Shin Sekai Yori Episode 20

Shin sekai Yori Shun mask with Saki
Just teasing

Could the situation be even more hopeless?
Shin Sekai Yori 20 Review: “Drenched in Cold Sunlight”
“Tsumetai Hi Damari” (冷たい日だまり)

Week after week, Shin Sekai Yori continues to achieve great storytelling, suspense and atmosphere. While the animations are not top-notch, it just goes to prove how effective building up the story and the soundtrack are to an anime.

Outwitting the Fiend


What… is that…

With a clever manipulation of the Fiend’s line of sight, Saki and Satoru somehow manage to escape its grasp. This small bit actually makes me quite happy. I enjoy watching the writer entice viewers with his or her well thought out solutions that makes sense. Feeling the pressure of all of the unexpected happenings, Saki is not managing to stay in focus well as her flashbacks are quite awkward and no doubt signal her stressed state. One has to wonder if during the time-skip whether or not she was under a lot of strain from villagers as we weren’t detailed with what happened during that time. Actually, at least in the first portion, Satoru appears to have a firmer mental state than Saki does.


Shinsekai Yori Watanabe saki flying

Once again, we are teased by Saki’s delusions of the masked Shun only to have it be a source of determination. While it is a fine reminder, it feels as if we might never witness Saki remembering him, and even if she does, will that really make a difference? Will it change her behavior and in turn change the story?

We all know how devious Yakomaru is and it’s no surprise that he is outwitting the humans who are basically unprepared for any well-planned assault. Using various strategies and tactics, Yakomaru traps the town into making decisions which only favor him. However, we still do not know exactly how he is getting the Fiend under his control. We may not have to know but I’m certainly curious as to how he is capable of manipulating a volatile creature capable of destroying entire human colonies.


Asahina Tomiko injured


Watanabe Saki leaves

Town? What town? There’s almost nothing remaining, but ruins of the once quiet village that holds God-like powers. Even Tomiko, the symbol of wisdom and balance in the town is injured. Her orders for Saki to leave her behind coupled with the despairing soundtrack truly makes this moment full of hopelessness. In her footsteps, Saki must be able to carry on her will, live on, find an answer and resolve this predicament. To Saki who is dedicated and caring to the people around her, having all of it stripped away from her must be unbearable. Nonetheless, for her to grow and evolve as a leader and character, she must withstand all of the malevolence coming from all directions.

More Thoughts

I’m always amazed, like many people, how fast the episode goes by when I am engrossed in soaking up the story of this anime. Not only that, things are not only moving along nicely but this anime is becoming more exceptional with every passing week. The atmosphere and suspense are affecting me more and more.

The preview displays the last-ditch effort by Shisei and the town to attack and eliminate the Queerats. Even so, one has to wonder if this is according to Yakomaru’s plans as well. I’m sure we’ll meet the Fiend soon and while there are still speculations as how it came about, I’m still befuddled with the possibilities. I’ll leave it up to you all to speculate to your heart’s content.

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  • sorawa

    Good episode,the animation droped a bit this ep but i hope it gets better next episode
    I hope tomiko survives somehow
    The thing that i didn’t understand , the mutant that attacked saki&satoru how did the rats manged to control it !

    • Entrav

      I guess we’ll see how it’s possible soon. I always like the Casshern Sins-style of animation, but I did notice the drop in quality. Next episode probably has some fight scenes so hopefully it’ll be okay there.

  • Daniel

    1) They… took down the part on the boat where Saki tells Satoru that *she loves him*.


    I don’t get what they’re doing. Saki and Satoru are supposed to be a couple but they’ve make them distant from each other than how they’re supposed to be. And apparently they can’t even hold hands to provide emotional support to each other as their lives are in grave danger. I wonder why the writers are doing this…

    This was supposed to be the part where Saki confess to Satoru that she’s in love with him. While they are a couple she never actually told him that she loves him.

    Maybe they’ve just moved it and we’ll still see it later? I hope so…

    2) We’re finally going to see the Fiend next week! By the preview it looks like the Fiend has a long red hair… Hmmmmm….

    • Entrav

      Yeah, I heard about that part. It’s too bad honestly because that would have been a fitting moment for her to confess as they don’t really show much, if any, intimacy so far after the 12 year time-skip.

      • Daniel

        There was intimacy between them in the novel, I don’t understand why they’ve decided to cut it from the series.

        Are they trying to cut any Saki x Satoru moments in favor of more Saki x Maria fan-service? :/

    • man00ver

      Check 4:47 in the episode, where we catch a glimpse of the fiend in the boat. That doesn’t look like long red hair to me.

      • man00ver

        Then again, it could be a hood.

    • Flaiboy

      “1) They… took down the part on the boat where Saki tells Satoru that *she loves him*.”

      How do you know this?

      • Daniel

        I heard it from several people who’ve read the original novel…

        • LinhLynk

          Is the original novel ended?

          If it’s ended, then Is the anime somehow ended too, in 5 eps remain?

          • Entrav

            The original LN was published in 2008 so yes, it ended quite some time ago.

            I haven’t read the LN, so I can’t comment how it will end and whether it will end on time, but it probably is going to.

          • Daniel

            Yes but just to be clear I heavn’t read it myself, and I don’t know how it will end, I also DON’T WANT TO KNOW.

  • Flaiboy

    This episode felt a bit lackluster to me, I don’t know why. Maybe because the last one raised the intensity so high that it made this one feel like the story was treading water? I enjoyed it very much and it’s still the fastest 22 minutes each week, but we only have 6 more eps to go and I was expecting more plot development. I hope all of the answers and reveals aren’t crammed into the final episode.

  • reallydemonic

    i already figured out who the “fiend” is. It has to be Mamoru. i think Maria died and that set him off. We all know how obsessed he is with her and how devoted he was. So think about how angry he is at the town for putting them in such a predicament.

    • Casey Lee

      Going by that logic, the reverse is also likely possible. Well, we would all know the answer in less than 24-hours span.