Shin Sekai Yori Episode 22

Shinsekai Yori Yakomaru, Saki
The beginning of the end that is.

The difficult solution.
Shin Sekai Yori / From the New World 22 Review: “Tokyo”

Shin Sekai Yori Episode 22 Impressions

Episode after episode, Shin Sekai Yori has given us foreshadow after foreshadow, development after development. This time, the path is drawn out but to undertake it would be to go through hell itself. Squealer and the Fiend or Saki, Satoru, Kiroumaru and Inui, who will ultimately prevail in the fight for superiority and existence?

Defeating the Fiend

Shinsekai Yori fiend From the New World

Like usual, Shin Sekai Yori dives right into the story from the last episode. However, what’s slightly different is that things are even more crammed than before. We have Inui-san vocalizing his survival and Kiroumaru’s as well as the False Minoshiro that Saki’s parents left for her all in the span of a few minutes. Moreover, an unknown ritual is taking place while the narration is going on. I’m surprised that the studio manages to put everything together without making it feel too rushed.


To get to the heart of the matter, Saki and the others must now find the Psychobuster that will be able to kill the Fiend without the death feedback. Of course, this being a weapon that threatens the very balance of society, it is stowed away in a faraway place known as Tokyo. Yes, the once glorious metropolis that had the most population in the world is now an uninhabited land full of deadly creatures. With Squealer on their tail, getting the biological weapon will not be so easy.

Yakomaru’s Return

Let’s not forget the virtuous character, Kiroumaru. The opposite of Squealer, he’s assisting Saki and Satoru to wipe out the Fiend. As expected, he understands quite a bit of humanity’s background with Cantus and how it cannot affect other humans which implicitly states that the Queerats must possess a False Minoshiro or two. Being on the backfoot, Saki and Satoru must be relieved to have a reliable ally on their side to even the playing field. His experience will definitely come in handy when the eventual conflict occurs. However, I’m afraid that Kiroumaru’s death may be the result of this bitter struggle.

Squealer’s Pursuit

Shin Sekai Yori Saki and Satoru Psychobuster


Once again, Shin Sekai Yori proves to be formidable when it comes to delivering the tension. While the dive is a bit tense, the appearance of the Fiend following them definitely made me tense up. Since they are powerless until they reach their goal, it makes the chase all the more thrilling. As everyone begins traversing through the tunnels, I feel an impressive adventurous vibe from the anime. And let’s not forget the information that the False Minoshiro delivers. The Psychobuster is a bacteriological weapon developed by America during ancient civilization to eradicate all psychics. It’s true name is strong toxicity Bacillus anthracis, and once it enters the body… it’s a goner.


It’s team Saki versus team Squealer. It’s all up to which team will outwit the other team in these tunnels of hell. Speaking of the Fiend, Saki is doubting whether the Fiend is really a Fiend to begin with. We are still in the dark when it comes to knowing what Squealer did to get the Fiend under his control. Will Shin Sekai Yori throw yet another curveball at us and reveal something completely unexpected?

Shin Sekai Yori Episode 23 Preview

Let’s take a look at the preview which is fairly significant this time around. To prevent the Squealer from prevailing, sacrifices will have to be made and their lives are in danger. It goes without saying that finding the Psychobuster is their top priority and people might have to be left behind. But what’s most surprising about the preview is Shun’s voice. I have been wondering all this time what Shun’s death will bring to the development of the story because as it stands, he is but a memory long lost. Now, to some extent, he is back to….. help them?

More Thoughts

Unlike last episode, this episode relies on a more methodical approach of telling the story rather than a definitive shock factor. I find this episode an excellent stepping stone for what the future twists will bring. It ratifies the protagonists and the antagonists while clearly portraying the mission that will lead the anime to it’s eventual conclusion. There will be twists along the way and who knows how the final showdown, if there will be one, will go down. Squealer versus Saki? The revelation that a Fiend really isn’t a Fiend at all? The failure of retrieving the Psychobuster? Will they realize something and stop in their tracks? Or is it something else entirely? Shin Sekai Yori has continuously stayed on the top of my to-watch-as-soon-as-possible list and it’s only increasing the gap relative to other anime. I can’t wait to see what the story will bring us next on this desperate journey.

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  • sora

    Good ep as always , am i the only one who was angry at how they imprisoned kiroumaru !
    I think kiroumaru is the coolest character in the whole anime
    And the preview for next episode
    Yes yes IT’S SHUN’S VOICE !!!!!!

  • Jiji

    Well, if they can’t kill humans, how could shun kill himself?

    • sora

      Shun didn’t really kill himself , he only went into hibernation
      Remember the story about the karma demon who went to the lake in order not to hurt anyone

      • Daniel

        No, he killed himself.

        And while they can’t kill other humans they CAN kill themselves.

        • sora

          I don’t think so
          Can you prove that he did really die ?
          I don’t want to talk about the novel but it was never mentioned that he died
          He might be alive but one thing is clear ..he wont return.

          • Daniel

            HE BLEW HIMSELF UP.

            HE’S DEAD.

          • TheOriginalArcader

            If I remember correctly, he let his powers go out of control as he pushed Saki away since it took all of his concentration to prevent his cantus from affecting Saki when she visited him.

            Now the big question is, did he really ‘die’ or did he somehow evolve into something else? I mean, where did all these strange creatures in this world come from? Natural evolution seems doubtful… Why are the false minashiros (aka library terminals) shaped like organic creatures, but act like computers?

            Shun’s comments about the cantus leaking out of control causes the world around them to become distorted and corrupted. What Shun did to his dog is a good example. I really hope that there is some explaination of this during this season.

      • Entrav

        Well, I’m not absolutely certain, but didn’t they return to the place where Shun died and found it to be just a lake? Obviously, we’re just guessing, and we’re never given a picture of his corpse, but I’m fairly sure he’s dead. If he’s not, the anime has a lot of explaining left to do.

    • Entrav

      Yakomaru said “against each other” but never said they couldn’t do it to themselves. I’m not sure about this, but it appears that they are capable of killing themselves.

  • Rony Dony

    About Squealer’s name, not much of a spoiler but later on in the final showdown when Squealer will face Satoru he’ll tell Satoru that he’s name is Squealer, not Yakomaru since he doesn’t want to be like the “Gods” and make other feel like he is superior to them.

    • Entrav

      Well… them having a final showdown is a bit of a spoiler, but yeah, I can understand the naming. He doesn’t want to be associated with what the Gods named him. That would be against his cause in the first place as we see from the Queerat that Saki and Satoru questioned last episode.

      • Rony Dony

        It only make sense that it will be Satoru versus Squealer in the end since it was always Satoru, not Saki, that Squealer used to help him wipeout his enemies.

        • Entrav

          I can understand that, and it makes sense. However, I can also say that Saki is the one entrusted with the task of completing this mission and she can be just as likely to face Squealer in a “final battle.”

          What is obvious is only obvious because you know what actually happened, if you’re in the dark, you can only contemplate the possibilities and while some are more likely than others, there are a wide array of them to consider. I can understand the reasoning but I don’t think “it only makes sense” as there are other things to consider outside of just what you mentioned.

          • Rony Dony

            Saki is the one entrusted with the task of *killing the Akki*, not killing Squealer.

            So you can now imagine how the final battle will be divided and who will be against who.

          • Entrav

            Well, yes, I know she’s trying to kill the Fiend. But in the process, she also has to defeat Squealer. It’s not that big of a stretch for her to face Squealer in the end instead of Satoru. I could rationalize it and say that it’s obvious for Saki to face Squealer just like how you rationalize that it’s obvious that it’s Satoru vs Squealer by the end.

            My point is mainly just that it’s not as obvious as you make it out to be, that’s all. No hard feelings, just expressing what I think to be the case.

  • Flaiboy

    Too. Many. Spoilers.

    The “final showdown” doesn’t have to be between Squealer and Satoru. It’s not obvious at all. Heck, there doesn’t even need to be a “final showdown” for the series to end. For all we know this series will end with a whimper and not a bang. There’s no telling what direction this series will go UNLESS you have prior knowledge of events yet to take place that the rest of us who are not seeking out spoilers do not know about. Are you telling me that anyone could have guessed, let alone deduced, that our intrepid crew would be making for Tokyo at this juncture in the story?

    As much as I like Kiroumaru the story-telling is implying that he is not being completely forthcoming and is using the crew to fulfill some hidden agenda. And even though I’m not sure just what is going on with him, the wait offshore for sunrise could just as easily be seen as allowing the Akki and Squealer to catch up just as much as for caution against being eaten by “monsters”. They are relying on his direction and information. It just seems that Squealer was able to track them far too easily even with their superior sense of smell.

    Shows like this make me suspicious of everybody.

    • Entrav

      I guess I’ll put up a clear indicator of no spoilers at all next time. Sorry guys :(

      Kiroumaru’s demeanor at first glance makes me feel that he’s on the “good side,” but we can never be sure with SSY and what other things it’ll pull out. He seems a bit too helpful almost as if he wants to get to the weapon to use if for himself. Then again, at the very least he’ll be helping Saki and the others until they defeat Squealer because his hatred for him. Even with a clear goal, I don’t think things will end simply.

  • LinhLynk

    I don’t think the kid is a Fiend at all.

    First thing is that the kid didn’t participated in the ritual that all other people had to do when first receive Cantus… It’s just the first and original Cantus, no mantra, can’t seal, full of desires, maybe the death feedback do not apply. The kid was brought up by Squealer so of course he/she only listen to him

    • Entrav

      Ah, that’s a good point. Since its the raw cantus, the person may be able to use it on others. Although, I think that’s just a part of it. I guess we’ll just have to find out how Squealer got this to work for him by waiting, that is, if they end up telling us.