Robotics;Notes Episode 8

Robotics;Notes Kaito falling down

The second Kimijima Kou report.
Robotics;Notes Episode 8: I’m Nae Tennōji. Nice To Meet You!
Tennōji Nae desu. Yoroshiku!

The mystery of Kimijima Kou continues as Kai finds the second report while almost killing himself in the process.

Senomiya Akiho Robotics Notes Nae Tennouji

It turns out, Nae Tennouji was the one who kidnapped them and took them to JAXA. However, she has an offer that Akiho wanted to hear for a long time; that is, support for the giant robot! However, not everything is what she wants it to be. They want her to abandon the GunPro-1 and build a brand new robot. If that’s the case, then what would be the point in Akiho even trying? Of course, she rejects the offer even though unwillingly.

It turns out that even Kaito is curious to see the second report after the accurate occurrences of the first report. However, the goals that must be met are… not exactly what you would expect. Well, opening the satellite when there is a typhoon coming is not exactly ideal. I thought Kaito was one of the people who thought a bit more before doing things.

Well, the Elephant Mouse Syndrome really saved him from falling. Seriously, if he hadn’t jumped up with incredible skill then he’s dead. Akiho manages to find him with the help of Airi and everything else went well! He finishes the other missions without any difficulty and the report opens…

The organization known as The Commitee of 300, a group that controls the world from the shadows, gained more and more power. They are following their ‘Human Domestication Project,’ through which they intend to decrease human population to one billion, and create a unified world government using propaganda. Watch out for Kagome-Kagome. That song holds a symbolic meaning to them, and wherever they conduct an experiment, you will be sure to encounter it.

So, this is really similar to some conspiracy theories we have out there but it’s only the second of the seven reports. Who knows what kind of other ridiculous elements will be added? This part is probably the part I like most about Robotics;Notes. Underneath the mission of building robots lies another even stranger mission that will affect everyone on Earth. Even if Kaito knows this, how will he go about to change it? Even if he could, would he?

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