Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda Episode 3 – A MESSAGE TO ALL SMOKERS

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Never mess.

One of the best anime of this winter season.
Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda Episode 3 Review
World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 3 Review
“Hiding Behind Smoke and Mirrors.”

One could view this episode as a comedic portrayal of a certain societal problem that is not only funny, but also a bit enlightening. What’s for certain is that the message this episode tries to get across is not simply a “message to all smokers.”

Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda Episode 3 Impressions

Well, if you want to live maybe smoking is something you’d want to avoid.

Really? They were like that before?



That escalated quickly.

Yasube Morozumi

Zvezda Natasha


Jimon asuta


Sekai Seifuku anime

Those people are almost just as bad.


Shikabane Gorou

SASUGA old man.

Professional praying.

World Conquest Zvezda Plot



This guy…






Venera-sama transformation


Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvezda



Shikabane Itsuka plamya-sama


Oh. Okay.









“Residents and smokers.”

Smoke busters anime


Pepel Shogun

That’s right, Yasu. Change or be condemned forever.


Light a fire within yourself first.

Are you doubting the power of loli?


Literally cancer.

Yeeeessss… Slowly but surely…



That escalated quickly.

Venera variations persuasion



Can’t just pretend to be a bad boy for the rest of his life.

Morozumi yasube scared

Shikabane Gorou and Morozumi Yasube


That’s what I thought.


Komadori Renge White Robin


This guy knows what’s up.





Yasube Morozumi odin

At least they got 85,000 people on their side.

30%? It’s starting.

This is extremely significant.

I have to admit, at first I was going to use this episode as an excuse to go on a rant about smoking because I’ve always hated unintentionally sniffing those chemicals of pure death into my lungs. Instead of being blinded by my hate towards smoking, it’s probably a more suitable idea to discuss what are some of the themes presented in this episode and what smoking really represents in this episode. Smoking doesn’t only represent smoking in this episode; you could also view smoking to be a symbol of all the tiny bits of things that negatively affect us in our lives. For example, if you take the bus or the train, you’ve probably heard someone talking incredibly loud or being completely obnoxious on his or her phone not realizing that no one wants to hear them talk about how someone broke up and what other dumb crap they spew out. Yet, how many of us take action against it? There are numerous instances where I wanted to confront someone about this and yet I almost always lack the courage to do so. I would rationalize to myself and say, “It’ll be over soon and I’ll never see that individual again.” But then what does that do? That individual will never learn about what he or she did wrong. Sure, one could argue that in the end nothing may change even if we take action, but there can be no change if we don’t. This leads us to one of the central themes as influenced by Kate’s speech.

Fear begets inaction but once dispelled could lead to action. It’s ridiculous to say that such an uprising would occur over something like smoking in real life, but this is again a symbol for other kinds of uprisings that are more significant. It’s interesting to note what happens when the smoking annihilation campaign begins. Firstly, it’s not about just the distinction between smokers and non-smokers. The key word used is “residents.” In other words, the people of Udogawa do not even view smokers to be citizens any longer. Near the end of the episode, Kate offers them third-class citizenship if they decide to give up smoking. Even worse, by the end they aren’t even categorized as humans! Yes, this is dehumanization and it gradually gets worse and worse as the episode suggests. From condemning smokers from afar, people hunt down smokers who bring no harm to them. This uprising eventually escalates to a point that’s quite extreme. It wouldn’t have been surprising to me if the people decided to try to find more people like smokers to hunt down as smokers slowly dwindle and their fervor ever so intense.  They target smoking in this episode to make this point, but of course you could apply this to almost anything whether it be racism, freedom of speech, difference in religion, and so on. In essence, this episode is not just a portrayal of the problem that smoking brings and what we need to do about it; it is also a portrayal of what can occur when there is an ideology shift within society.

Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda Episode 3 Review

It’s easy to miss some thematic messages when you view this as just a crazy comedy because you don’t really expect there to be much to what’s shown. However, Sekai Seifuku cleverly implements thematic topics in both an entertaining and enlightening way. I didn’t even begin to go over Yasu and Gorou’s relationship and the idea of growing up. Regardless, this episode makes it clear that we have to be a bit more mindful when watching this show as we would be missing out if we are to merely treat it as just a comedy. From here, I expect the show to tackle different themes almost episodically through Kate’s quest of world domination. I think this really is a show to behold if it continues like this due to its profundity underneath its crazy and nonsensical nature. It’s quite an experience to see something like Shin Sekai Yori and Psycho-Pass delve into more serious themes, but it is also quite an experience and a feat to incorporate these more serious themes in a more lighthearted way that this anime does so well. This episode really has solidified this anime as one of the top anime of this winter season. At least for now.

Sekai Seifuku Zvezda Wallpaper

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  • Laciie

    This episode actually made me really uncomfortable because of how many times they called smokers trash. It’s probably a personal thing though; I’m completely against smokers who smoke like that, without thinking about their surroundings and all but the reason I kind of flinched when they called them trash is because I knew a person or two who do it due to depression (and they’re trying their hardest to stop). And I don’t think that people like them are trash at all. Not only that but it makes me severely uncomfortable when I see people intruding others’ privacy; however, that’s only because I wouldn’t have a confidence to do it. Like when Kate stood up to that woman who was smoking outside that cafe, I’d probably one of those citizens who wouldn’t have the courage to stand up to her so I find it outstanding that, as a child, Kate has so much confidence to stand up to an adult like that, not even thinking about the risks (not that she needs to; with her powers and all). It kind of makes me wonder where she got it all from? I’m not sure that’s going to be explored in the anime, though.

    I think you brought to light some parallels that I didn’t notice before so I view this episode in a pretty different light now. When I thought of it in only a smokers vs. non-smokers perspective it looked very exaggerated, but when you think about the same thing in relation to other issues, like the issues you mentioned it certainly does make sense.

    • Entrav

      Of course to the lengths this episode goes to is extreme, but it does so to make a point of what happens when the majority challenge what some people do. I would feel the same way if only it was talking about how smoking is bad and so on, but it parallels uprisings in general which is why I think its well done.

  • Michael

    This actually made me angry watching it, but that’s probably because its more about the anti-smoking/anti-personal liberty commentary than anything else, but maybe that’s because I’m from California, and I don’t know how other places handle their smokers. Here smoking has been demonized to the point of ridiculousness, almost to the point where people can’t smoke anywhere. They’ve been pushed completely out of restaurants and are losing the right to smoke outdoors in public areas. I don’t smoke, but if a person wants to suck on cancer sticks that’s fine by me, ESPECIALLY since second hand smoke has been proven by science to have no harmful effects other than a nasty odor and maybe causing some discomfort for asthmatics. So many of you have been fooled by the “Truth” campaign’s use of the Goebbels Method (the repeated statement of a lie as fact until the majority believe it to be true) to paint smokers as people who are killing everyone around them.
    What’s worse is that smokers adapted to all your crazy zealotry and created Electronic Cigarettes, wonderful little devices that use really two ingredients: water vapor, and nicotine. But what do the behavior controlists do? They try to pass legislation limiting the use of e-cigs to the declining areas that smokers can, for no reason other than they’re pissed the smokers one-up’d them.
    Wow, wall of text rant, sorry about that. I got worked up there, but what I’ve learned in this episode is that I don’t really think the world would be better off with this loli conquering it. She used mob mentality to manipulate the people, and they failed to grasp that its all fine and dandy to go after someone like to do stuff you don’t like…until they go after something YOU like to do.

    • Entrav

      You see, what you said is what this episode is trying to emphasize. It’s emphasizing the fact that when there is an ideology shift it can get too extreme. Of course, I don’t agree that you can’t smoke at all. It’s a person’s choice to smoke or not and to not let them would be to not give them his or her freedom. This episode is not purely condemning smoking. It’s pretty clear from the use of violence, witch hunts, and even degrading smokers to third-class citizens that the show is trying to make a point that shifts in ideologies can get out of hand. I don’t think what Zvezda is doing is “right,” but that’s just it! At first, it seems harmless to want others to not smoke, but it escalates to a level that’s far too extreme. As I said, it’s not as much about smoking as it first appears to be.

      Secondly, I will need to ask for your source on the fact that “second hand smoke has been proven by science to have no harmful effects other than a nasty odor and maybe causing some discomfort for asthamtics.” I am no expert at this field, but to say that there is “no harmful effects” whatsoever is something that I am doubtful about. You can check this Wikipedia page and its sources: A topic on Reddit concerning this:

      It’s alright if you’re worked up over it. I totally understand that some find this episode offensive, but I’d say to not take the message of smoking too seriously as it’s just one example of the point they’re trying to get across and in the end the scenario is quite absurd.

    • L

      If not being able to breath is just “some discomfort” I wonder what real discomfort is.
      It always amazes me to see how much people underestimate respiratory diseases. Never heard of the “try breathing with your nose closed and through a small drink straw” example of how hard is to breath when you’re having a crisis thanks to smoke?
      Oh, and it doesn’t stop there. Trying to breath through a straw is a nice start, but add to that that you can only take in a small amount of air every 6-7 seconds because your lungs give you a feeling like they’re closing down, and the more you’re exposed to smoke the worse it is. That’s the “some discomfort” of someone which suffer from asthma has to withstand in a room with smokers.
      Also, you really have to check your facts on Passive smoking. If it was “scientifically proven” like you wrote that second hand smoking it’s just some nasty odor, we wouldn’t have all those regulations, no?

  • Ian Porterfield

    Why do you only review this blatant propaganda? Its like watching a trap Captain Planet that reminds me too much of Kick-Ass, which is shit.

    • Entrav

      Did you even read my review? It’s not blatant propaganda and if you think so then you’re missing the point of this episode. It is the opposite of propaganda.

  • zztop

    Wow, who knew this episode could be so socially relevant…

    Anyways, if you are following Nobunaga the Fool it’s going to be 20+ eps, so be prepared for the long haul. May I suggest a review when the series is at its half way point?

    And Free! Season 2 is confirmed. No confirmed airdate though.

    Have a Happy Year of the Horse! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ 新年快乐!!!

    • Entrav

      Yep, it looks like the ridiculous ride that is Nobunaga the Fool (MIYANOOO) will be an interesting one since it is going to be 2-cours. I will probably do a review sooner than the half-way point actually, but a half-way point review is the worst I’ll do.


      I need more sea creatures in my life.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    While it’s being exaggerated, it has a deeper meaning. Not only about smokers but vices in general and how they affect modern day society. Their personalities are exaggerated to provide comedic moments. Not all smokers are like that but it’s true that abusing a vice can have a negative impact and you and your health. Guess that’s the true message this episode had to offer.

    @ianporterfield:disqus Take this from an ex-smoker. It’s not propaganda, really. I found it amusing especially since I’ve been in those situations myself. Used to smoke at least a pack a day. Now whenever I sense cigarette smoke while eating, I lose my appetite. That Captain Planet reference was actually pretty good lol.

    @Michael There are tough regulations against smoking in public places in EU as well. Perhaps it’s not demonized as much as it’s in the US though. Using the mob mentality to manipulate people is nothing new. I’ve seen it a lot of times in anime, especially comedies.

    This show is pretty interesting, glad I picked it up.

    • Entrav

      Yep, there are plenty of hidden messages under its exaggerations. It’s a clever show.

  • George Ivascu

    Hey Ent, what u think of Noragami ? Is my second favourite this season (nisekoi best ) .. any chance u do a review?

    • Entrav

      Yep, I’ll definitely do a review on it sooner or later. I like it even though having read the manga beforehand made me like it a bit less at first. I have to properly think about it before giving a judgement, but it’s also one of the better shows of this season.

  • George Ivascu

    The spinning star on Kate’s head it’s so awsome ..

    • Entrav

      Haha, I know right! When she “transformed” the star popped up like it would in a generic transformation.

  • Dycize

    You know, reading your review here reminds me more and more of how much I think this show is like Kyouran Kazoku Nikki : crazy, funny and has more depth than you’d think.
    “This escalated quickly” really sums up that episode. One cigarette, one meal at the chinese restaurant, and suddenly, a revolution! Fascist-like troops that root out evil sub-people! A final showdown against people who lost their soul in their desire, facing the army of angry vindicative people, all while the 3rd side just decides to nuke’em.

    And then smokers were zombies.

    There is probably a Left 4 Dead joke to do here.

    As one can guess, I’m enjoying this show greatly. I like how Plamya’s bike also has an eyepatch.
    *cough cough* Anyway.
    As someone who’s on the side of “smoke makes me cough horribly”, I grinned a lot during this episode. The duo’s sub(?)-plot was also pretty interesting. Funny how the grown up is the one biting a chocolate bar eh? This episode also showed us more hints at Kate’s… Darker side? It’s easy to forget that she is -seriously- bent on conquering the world sometimes.
    I’m really liking the characters in this show (the MC definitely won me over in ep2. way to go with standing up to bad food!).

    • Entrav

      I didn’t watch Kyouran Kazoku Nikki yet. I’ll keep that in mind and watch it later.

  • Blablabla

    You know this is a show made by the guy who made Darker than Black when you have the “smoking issue” used as a plot device or just comedic effect *coughcoughreferringtoNovember11*

  • Ian Porterfield


    • Entrav

      You forgot the word “Fall.” :)

    • The Atomic Dwarf

      Also heard rumors of a Gargantia sequel.

  • Dochux

    I agree with you to an extent but I think you also missed that this episode showed how dangerous mob mentality can be. I was with them 100% when they began the uprise but when they began treating smokers like second class citizens and then hunting them down to beat them I saw it as barbaric. The scene when they raided the bar reminded me of scenes of prohibition bar raids. It’s almost saying that an unchecked force can be just as evil as what it’s trying to stop.