Robotics;Notes Episode 7

Robotics;Notes Furugoori or Kogoori Kona. Frau Koujiro

Furugoori’s revelation and more PLOT.
Robotics;Notes Episode 7: Thank You Very Much
Arigatō Gojaimashitat

Robotics;Notes once again develops rapidly in a single episode where the previous episode is nothing huge in terms of plot. Still, this is probably what we’ve all been waiting for. Foreshadowing, revelations and more characters for us to mull over.

Hidaka Subaru

Okay, let’s get this out of the way, that “Kagome Kagome” song gives me the chills. Last episode, the tape player played the exact same sound and later this episode, it gets even more freaky. Anyways, Subaru’s sneaky behavior is no doubt because of the love he has for his M45. Sadly, we know that his dream is “over” (for now).

Senomiya Misaki

What confused me when I first saw Senomiya Misaki is her cheerful attitude before and her almost desolate expression now. While she once portrayed incessant fervor for Gunpro-1, when asked by Kai again at a later time, she describes it as junk. However, during that time, Misaki was still in high-school. Therefore, the incident which must have caused her to drop her dream must have not been long after her initial passionate attitude.

Frau Koujiro furugoori

Although I didn’t expect many things in this episode, the one that is highlighted in my mind must be Furugoori’s confession. Or should I say, Kogoori Kona. Apparently, the reason why the last episode of Gunvarrel was never aired was because the studio staff got killed. Furugoori’s mother disappeared and now Furugoori came back to the island where she was last seen. At first, it seems to be interesting that her mother is the one who disappeared. Connections with Kimijima Kou may arise at a later point. However, I want to put an emphasis on the reason why they were murdered. Sure enough, if they were related to Kimijima Kou then it would be obvious for them to be eliminated as well. Although, I can’t say that killing thirteen people is exactly going to be ideal because most likely, only a few know of the incident and the cover up. Perhaps there is a even deeper reason behind the murders. Maybe they wanted to discontinue the Gunvarrel show altogether. I mean, if they had told them to just not make the last episode, some details are undoubtedly going to be revealed. If they want to cut the show in a clean manner, it’s better to eliminate all possible sources of leakage. Anyways, that’s just speculation and I could be completely off the mark.

Subaru is back again to work on the giant robot! Except… he had to disassemble his M45 in front of his father. The humor inserted in this episode isn’t bad either. Subaru’s reaction as his secret of being Mr. Pleiades is known to someone struck me as completely random (AKA humor).

Daitoku Junna

Anyways, at least Akiho still shows the same passion as what Misaki showed. In a way, she’s living on and pursuing her dreams in her sister’s place. Furthermore, all the parts are coming together as well. So many positive turns! But… then the solar flares pop back up and even the Robo-One championship is cancelled. In other words, what Kimijima Kou said is becoming more and more believable in Kai’s mind. What even more messed up way to proceed than playing that “Kagome Kagome” song again? Annnndd…. the show won’t stop there will it? Another character shows up with some fairly burly guards behind her. Could this be related to what Kaito knows about the sun’s explosion?

Plot plot plot! Yay! Man, this week has been full of constant shiver after shiver and I love it. This season has truly been wonderful in that a lot of great two-cour anime popped up. That may make up for the lackluster and perhaps, almost terrible winter season coming up. Still, I cannot wait to see what the new character has to offer and how the solar flares will play an even more important role in the future.

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