Psycho-Pass Episode 19

Psycho-Pass Kougami Shinya smiling
That smile.

Kougami and Akane’s preparations.
Psycho Pass 19 Review: “Transparent Shadow”
“Tōmei na Kage”

Psycho-Pass Episode 19 Impressions

The countdown to the finale begins as the final bolts to Makishima Shougo, Kougami Shinya, and Tsunemori Akane’s inevitable meeting are tightened. With the end near and each person having their own path to strive towards, there are undoubtedly mental conflicts within each character’s minds as the thought of an end encapsulates them.

Psycho-Pass Kougami

Kougami, now isolated from society and considered to be an outlaw is forced to fall back on his sensei, Saiga. Clearly trapped in the past by his desire to take revenge, perhaps it is fitting for him to come back to the place where he can call his true safe haven. Even his demeanor is lightened by reuniting with his teacher. Speaking of Saiga, I find it ridiculous for him to be able to figure out that Kougami is carrying a gun simply from “observation and logical thinking.” But, I suppose there is the need for him to be considered to be the wise teacher figure who provides the assistance necessary for the protagonist.

Tsunemori Akane Karanamori Shion and Akane

Akane, having an extremely resistant Psycho-Pass, she’s not worried about herself as much as she does for Kougami whom she knows will cross the threshold from detective to murderer if not stopped. While her attraction towards him may not be a romantic one, the love for a comrade in this case is a different form of affection that can be just as substantial. However, it’s interesting that it highlights her stagnant Psycho-Pass as it’s quite similar to one who is “criminally asymptomatic.” It would be a stretch to say her character is similar to Makishima’s but perhaps she holds something distinct as well. The prospect of it becoming important is certainly possible.

As expected, the talk with Saiga and Kougami are much like how conversations have went in Psycho-Pass, striking into the heart of the matter that require some references to understand in more detail. There are many views on anarchy, but the stance they take in the anime is one of “denying an inhuman control system and building a more human system.” Indeed, Makishima is close, but he’s not quite there. After all, when the riots first began and Choi spoke of a time “beyond the destruction,” Makishima didn’t care for it, but said that it might  be nice if there would be, and that it doesn’t matter if it there isn’t. He isn’t hell-bent to change the system as much as he is to destroy it. Moreover, with his conflicts, we learn that he has the look of pure satisfaction and joy when he is causing havoc.

Of course, Makishima is against the very idea of the Sibyl System and would quote from Foucault or Jeremy Bentham to support his claims. He goes to likening the Panopticon with the Sibyl System. In a sense, he may be considered to be conservative as he “lampoons science and politics that have become too advanced.” Nonetheless, there exists the factor of him being secluded from society due to the way he is and that could have been the catalyst for his hate for the system. Even if he’s a mastermind behind villainous cases, he’s still human.

Ginoza Nobuchika


For Ginoza, perhaps he feels the most left behind as the people important to him all venture on their own path and leave him behind. It’s not a surprise when he reacts the way he does to his father, screaming and being the Sibyl System dog that he is. His reliance on the system is so heavy that it makes me believe he’s not being true to himself. However, the idea he has for Kougami is wrong; he is not fighting to be a hero, he’s fighting because it’s an obsession. Sometimes, there are things an individual cannot let go and must see through to the end. Kougami’s desire for revenge by killing Makishima is one such obsession that clouds all others. It’s not even about living a better life. It’s the only way he can live.

As we draw closer to the conclusion, Kougami, with the help of Saiga, finds a method that Makishima may want to end Sibyl’s reign once and for all. Destroying the “food autonomy system” would force the city to be open itself to the world. If it does… the Sibyl System will no longer be able to function the way it does. People will come and go with varying crime coefficients and the system will no longer be a enclosed system, but an open one. The very foundations of the stable society that monitors everything will crumble. Sooner or later, this will end the system’s reign.


As a collective, the Sibyl System has decided to use Tsunemori Akane for their purposes. They could either tell her the truth and state their importance to everyone in this city and the danger of the transformation process if they are to be overthrown, or they could tell a complete lie. Either way, Akane is still bound to face both Makishima and Kougami as an enemy. Just as Kougami says, her way of living isn’t “wrong” and she should live the way she wants to live as an objective view on what’s right and wrong doesn’t exist. Each person has their own reasons, but their path will intersect in the next few episodes to create an ultimate conclusion to the fate of their lives and the Sibyl System.

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