Psycho-Pass Episode 20 – Akane’s resolve, Kougami’s chase and Makishima’s delight

Psycho-Pass Dominator Akane
Where do you lie?

It’s decision time, Inspector Tsunemori.
Psycho-Pass 20 Review: “Where Justice is Found”
“Seigi no Arika”

Psycho-Pass Episode 20 Impressions

While Akane deals with her internal struggles regarding her beliefs, Kougami closes the gap between him and Makishima. As the three meet their final conflict and their convictions intersect, will there be one who stands above the others, and what consequences will that bring to all of society?

Makishima’s Persuasion

Makishima Shogo smiling

As Akane closes in on the core of the Sibyl System, Makishima begins his smooth talking with the professional who will help him achieve his goals willingly or unwillingly. Bypassing the slipshod security system, he will be able to redirect the virus to attack the oats themselves. This isn’t a particularly marvelous plan as others have surmised the plan as well, and I’m surprised that none of the other lunatic criminally asymptomatic people have attempted this.

Sibyl System and Tsunemori Akane

Tsunemori Akane shocked

In the end, the Sibyl System did tell Akane the truth, and nothing but the truth. Is Akane pissed? Hell yeah. This not only means that she has been lied to for her whole life, but everything she’s done has been determined by criminals in the past. To think that becoming a “different” mass murderer would let one gain access to the throne of “godhood” must be repulsive to Akane. Nonetheless, as a collective, the Sibyl System made the right decision trusting in her as she values stability and order above all. She may feel like disobeying the system, but she understands that if she does, everything she knows to be held by law and order that she adhered to everyday would crumble. What Kougami said about her way of life is right, there’s nothing “wrong” with her way of living. There will always be people who are unsatisfied with any societal structure and the best Akane can do is to find in the one she believes to be the most “correct” even if it’s not perfect. Also, I like that the scenes where she confronts her previous dilemmas in life again add a nice, deeper layer to her beliefs.

The End Draws Near

Kougami Shinya

Makishima Shogo end

Yes, commence the ending!

Akane might have been a newbie when the anime first started, her naivety ticked some people off. Now, she has the courage and resolve to continue moving forward, and her confidence is refreshing. As Makishima joyfully executes his plan with Kougami right behind him, Akane will need all the determination she can muster. In the near future, she may face a decision that will show her growth as a character which has so far been lacking in the overall anime.

Looking at just the relationships between the three before we approach the ending, it’s quite intriguing. At first, I believed Makishima to view Kougami as a worthy foe. However, as episode 16 indicates, it was nothing more than to kill time. He instigated all the crimes, and he’s the one who has driven this anime. He may be an antagonist, but one could say that he holds the writers’ viewpoint more-so than the protagonists do. Akane also wishes to put him to justice, but she needs Kougami more than she needs to stop him which is contrary to what Kougami feels. In the end, the two main protagonists are forever entwined with Makishima which puts them closer to each other. The enemy of my enemy is an ally, right?

Psycho-Pass Episode 20 Review

It’s that time of the season again. We’re reaching the end quickly, and it’s only going to be more frantic as the finale approaches. This episode is a nice preparation to the set piece that will determine how great this anime really is. I enjoy this anime, but it always feels like it’s just a few steps away from greatness and always falls a bit short. Even Kagari’s death isn’t a huge impact for me, and while the anime portrays the conflicts of the various characters well, I don’t feel much of an emotional attachment to any of them. Since the previous climax point, Psycho-Pass has managed to not fall in terms of pacing and is accelerating towards the ending nicely. However, I’m skeptical as to if can jump from being just “good” into “fantastic” in the next two episodes, but who knows. Maybe it will have a twist that we never saw coming, or maybe, it will end with a whimper and not a bang.

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