Shin Sekai Yori Episode 24 – Saki’s dilemma

Shinsekai Yori Saki

The penultimate episode.
Shin Sekai Yori / From the New World 24 Review: “The Bonfires in the Darkness”
“Yami ni Moeshikagaribi”

The penultimate episode is here, and while this has been an amazing ride so far, it’s not over yet. The “Fiend” is catching up, and with Saki’s rash decision, the situation is more dire than ever before.

Trying to end it all

With Inui’s sacrifice, the Psychobuster is fully retrieved and things take a bright turn for the group. Of course, Kiroumaru still plays a questionable role in the group even with all of his helpful suggestions. But let’s leave that for now. What’s important is that they’ve decided to make the final push in Tokyo so they could finally be victorious with the new weapon. They can’t possibly pass up the offer as more people would die if they simply left for home.


Kiroumaru’s right. It’s all or nothing.

The thought of whether the “Fiend” is really a human or not haunts Saki’s mind constantly. We as the viewers already understand that this is the case, but from Satoru’s perspective, her proposition is preposterous as he doesn’t know another method of the “Fiend” killing people without the death feedback. Moreover, the situation at hand is making it difficult for everyone to think properly. Even so, like Kiroumaru says, they have to complete the mission laid out for them by the lives of others.

Yakomaru’s deception

Fake Akki


Asahina Satoru shock

Really? They didn’t notice that the “Fiend” is shorter than usual? Well, from the distance and the fear of being killed, I guess it’s reasonable. Also, from this, since Kiroumaru led them here, it becomes even more strange. You would think that Kiroumaru would be able to identify whether it’s actually the real deal or not.

He’s here

Shin sekai yori fiend

Wait, can the “Fiend” not kill unless he is within a certain range? Even if that’s the case, isn’t Saki and Satoru still within the range? The “Fiend” did destroy the boat at a fairly decent range. I highly doubt this is something that’s overlooked as it is very obvious, so there must be some sort of a reason. I suppose even the “Fiend” is curious and wants a closer inspection?… Eh, who knows.

Saki’s decision

Watanabe Saki and Satoru Psychobuster


Akki fiend

The Psychobuster is gone. Yep, all of that work, the death of Inui, gone purely because of Saki’s selfishness. From her perspective, however, I can understand why she would want to save Satoru. She has been attached to her group for her whole life and she has lost them one by one. One could say that they are her lifeline that keeps her human. Also, she just remembered Shun and that might have been yet another ill-timed factor in her decision.

Kiroumaru’s past intentions

[captionpix imgsrc=”” captiontext=”Seems reasonable enough. Hopefully Kiroumaru can work out something with them after this is over.” imgalt=”Kiroumaru’s true intentions”]

[captionpix imgsrc=”” captiontext=”” imgalt=”Saki’s hope and new plan”]

While Kiroumaru might not betray them, his intentions aren’t exactly all pure. It turns out that back when he came to Tokyo, he tried to look for old weapons of mass destruction that will wipe out mankind for the sake of their species. After all, no one likes to be subjugated in the way that humans have towards Queerats. At any point in time, they could be exterminated and that doesn’t sit well with Kiroumaru. If so, I’m curious as to why he’s helping Saki and Satoru as humanity will be wiped out if things continue this way. I’m guessing that his hatred toward Yakomaru overtakes his previous desire of freeing his species or he only really cares about his colony? Since Yakomaru basically destroyed it, he probably wants to avenge his colony. But anyways, he’ll be a deciding factor in whatever plan Saki has.

Shin Sekai Yori Episode 24 Review

From now on, I’m going to take a more critical stance at the end of every post instead of just giving off analysis and some thoughts. Firstly, I have to praise the amount of tension in this episode as it has one of the most in this season. The soundtrack that goes along with each moment is nicely crafted and timed to give off an unique atmosphere. The pacing is also done well as nothing is rushed. However, it’s hard to think that the next episode will be the last as there is still a lot left to explain and portray. It would be extremely unfortunate if Shin Sekai Yori fell short at the last episode. The only real problem I have is the part where the “Fiend” doesn’t directly kill them, but we’ll have to see next episode before making any swift judgements and calling this a plot hole. (Please, no spoilers) Overall, this episode flew by incredibly quickly and I haven’t been more excited for the next episode in a while because will decide everything.

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  • Flaiboy

    Ok, well, it seems that Kiroumaru isn’t about to betray them after all. He’s had ample opportunity to do so, and if he hasn’t yet I doubt he ever will.

    Your last paragraph echos my thoughts about the time left to wrap the story up in a satisfying way. After watching this episode my first thought was, “They’re not going to tie up all the loose ends and answer all the questions that they and others have raised, are they . . .” Oh well. It’s not the first time an anime has been overly ambitious and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I’ll just have to wait for the story to be translated. Hopefully the novel goes into deeper detail regarding the nature of Cantus.

    Nice shot of what looks like Saki (maybe the older Saki as she is writing this story down) back inside a partially destroyed building in the final frame of the PV.

    • Entrav

      Things are finally wrapping up and some things will definitely go unanswered, but we could still read the novel when it does get fully translated. Anyways, I really don’t expect them to explain absolutely everything. All I want is for them to give us enough information to let us guess ourselves. Those guesses are what keep the anime alive afterwards anyways.

      Now it’s time to sleep for me :)

  • Daniel

    I think this episode did things right – everything that happened in this episode was quite important. I was disappointed with episode 23 because they were stalling on just to get the maximum drama in that episode. They dragged it out just so they could end it with Shun :/

    I think episode 23 should’ve ended with Satoru vs the Akki. That would have been SO MUCH BETTER!

    • Entrav

      I don’t think they could have ended it there at episode 23. It would probably have been far too rushed if that were the case. I mean, when they faced the “Fiend,” it was already halfway through the episode. Still, I think what matters the most is the next episode so let’s wait and see :)

  • Flaiboy

    Is it Friday, yet?

    • Entrav

      Soon, my friend, soon…