Sasami-san@Ganbaranai (FIRST IMPRESSIONS)

Sasami-san@Ganbaranai anime

Sasami-san@Ganbaranai (FIRST IMPRESSIONS): “I’ll Do My Best Starting Tomorrow”
“Ashita Kara Ganbaru”

SHAFT is back again with another somewhat uncommon anime. Since they did a great job with Nekomonogatari among various other anime, I don’t doubt their competence in making this anime into a success. But previous works’ successes do not entail future successes. Can SHAFT wake people from their stupor in this lackluster season?


Firstly, I’ll be very literal with how this episode plays out and try to give you all my personal first impressions. There are some analysis based on other people’s comments about Japanese mythology. Besides, I don’t know the topic even a bit either. I’m probably better off researching more about this before yapping my mouth like an idiot. So, personal perspective it is. If you are interested, just read this.
“TL;DR: Sasami is god, Onii-chan is her servant-subject and/or god, the three sisters represent traditional virtues, and Valentine Day is a commercial corruption of Japan’s culture.”

Sasami-san and Kamiomi


You know that narrator from the last episode of Chuunibyou? (Spoilers Warning) Otsuka Houchuu, or Tsukuyomi Kamiomi, makes a return and becomes the sis-con that he is. Completely infatuated with Sasami, he brings her food, cleans her, and pretty much does everything.

Yagami Tama ribbit


Valentine’s Day

February 14th? That’s Valentine’s Day! Well, it’s customary for people to give and receive chocolates right? Yep, and everything seems so plain and ordinary. Wait, but it’s SHAFT! Things can’t possibly just be that simple. But let’s leave that aside for now. In the meantime, onto looking at the next part of the stor- BIG BUSTY BLONDE POPS OUT OF THE WATER AND PRETENDS TO BE A FROG. Are you confused yet? Good, let’s proceed.



LOL. HENTAI GAME OUT OF NOWHERE. “Pop my cherry.” Anyways, upon meeting the two other characters, you probably start to get a feel for the anime. For example, anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion, at least the original series, gave me a feeling of loneliness and solitary confinement. It may be the lack of characters walking around but for some reason, this anime gives me that feeling when I watch it. It could just be the lack of et cetera characters, characters that just appear as the background, that gives me this feeling.

Yagami Tama

Sasami-san Kagami

Dangerous boobs.


I can understand it’s Valentines Day but what…… CHOOOCOOOLAATTEEEEEE!!! Ah… good times. As Tsurugi pulls out her sword (lol) and Kagami becomes some weapon of mass destruction with her boobs, Tama proceeds to consume the chocolate. I don’t know about you but with no background knowledge, this was a random mash of randomness.




Everything somehow ends up okay and… we have the end of the first episode. The chocolate nemesis is defeated and Sasami-san grabs a bat to kick the three sisters out of the house. Even if you had knowledge of what everything represented, I don’t know if things would still make much sense. Nonetheless, the erratic fight scene made up for the somewhat boring first ten to fifteen minutes.

Sasami-san@Ganbaranai First Impressions (Episode 1) Review

What can I say really? All I can give you is my perspective on the anime. This being related to Japanese mythology, I’ll have to do more research on the subject before saying making myself look like a fool (but I may have already). This is a good chance to familiarize ourselves with this subject. Chances are, if you’re watching this anime, you’re probably interested in Japanese Culture. Then again, even if you are, you might not want spend time looking at mythology of the ancient past. However, I fear that if you don’t know something, things are going to get confusing very quickly.

Note: Real life has been quite a drag. I won’t be doing Robotics;Notes or Psycho-Pass this week. I will do Maoyuu and that’ll be coming in the next 24 hours. I might do Vividred Operations (just the first episode) and make fun of the ass-shots. Anyways, thank you all for reading and I hope you have a great day.

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  • Flyboy

    I’ve watched the first two episodes now and I’m not sure if I will continue. I have such a lack of understanding of Japanese culture that I’m not sure if I will be able to maintain interest from week to week.

    Thanks for writing so much about so many different shows. I wish I had time to respond to all of the shows where our interests intersect. My enjoyment of the various anime increases when I’m able to interact with others who share the same interests. Being over 50 it’s a sure thing that I’m alone in my enjoyment of anime and manga within my circle of friends. I’ll be sure to comment on the shows I watch as time allows.

    • Entrav

      I think you could read up some more about it to gain a better understanding. I’m sure that a lot of Japanese people don’t know their mythology inside out either. In other words, SHAFT will explain things in the future like they kind of did in episode 2.

      As long as you guys are reading I’m happy to continue writing plenty of posts :) Indeed, discussing about anime and manga with others certainly makes it more entertaining.

      I didn’t know you were over 50! That’s actually really awesome. Sadly, I know plenty of people who would scoff at the idea. I don’t think you’re alone but honestly, you’re in the minority. However, I’m sure if you go on MyAnimeList or other forums you should be able to find people like you :)

      Once I get through my real life troubles I’ll be posting like a maniac and probably optimizing the site to make it a lot more user friendly. I’ll remake a lot of the subsections in spring break so it’s informational, easy and appealing. Thanks for reading as usual!