Robotics;Notes Episode 4

Robotics Notes Frau Koujiro and Kaito
Oh man, my English teacher would hate her.

Robotics;Notes Episode 4: Together, Let’s Build a Giant Robot of Justice!
Issho ni, Seigi no Kyodai Robo o Tsukuro u

Even after winning Robo-One, the Robotics Club still couldn’t get the funding needed to finish Gunvarrel. A bit more about the back story and Subaru’s request makes things interesting.

Robotics Notes Senomiya

A nice little intro about Misaki and her more cheerful self almost a decade ago. She has the cheerful attitude just like Akiho but is also more refined and feminine than Aki. Kaito as a kid must have taken a liking to her but I wonder, what changed her attitude so much?

Hidaka Subaru and Yashio Kaito are as lazy as usual. They don’t have the fervent passion that Akiho has with GunPro-1 even though her ways of obtaining her goals are questionable.

Frau Koujiro does show up to add some ultra-nerd internet-speak into Kai’s life. Kai also manages somehow to lose against Hidaka Subaru and then is forced into joining in for the Robo-One World Cup. I’m sure that they’ll get the money they need there but the competition will be fierce. It will not be like last time where it’s easy-mode the whole way through. But I also hope for some FABULOUS ACTION when it happens.


Some back story will be needed for the Elephant Mouse Syndrome that Kaito and Akiho both suffer. Although interesting, it doesn’t really explain much other than that it just happened. Now, since Aki’s “attacks” happen almost randomly, can Kai use the ability whenever he wants? Perhaps he will have to endure some pain and he might have some long-term consequences but it would be interesting if he could use it whenever he wants to. Although, from last episode, he was clearly exhausted afterwards so it’s really a last resort.

What’s this? The girl from the first episode is back and she can’t be seen by the naked eye? What kind of role will she play in this? Again, not a bad episode but more of a developmental one. Slowly and steadily things start to pick up and hopefully, we’ll see some robot action soon. I can’t say I am loving the show but it’s not terrible because you can sense the direction of where the show is going.

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