Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Episode 2-4

Sasami-san@Ganbaranai what is going on
My thoughts exactly.

What exactly is going on?
Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Episode 2-4: “In-house security guard”
“You lose if you work”
“Parasite at home”

Episode 2

Tsukuyomi Sasami

Have you ever had friends come over to your house and jump around the place to mess your living area up? That feeling always makes me cringe and feel like someone is destroying my natural habitat. Poor Sasami, she has three people being complete nuisances in her house. What’s worse is that her brother, Kamiomi, seems to not care at all. Some endearing brother he is.

Sasami-san, who once had the power of Amaterasu, wanted the game world to continue to exist. That’s why the polycephalic dragon exists and that’s why it will vanish. Wait, doesn’t that mean she still has her powers and at least not all of it got transferred to her brother? Moreover, what am I watching? What even happened in this episode? We have a bunch of troublemakers in Sasami’s house playing a game and… that’s pretty much it. I understand that there are mythological elements to this anime but this episode made me even more confused as to what it’s even about.

Episode 3

Tsukuyomi Sasami third arm


Finally, SHAFT gives us some answers as to what is actually happening as that takes up the first half of the episode. It’s a well put SHAFT-esuqe background story. The third arm is an intriguing added piece that makes me wonder if this “split personality” will truly be put to good use. As it turns out, in the next episode, it does have some effect.

Sasami-san ganbaranai

Oh. Damn. Tsurugi is Amaterasu? Well, that’s a twist that I wasn’t expecting. Sure the stories may be interesting, but the problem is how will they apply this to actually make this anime mean something? So far, even with the background to back up what’s happened so far, I’m still unclear as to what the motive or purpose of this anime is. To record the daily life of Sasami? To make comments about Gods? To present Japanese mythology aspects in an anime setting? Then again, the randomness and the uncertainty of what’s about to happen next makes me come back for more.

Episode 4

Yagami Kagami Yagami Tsurugi

So we went from chocolate into a video game into more action at the shrine into… stalking Sasami?! I don’t really see much of a relationship between what has happened and even less so for the settings. Tsurugi’s ecchi behavior aside, it randomly shifts from being a stalking video into one which captures Sasami being brutally stabbed by her father. Just wait… what?…


UFO? Really? Out of all the things that could happen that’s what they throw at us? A random UFO? I like UFOs and all but why?! Maybe it’s futile to even attempt to make sense of this as it may have been the writer’s intention to portray a mishmash of random happenings in a somewhat conceivable manner. What I will say is that Tsurugi’s character definitely intrigues me as she can turn from a pervert into a seriously menacing being whenever.


I wouldn’t go as far as saying this anime is completely incoherent. It may be confusing but the portrayal of the scenes are fairly clear but it’s hard to relate the episodes together because we don’t really know what’s this anime even about. Maybe it doesn’t need to be and that’s the point but I’m having difficulty trying to find the ulterior motive for the creation of this anime. It’s important to note one thing I missed midst my confusion. That is, the anime may be quite entertaining for some as it is different from a lot of anime. Personally, this anime is quite entertaining to watch as it is a wild ride. Will I continue to watch it? Of course. Will I understand it? Maybe not. There may be something more profound that may happen or it will just be composed of random events for the rest of the season. Either way, it’ll be interesting.

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