Robotics;Notes Episode 3

Robotics Notes Hidaka Subaru. Mister Pleiades

Kaito mans up and a fabulous BISHOOOUNEN makes his debut.
Robotics;Notes Episode 3: Tanegashi Accel Impact!
Tanegashi Akuseru Inpakutoooooo!


From last episode and this one, we get to see the now matured sister of Aki. When I first saw Misaki last time I didn’t even think it was Aki’s sister. Nonetheless, she has matured to become somewhat of a jerk. Although I’m sure there are reasons for this, her demeanor doesn’t reflect what I thought she would be like from previous episodes.

No anime with the word “Robo” in it would be complete without some robot action. In this respect, Robotics;Notes delivers the action that I hoped to see; the movements are fairly realistic and I can’t help but admire Kaito’s skills. With the “Kill-Ballad” control scheme, he easily makes it to the finals. Though everything was hectic before they went to the competition, somehow, Frau, the programmer for “Kill-Ballad” agreed to their request.

Yashio Kaito

Even Akiho’s overconfidence is overshadowed by Kai’s overwhelming abilities in the tournament. It’s actually Kai who picks up the pace and gives some words of encouragement to Aki. I’m not sure if he’s taking a liking to battling in real life but I love that he’s not exhibiting the huge slacker personality like before.

Robotics Notes Hidaka Subaru Kaito tanegashi

But of course, what mech anime would go without some FABULOUS GINGA BISHONEN ACTION!?!!?! Seriously, nice try Hidaka Subaru but… Kai figured you out in one second. We got a hint of that last episode when he accidentally stumbled upon them near the Doc’s place. More importantly, we find out that Kai has the reverse of the “Elephant Mouse Syndrome” from last episode. Kaito’s awareness of time is heightened and he can react very quickly even though I think it takes a toll on his heart.

Robotics;Notes Senomiya Misaki

Also, Misaki seems to be working under some influential people. Kai is still in their grip? Then it must be his ability to slow down time that they are interested in. Indeed, it would be an absolutely overpowered ability to have in almost anything. Still, they did lose because they hit the floor first. But come on, they’re not going to get disbanded. The sneaky Kai manages to blackmail Hidaka into joining the club. Too bad your fabulousness didn’t help you around this time.

Overall, fantastic episode with a dose of FABULOUS that I needed before the movie comes out on Feburary 9th of next year. Everything is believable and I liked the change of pace for the characters. It also foreshadows some interesting challenges that will come up as the Robotics Club gain more members. With this episode, I’m fired up for the next one.

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