Robotics;Notes Episode 5

Robotics;Notes Airi
She's here!

The inner plot exposes itself.
Robotics;Notes Episode 5: Can I call you “Brother”?
Oniichan tte Yon de Iidesuka?

Since the first episode, Robotics;Notes has been slow in introducing its deeper plot elements. However, with this passing episode we now understand, at least partially, what is going on.

From last episode, Yashio Kaito has been trying to find out exactly what he saw. With the help of Daitoku Junna, he tries to go to various places. We even get to see UVB-76 although not much of it is known in real life. While Daitoku seems keen to explore mysteries with Kaito, she’s hesitant to go near the Robotics Club. Her joining is inevitable but I wonder if a painful past holds her back?

We also learn some very strange occurrences have been happening across the world. In Russia, the temperature during winter is as hot as summer and the American West Coast is covered in snow… Even the Nazca Lines are disappearing! Of course, the SS Anemone incident is no exception.

Robotics Notes Pleiades


The antics of MISTER PLEIADES continues as the fabulousness of his previous appearance will never be forgotten. Man, that music while he is making is awesome appearance needs to sound more often. I hope when they battle in robots it will sound at the most epic time. And what’s this? Aki is interested in Kaito’s relationship with Daitoku?!?! As expected, some feelings will linger for Kaito in Aki’s heart. Although I’m not too concerned with how things go between the two of them, romance is always a great addition to almost any show.

Irei Mizuka shocked

And FINALLY, we get to the meat of the show. Apparently, Airi, the girl who Kaito saw, has been trying to make contact with him several times already and is a communication interface running on Iru-O servers. Sister Centipede, mentioned in the mail that Kaito receives, is an information gathering engine. Now, let’s sum up the mail that is written by Kimijima Kou on November 7th, 2009. Apparently in danger of being murdered, he uses reports to be used as backups. Apparently, NASA is hiding an important fact. In November 2000, an investigation of the Sun’s south pole area confirmed the existence of magnetic monopoles. By using propaganda, NASA is then able to hide the truth by making it seem false. Nonetheless, the Sun will explode. Gargantuan solar flares will occur on 2012, 2015, 2019 and 2020. The already passed solar flare on 2015 will have the most effect on Earth and its magnetosphere. There we have it, the crux of the show. Remember that it is 2019 in Robotics;Notes as of this episode. In other words, in the upcoming two solar flares…. things will drastically change. Even more surprisingly, Irei Mizuka, the shopkeeper knows the name Kimijima Kou. The episode ends with Senomiya Misaki’s report on Yashio Kaito.

I’ve been waiting for something like this. I love this kind of global catastrophe plot devices because it makes everything seem so large in scale. At its surface, this show seems innocent enough; a couple of people trying to build a robot that the old club left for them. However, the aspect of a deeper story is always intriguing. Now how will robots play into this? Exactly how will they stop this solar flare from happening? Will they even be able to warn anyone? Will they be targets of assassination? Who will even believe them? What will Airi do from here? Just like Steins;Gate, Robotics;Notes starts off slowly but is now beginning to quicken.

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