Robotics;Notes Episode 15-19

Robotics;Notes Kimijima Kou anime
Kimijima's back with more impact than ever.

The climax is upon us.
Robotics;Notes 15 Review “I’ll Show You a Dream”
16: “I Love Giant Robots”
17: “As of Today, The Robotics Club is Disbanded!”
18: “The True Gunvarrel is In There!”
19: “I Should Never Have Had a Dream”

Robotics;Notes Episode 15-19 Impressions

Robotics;Notes has been a roller coaster ride in how much I anticipate it each week. However, with episode 19, I am back to regularly reviewing this anime as we reach an explosive conclusion. This review will cover important areas of each episode, but I will mostly be talking about episode 19.

Mizuka’s Death

Hidaka Subaru

Irei Mizuka death

… Mizuka’s… dead?…

The first major event that shocked everyone is Mizuka’s death. Not only was it uncalled for, but the way she died is lamentable to say the least. While she hasn’t been a prominent character throughout, she holds some strength in her connection with Kimijima Kou and the rest of the cast. No one would argue that her death is tragic and shocking, but is it really significant to the story? Pulling a death card and effectively using it to advance the story is another one altogether. So far, even in episode 19, it doesn’t seem to have as much of an effect as I would have liked it to have. Kaito may be angry at Misaki for her lack of response, but it’s not having a significant impact. Then again, we’ve just hit the climax, and there are still a few episodes left to tie loose ends. I’m just worried that with the amount of time left that the anime would fall short of its intended impact.

It’s not just Mizuka, Subaru is also out for the count as he suffers injuries that might change his life forever. The crumbling of the club is a lot even for even Akiho to handle, and without Kai’s support, she might have not made it through. By the end of the 17th episode, what seemed to be a grim ending to the club became one of hope for the future. Oh, by the way, at the end of the 17th episode is when things start getting insane. Yep, the perhaps-too-extended-build-up is finally put to use as everything falls into place.

Cliffhanger to Cliffhanger

Kimijima reports

Robotics Notes

Then… it’s just like Robotics;Notes to leave us on a cliffhanger from the and continue normally with no intentions of addressing the cliffhanger until the end which has yet ANOTHER cliffhanger. These volatile movements in the ups and downs of the story is what made me so indecisive in reviewing the episodes. One episode there is something worth to talk about and the next is a completely so-so one with adequate amounts of build-up that ends in a cliffhanger. That’s not to say that it’s terrible for Robotics;Notes to be like this, but it does make feel major portions of episodes to be lackluster. However, with the end of episode 18 we arrive to the climax of the anime that will hopefully allow the tediously garnered build-up shine.

Kimijima Kou’s Grand Design

Robotics;Notes Senomiya Misaki


Is Misaki brainwashed?…

Senomiya Misaki Yukifune Airi Kimijima Kou

Even if episode 19 may not be considered the “best” so far by some people, I’m sure most would agree that it’s the most exciting. We have NoAH’s arc creating illusions all over the world to cause panic, Senomiya Misaki is working with the Committee of 300, and most importantly, the fact that Kimijima Kou is behind everything. Kai must have the absolute worst feeling for being a complete tool for someone’s master plan. As a result, the once calm Kaito even begins to become emotional over these events and is firm in his belief of not letting it end just like this. The once unconcerned Kai is finally moving into action with Akiho. After all, no one would sit tight and let themselves be used like this without trying to redeem him or herself. What about Airi? Perhaps her tranquility masked the fact that she may be part of a master plan such as this, and the fact that she was such a peaceful and somewhat heart-warming character that turns hostile may have a bigger shock value than Kimijima Kou’s revelation.

The fact that Kimijima Kou is behind all this may not be a huge shock factor, but the implications of his actions will be massive; billions of lives will be affected and the only people close to stopping him is Kai and Aki. Yes, Kimijima Kou is connected to Airi, Misaki, Iru-O and so on, but so is Kai. He has been the pivotal character in deciphering all the reports, and he will be the linchpin of stopping this operation. Kimijima’s motives may be one of trying to destroy the growing population or some other antagonistic reasons, but I’m also curious as to why Misaki is fulfilling his wishes like an obedient dog. Her past with him is an important connection for sure and that will be when Mizuka’s backstory comes into play as well. Then again, Kimijima Kou’s or Misaki’s true intentions may be more than meets the eye.


It’s still too early to say if the wait has been worth it as the story has dragged on for quite some time. However, if this episode is any indication of the upcoming finale, the ending might be quite a surprising and explosive one.  Still, with the amount of time remaining, I can’t help but feel uneasy about the flow of the next few episodes that will portray the story with coherence. It’s one thing to make it exciting, but it’s another to make something truly impact people for long periods after the anime has finished. That’s not to say that such an ending is impossible, but Robotics;Notes has made it hard on itself and has many of expectations to fulfill in the hearts of those who have patiently waited all this time.

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