Shin Sekai Yori Episode 18

Shin Sekai Yori Shisei Kaburagi
Those eyes.

Yakomaru’s Plan Commences
Shin Sekai Yori Episode 18: “Crimson Flower”
“Akai Hana”

Shin Sekai Yori Episode 18 Impressions

While the older Saki have been warning us of the atrocities in the future episodes, I’m still enthralled by how the anime portrays the events. We have moved from an anime with intense atmosphere into a one with an even more pronounced atmosphere along with action and deception.
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Watanabe Saki

With power that is considered superhuman today, people with the power of Cantus are unafraid of most of their surroundings especially when you add in the fact that the most threatening creature, human beings, cannot harm one another. As such, it’s natural for people under a prolonged time of peace to take it for granted and believe that that’s the way it should be. But when the necessity for action arises and the people are put into a state of fear, will they be able to calmly proceed or because of the lack of preparations, die?

Giant Hornets Wiped Out

From the cliffhanger from last episode, we know that the Giant Hornet soldiers were wiped out. At the same time, however, they are powerful in terms of military ability. The leaders of the village suppose that it’s possible for the Queerats to gain information from False Minoshiros just like Saki and the others did. Shisei, on the other hand, has a more intriguing conclusion to draw from this that’s similar to what we viewers have been discussing this whole time. That is, for a person with the power of Cantus to have intervened and wiped out the Giant Hornets.

Yakomaru and his plans

Deceitful and treacherous. Yakomaru is both intelligent but dangerous and should certainly not be overlooked. As if Saki’s numerous narrations weren’t enough, Yakomaru’s deeds are truly cunning. Arranging bones similar to humans is one thing but to have their DNA match is another thing entirely. This makes me believe that Yakomaru has not only the False Minoshiro and is extracting information from it, but he must also be working with it at a high level of ingenuity.

If you remember, from that Bloody History episode, we learned that people developed Cantus randomly and was not cultivated into being able to do so. Although there was no information based on the origin of Cantus itself, it may be an interesting point to say that Yakomaru may understand Cantus more than we think. I doubt that he will gain direct access to such an ability but if he understands the powers of his enemies, then Saki and the others are in a even more dire situation than we currently think.

Having a Summer Festival with all this chaos going on regarding the Queerats display how careless humans have gotten over the years of peace. Then again, it’s not unnatural for humans to act in such a way at the same time. This only leads to a well executed sneak attack by the Queerats and plenty of people die in the process.

Kaburagi Shisei’s Cantus/Juryoku Prowess

From the New world shisei and Hino Kaburagi Shisei Shin sekai yori

What is notable here is not only the successful assault by the Queerats coordinated by Yakomary (probably), but also the powers that Shisei and Hino which really highlight the anime in terms of action and display of Cantus so far. Nonetheless, countless people have died and Hiromi doesn’t make it out alive but thankfully, Tomiko does.

Akizuki Maria

Tomiko may vow vengeance but Yakomaru will not be caught so easily as he probably has everything planned out. The last part is a bit of a tease for those who forgot about Maria midst all the action and serves as a foreshadowing and a sour reminder that she’ll be back sometime before this anime ends. It may be in her “normal” form or it may be a different form altogether.

[captionpix imgsrc=”” captiontext=”Another tense episode next time.” imgalt=”Preview for next episode darkness”]

First of All, Apologies

Just wanted to take the time to say sorry for those who have been waiting for my posts. I know I haven’t caught up on Sasami-san, Maoyuu, and Robotics;Notes at all. Sadly, as my computer was being a complete slowpoke, I tried updating everything and the last thing to update was the BIOS. Big mistake. (Tip for some people: Don’t mess with the BIOS unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing. At the very least, back up your stuff.) I believe I did everything correctly but now Windows refuses to start up and my display goes black after 10 minutes. While I may be able to back up most of my important things by logging onto Ubuntu, I won’t be back on my normal computer for quite some time as I think the motherboard is fried. With any luck, I can get this fixed in a few days. However, it doesn’t mean that I won’t post content. I am using my laptop and I’m actually more productive than before (less distractions FTW). What I can say is that I will catch up on Sasami-san and Maoyuu for sure. Psycho-Pass is a no-brainer as I post that anyways. I didn’t want to start the post with an apology because, let’s face it, it’s about anime here and not about my petty problems. Thanks for sticking with me and stay tuned for more content soon.

More Thoughts

To end it on more of a contemplative tone, let’s discuss Satoru and Saki’s relationship. I understand that a lot of people are irritated that the writer keeps pulling them apart when they seem to have some sort of development. I agree as the reason why they separated seems really half-assed right now. But with plenty of time remaining and time together, they’ll get the development they need fairly soon.

It’s also true that the preview from last episode totally trolled me as for some reason, I thought Shisei was a Fiend or Karma Demon from the looks of the preview. Damn lighting and paranoia messing me up. Maria didn’t show up yet and perhaps is for the better as it may be too soon. More mysteries await us in the next episode.

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  • Daniel

    Well, let’s see…

    1. WTF?!?!

    They’ve cut Saki and Satoru acting like a couple… AGAIN!!! :/

    2. I don’t think Maria will come back, since this episode pretty much confirmed that she and Mamoru are dead (It’s pretty clear that Squealer killed them. I hope that bastard will pay!).

    3. It’s pretty clear also that we will see the Akki next episode and that the Akki is Maria and Mamoru’s son. I also don’t think he’s really an Akki since a mindless Akki won’t do any good for Squealer. He’s just a PK user without the Death Feedback mechanism. But the people of the village will probably think he’s an Akki because he’ll be able to kill them.

    And I think that makes it clear now that it’s not Maria who should have died all those years ago but Squealer.

    So it’s all actually Saki and Satoru’s fault, because if Saki wouldn’t have saved him from the queen or if Satoru wouldn’t have helped him and his colony in battle Squealer would have been dead and none of this shit would have happened :/

    That said, It’ll be kind of disappointing if i’m right though. I liked the idea of Maria helping Squealer as an Akki or out of revenge because she hates the village better. If it’s her child who’s doing it it won’t make that much of an impact story wise since the child is a new character we’ve never seen before.

    • Entrav

      I’m still holding on to the hopes that Maria and the others are still alive even though it is probably in vain. If they really are dead, it really troubles me because you would think they would run far, far away.

      Also, when Saki mentions in episode 2 about Maria and how untold numbers could have been saved it still makes me wonder if she’s really dead. Of course, countless people died in this episode so is her job as a catalyst for the chaos over? I guess what Saki meant back then was that Maria’s death sparked all of these events that will lead to future tragedies.

      I liked your theory a lot so I kind of stuck onto it. We’ll see if things are what we think though.

      • Flyboy

        You’re right, though. They’re doing such a good job of the slow reveal that you never know what direction things will go. We can propose our theories and it’s fun to speculate to match wits with the author, but in the end I’m sure we will all look back at things that we saw but didn’t pick up on. There is still some way to go and I am so looking forward to each new episode. Right now we’re focusing on the climax of calamity and death and not even thinking about what comes after because that is where the anime is steering us. I wonder if there will be some sort of “Rebirth Arc” or something of that nature after the destruction?

        And don’t forget about Kiroumaru; I’ll be he has some part yet to play before the end.

        • Daniel

          Yep, I love that this show could be so unpredictable.

          And I’m sure Kiroumaru will have a big role, since he’s on the front of the poster for this arc…

      • man00ver

        I’m not sure how Maria could be long dead, since she was 26 years old in her speech at the end of the episode (unless there was some sort of translation error). So, if that bit isn’t one of Saki’s visions, there’s pretty good hope that she’s still alive.

        Given Tomiko’s remains-testing results, the hoax would require reshaping bones and teeth with Cantus, after removing the marrow/pulp and implanting some donor tissue for the DNA match. This seems plausible.

        • Daniel

          Actually she was clearly still a teen in that… whatever the hell it was.

          I understand that part wasn’t even in the novel.

    • Flyboy

      Yes, Daniel, I agree that we’ve seen the last of Maria and Mamoru, unfortunately. The DNA of the bones they found matched theirs because those were actually their bones. Squealer killed them after Maria gave birth (if we endorse the idea of Maria’s child being the one who Squealer is using) which took some time which explains why he told Saki and Satoru that it would take some time to arrange the bones. That conniving bastard! He was plotting their murders right in front of Saki and Satoru without so much as a flinch. I’m wondering if he had Mamoru killed once Maria was confirmed pregnant and then lobotomized her to control her just like he did the queen. I wouldn’t put anything past this guy as this point.

      • Daniel


        God I hate him so much!

        And it’s so sad to think that three out of the five main characters are now dead and all of them died in horrible, tragic ways.

        This show has no mercy :-(

        I’m pretty sure that Kaburagi Shisei, Tomiko and Saki’s parents will die next.

        I think Saki and Satoru are safe though, since they truly are the main two characters of the story.

        • Flyboy

          Yes, hopefully through the rest of series we get to see more development between Saki and Satoru. I could use some “light” to balance some of this “darkness”.

  • Flyboy

    Wow! Tomiko is super pissed off! For some reason I’ve always thought of her as being one of the more level-headed of the village leaders. I had felt that she was more aware of weaknesses and failures of her society and thereby came across as more understanding . . . you know, like she would be one who would be willing to embrace change in the paradigm for a better and more stable future. I don’t know why I thought that, now, as I look back across past episodes. I guess I felt that way because she seemed more understanding with Saki. For the first time I’m seeing that elitist arrogance as she rages against Squealer. Kind of like, “How dare they!”

    I also noticed the lanterns and the fireworks during the Summer Festival mirroring what we saw in the first ED.

    Poor Saki; she must be feeling some pretty intense guilt. I think the fact that it will (probably) be Maria’s child doing the killing will add so much to the storyline. The emotional connections between Saki and Maria run very deep and I can’t imagine the full range of emotion that Saki will experience once (or if) she finds out the truth.

    I wonder who of the old leadership will survive?

    • Entrav

      Tomiko may be old and wise but she’s still a human being. Still, like you, I thought she would be more… experienced with these types of situations. She should have thought something was wrong as soon as the news came of the Kiroumaru’s army being wiped out.

      At this point, I’m not even sure what to believe anymore. Things are getting screwed left and right without any resolution in sight. We’re just getting started too. That’s what makes Shin Sekai Yori a worthwhile watch. The tension and the unknown.

    • Daniel

      “I wonder who of the old leadership will survive?”

      My guess… NO ONE!

      I won’t even be surprised if Saki and Satoru will be the only two HUMANS left in the end of the show and if they will have to repopulate humanity somehow…

      • Flyboy

        “My guess… NO ONE!

        I won’t even be surprised if Saki and Satoru will be the only two HUMANS left in the end of the show and if they will have to repopulate humanity somehow…”

        That’s very possible and makes a lot of sense given the title of the anime. I just don’t know if the author would go that far; it seems cliche-ish.

  • Daniel

    Also, without the the death feedback the Akki will be really powerful…
    How would they be able to stop him?

    The only option would be that one of the remaining main characters will have to sacrifice himself/herself, maybe either Kiroumaru or Satoru or Tomiko?

    If Tomiko will be the one to do it it would be a nice closer for her character, don’t you think?

    • Flyboy

      It would seem fitting for her, yes, given that she was a witness to the most recent Akki appearance.

      I’m not convinced that the woman shrouded in light that appeared from Hino’s eyes at his death was death feedback mechanism. We still know so little about the nature of Cantus, where it gets its power, what actually causes Fiends and Karma Demons, etc . . . that I am hoping there is a deeper meaning behind it. I hope there is another info dump before the end of the series to answer some of those questions.

      • Entrav

        I’m not positive either but it seems to be the most likely reason for now. We saw it when Rijin killed the False Minoshiro and got sick watching it so I’m assuming this is the case. However, I’m puzzled as to why Hino has it and no one else does. Maybe it’s a point we can look back on later.

        • Daniel

          Some people who read the novel said that It wasn’t because of the death feedback mechanism, that woman was someone Hino used to love.

          He used the remaining of his powers to make a reflection of her as to not make his death seem so grim, he wanted to show the people something beautiful and go out with a bang.

          Apparently they’re not going to tell you about it in the anime though. I don’t get why they’ve put it in, that part should have been cut.

          Also, despite what I said I have a strong feeling that Satoru will be the one to sacrifice himself to kill the “Akki” :-(

          • Entrav

            Ah okay, that makes a lot of sense. It’s quite confusing with the way they portrayed it though :/

          • Flyboy

            I’m going to pull for Tomiko, or someone else OTHER than Satoru, to sacrifice herself, for no good reason. Other than it would seem poetic, and I really do want Saki and Satoru to find some happiness together. Yeah, I guess I’ve turned into a shipper.

          • Daniel

            Shipping rules! ;-)

  • Daniel

    Holy shit!

    The original novel could get english translation!

    If Vertical* gets enough interest from people, they’d consider translating the novel:


    Pass it on!

    • Entrav

      I’ll try my best to spread the word!

  • Flyboy

    I just finished rewatching episode 4 and the false minoshiro explained that death feedback was one of the things that were added to the genetic code of humans, so I don’t believe it’s possible for the coming Akki to not feel its effects UNLESS, and this seems to be the only way it could happen, UNLESS that part of the genetic code was not passed on from the parents; it doesn’t appear to be something that Squealer can just condition out of his Fiend. We are even treated to a flashback that Saki suddenly remembers of one of the priests stabbing the body of an animal with a knife, and he has hypnotized her into believing that she is the one holding the knife and stabbing HIM. I’m guessing this was the way they tested to be sure that the genetic splice was still intact and passed on to Saki through her parents. I have no doubts that if she had not fallen to the floor unconscious as she had that she would have been removed right there.

    Also, the image that the false minoshiro conjured was distinctly different from Hino’s in it’s appearance and affect. And the image of the black female figure wielding the scythe which turned its head to look at Saki that appeared as Rijin attacked the Queerats with his dark tornado was different, as well. It could be that that was just Rijin getting creative with his attack, but I don’t know . . . why just females?

    And Satoru, from episode 3, just could not stop teasing and heckling Saki. It’s not hard to think his personality was just irritating Saki which may be the reason for the “petty” squabble.

    • Daniel

      1. But I don’t think it’s automatically passed from the parents to the kids. I think the adults manipulate and change the genes of the kids when they are just infants. But with that child that was not possible since he grew outside of the village and the society.

      2. In Rijin’s case, the reason he suffered the death feedback after killing the rats was because that from afar they looked like humans to him.

      That woman Saki saw in the smoke was just her imagination.

      3. The anime did a bad job portraying Saki and Satoru’s relationship. They were always best friends. Closer than anyone else from the group. She was closer to him than she was even to Maria. That’s why Satoru was the only one of the group that Saki wanted to know his mantra. Satoru was the first friend Saki met from the group and that’s the reason for it. All of their fighting and arguing was just sort of a game for them. They really like and care about each other, like we first saw in episode 5. Because of that bad portrayal of their relationship a lot of people didn’t get why they suddenly act so differently toward each other than before.