” but Kougami cannot live such a way as he must fulfill his duty to stop Makishima even if it means his death. After all, when the law itself cannot judge someone, one may have to become a vigilante in order to bring about justice, whatever that justice may be. We also get that much needed tinge of sadness when Akane reads the letter. Trapped in the past, Kougami ventures forward into a future sought only by his old self. In the process, Akane is betrayed and she must find the will to move on and to judge him if necessary. The next time they meet might be their last.

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