Shin Sekai Yori Episode 19

Shin sekai yori fiend
It's almost upon them.

The inevitable revelation.
Shin Sekai Yori Episode 19: “Darkness”

Shin Sekai Yori Episode 19 Impressions

With the ambush from the last episode leaving everyone in a state of despondency, events only get worse as what we, the audience, have guessed so far, becomes even more real.
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It’s strange isn’t it? Yakomaru isn’t the type of creature to put himself at a disadvantage by attacking the town so obviously. Clearly, there he must have a trump card to keep himself safe. What comes to mind for us is a Fiend or someone that is capable of bypassing death feedback. If he would be able to attain such a being, it would be over for the town. Even Shisei would not be able to lay a hand on him and everyone would perish. We can all fall back on the theory that Mamoru and Maria had a child but it could also be something else. As for what it could be… I’m not exactly sure. Moreover, from this, we have to also question where and how Yakomaru got the Fiend in the first place.

She’s right you know.

Setting foot inside of a building that looks blown apart by Cantus? That’s probably a bad idea. Still, I have to commend Satoru’s ability to clearly think of a strategy even in all this chaos where the others are panicking. Saki also holds a strong mental mind as she persuades Satoru and the others as she is the concerned mother for all.

From the new world


The screeching of one captured by the fiend only sends the omen that things are even more desperate than they appear to be. To us, it’s quite clear but Saki and Satoru still take time to try and understand the situation. To them, having a Fiend is completely unheard of as the Board of Education is strict and ruthless in their means to keep the peace. This means that the town itself must be eliminated from the equation when considering where the Fiend came from.

Shinsekai yori Asahina Satoru scared Saki and Satoru

I have to say, the tension in this episode is on another level. The chase, the slow door opening, the boat following at the very end, all of them contribute to an overall atmosphere that is both oppressive and choking. The soundtrack and sound effects are all superbly placed. This episode may not contribute the most to the overall story, but it does create a great amount of build-up for the upcoming ones.

Shin Sekai Yori Episode 19 Review

This episode isn’t chock full of substance compared to the other episodes which contain tons of information and foreshadowing. However, this episode does make up for that with it’s well paced delivery of what we’ve been waiting to see, the fiend and the fearful realization that goes along with that. Moreover, we have to think of the implications this will have on the town and how Saki and Satoru can avoid this. Will the town be destroyed? Who will ultimately sacrifice him or herself to kill the Fiend? With 6 episodes remaining, is it even feasible to try and guess what the resolution may bring when there are so many paths the anime could take? I think that although we may have an idea, the story could take a complete twist into a direction we haven’t guessed before as things might not be as simple as they seem even now.

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  • Daniel

    LOL! Am I the only one that think it’s funny how EVERYONE except for Saki and Satoru keeps dying…?

    Also, Satoru is such a BOSS! I really liked him in this episode.

    Also, was that Shun in the preview? And it also looks like their town was destroyed. What that means about Tomiko and the rest of the adults? Are they all dead? Unfortunately I’m pretty sure that they are :-(

    • safna

      I don’t think that was shun
      Maybe saki and satoru escaped to another town and he’s a kid we don’t know OR the boy might be the akki !
      In the preview e hear tomiko ,i hope she’s alive =(

      • Daniel

        “In the preview e hear tomiko ,i hope she’s alive =(”

        Well… I hope she’s still alive so she could sacrifice herself to kill the Fiend like that doctor sarificed himself to kill “K” in the past. It would make sense in a lot of ways, she has hatred for Fiends and also she chosed Saki to be the next leader of the village after her and if she’ll die in the end to kill the new Fiend Saki would take her place right after that.

        Not to mention, if she’ll do it Satoru won’t have to. But by the preview it looks like she’s already dead, so the only two remaining main characters are Saki and Satoru, so that means there’s no other character that could sacrifice him or herself so that only leaves Satoru as the choise* to sacrifice himself to kill the Fiend :-(

        *There’s also Kiroumaru but he’s not a human with telekinesis power so I don’t think he could kill the Fiend by himself.

        • safna

          i don’t think that satoru will sacrfice himself …in the first page of the novel saki was talking about how she married satoru and how both f them remember the past events
          so it means both of them will survive somehow

          • Daniel

            Where did you read the first page of the novel?

          • Jonas
          • Entrav

            Good stuff. Didn’t know Aidoru did the translations. Thanks!

          • Flyboy

            Please, no spoilers, here.

            For those of us who haven’t read the novel it’s REALLY frustrating to have important plot points revealed.

            If you wish to discuss things that happen in the novel I’m sure there is an appropriate board somewhere in which to post. This is for discussing the anime and what we’ve just seen. So please cover your spoilers or don’t post them at all. Thank you.

          • Daniel

            Yeah I agree.

            I didn’t want to know that Saki and Satoru [spoiler]…got married, even if it’s in the very first page of the novel. But at least now I know there will be a happy ending to the novel.

          • Flyboy

            Ruined it for me. I didn’t want to know any of that. That takes all the fun out of speculating on probable plot points and outcomes.

          • Entrav

            This is the one thing I dislike about Disqus, I don’t think they have a spoiler feature. Anyways, I’ve removed the comment for now, so people will not get spoilered looking at this post.

          • Daniel

            Either way someone for sure will sacrifice himself, I’m even more positive about it now since I remembered that even in the beginning when they were reading stories, the boy who tried to run from the fiend cut the bridge and killed himself to save the town.

        • Flaiboy

          At this point I’ll pick either Kiroumaru or Shisei to do the deed. Just how they’d do it . . . I have no idea. Who knows, maybe they will be able to stop the Fiend without having to sacrifice anyone. If the Fiend doesn’t have Death Feedback maybe we’ll see something new to stop him, as well. In fact I wouldn’t rule out Saki or even Squealer; since he is so cunning I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a fallback plan just in case the Fiend goes rogue, maybe along the lines of using him until he’s so tired from all of his Cantus usage that he’d be easier to take down.

  • Flyboy

    As I watch people die from Cantus I’m struck with the thought: it seems to me that one of the more obvious ways of protecting their society would be to develop a way to defend against Cantus with Cantus that you would teach to everyone so that when the aberrations do occur there is some way for everyone to protect themselves. They go to such lengths to weed out potential problem children that it seems insane that they not go the further step of preparing for when, not if, a Fiend or Karma Demon appears.

    • Entrav

      Yes, I agree but it may not be possible to do so. The aberrations use the same cantus (I assume) as normal people do. In other words, if they must defend against the aberration they can also attack each other. However, it is obviously better if there is such a solution but… I highly doubt there is as the scientists, their ancestors, couldn’t find anything like that and resorted to using death feedback and so on.

    • LinhLynk

      About the defend system using Cantus against Cantus:
      It’s a power that allow one can control things, but as long as it’s in one’s mind, given that the young men enter the hospital died instantly just by arrows from behind. And as we all see that Akki can kill ppl in half a sec or less than, can’t do anything at all.

      One more thing from eps 2 or so, that one don’t using Cantus control somethings already in
      control of other’s Cantus. I don’t know are there any wrongs happen to one in control of two different Cantus at the same time, but I didn’t see any example from the beginning.

      • Flaiboy

        Yes, I see what you’re saying. A Karma Demon has a subconscious defense against physical attacks as his Cantus is operating on that level. A normal Cantus user has to see what they’re trying to manipilate in order to visualize the use of their Cantus. I think that is why the Akki didn’t kill Saki and crew in the hospital when he was on the other side of the door because he couldn’t see them and for some reason he didn’t destroy the door. He must not have known they were so close and so he was easily distracted by a different person on the outside.

        I was thinking something along the lines of what Tomiko can do on a cellular level – if an Akki can obliterate someone by tearing them apart from the inside maybe they could develop a defense which teaches them to “hold themselves together” using their Cantus. Such a defense would be entirely non-aggressive and wouldn’t entail any Death Feedback. Now as I write it it sounds silly, but that is along the lines of what I had in mind.

        From episode two when Group 1’s sphere-pusher was interfered with by someone else’s Cantus: “It was a clear vioation of the Code of Virtue. If by chance two Canti clashed, one would see a rainbow interference pattern. Space would warp, creating a highly dangerous environment. Essentially, someone in Group Two had no qualms breaking even the most fundamental of rules.” (which is why that person was weeded out) So apparently I just disproved my own theory: if someone were to try to defend in the manner I described above it would probably be just as fatal.

        Hey, maybe that could be a way to stop the Akki: work counter to his Cantus using your own or several people’s. I’m not sure just what that “dangerous environment” would be like but maybe it would be enough to kill him.

  • Flaiboy

    Some thoughts:

    That last shot in the PV of what I think are the remains of the village are devastating. I’m assuming that channel which cuts through the landscape is all that is left of the stream that once flowed through it due to the trail of water running down it. Is that hole in the center of it the spot where the Akki unleashed? Maybe he followed Saki and Satoru to the center of the village in his boat and unleashed one devastating attack from there?

    Who can tell from the way the colors shift and change but it appears that the Akki has red hair. I love the way the artists are presenting him so far – they’re giving us glimpses of the distortion caused by his Cantus leakage, almost as if he were a Karma Demon. What if this person is not only a Fiend but also a Karma Demon, as well? That would be a truly horrific combination: the ability to be defended by your subconscious mind and to attack and kill intentionally. I know we didn’t see the landscape change or mutate when he was close, but maybe he is able to control his subconscious to some point. What do you think?

    Also, did it seem to anyone else when the few individuals wrapped in bandaging were released that the Akki was able to see through their eyes? Saki and Satoru were discussing why they had been left alive . . . is it possible they were left alive so the Akki could use them to know when other humans were there? The hostages told them to get out and run away, that “he” would be back, like they knew they were being used.

    I spent this whole episode on the edge of my chair – they did such a good job of pacing that I’m going to feel even more tension for the next episode.

    • Daniel

      “What if this person is not only a Fiend but also a Karma Demon, as well?”

      I don’t think that’s possible to be both.

      In fact I’m pretty sure he isn’t really an Akki either.

      They think he’s an Akki because he can kill humans but I doubt Squealer could have a control over a real Akki.

      • Flaiboy

        So if he isn’t a real Akki, that would be something new that wouldn’t fit into their paradigm. I’m suggesting the same thing, something unheard of before this, it’s just tougher to make it work given the parameters of the story, so far. It may not be possible, but it would be intriguing, don’t you think?

  • Daniel

    Saki and Satoru were in a relationship and had sex for over 12 years now and Saki never got pregnant even though they don’t have any birth control methods in their society while Maria supposedly got pregnant right away after she and Mamoru escaped (if the Akki is in fact their child and if he’s around 12).

    Kind of weird isn’t it?

    • Flaiboy

      Haven’t you ever heard of the Cantus-condom? I think it’s activated by thinking of nothing but baseball, but I could be wrong. #B^)

      Well, Mamoru and Maria were under a lot of stress, and maybe the thought of never seeing another human again made them desire that companionship so much that they wanted to start having kids asap. I don’t know, just a thought.

      Of course you realize there are bound to be plot holes that show up once you start to analyze everything we’ve seen so carefully. Sort of hard to make a story like this iron-clad.