Robotics;Notes Episode 2

Robotics;Notes Episode 2 Kaito embraces Akiho

Robotics;Notes Episode 2: Kaito’s disobedience to the Akiho regime finally ends.
“Because of Dreams, Hopes and Passion”
Yume to Kibō to Roman ga Attekoso

ROBO-ONE, the upcoming competition that the Robotics Club must win is only two weeks away. Even though things look to be hopeless, a little bit of luck and a considerable amount of perseverance by Akiho finally brings the Robotics Club on the track to winning ROBO-ONE.

With these two episodes I became more and more irritated at Kaito’s do-nothing behavior (until the end). Akiho continues to pursue her dream and he sits there playing “Kill-Ballad”. Of course, there must be a reason for his unwillingness to do these tasks, and  they might have something to do with his natural tendency to not really care.

Hidaka Subaru

Whoa whoa whoa first rate arrogance right here.

Hidaka Subaru is another mystery character who, on this episode, is described to have taken third place in ROBO-ONE in junior high. If so, why did he quit when he’s so skilled? Subaru still has lingering feelings for robots but he isn’t willing to participate even with Akiho’s constant bickering.

Even though he doesn’t openly care for Aki, Kaito still helps Aki behind the scenes without her even knowing it. “What are you to Aki?” that’s the question that’s been on my mind too. At times he seems like a big brother who helps but at other times he is just a “Kill-Ballad” freak. Not only that, he also took care of Misa in the past. Kaito’s enigmatic inner traits are highlighted even more in this episode, but it only makes us wonder with no answers.

This time, Daitoku Junna is the victim of Aki’s unreasonable requests. By their interaction, Aki’s jocular and aggressive attitude makes the shy Daitoku even more uneasy. But Aki still manages to get the parts with Kaito’s smooth words that impress the Doc. With all the parts, Aki begins the reconstruction of the robot day and night, relentless and also careless doing so. With the robot finally completed, the challenge then lies in controlling it.

With that many buttons, anyone would be intimidated by its appearance. Controlling it is even more difficult. So of course, it the job is perfect for Kaito who does nothing but play “Kill-Ballad”, a game more similar to the hobby robot than he originally thought. Aki is undoubtedly exhausted from completing the robot in such a short amount of time (maybe she’s more capable than she thinks) and has an Elephant Mouse Syndrome attack. This attack is something which makes one feel five minutes go by in ONE second. All we know is that it happened nine years ago (on-board a ship?) and the red aurora is a reminder of that.

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