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Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin Episode 11 Review
Nanana’s Buried Treasure Episode 11 Review

Back when I did the spring preview, I guessed that this show wouldn’t be any good. For some reason, it just had a generic vibe going by what I saw of the premise and the previews. After hearing some people talk about it, I decided to give it a shot, and thankfully, my previous assumptions were completely wrong. This show isn’t generic at all. In fact, it’s the complete opposite.

Note: This will be more of a overall review than a review on this single episode.


Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin Episode 11 Impressions

Yama Juugo kicked


Yama Juugo anime

You need some Nananas to sooth that pain?

Perfect for sadistic torturing.


Wow, that’s anticlimactic especially after that glorious punch last episode.

For what reason does she ask this?
Maybe she’s trying to find someone, and that’s why she became a master detective?



Yuiga Isshin

So fucking cool that his glasses block his field of vision when he wants it to.

So you like it from behind that much?…

Ikusaba Hiiyo

He’s fucking outta here.

Oh lerd he wants it bad.

Ikkyuu Tensai Zettai Ryouiki



This fucking show…

I couldn’t read that much Japanese and just gave up on that game.

He could keep a harem around and no one would know…

Ryuugajou Ikkyuu Tensai Kiraboshi


More like everyone’s specialty.

Yama Juugo and Ikkyuu Tensai

To a stranger this would seem like she’s trying to buy his body.
Not entirely inappropriate considering the stakes.

Ikkyuu Tensai anime cute


A male protagonist that thinks.
Much wow.

No, look, Tensai was trying to buy his muscular mass for sadistic pleasure, but he thought of you and-


Nanana anime

Bro, are you even trying?

Nanana's buried treasure anime

See, you have to put your hips into it like she does here.
Good thing you rejected Tensai.
She would have been disappointed.
But Nanana’s Nananas on the other hand…

Ryuugajou Nanana fanservice

For your soft puddings, he will do anything.


How about you stop rubbing your nose against her leg?


Yama Juugo screaming headlock



Are you talking to the Nananas?

I wait for the day Nanana suffocates the killer with her Nananas.

Come on, Juugo.
Get on dem Nananas.

A lot more Nananas than I imagined. That’s for sure.


It’s in this very room.

Ryuugajou Nanana pudding

Oh don’t worry, we won’t forget your puddings.


Yoshino Saki possessed finale



Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin Episode 11 Review

In the recent past, we had shows like Uchouten Kazoku and Kyousougiga air that were unique in their own ways. For Uchouten Kazoku, it was the premise, setting, plot-points, and relationships between the enigmatic characters, and for Kyousougiga, it was also unique in those ways (in different ways of course) but its art style truly differentiated it from the crowd as it emphasized the fantastical nature of the show incredibly well. For Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin… it’s not really the premise, setting, or its art style that makes it as peculiar as it is; the characters do. If you have followed a moderate amount of anime week to week (10+), and season by season for at least a year, then you’ve probably been through the times when you dropped shows after the first few episodes due to their generic and uninspired nature. Out of the near hundred shows every year, a fraction become good enough for avid watchers to recommend others to watch. And through all of those generic shows I never ended up completing, a major commonality between each of them, and sometimes even between shows that are “good,” are how typical and weak the characters are. Now, I’m not going to say anything absurd like how Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin shakes up the foundations of character development or anything like that. What I will discuss¬†is how this anime steps outside generic characterizations in interesting ways that differentiates this show from the plethora of other anime.

Probably the most important aspect to the characters that lead me to feel this way is how unstraightforward they are. In many shows, we more or less understand the personality of a certain character, his or her motivations, what he or she will most likely do under circumstances presented by the story, and so on not too many episodes into the anime. Archetypal characters, and common tropes rule the scene as we see tsunderes, yanderes, and the like over and over again. Certainly, it’s not as if adhering to a¬†common personality is a horrible thing to do. After all, there’s a reason why they’re “common.” No character¬†can be so radically different from every single¬†subset of character tropes that he or she is completely original. But there are times when shows create vital characters to their story that are so straight in their beliefs, and opinions that they stick to just a few tropes, or sometimes a single one throughout the whole story. Why is this problematic? Because human beings are complex creatures, and when I’m watching shows that try to develop characters, many seem to ignore that fact. Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin is one of those shows that step outside of this and actually has characters that are at least a bit more intricate than the average character you’d see in anime.

This all started back in the third episode where Yuiga Isshin stole The Wizard’s Cane. As he smiled, I thought he was just the type that lusts for power and has finally gotten what he needed, but it wasn’t quite so simple. When he walked out of the room and his hands shook as he gripped the cane, you could tell that he felt guilt. He was conflicted¬†with what he did, and even though he started spouting his grand goals next episode,¬†he still didn’t get rid of Juugo and Tensai even though he had a perfect opportunity to when he picked up the cane. He knew that they’d go against him, but he couldn’t take that extra step because he’s not just a heartless “bad guy” like many other antagonists. Now, Ikusaba Hiiyo has taken over the antagonist role, and he too, gives off this feeling that there’s much more to him than we currently know of. In this episode, Ikusaba actually called Yuiga, “Yuiga” instead of “four-eyes” for the first time showing that he’s acknowledged his resolve. As he said in episode nine, “[This competition surrounding Nanana’s collection] demands but one thing of you: The willingness to throw away all that you have in order to make your wishes come true.” From this, how Ikusaba questioned Yuiga’s goals, and how he accepts Yuiga now, we know that he’s doing all of this¬†for a reason that probably just isn’t obtaining power because he wants to be powerful.

It’s not just these two characters that have more depth than meets the eye. Yama Juugo, Ikkyuu Tensai, Ryuugajou Nanana, and even Maporo Shiki and Fugi Yukihime are characters that have this aura of mystery surrounding them. From Nanana’s feelings about collecting all her treasures to how she wants to find her killer to Ikkyuuu Tensai’s genius to Yama Juugo’s disposition, the characters have a lot to them that makes me feel that they’ve barely been explored. I don’t want you to take this as me saying that the show didn’t develop the characters well. It did. It’s actually a huge positive for it to portray that there’s a lot to these characters that could very well betray your preconceived ideas of who they are. This anime does a fantastic job of shaking things up, and delivering unexpected parts here and there that I didn’t expect. Yama Juugo, for example, isn’t just the typical “good guy protagonist.” He has his sneaky side even though he may have that stupid grin when he sees a girl in a maid outfit. (Let’s be honest though, we’d all have that same stupid grin.) And sometimes, he doesn’t say, do, or think the things I think he would because I’m just so used to the typical male protagonists who say, do, and think the “right” things. Heck, it’s just nice to see a male protagonist that’s not completely useless, and a bit different for once.

This show makes me wonder, “Is what this character saying and doing really what they mean to say and do?” It’s great to actually suspect the motives of the characters and actually doubt them like we do to real people. They aren’t stupid, and you can’t read them like a book. You can never be absolutely certain what their next move is, it takes time to get to know who they really are, and under certain circumstances, they can greatly change their attitudes. Wow, they’re just like real people! It’s actually a bit saddening that I would be pleasantly surprised by something like this when it should be far more common. Furthermore, the collection of the treasures actually help greatly in characterization as it is a source of great power, and with this great power comes the test of intrinsic nature in which we see the desires of the individuals competing, and how they feel internally. It would have been far more difficult to portray Yuiga’s desires in episode four if it weren’t for Nanana’s collection. Moreover, even the relationship¬†between Nanana and Juugo isn’t one where the girl is all hot for the guy’s D and… yeah… They actually get to know each other better, wrestle a little bit here and there, and build their respect for each other gradually. Nanana’s feelings toward being a ghost also changes by the end to a happier one which is an interesting form of development for a character that’s not directly involved in gathering the treasures.

Just remember that even though I’m praising this show quite a bit that it isn’t spectacular by any means and has its own share of problems. The way the twist was done in episode three and four was not smooth at all, some of the dialogue feels strangely cliche at times, and so on, but overall, this show surprised me quite a bit. Its characterization is by no means groundbreaking, but it’s approach is different enough that I feel that I must mention why its a nice change of pace from the typical characterization I see season to season. The depth to these characters is definitely something I strongly hope to see more of in the future, so hopefully there’ll be a season two in a few years or some writers will look towards this anime, and the light novel, as sources of inspiration. Will I do a more detailed review or analysis of this anime? Perhaps. It definitely piqued my interest in a way I never expected going into it. There’s a lot more to this topic of characterization that I will almost¬†certainly discuss sometime in the future, and while I could talk much more about the characterization in this anime as this post is just a short discussion to get you pondering, the general topic of characterization will encompass far more than this title alone. If this anime made me realize one thing its that characterization is an art that¬†has much room to grow and evolve. Even if two characters may be similar, put them in different settings and circumstances with good writing and you’ll end up having two very different characters by the end. What better way to explore ourselves than to explore the characters that we can create? Looking through the mind of a brilliant character could be a phenomenal platform for all kinds of thematic ideas. And maybe, it could even change who we are in real life, or marginally alter our perspectives on certain topics, however slight that change may be.

Nanana's Buried Treasure Ryuugajou Ikkyuu Tensai Wallpaper


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  • Ian Anthony

    This was a good ride from start, I’m glad I rode with Nanananana this past season. The characters were a bit unique and those Tensai-ness. Btw, were you also watching Selector Infected WIXOSS?

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Nope, I didn’t even watch the first episode of that. Should I pick it up?

      • Ian Anthony

        I think its good so far, I liked the card games as well, its kinda different and better than I expected, was quite dark as the anime suggested and the 2nd season is on Fall as well

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          Hmm… I may check it out then.

          • Lim Cheng Yi

            moesuck has done an analysis on Selector Infected WIXOSS, that might color your view, it might not.

            As for me, i just didnt enjoy the first episode of Selector Infected WIXOSS, so i dropped it.

            As for nanananana , did i got the number of na correct? There’s just something in that show that wasnt able to pull me in, yes, the characters were kinda different but overrall, i just wasnt feeling it. I guess i could rewatch this in future.

          • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

            It’s perfectly fine for you to not feel it. I can actually really see why someone wouldn’t for this kind of show.

          • Lim Cheng Yi

            will you be doing a post for the summer season?

  • sonicsenryaku

    Overall, i ended up thinking that this show was alright. I certainly liked the final episode and i wished the rest of the series was as tight and neatly paced as that one was; it was easily one of it’s strongest eps. See, like you entrav, I actually found the characterization for some of the characters refreshing (not all of them; i still have a hard time finding substance in Yuiga’s ambitions or taking him seriously as an interesting character for that fact) and it’s like you said, while we should expect for shows to be able to properly develop their characters, it is still a joy when we see one get to do so. My problem though comes from how the character drama (or plot points for that matter) is set up; sometimes the writing of the show in my opinion doesnt adequately set up the character drama so when characters start feeling really conflicted, im like “well that kinda came out of nowhere”; it feels a bit clumsy. To back up my point, a good example of this would be the drama that occurred between Yukihime and Juugo. They both felt that they were going against each other’s code of honor, and for some reason, we dont really see the tension between those two build up until Juugo all of a sudden starts confessing to Nanana that he feels hurt and betrayed by Yukihime’s actions. That setup needed a bit more work.

    When the character’s actually started bumping heads is where i felt the character development was stronger and saw the strength of this series; it does not spoon-feeding us every thought a character had. It didnt do the “oh lets have a character monologue about their life as a way to give them character development , or lets have them tell us what their personality is like or have someone explain it to the audience otherwise they wont get it” route. You learned about these characters because of their interactions with the cast members and gained new info about them through their actions and dialogue…and even now we still dont know ever detail to the cast members. While rough around the edges, this was a step in the right direction in terms of character writing, with ep 11 really having what is one of the tightest written eps of the series’ run. More anime need to learn how to go about creating interesting character dynamics and interactions. You let your character’s interactions and the bits of info you learn about them drive the plot fluidly, not in a clumsy, exposition- type of way. Overall, a 6.75/10 for me; I enjoyed the series; I think it has potential and i hope it taps into it more in season 2 because i will tune in if that ever happens.

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      The set-up of a lot of parts in the anime could have been done a lot better. The jump between the first two episodes to three and four feel so sudden that it made me feel more strange while watching it than shocked. But yeah, like you say, they don’t explicitly explain that much to the audience and leave things for us to figure out. There’s no character saying, “Wait, what do you mean by that?” or something like that to clear things up with more narration. The show expects you to dig a bit deeper yourself to understand the characters more which I really appreciate because in real life, you have to stay on your toes and figure things yourself as no one will just feed you all this information. It’s a more mature approach to characterization, and I really enjoyed seeing that.

      Here’s to hoping for a season 2!

  • Ian Porterfield

    Chaika’s quite peachy these days, ain’t it?

    aiiint it? >:)

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Dude, that latest episode where she got…

      Good lord.

      • Ian Porterfield

        Yellow Chaika got OFFED.

        BTW Jojo confirmed for 4 cour season and thusly AOTY 2014!

        • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

          I saw. Pretty awesome.

  • niknasr

    Yukihime didn’t got any special mention? I got a bit sad.. Yeah, as you said the characters made this anime out of “the realm of generic”, I really want they expand more on the reason why Juugo acting the way he is, and relationship he had with his father, Really hope there will be a season 2.. Btw, Daimidaler as ridiculous as it is, it actually have a twist at the end and I seem to enjoy it more than I expected which says quite a lot.. I give it 3 episode rules and drop it after that at first but decided to watch it back again and I’m glad I did, if you already dropped it I recommend you picked it up again, because I think it’s more than some mindless comedic ecchi..

    • http://www.entravity.com/ Entrav

      Too many characters to mention. >.>

      Is it now? Maybe I’ll check it out then. I didn’t exactly drop it because it was horrendous like most people say it is because I found it weirdly entertaining, but I just kind of stopped watching for some reason. I didn’t have that much interest for a week, and it tends to be the case that I just don’t pick shows up after that period again.

      • niknasr

        Yes, at least for me.. and believe it or not, there is something we call ‘character development’ especially for the penguin empire and we know at the end the true motive for what the penguin empire did what they did.. I actually thought it was just some kind of dumb downgraded version of DxD but I’m glad I was wrong.. and speaking of DxD, Yatta!! Season 3 incoming, a.k.a training arc, can’t wait to see Issei’s ‘new enlightenment technique’ getting animated..

  • Ian Porterfield

    BTW No Game No Life’s last episode of the season might have real sexy time in it.

    Be prepared.

  • Zenos

    What was that last scene supposed to mean? “I don’t want to die”. WTF does “777” mean? So many things left unanswered…… or they were answered and I am just too incompetent…. someone help me out here.

  • Anime Lover 24

    We need more episode for this anime. It ended to oddly. We need the real ending, the ending till yuugo finds the guy who killed nanana.

  • Nanana’s ( . )( . )

    “We wont forget your pudding”
    this thing made laugh damn XD