Robotics;Notes Episode 12-14

Robotics Notes Kona in bath almost drowned
Things are a bit more serious now.

Furugoori Kona FTW.
Robotics;Notes Episode 12-14: “Until You Like At Least One Thing”
“What a Crazy World”
“Just for a Little Bit…”

First of all, sorry for not covering Robotics;Notes sooner. I ran across multiple problems and I haven’t been really interested in the anime all too much. However, things have gotten a lot more interesting in episode 15 and 16. I’ll do my best to catch up!

Episode 12

Daitoku Junna

The Kimijima reports take a backseat and we see the reason behind Jun’s hesitant behavior towards robots. This episode may not have much movement in terms of the overall story, but emotionally, it’s not bad. After the constant hunting of reports, it’s nice to see a heart-warming episode. While Doc is a complete badass when it comes to robots, these episodes are often “meh” to many as nothing “exciting” is happening in the meantime and as Robotics;Notes has been fairly slow already, people may be even more impatient to see some progression in the story.

Episode 13


Did I mention how awesome Furugoori is? Yeah, she’s awesome. Not only is she a shut-in that makes some jokes that are actually funny, her character behind her playful demeanor is interesting as well. If people wanted the plot to move faster, you’ve got it now. The four minute video of the last episode of Gunvarrel is no less than a message sent to the world about how “Gunvarrel is a tool for brainwashing” and how more chaos will soon follow soon.

Frau Koujiro


Monopoles? A solar flare? Things are really picking up as the Kanto region is hit with a giant solar flare that shuts the whole city in darkness. The robots going out of control is reminiscent of Terminator albeit in a softer light. What comes after? Attempted suicide. So, in the span of an episode, we got from Furugoori being awesome to her nearly cutting herself. Things have picked up but without explanations, it will fall flat. Nonetheless, it’s been a while since I’ve felt something towards this anime other than apathy.

Episode 14


Senomiya Misaki Furugoori Kona

Kill-Ballad? You know Yashio is going to take up this challenge. However, underneath the difficult challenge lies a menacing force that is controlling this conspiracy altogether. Brainwashing is just one of many tactics that they will use to weld the people to their inevitable doom. Even so, you know how anime goes, a group of high-schoolers are professional world savers and they aim to solve the world’s greatest problems.

Mr Pleiades

Robotics;Notes kiss


Once again, Furugoori’s character proves to be a worthy asset to this anime. After this episode, we gain some insight as to how vulnerable she can be in some circumstances. Although I can’t say the idea of friendship being a saving force is an original one, it’s still decently executed. Kai’s power, while awesome, is nothing compared to the kiss given by Furugoori. After this, I can see some happy shippers as they did get what they wanted. Now, I don’t want to go overboard with praising the kiss because it’s really just a kiss and that in and of itself should not be fantastic, still, it’s a sweet moment after all the hardship so all in all, it’s not badly done. I would hate it to see the development stop just there, so I hope to see more from Yashio and Kona in the future.

More Thoughts

After a long wait, the audience is finally getting a bit more of the true potential of Robotics;Notes. Who doesn’t like conspiracy theories crafted in such a way? A robotic uprising? That’s what I’m talking about. With these episodes, we see hints of the emotional impact this anime may have on us in the future episodes. Hopefully, Misaki will also be playing a bigger role in the future as she has been unexplored so far. I’m not even sure if she’s on the Committee 300’s side or on another’s.

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