Psycho-Pass Episode 21 – Masaoka’s fall and Makishima’s final conflict

Psycho-Pass Kougami, Shougo, Akane
They meet.

Death and rounding up to the end.
Psycho-Pass 21 Review: “Blood-stained Reward”
“Chi no Hōshō”

Psycho-Pass Episode 21 Impressions

Everyone is chasing after one person, Makishima. Whether it be saving society or pursuing their own desire for revenge, everyone has their reasons for doing what they do. As Kougami and Makishima make their final stand, Akane the wildcard will change everything.

Building up

Psycho-pass Makishima shougo Kougami Shinya hiding Tsunemori Akane saving Dominator

Even if Akane is willing to undertake the dangerous task of capturing Makishima and saving Kougami, there are signs of her being under strain even if her Psycho-Pass may not directly reflect that fact. Not to mention, shortly before, the very foundations of what she followed and believed in crumbled as the truth of the Sibyl System were revealed to her. Still, she manages to negotiate in an authoritative way to the Sibyl System and has an air of doggedness unfounded in the beginning episodes. And as soon as the power shuts down… everything that has been built up over the episodes, all those philosophical ponderings, everything is put on the line as the final moments of the anime count down and its greatness is put to the test.

Sacrifices must be made

Makishima Shogo Masaoka Tomomi

Let’s be honest, all that talking between Kunizuka and Akane just feels like petty talk when compared with what happens to Masaoka. Kougami didn’t stand much of a chance against Makishima, but Masaoka really puts up a fight and even manages to headlock him in a favorable position. Of course, Makishima isn’t one to be outdone like that. Instead of foolishly suicide bombing, he pulls on Masaoka’s fatherly heartstrings and deals a card that he could not refuse.

Masaoka’s Death and Ginoza’s Lamentation

Psycho Pass Ginoza Nobuchika Kougami Shinya moves on

Ugh, right when he dies.

Masaoka Tomomi death Ginoza Nobuchika

A wondrous feral scream into an explosion, this part of the episode is definitely has the impact that I desired from this anime. So far, this is the only time in the anime when I truly felt emotions and for once, Psycho-Pass delivers this successfully in a truly lamentable way. The look on Nobuchika’s eyes and him ripping his arm out only to see his father that he so wanted the attention of die in front of him must be more than he could handle. Kougami’s shout and his struggle to move on without seeing Masaoka speak his last words is also worth mentioning.

Kougami vs Makishima

Makishima Shougo ready

Finally, the final conflict is here. Akane will rush in and be the wildcard that changes everything, but in the meantime, Kougami and Makishima will face off. Will it end the same as last time with Makishima victorious? Or will Kougami finally surpass his nemesis? I don’t think saving Kougami will be such a simple task as even Kougami himself might be against that idea. So, even if he achieves his revenge, what of it then? Will Sibyl System keep their side of the bargain? Will Akane sacrifice herself for Kougami and the stability of society? Or maybe, Makishima could even prevail?…

Psycho-Pass Episode 21 Review

The first part of the episode, while it was a set-up, reminds me of how useless one of the episodes was as it centered around Yayoi only for her to play a very minor role for the rest of the series. For pacing, the first part does a great job of setting everything up, and I can accept the absence of anything really happening until the later half of the episode. Masaoka’s death is clearly the thing to nitpick about in this episode if anything as it is another tragic moment that utilizes any previous build-up around the characters. So, is it any good?

Ginoza and Masaoka’s relationship have always been strained, but there have been hints of them still getting along in some way or another. While their relationship is not really a surprise, that rift between them and their irreparable relationship does help the emotional impact. They never did say how much they value each other only until they were finally parted forever. Ginoza even remains in his strict inspector self until the very end when he yells out “father, father” for the last time, something he never did before. Overall, as long as you didn’t spoil yourself, this predictable death still has a fairly sizable emotional impact.

Nevertheless, I’m still a bit here and there with what I think of this episode. Yes, it has the emotional impact, and it does an adequate job of setting the situation up, but I think I just have high expectations of Psycho-Pass especially because of the last climax point and so far, it’s not exactly blowing my mind. As a result, this episode’s greatness doesn’t rely on itself, but it relies on the last episode. If the next one can utilize everything passed to it from this one and all the other episodes, then this episode would great. However, if it isn’t capable of having the impact that many of us hope for, we might go back to blaming what happened in previous episodes and what could have been improved upon. The ending of an anime is paramount to its greatness overall. Let’s see of Psycho-Pass can really deliver that.

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