Robotics;Notes Episode 6

Robotics;Notes Hidaka Subaru punched

A dream is crushed but will Hidaka Subaru really give up?
Robotics;Notes Episode 6: It’s So Sad When A Dream Ends
Yume ga Owatchattara, Sabishii

How does it feel to have someone trample on your dreams? Does Hidaka Subaru’s father really have a good reason for suppressing Hidaka’s dream?

Daitoku Jun

Daitoku somehow joins the Robotics Club even with her seemingly strong dissatisfaction towards robots last episode. Well, that’s after some begging by Akiho but still, I’m surprised to see her joining so easily. Maybe, it’s linked to her grandfather?

Irei Mizuka cleavage

Anyways, apparently Airi used to be Misa’s friend which makes things fairly awkward because… Well, she’s not necessarily a human being anymore. So then, Kimijima Kou must have known Misa to some extent as well. However, it may take some time for a confirmation as Misa is now working for some mysterious organization.

From his fabulousness to his addiction to robots, Hidaka Subaru has always been one to hide what he’s doing. But why? With his nervous attitude towards his father we can tell immediately that he has something to do with it.

Kaito returns once more to the place where he originally meets Airi and begins to ask questions. Well, discovering a “EGI System” is totally the right way to go for Kaito. It delivers signals of certain frequencies to space for some unknown reason. Even when Kaito began asking questions concerning Kimijima Kou, only the fact that he was murdered is revealed. The rest is either classified or deleted. So how is this data deleted? It must have been someone close to Kimijima to be able to do such a thing. Also, why would they leave Airi, his creation, running around?

Frau Koujiro


Kona Furugoori, otherwise known as Frau Koujiro, is persistently asked by Subaru to implement the Kill-Ballad system so that Kaito could control it for the upcoming tournament. Her randomness and Daitoku’s reactions are quite entertaining even though completely random and sometimes really awkward. Also, with Daitoku’s help, Akiho is able to get the funding needed to tune Gunvarrel. I wonder, how exactly is Gunvarrel going to turn out? Is Kaito going to be in the center? I’m interested to see how this will go afterwards. But could the making of Gunvarrel really just be on a whim? Or maybe there is some hidden meaning behind it?

Hidaka Subaru Senomiya Akiho

Finally, the devastation happens as Hidaka Subaru’s father shows up to smash the M45 into pieces. Quite literally, the robot is now completely broken and cannot be used anymore. Alright, alright, I know what a lot of you are thinking; most of you probably think that the father is a complete dirt bag for putting down Hidaka’s dream and pushing his fisherman career onto him. However, I don’t think it’s so simple. There is not much chance the writer doesn’t have a good reason because otherwise it would be too obvious. Anyways, Hidaka even agreed two years ago so something terrible must have happened for the hate to arise. It’s not possible for a person’s father to dislike something so much as to punch their child without regard for the child’s self esteem and his dream. To make things worse, Akiho even has her spasm again where time fast forwards. Okay, I know it’s uncomfortable and probably unbearable but why is Kaito so flustered? I think this “disease” might be life threatening because otherwise, Kaito would calmly handle this like he normally would. That, or he could just be showing how much he really cares for her.

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