Psycho-Pass Episode 22 (FINALE) – Makishima and Kougami’s resolution along with Akane’s compromise

Psycho-Pass Makishima, Kougami and Akane
The end.

Everyone’s path.
Psycho-Pass 22 (FINALE) Review: “Perfect World”
“Kanpeki na Sekai”

Psycho-Pass Episode 22 Impressions

Everything draws to a close. In this 22 episode sci-fi thriller filled with philosophical ponderings, thoughts on the will of mankind, and the validity of the Sibyl System as a whole, there are quite a bit of various contemplations that have driven the anime. So, how does the last episode wrap up everything?

Makishima, Kougami and Akane

Psycho Pass Makishima and Kougami

The final duel between Kougami and Makishima.

Makishima Shogo block

Those skills.

Kougami Shinya slash

Tsunemori Akane and Kougami

Kougami won’t be bound by that

The first quarter or so of the episode is the exciting one versus one that we’ve been waiting for. Makishima and Kougami both go all out and instead of it being one sided like before, Kougami gains the upper hand with some dexterous techniques. However, our pivotal character, Akane, steps in between the most manly fight the anime has to offer so far. Now, I can’t say I wasn’t a bit thrilled to see her and Kougami side by side trying to find the enemy that has deeply hurt them psychologically. It’s quite a nice combination, but I’m sure that everyone saw it in Kougami’s eyes that having a Dominator in his hands just isn’t enough.

It’s worth delving into the last conversation that Kougami and Akane will have together even if it’s just for a bit. Basically, he’s wondering why she’s protecting a system that cannot judge people righteously so fervently. Of course, we have to get some kind of saying like, “the law doesn’t protect people, people protect the law.” Her general idea is not far off from what I personally think, but it might be more accurate to state that the law and the people work in tandem to protect each other. The conversation, far off from being a farewell one, sets the pace nicely. I mean, what else were they going to put in between the gap of them finding Makishima in that cargo truck?

The Resolution

Tsunemori Akane revolver Psycho Pass Kougami Shinya gun Makishima shogo dying

After yet another exciting tire-shooting moment, we lead into the less action packed, but tense part of the episode. In the end, Kougami wasn’t able to leave behind his past and continued to pursue Makishima with the handgun. Abandoning his friends, the system, society, and maybe even himself, his mind only fills with the thought of killing Makishima and ending everything. Akane is also powerless to stop him herself and in the end, she fails. The sun sets down the mountain and the wonderous piano music (Yep, I can’t identify it. Not well versed in classical piano music), and Makishima reflects his life and his actions while Kougami stares him down with his sharp eyes. A short exchange of words and then… bang. Our villain for the whole series, the mastermind behind strange occurrences, the person responsible for the uprooting of the society, remains no more. Sure he went out with a “bang,” but he also ended with a whimper at the same time. While I may have hoped for a more mindblowing outcome, this kind of end for our antagonist isn’t terrible. Still, it certainly isn’t phenomenal.

Sibyl System and Inspector Tsunemori

Tsunemori Akane angry Ginoza Nobuchika and Masaoka grave Ginoza Nobuchika

Well, the Sibyl System laugh reminds me of some psychotic child creature ready to stalk Akane for the rest of eternity preying upon her mind. She has lost a lot of herself in this conflict, but she’s still useful to the evolution of the Sibyl System. The conversation between them leaves a hopeful and yet solemn note of the situation of society. Though, I’m not really sure what the conversation really accomplished. If you look back, nothing really changed all too much in the big picture and maybe that’s the idea the writer was aiming for. Sure, Makishima died and Kougami escapes, but everything reiterates itself in a cycle.

Once more


Karanamori Shion and Kunizuka


Psycho Pass


Mika Shiomtsuki inspector

The ending definitely has to be one of the most hopeful Urobutcher has done. A new inspector much like the old Akane shows up, and everything is reintroduced anew. This type of ending definitely is not the most original as it is probably the most conservative one that Psycho-Pass could have ended with. Some may have thought that Akane would be part of the Sibyl System. Kougami also leaves on a ship heading for a new society while reading the book, Swann’s Way. Oh and there’s some lesbian action. Okay, Psycho-Pass get’s a 10/10. But in all seriousness, I’m a bit conflicted with this ending.

Psycho-Pass Episode 22 Review

Like I said last episode, the other episodes serve as build-up of the very last one that will decide a major portion of an anime’s success. The first part of the episode is thrilling and delivered the action that we wanted. The second half is… just so-so. With this anime, I would have expected much more from the ending. Of course, I’m not saying that it is terrible, but it’s far from mind-blowing and it’s by no means phenomenal. With all the previous build-up with regards to Kougami’s inner conflict and desire to end his battle with Makishima, Akane’s realization of the truth of the system and Makishima’s determined viewpoint on the faults of society, everything looked great for something much more climactic.

However, it’s not to say that ending softly is a bad thing. It’s just that… I don’t think Psycho-Pass did what it needed to do to move from just being “good” to being “great.” I guess with all this expectation being built up, it’s hard to meet it. All I know is that Psycho-Pass has failed to give me a feeling that it has broken bounds and just gave an ending that I can accept, but not appreciate. If anyone has their thoughts on the last episode, go ahead and comment, I need some thoughts. I’m still trying to find a more conclusive standpoint while I think of my overall thoughts on the anime for my review. But hey, “SIByL still continues” right?

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  • aly

    I was ok with the ending but it left a few questions. Like why does makshima spare akane and it seems like the chief captured kogamis mentor. Not to mention lack of character development has me hoping there is another season.

    • Entrav

      One hypothesis I came up with Makishima sparing Akane is that he admired how she emptied the barrel after she shot the tires off. In that situation, he must have been impressed or something. Or he just couldn’t be bothered because he’s so injured and there’s no other weapon nearby to deliver a swift death.

      As for another season, I don’t know if that will really lead to more character development. Psycho-Pass has shown from these 22 episodes that it doesn’t have what it takes to develop the characters that well. I have my doubts as to whether they can achieve it with a new season.

    • tkd

      You have to remember Makishima was running around after being cut (we don’t know how deeply, but it obviously wasn’t a scratch), had a trunk flip over while inside, and knew he had to immediately flee from Kogame. He wasn’t in a position to kill her bare handed without draining what little strength he had left and risking Kogame’s catching up on him.

      I don’t think he spared Akane due to admiring her firing the gun.

      The character development didn’t bother me that much. I know of few people in real life who change their point of views on major stuff. Kogame’s being stuck in the past was what the author intended to portray and felt realistic to me given how long he’d been dwelling on his obsession. Akane and Ginoza had the few character developments of the series and I found them interesting without needing to change some fundamental philosophy they had. Psycho Pass wasn’t so much about changing philosophy as it felt like it was about different ideologists clashing and what that can produce and how it might mess with society as a whole.

      I’m looking forward to season 2 and didn’t feel let down by Psycho Pass. I felt it was one of best anime I’ve seen to date. I do find it a little silly that people are claiming Ginoza is his dad, Kogame’s the new Makishima, new schoolgirl (Mika?) is the next Akane, etc. I think there are parallels to be drawn but Kogame isn’t going to become a mass murderer and Ginoza isn’t going to adapt his dad’s attitude just because Kogame’s reading books and Ginoza lost his arm. Kogame may be a killer but it’s only to administer justice and he wouldn’t harm innocent people like Makishima, even if he found out about Sybil. I think the similarities are meant to function as reminders of those who’ve died and also because people we meet in life can cause us to take on hobbies of the deceased despite different viewpoints.

  • Daniel

    I’m sure it’s not really the end.

    I think there will be a second season.

    • Entrav

      I agree that there will probably be a second season, but it’s just that I don’t think it would be a continuation of what has happened.

      • Daniel

        What do you mean?

        Then what it’ll be about?

        • Entrav

          Well, they could expand on how the Sibyl System originated and gained members in the beginning. A different perspective perhaps.

          • Daniel

            Well I think that Kougami will become like Makishima, the antagonist. Who will try to destroy the system. And the main conflict will be between him and Akane.

          • Entrav

            I actually saw someone say the same thing. That wouldn’t be a bad idea, but with Kougami’s character, I highly doubt it. He doesn’t have the incentive like Makishima did. He left on a ship and I don’t think he’s coming back anytime soon. He did what he needed to do and left everything behind.

          • Daniel

            Even if we’ll never see Kougami again I still think Akane will still be our main character… I don’t think we’ll have a new main character.

          • Entrav

            Maybe, but I think there’s more potential starting at a different point in time as there are a lot that Psycho-Pass can explore outside of what we have been exposed to. I already gave the example of the origin of the Sibyl System, but maybe a second season in the distant future with the Sibyl System evolved might be interesting. Who knows. All scenarios are possible, but some are just more likely.

  • Victor

    Given its popularity in Japan (and how inconclusive the ending felt) this is probably getting a second season.

    On another note, I bet Makishima’s still alive… the shot after Kougami “kills” him didn’t show any obvious gore/proof that he was really shot in the head, and Urobutcher isn’t exactly known for his use of the discretion shot, if you know what I mean.

    • Entrav

      Yep, I think it’s getting a second season too.

      I don’t think Makishima is alive. That would be ridiculous. I mean, the whole time Kougami is obsessed with revenge. He has absolutely no reason to not kill Makishima. Moreover, there is no need to show the gore as he clearly slumps and falls into the ground. Even if he isn’t dead, that’s just terrible storytelling as there is no reason for him to not die.

  • Paweł Kasperek

    One thing I wonder about, is – has Makishima given Kougami the data about the real form of Sybil – and has Kougami successfully smuggled them out of country?

    • Entrav

      I doubt they managed to make such an exchange as Kougami wants nothing more than Makishima dead. That’s really about it.

  • potatologos

    Just sth I have found out: the new inspector appeared in the episode before, protected by Yayoi. She is now as naive as Akane did when she was a new inspector. The plot appears as a spiral.

    Well, the ending isn’t climatic, I know, but it is still mind-blowing for me. The ending shows despair that should be more realistic and suitable than any other happier or shocking endings. It seems that there isn’t any change at last comparing to when Akane was a newcomer, but something did change. The new inspector’s tone was more confident than Akane’s, showing a slightly improving trend of the Sibyl-ruled society – with people more determined and capable of challenging (or destroying) the unfair infrastructure.

  • Watermelon

    I wonder. Please answer me and bear with me, I hope I’m not asking some silly questions. Why do they all end up at the basement-like place? It’s not explained. What is Makishima’s plan on going there? What is he trying to achieve? To kill Kougami and the others? Since Makishima is confident almost all the time, didn’t he anticipated all of this? A heavy fight with Kougami which he might lose. It just seems to me he doesn’t has any backup plans at all. Even the motive is vague. I thought he plans to destroy the system but not messing around and risking with Kougami. At the end, he’s trying to escape with the truck, is that the plan after all?

    • The Atomic Dwarf

      Let me humor you with my simple thoughts until the prophet Entrav returns from his vacation pilgrimage.

      What if Makishima already though he lost after the events at the Sibyl HQ? Since he thought his defeat was inevitable, he decided the best way to go is to be killed by Kougami rather than be assimilated by the system he’s been fighting against.

      The chase scene may either represent a change of heart or the human survival mechanism kicking in. Honestly, Makashima’s final moments remind me of the climax in Se7en.

      Then again, Gen Urobuchi always had issues with writing a proper ending for his works. Let’s see what season 2 has in store for us.

      • Entrav


        By the way, Urobutcher didn’t want this ending. The studio forced him to change it because they wanted to make a second season.

        • The Atomic Dwarf

          Good Luck with the exams! And remember to take it easy from time to time and relax for a while. If not possible then I recommend at least 3 prayers to Tastuya-sama before bed.

          Urobutcher’s stories are being butchered by greedy studios eh? Now that’s irony. In all honesty though, he should be more firm and not allow them to do that. If you think of recent anime like Psycho Pass and Madoka Movie 3, he keeps writing controversial or incomplete endings. He still has a great reputation, but it could all change this year unless he provides proper closure to his stories.

    • Felipe Suárez

      I think his plan was: “If i manage to kill them all, ill be able to restore power and destroy Sybil”. Wich, according with wich was shown of the workings of the installation, was a solid plan. And if he died to Kougami, well, that was an acceptable second place. And lets keep in mind that he had already defeated Kougami once, albeit a hurt one.

      The truck part was more of a “plan z” thing, i think. What beats me is why were there functioning trucks (and lots of them) in a fully automated facility, but that was fridge logic.

      All in all, im pretty damn satisfied with this ending and the series overall. I particularly loved the sci-fi discussion between Makishima and the hacker, specially how amused he was that there actually was a Neuromancer-level hacker, wich is a great lampshade hanging. I love to see works by a well read author, he slipped so many references in. Seeing Kougami read “In search of lost time” was a bright note in a somewhat depressing ending, wich is great too. Also, now that you made me think about it, the ending is pretty similar to that of “Do androids dream of electric sheep”. I guess that was a well veiled spoiler. A full blown parallelism claim would be uncalled for, but the empathy tests in the book for detecting androids and the lack thereof that Makishima displayed through the series ring some bells.

      Overall, tho, the series was more lighthearted than any book by P.K. Dick I’ve read, altrough it does ring a few bells here and there. Iif you havent read him and want to start, DONT start with Valis or (I wouldnt know how to translate it) Albemut. Go For the Eye in the Sky or Do androids dream with electric sheep or Simulacra. If you like darker stuff, A Scanner Darkly is nice too.

  • _Sword_Art_Online_Kirito_

    I just don’t like that Kougami is now done and that he isn’t in psycho pass 2 since he was the one who brought most of the action… :/