Shin Sekai Yori Episode 21

Shinsekai Yori Squealer/Yakomaru empire rule
Squealer's domination?

The Fiend and Squealer’s master plan.
Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World) 21 Review: “Fires of the Apocalypse”

Shin Sekai Yori Episode 21 Impressions

With all the suspense and build up that we have been receiving these past few episodes, events are panning out to be even more horrifying than we previously thought. What will the future hold for humanity that may soon be extinguished from the planet?
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Kaburagi Shise’s Rally

Within all the chaos, it’s sometimes a relief for a leader to stand up for the entire community and to unite the people as one. Kaburagi Shisei does an absolutely marvelous job of harnessing what morale there is still left and instilling fervor into the souls of those who have lost almost everything. However, even when things seem to be becoming brighter, events take a drastic turn and not even Shisei will be able to stop it.

The Fiend

From the new world

Kaburagi Shisei death

Ugh. Oh man.

Shinsekai Yori fiend

Maria? No. She’s dead along with Mamoru and that’s been confirmed. For those who guessed that it is their offspring, you are correct. This is in fact, the human that was raised by the Queerats that will now prey upon the helpless village. Shisei is the first up and while he may bluff his way out for a moment, the Fiend soon learns that Cantus leakage will easily kill him. As I watch the most powerful Cantus user scream in pain, I couldn’t help but feel despair for the rest of humanity.

The Queerats’ Viewpoint

We’ve always been watching from the perspectives of the humans, but the Queerats deserve a fair share of their viewpoint as well. To us, the relationship between the Queerats and the humans seem to be harmless; the villagers cooperate with them and they oversee various operations. They don’t even interfere, so what’s the problem? But would you want someone that has the power to kill you at any moment watching over your shoulders with every move you make? The Queerats have to bow to humans as if they are Gods and it’s not as if humans are far superior in comparison if we take away Cantus. Still, Squealer could have manipulated them into thinking in this manner to benefit himself. Nonetheless, we shouldn’t hastily disregard the Queerats to be absolutely worthless scum, but Squealer may be well fitted for that treatment.

Squealer’s Grand Design


Asahina Satoru


Watanabe Saki

This scene undoubtedly shook me more than anything else so far. This is the lynchpin of Squealer’s plans and it is what we’ve all been waiting to hear. Queerats came after the human infants, so they can later raise them to be Fiends that can take over the entire world. With the question of how they are able to make them obedient Fiends aside, it’s a threat that not only dangers Japan but the entire world. It wouldn’t be hard to think that in a few generations that the Queerats will take over the world and become the humans of old. But will Saki, Satoru and the entire human race be so easily defeated? Will Tomiko’s belief in Saki be in vain? What countermeasures can they really produce against such an abomination? Will Shun be a part of the story again and will his death serve more than just a reminder of a friend once known?

More Thoughts

This episode is an excellent portrayal of the atmosphere and the efficient execution of the little hints we’ve been given throughout the series. Everything is connected together little by little and we begin to see the overall plan that has been paved out since the beginning. Saki is still narrating, no? In other words, she should still be alive and maybe humanity succeeded. Or, she could be one of the few remaining humans living near extinction. Despairing, thrilling and dark, this episode successfully forces me along this ride of hopelessness.

Side Note: Notice how they flash “From the New World” when it shows Squealer during the end. So, is the name itself an indicator for what the outcome will be?

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    • Entrav

      Whoa, they’re going pretty far with that. Well, it would still be nice to see a somewhat “official” version.

      • Daniel

        Do NOT READ unless you want spoilers. In the very first few pages there are already some big spoilers for the end of the series…

  • Casey Lee

    Imagining what have they done to Maria and Mamoru till they got a hold of their daughter gives me a freaking chill down to my spine :<

    • Entrav

      You and me both. Seriously, I don’t even know how far they went to get the child. Moreover, who knows what they did to indoctrinate her?

      • Flaiboy

        I wonder if they’ll ever reveal that. It may be one of those things that is left up to the audience about which to speculate.

        • Casey Lee

          Unless it holds anything significant, they won’t. And probably they really won’t since the narrator decided to go and talk about “grand design” instead off kicking Maria’s bush.

      • Casey Lee

        That’s one point, but scariest speculation may would arise from the fact that queerats handed over their bones over several month span. Guess I’ll lose some peaceful nights for a while.

  • Flaiboy

    Very. Unnerving. To postulate about the Fiend is one thing, but to actually see it unfolding before my eyes gives me a terrible thrill. And I mean “terrible” in the true sense of the word. It is dark and devastating, but I can’t help but feel a thrill as I watch it. The screams of Maria and Mamoru’s child as he/she kills is especially creepy.

    I wondered if they might capture some adults to breed more Fiends, but I guess my idea wasn’t nearly as dark as what Squealer has in mind.

    I’ve got nothing to predict from this episode forward, I’m just wondering what task will be given to Saki and Satoru. And also wondering what was to be given to Saki from her mother.

    Just a thought: who would win in a confrontation between a Fiend and a Karma Demon? Would the Demon’s subconscious be able to protect it against the attacks of the Fiend? If so, all Saki and Satoru need to do is to find themselves a Karma Demon and point him in the right direction . . .

    • Entrav

      It’s still nice to guess things, but I understand how you feel. I’ve just been trying to get out some thought-provoking questions.

      I think the Karma Demon would be able to protect him or herself as Shun demonstrates this when he kills the tainted cat without even having the intention of doing so. Same thing with the pills. I believe since the power is unconscious, it’s probably stronger than the Fiend’s power as it is conscious and needs intent for it to work.

  • LinhLynk

    I wonder why don’t Shisei accept death feedback and kill the Akki?

    • Casey Lee

      I don’t think it’s a problem whether he worried about death feedback or not at this point. It’s a simple matter, weaker one got crushed first without understand anything. He didn’t get a chance and even if he did, the Fiend wouldn’t stand soundly doing nothing.

    • Entrav

      Anyone who even thinks of killing another human will be unable to do so and will suffer extreme amounts of pain.

  • Daniel

    Everyone dies in this show.

    And I mean EVERYONE!

    When will it end? :/

    • Casey Lee

      Going by that twisted pattern, by everyone died.
      I mean everyone, of course.

  • Daniel

    My theory: Like I said before, I don’t think the Fiend is really a Fiend.

    He just grew up without the death feedback and think of Squealer as his father. That’s why he listen to him and doesn’t kill him or the other Queerats.

    We saw how “K” looked after he became a Fiend, his pupils got smaller and more intense.

    This “Fiend” doesn’t look like that.

    • Casey Lee

      Then again the problem would be how she managed to control Cantus to that level without any human around to guide her. But then try to look back at history, many did unaware of their power. And those were described as Fiend. So, your point regarding “Fiend” is?

      • Daniel

        1. “Then again the problem would be how she managed to control Cantus to that level without any human around to guide her.”

        Did you forget the rats have a Minoshiro with them?

        2. “So, your point regarding “Fiend” is?”

        The “Fiend” they describe is someone who has a mental disorder.

        3. HE, not SHE. It’s a boy.

        • Casey Lee

          1. Yeah, I did overlook those parts.

          2. Might be my memory serves me bad, but have it always been mental problem?

          3. Oh, self-biased, pardon me there.

  • Flaiboy

    I just finished re-watching this episode and man, is it ever just as bleak the second time around. I also slo-moed through the preview: it appears as if Saki was descending into a circular vault of some type. You could see the bottom of the hatch on the vault and it had one of those circular latch handles on it – the kind that you turn one way or the other to open or close the hatch. It definitely looks like it’s made of metal. The whole thing sticks out as something that doesn’t fit in with the “natural materials look” of the village environment.

    Also, and I don’t know why I missed this before (probably cuz I was still reeling from the episode), there is a False Minoshiro stuffed into the backpack of someone who looks like Satoru. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the gift left for Saki by her parents that was mentioned. Hopefully we’ll get to learn more about Fiends and Karma Demons and Cantus and and and and . . . . in the near future.

    • Casey Lee

      I praise you for those efforts in trimming down things from few seconds of preview.

    • Entrav

      Ah yes, the False Minoshiro, if that’s what it is, certainly caught my attention as it will bring more back-story into the overall story. Things do look a bit more high-tech as you described.

      Definitely looking forward to seeing if things will take a hopeful turn or continue its grim path.