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Shinsekai Yori Shun

The reappearance.
Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World) 23 Review: “The Face of the Boy”
“Shōnen no Kao”

Shin Sekai Yori Episode 23 Impressions

Memories are like the water in the ocean, it flows from one place to another within the sea of memories that forever entwine with each other that make us who we are. Some are submerged deep beneath the surface and  some may never find the opportunity to rise to the surface, but if it does, what happens?

Skepticism Towards Kiroumaru

As Saki, Satoru, Inui and Kiroumaru continue their journey to find the Psychobuster, obstacles are bound to scare them senseless. However, even slugs the size of buildings and flesh-eating mites, stopping Squealer and the “Fiend” drives them forwards. But is it really everyone in the group that traverses through hell to achieve that goal? What about Kiroumaru? As much as I like the character, he’s been having some suspicious grins similar to Squealer’s before he betrayed everyone. If so, we must ask the question of why. Kiroumaru cannot be part of Squealer’s plan as they both detest each other and Kiroumaru must like to see him squeal in pain and die. Nonetheless, we can never take the characters at face value in this anime. Perhaps its the atmosphere or the tension, but it has made me awfully weary of almost everything.

The Faceless Boy

Watanabe Saki Aonuma Shun

While Inui-san is a valuable ally to have and we should all commend him for his undying loyalty, he’s not the focus of this episode. The long lost memory of the faceless boy is back again to torment Saki about her unknowing heart. This time, it’s noted that he is protecting her at all times and that he’s etched deep into her heart. After all, Cantus/Juroyku is a way to manifest one’s thoughts into the outside world. Since this is the case, one has to wonder if Saki was the one who etched him to her thoughts because her feelings for him were so strong or if it was Shun.

It’s a…

Well, some of us knew that this was coming. The “Fiend” is really not a Fiend at all. One person last episode guessed that Squealer raised him in different conditions and tuned her to have death feedback towards Queerats instead of humans. Personally, I think this idea is solid, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the case. However, what if it were something else? What about the marks on his face? Do they mean something? We all know how cunning Squealer can be so who knows what kind of manipulation he did?

The Psychobuster

[caption id="attachment_4555" align="aligncenter" width="680"] Sayonara.

[caption id="attachment_4557" align="aligncenter" width="680"]Psychobuster bacterial virus A small vial that determines the fate of humanity.

Saki has to take yet another stab to her heart before getting the Psychobuster. Still, she’s not so weak that she’d stop just because of that and it might be fitting that she’s the first to reach it. If anything, she plays the role of the destined hero albeit in a lesser sense. Left in a small vial, the Psychobuster has the ability to turn the tide of the battle for any side. If Squealer were to have it then humanity would cease to exist, if Saki and Satoru possess it then there is a chance for salvation, but the last one is Yakomaru. What will happen is he posses it?

Aonuma Shun

Watanabe Saki sees

Finally! Shun!

Finally, Watanabe Saki remembers Aonuma Shun. It’s been a long time since his death, and I’m glad he’s making a reappearance. I’ve always wondered what role he will be playing when he died not far into the anime. Now, he will be the guiding light that Saki needs to prevent humanity from falling apart. Still, he’s only etched in her heart and not in “reality” so the role he can play is limited, but it’s important. I always liked Shun, he had a far-reaching mind that asked questions and wasn’t afraid of diving into dangerous territory. Let’s see what kind of impact he can make.

Episode 24 Preview


The preview indicates that Saki and Satoru might have been played with all along. Is Kiroumaru working with Squealer after all? What about that last scream? Did she realize that the “Fiend” is more than just a fiend? With two episodes remaining, and the Psychobuster in Satoru’s hands, it’s anyone’s game to win. Shun will aid Saki in her mind as the microscopic conflict draws the conclusion for the macroscopic result.

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  • Rony Dony

    1) The “Akki” is a boy, not a girl.

    2) Did you know, the Psychobuster was supposed to look like a cross, but they’ve changed it (for obvious reasons I suppose).

    3) While the Psychobuster can be used to kill the “Akki” (because it’s effect doesn’t work right away), the one who will use it on the “Akki” will probably die after the “Akki”‘s death from death feedback. That’s why Saki’s scream for Satoru not to use it in the preview.

    • sora

      “NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!!” It’s written above in red

      • Rony Dony

        I won’t call it a spoiler it’s in the preview after all. I only gave context to what you see in that preview.

    • Entrav

      Ah, it’s a boy? From the laughs when he killed Shisei it sounded like a girl’s. Thanks for the correction.

      Interesting, next episode should be fascinating.

    • Rony Dony

      Also Just to make things clear, Shun isn’t back from the dead.
      It’s not like he tell Saki something she can’t know by herself.

      It’s more like… her subconscious created a split personality of her in the image of Shun to make Saki think better, and he does the 1 + 1 for her.

  • sora

    Great episode , sad how inou-san died he was a pretty cool guy
    And finally saki remembers shun ..i wonder if she will be able to remember reiko later !!
    I really can’t wait for the last two episodes

    • Entrav

      I don’t think I need to repeat how atmospheric and tense Shin Sekai Yori is anymore as it displays that in every episode. Too bad for Inui, he was a nice comrade while he was alive.

  • Flaiboy

    I’m going to enjoy watching the final two episodes of this anime!

    I’m still highly suspicious of Kiroumaru. Whether he is manipulating the search for everyone’s benefit or demise is questionable, but in my mind he is definitely playing at something.

    If he has somehow been subjugated to Squealer it seems that he has had ample opportunity to betray them before this point in the search. I mean, why even alert the others to Squealer’s pursuit if that was the case? Unless he is being used by Squealer to drive them to find the bioweapon (so Squealer may use what they find against other humans), then once it is found he will reveal himself to be a traitor and lead them into a trap. The PV hints at that, but we all know how A-1 likes to throw misdirection into the PVs to make us think that the next episode will deliver something that, in fact, it actually will not. I think Saki’s chat with Inui-san was an attempt to divert us along that train of thought so that when we watched the PV we’d be fooled – again!

    If he hasn’t been co-oped by Squealer then I think he may be self-serving: trying to bring the two groups together at some point to give himself the greatest chance of exacting revenge on Squealer. Not trying to put the group in danger exactly, but he is using the group of Cantus-users to give himself the greatest chance of success. Being their guide is the perfect setup for this. They have to trust him not knowing if he is really telling them the truth when he informs them of Squealer’s movements. He WANTS the two groups to meet, and when they collide he plans on taking out Squealer.

    One other option is that Kiroumaru has the best interests of both himself and the humans in mind. It’s possible he knows something that the humans do not, and believes that the best chance of the group’s success lies in their ignorance. I know Satoru states that they have been played in the PV, and maybe Kiroumaru is setting things up to look that way. Whatever benefit or advantage that gives them in the end, perhaps that is what allows them to triumph. And if this “Fiend” cannot kill Queerats, maybe Kiroumaru is the one who eventually defeats him.

    • Entrav

      Nice analysis of the possibilities. I certainly would like it to be the case that Kiroumaru is hiding something so that the group can be more successful and A-1 may just be making him seem suspicious which makes us think that he may be against Saki and Satoru when in fact he’s not. Perhaps the anime has made us too paranoid this way and maybe it’s the studio’s plan all along.

      Then again, I’m not sure if those smiles are A-1’s way of trying to foreshadow events or not. It’s definitely a bit of a weird situation, and I don’t think it’s as simple as Satoru simply saying “We’ve been deceived” in the preview.

  • Daniel

    Look at that:

    Apparently it’s an official article from today and it’s says “the love that is blooming between the two” (Saki and Satoru) so… what does that tell us about the final two episodes of the show?

    • Flaiboy

      It tells us that, when all is said and done, Satoru and Saki will be the only two pretty characters left; so naturally, as they hold hands in a special moment, they will be looking into each other’s eyes and be thinking only of Shun. #B^)

      • Daniel

        I thought you were a SakixSatoru shipper too! :(

        • Flaiboy

          I am! Nothing would make me happier than to see those two together and happy. I suppose they can have kids and name them after their departed friends. And if some of them happen to get weeded out they can always reuse the names. :)