Robotics;Notes Episode 9-11

Robotics;Notes Dotou Genki The World has Ended

The plot thickens…
Robotics;Notes Episode 9-11:
“The Fruit of all the Blood, Sweat and Tears”
“A Robot Only We Can Build”
“The Flag Has Been Set”

Honestly, I didn’t really bother posting episodes 9 and 10 because they were just too… uneventful. With episode 11, however, I feel the revival of my interest in this anime. Let’s get to it.

Episode 9

Robotics Notes gunpro-1

The culmination of all of the years of work finally led to the moment where Gunvarrel launches! Except… it barely moves and the engine fails. Even though the designs are well done, the parts are not suited to move such a monstrous machine. Although the robot is disappointing, I’m impressed that the robot moved so realistically. At the very least, some people understand some actual physics.

It’s sad to see Aki so depressed but she’s not done yet; she wants to catch up to her sister despite the large gap between the two of them. The most intriguing part of the episode is probably Misaki’s last few words. Does she really think it’s a pile of junk? If she does, why does she even look at it in the first place? She must at least have some attachment to the robot even with her antipathy towards it.

Episode 10

The way they portrayed the monopole almost makes it as if it’s nothing to fret about. Nonetheless, we know that this is the foreshadowing of the upcoming disaster. Robotics;Notes is teasing us with the possibilities of the monopole. Will we see some mech action or is it merely a tool for foreshadowing?

Tennouji Nae Senomiya Akiho

Finally, Aki puts aside her dream of completing the old robot and focuses on what’s important, gaining experience in creating another robot. We get some decent character development with that and finally, the team can move on. Anyways, what’s crucial is that Aki must have a better understanding about robots before trying to complete Gun-Pro1. It’s not as if the robot is going anywhere so it would be more logical to come back and make a better one.

Irei Mizuka

Say Airi… Could you just disappear?

Robotics;Notes really loves to tease us with these cliffhangers. Is it because of Airi that Kimijima Kou died? Does her presence only remind Irei of her unwanted memories? Well, even in the next episode, this isn’t explored.

Episode 11

Irei Mizuki

Furugoori is back to pester Kai with her curiosity and Kai is as reluctant and lazy as ever. Still, the stories, even if fake, are probably still interesting to Kai. Irei’s outburst doesn’t appease Kai’s curosity; in fact, it may have spurred it.

Kimijima Kou died in Tanegashima on the day of the SS Anemone incident. He also had information about “Project Mars.” Then, Misaki goes on say that there is “no option other than fighting for robots” with a serious look on her face. The presentation of these little quirks and revelations are very well done. Robotics;Notes has not really given us a clear cut answer but just pieces for us to put together ourselves.

Well, things are going to get even more intense. Furugoori’s friend notifies her that the top three ranked players have been dead for half a year. In other words, Kai was most likely facing against some kind of AI. Could this be them training the robots to be autonomous? Even the rankings in the game have been altered.

And…. remember the report that Furugoori and Kai found? Well… it’s KINDA connected to the final episode of Gunvarrel that is mysteriously leaked. Basically, the releasing of a solar magnetic storm will wipe out humanity or at least a huge part of it. Now we get more of a hint as to why Kona’s mother went missing. Perhaps, she and the others who were murdered wanted to release a warning to the rest of the world. After all, Gunvarrel is extremely popular right? It may be just an anime but with its drastic change in storytelling, something must be up. Sensing that the public can’t be warned about the impending disaster, they killed everyone related to the last episode and covered everything up.

Senomiya Misaki

[captionpix imgsrc=”” captiontext=”Lol. As if that’s going to work.” imgalt=”Senomiya Misaki tells Kaito to forget”]

In the end, whether its Irei, Misaki or Kona’s mother, they must all be related to Kimijima Kou in some fashion. Not only that, Kai who thought these things were a joke is opening his eyes to the situation. Misaki even calls him and tells him to forget about Kimijima Kou. Now Kai understands the gravity of the situation and how much trouble he and the rest of humanity are in. So what exactly will happen now? What are the robots for anyways? What are all the companies responsible for? Is Misaki working in an “evil” corporation as a spy? Is Japan’s EXOSKELETON company even “evil?” What about the person that Misaki is always around?


While the beginning of this anime has been fairly bland, Robotics;Notes has always done a wonderful job of creating tension when needed. As a result, I’m getting more and more of a Steins;Gate vibe from this anime. With so much uncertainty and almost boundless potential, Robotics;Notes can be an absolutely fantastic anime in the next season. I’m certainly glad I picked this anime up and stuck with it all this time for it’ll only get more insane.

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