Shin Sekai Yori Episode 25 (FINALE) – The end that begins anew

Shinsekai yori ending episode 25
An object of fear changes to one of hope...

It really is “From the New World.”
Shin Sekai Yori (FINALE): “From the New World”
“Shin Sekai Yori”

Here we are, after 25 episodes of deception, tension, atmospheric wonder, and thoughtful contemplation Shin Sekai Yori ends. Starting off from a dreary state, and while it is still bleak, by the end, profound hope is found midst all the tribulations.

Humanity’s Fate

Shin Sekai Yori



Watanabe Saki

A noble death.

Watanabe Saki crying

Squealer and Akki

This is checkmate, Squealer.

Akizuki Maria and Mamoru


We left at a cliffhanger that would decide humanity’s fate last episode, and this time, the method to dealing with the fiend is dealt with in an extremely quick fashion. From Kiroumaru’s sacrifice to the blood being spurt on Saki, Squealer’s Grand Design that would eliminate humanity and exempt Queerats from extinction is no more. All those lives lost, everything that has been sacrificed, and humanity reset itself once more and history is made once more.

The entire ordeal lasted around four minutes and while short, it serves its purpose for explaining the mystery behind how Squealer manages to manipulate the death feedback. I’m sure the answer isn’t that much of a surprise, but the swift execution and Kiroumaru’s sudden death and the amazing soundtrack successfully makes the short struggle exciting and tragic. After all that was done, I didn’t know if I should take a sigh of relief because as we all know, Shin Sekai Yori likes to bring up some grave problems.

Squealer’s Downfall

Squealer and Kiroumaru


Squealer may be seen as a despicable rat who does nothing but surmise plans of destruction, but he’s not such an unsympathetic character when one realizes the situation him and his species are in. Much like how Kiroumaru explained it, they are chained by Cantus users and have no real freedom. Forever bound as a lower being, he wishes to free his entire species as a race that is seen as nothing more than beasts to humans. If the situations were reversed, I’m sure that the humans would have done what Squealer has. In fact, that might have been exactly what they would have done seeing as how Queerats are nearly the same as human beings. When Squealer is put into that position and says what he has to say, I could see how in all his hatred and contempt lies a cunning leader who might have changed the world for the “better,” whatever that may be, given the right circumstances.

Queerats-Bakenezumi are humans


From the new world squealer

The death of Kiroumaru may have given me a bad feeling, but it still has a positive side to it. Squealer’s shout of “We are human!” and the disbelieving laughter by all those around him truly sends shivers down my spine. This situation is no different from some thousands of years ago, in our time, who proclaims certain ideas, but gets rejected by the majority of population even when now, we hold many of those same ideas. What’s right and what’s wrong? Are there even such things to begin with? What have people been fighting for if almost everyone has been blind from the very start?

Truth about Queerats

Revelation time.

From Shun’s question in the fourth episode that was unable to be answered, we have finally been granted answers to the true origins of Queerats. They are indeed humans with some molerat DNA thrown in to prevent death feedback from occurring. That way, the Cantus users could easily subjugate those without freely and remain in control. While Saki thinks that Queerats are really humans, Satoru thinks otherwise. Now, I don’t want to dive too deep into ontology, but there are already many topics out there classifying what makes us human. Is it appearances? The intellect? The soul? The questions that Shin Sekai Yori poses throughout the anime round back to this in some sort of way. We all end up wondering the same major questions, and I’m fairly impressed that Shin Sekai Yori has continuously posed this question in new ways that have an impact every time.

Recollection of Past Times

Squealer and Saki farewell

……. What kind of…..

Wow, that’s… Squealer?… Jesus, that’s horrific. Nonetheless, Saki has the heart to spare him of eternal pain and recounts her time with him. There’s no hatred from her voice, but only a soft one filled with understanding. She understands why Squealer had to do what he did and she accepts it. It’s a talk of equals that finalizes the relationship between the two. Of course, Saki would want Maria still alive, but that’s already gone, and what’s important is to build a better future for those that follow.

Past and Future

Shinsekai Yori saki and Satoru

Saki and Satoru moment right here. Now people are happy right? Yep, you all better be.

Tainted cats

So cute :)

Amano Reiko

Uhh… Who are you again?

Itou Mamoru amazing Asahina Satoru shinsekai-yori-25-29-maria Aonuma Shun

In the end, everything ends smoothly. Saki tries to save some colonies, gets married to Satoru, and tries to build a society with the experience that she has gained. Not exactly following in Tomiko’s footsteps, Saki still does take up the role of the one who will lead the village. Along with that, we see everyone once again for the final time and almost a bit of hope for the future. What an ending. It’s… just so solid.

Critical Review Per-

Screw the critical review perspective. I fucking love this episode. Everything wraps up incredibly nicely. From the high tension that has been moved from the last episode all the way until the very end, the pacing is phenomenal. It started off tense, moved into hopeless problems and then converted all those problems into hope for the future. It’s not cheesy, but it may be predictable. Nonetheless, the execution is absolutely spot-on. I have to credit the soundtrack a lot in this anime. Since Shun’s death, I have been marveled at what the greatness that has been the soundtrack. A-1 Pictures also uses them in the right spots as well which is also critical to the effect that the music has given me.

Shin Sekai Yori has always been somewhat elusive in its approach. It gave us questions to ponder and imagine with the tension and atmosphere that may be the most notable attributes of the anime as a whole. It didn’t spoon-feed us with information and the information bomb served gave more questions than answers. But anyways, more than anything else, whatever else it has given me is all triumphed by the feeling that a great series leaves me when I’m done with it. A mix of sadness, satisfaction, excitement, and the need to wake up after 6 hours of sleep to write this post make this one of my favorite anime that I have had the pleasure to follow on a weekly basis.

I’ll save what I have to say for the whole series for the overall review. For now, I’ll say that Shin Sekai Yori has brought the most discussion so far on my blog and the comments have always been insightful and gave me ideas and promoted my interest even further. I thank you all very much for being along with me for the ride, and I hope to continue evolving my posts for the better. Indeed, it is “From the New World.” Here ends Shin Sekai Yori, the half-year journey.

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  • Daniel

    1) So sad that it’s over :-(

    Who would have thought such a bleak, sad, and tragic show will have such a happy, hopeful ending. I’m really happy about that. And… SakixSatoru!! FINALLY! YAY!! :-)

    2) From what I’ve heard, apparently in the original novel the Akki was a boy, not a girl. And also right after his death Satoru goes to confront Squealer for everything he has done to him and Saki, he torture him, and after Squealer tell Satoru he is no different than a human Satoru rips his clothes off and yell at him that he’s “Just a rat” (That’s why Squealer doesn’t have clothes on later on) and nearly kills him until Saki stops him. Satoru start to cry and both him and Saki hugs each other. But later on after Saki sees what the other humans did to Squealer she decide to kill him out of mercy.

    3) Also, apparently Saki and Satoru will have a daughter and a son and their names will be Maria and Shun (Yes, poor Mamoru… No one cares about him). Wonder why they didn’t show that part.

    But anyway, still loved the ending! My favorite anime of the year so far along-side Psycho-Pass :-)

    • Entrav

      1) Yeah, didn’t expect the ending to be like this.

      2) Yes, so the person who corrected me is right, but also wrong in the anime.
      Interesting note about the Satoru part. They just didn’t have time to put that in though.

      3) Probably not enough time though that would have been great.

      There are actually quite a bit of similarities between Psycho-Pass’ ending and this one. It’s just that I feel SSY did a better job executing it. Much better.

      • Daniel

        Someone made this…

        Satoru and Saki’s daughter and son (Maria and Shun):

        So lovely! :D

        • Entrav

          1) Omaigawd that’s awesome.

          2) Yes, that as well. There’s more hope in this one than in Psycho-Pass. Plenty of contrasts and similarities between the two. Enough to do a whole post about it.

          • Daniel

            1) Though I just have to say I think it’s very creepy that Saki and Sarotu chose to call their kids by their old lovers names. Especially Shun, I’m very worried about him, you don’t think they’ll try to do things to him… sexual things, do you? :X

            2) Which is ironic since throughout it’s run, Shinsekai Yori was actually far more sad and depressing than the Urobuchi show, and yet it ended in a far more hopeful and optimistic way.

          • Entrav

            1) LOL. Haha, I like how you put it. I don’t think they would do that to their own children… Actually, it would be strange if their children looked like Maria and Shun to begin with.

            2) Yeah, it started off being really depressing, but ends in a brighter fashion than Psycho-Pass does. More contrasts and comparisons :)

        • Alexandre Sobreira Martins

          Probably Saki will have plenty of time to do so. It’s clear from the subtext that she eventually learns how to repair her own telomers and will, in all likelihood, become Tomiko’s successor, as Tomiko herself intended. This way, not being paralysed by either a hysterical fear of imagined Aki and Gouma (like the whole Ethics Committee) and by fear of the past (like Tomiko), she will probably find a way to change her society for the better. I believe the ending indicates as much.
          Also, I like to imagine them solving their social problems and one day turning their eyes to a wider world, even the stars and space exploration. After all, they might not be kami as they told the monster rats that they were, but in their world they are the next best (or worst) thing.

    • Anonymous9

      Sorry for bumping the old thread, but I am curious about the no2 you pointed. The part where Satoru tortured Squealer, when does it happen? Is it before they learned the truth about the Rat are actually humans or after?

      • Daniel


  • Flaiboy

    Gosh, I have so many questions that don’t have answers, but I realize that’s OK. I’m hoping the novel does get translated cuz I really want to read it. I’m assuming the novel goes into more detail.

    My initial response is sadness. There was just so much tension and pain throughout the series that it’s tough to do a 180 into hope, though I’m glad A-1 took some time to try to give us a softer landing than I expected. I loved seeing Satoru blush during his wedding to Saki; for once he looked completely out of his element.

    I didn’t understand at first why Saki was running behind Kiroumaru as he ran at the Akki; the beginning caught me a little off guard in it’s suddenness. That was a pretty ballsy thing for her to do. I was impressed! I understand the need they had to make Kiroumaru as human-looking as possible, and for her to hide behind his form killing Queerats to deceive the Akki was something that I didn’t expect.

    Thank you, Entravity, for giving us this forum to voice our opinions. I’ve enjoyed the write-ups you’ve done so much that looking for your posts was a natural companion to the series.

    • Entrav

      There are parts of the novel translated here and there that were noted in previous episode posts so we can dive a bit into those. One of my more personal goals is to understand more Japanese so I don’t have to rely on such a medium any longer. Moreover, with the original language, I can dive deeper into anime. Voice actors have blogs, tons of meaningful discussions, and so on. Someday, I hope to have the aptitude to dive into a Japanese website and know what I’m doing.

      I didn’t expect things to be this way from the dark beginnings of this anime, but A-1 pulls it off pretty well. The best way I can phrase it is that the ending is very well rounded and concludes everything in a conclusive manner.

      Saki’s little deception trick is neat as well. She could have been in danger if the Akki decided to use another ability. Also, Kiroumaru will never be forgotten.

      Thank you very much for reading! It’s always nice to know that someone is reading my thoughts. In time, I want to improve upon my posts more to make it seem more fluid and incorporated into the episodes. Anyways, I enjoyed all the discussions you have brought, and I hope you will continue to do so in the future!

  • frog212

    the egg came first than the chicken … what produced the egg? something similar to the chicken but a bird(not a chicken) with a mutated gene that was passed off to the egg that made a chicken.

  • kukuku_

    i am SOOO happy she ended up a satoru :3 i shipped them ever since they were stuck together in the forest :3 sorry shun o.o;; and i had a squealy moment when those cats popped up :3

    • Entrav

      Haha, I’m okay with either Shun or Satoru, but halfway through, I knew that one wasn’t going to happen so the other is fine as well. Those cats are adorable :)

  • returnity

    I can’t believe they managed to not screw this show up. I loved it but I was constantly afraid for the moment A-1 would blow a load of their special sauce all over it, but luckily aside the animation budget, this show has managed to retain enough of the original novels that it was inarguably one of the best anime of 2012.

    • Entrav

      I know right, I was scared too because of A-1’s special ability to screw great things up. Definitely one of the top contenders for Anime of the Year. Though, I think it belongs in the 2013 year rather than the 2012 because it finished in 2013, but hey, that’s just me.

      • Alexandre Sobreira Martins

        Probably that’s thanks to the book. I haven’t read it, as I don’t know Japanese enough for that, but head it’s a very solid science fiction true novel, not a light novel.

  • Heniu

    Kiroumaru!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shinsekai yori fan

    But i think it is kind of sad….thinking that her friends died….especially shun…..not to mention that her group that consisted of 5 person is now left with only her and satori…really tragic….and the ending where they showed her friends during childhood juz brings tears to my eyes…

    • Humg12

      “5 person”. No one cares about Reiko :(

      • Alexandre Sobreira Martins

        Yes, poor clumsy Reiko… she was the first to die during the course of this series, after the selfish boy who broke the rules during the game in episode 2. She did deserve to be reminded more often. She was a sweet nice girl, after all, it was not her fault that she was not up to Kamisu 666 standards.

        • Tomek666212 .

          Reiko should not die. Reiko and Maria the most I was sorry.

          How can you be so cruel to the good and nice children.

          • Alexandre Sobreira Martins

            As I said, that’s one of the major points in the story: the adults were so scare of people with Cantus that they became the real monsters in the story.

    • Joel Mappa

      WOW no one cares about Squealer.
      I feel extremely sad.From the start i agreed with Squealer way of thinking.What he did was bad but what the humans did were also bad.He shouldn’t have gotten that eternal punition it was horrible.He did his best to make his population better and the humans who don’t care a shit about the queerats and consider them like shit gave him this horrible punishment only based on their victims.They did not consider what the queerats lost.And at the end we even discover that they were human.Human or not
      humanity can’t understand shit about others and constantly judge.
      Well perhaps this is why i am a misanthrope.

  • Crying Otaku

    What always killed me was Shun’s death. It seriously depressed me, but didn’t stop me from finishing the series, although i was a bit unfaithful, as I had the leisure of skipping around (as nearly the entire series was concluding to its final episodes). While I admit this series has brought A LOT OF TALK, it has certainly become, in my own opinion, a great form of anime in which it portrays three (well if you count her adult life) time skips, and the hardships face in each cycle. This series was no a disappointment, but it still broke my heart nevertheless. Throughout everything, I was always observing Saki, and her personality, while also keeping an eye on other members of the main case. Overall, I would say this was a respectable piece, but I would be a bit hesitant to immediately recommend this to other people because some of the content involved (that yaoi/yuri element obviously, which I knew threw us all off is one thing, the fashion is another, and other stuff I can’t remember at the moment). Lastly, I do not know why it took me this long to post, but somehow, I found myself upon the series recently (meaning today), so I thought I would finally throw my feelings out and oh wow, this is one huge block of text. Still crying over Shun, x years later…

    • Crying Otaku

      Rereading some of what I just wrote, and realizing it doesn’t make sense in certain parts. Opps, ignore that.

  • Tomek666212 .

    How sad. Why Maria died? That was stupid.

    • Alexandre Sobreira Martins

      Not at all. Maria in all likelihood suffered the same fat of the monster rats’ queens: forced to produce offspring with Mamoru and then either killed or lobotomized to be just a vessel to breed “ogres”. That was a brilliant plan by Squeeler. The fault is entirely Maria’s, for being so unreasonably attached to Mamoru to the point of giving up on everything else and foolishly thinking she could protect them both. (I’m, of course, assuming the monster rats were never at fault, as they were waging a perfectly legitimate war, especially when we consider that they are the humans without PK from 500 years before our story begins, that were mutated by those bastard cowardly scientists to prevent non-PK users to ever rising up against PK users again, after they conveniently rid them from the last Slave Dynasty Emperor.

      • Tomek666212 .

        Maria fled because stupid people wanted to kill her and Mamoru.

        Besides, you do not know how she died. Stupid author of the novel that never explained.

        • Alexandre Sobreira Martins

          Well, I guess I can be pretty sure of how she died. The author is not stupid, quite the opposite: I haven’t read the book because I don’t know enough Japanese, but judging from the anime, there are some cleverly sprinkled clues as to what happened to Maria. There’s the scene when the Giant Hornets collect the babies from the defeated Ground Spiders, showing what the monster rats do with captured enemy babies: they raise them to be their workforce – the false Ogre later in the story is just one such, “harvested” from Maria after either she had sex with Mamoru in the woods or because Squeeler’s people forced them to do so.
          Then there’s the fate of the monster rasts’ queens: lobotomized and used as baby-producing-machines – I’m affraid that’s what happened to Maria, but as her one baby was the only hope of Squeeler for winning the war, I supposed she died in the first procedure.
          So, yes, I think I can form a pretty accurate guess of what happened to Maria.
          Yes, she fled because the nuts at Kamisu 666 wanted to kill Mamoru, but that doesn’t diminish her foolishness. However, I’m not saying that’s a plot hole or bad writing: it was a clever way of creating the basis for the whole catastrophe, reinforcing the fact that the whole thing is the fault not only of the scientists that created the monster rats, but also of all the adults in Kamisu 666, especially the Ethics Committee and the Education Committee, mainly Tomiko for having become practically sociopaths that kill their own children out of fear.

          • Tomek666212 .

            In the anime, there was no explanation, so it’s all just speculation. Do not know how they died. They were killed, but do not know how it happened.

            Also you do not know whether Maria was forced to give birth to a child.

            This lack of explanation is the biggest downside anime. Also remember that Maria and Mamoru were very strong.

            Killing children was paranoia in this anime.

            Anthrax could kill Akki. However, adults kill children.

            They should eliminate only the obvious cases. How, for example, that boy from the past.

          • Alexandre Sobreira Martins

            Well, as I said, it’s speculation with logical basis in the story (called educated guess). But no matter. I don’t think any important thing is left unexplained. The adults in Kamisu 666 were the true monsters of the story, that ‘s why so many scenes with teachers and members of the Ethics Committee play like scenes from horror movies – SSY is also a horror story, by the way, not just a sci-fi anime, many of the basic elements are present – for instance, when Ando Sensei and two other committee members go fetch the Trickster Cats to try and kill Shun. They were so paralyzed with fear they could think of nothing else but to kill any potential threat, however small. Also, the whole conditioning against killing humans was a fatal blow to them, as they were defenseless against the false Aki. However, the Death of Shame was also what saved them in the end (very clever of Saki). The problem is, as the story main problem is based in Freudian ideas about the unconscious, I find it difficult to see what else they could have done. Freud’s theories are, of course, nonsense, but they work well for fiction.

          • Tomek666212 .

            Why Saki in the last episode did not ask to Squiller about Maria?
            There was not his explanations.

            Letter Maria was the best explanation of the situation in Kamisu.

            Remember the doctor from the past?
            He injected the poison and killed Akki.
            What is the point? After all, people are not able to kill other people.

            Anime is illogical.

            How could people choose to kill children? They killed children with low mental capacity. However, they should eliminate only those with a sick psyche.

          • Alexandre Sobreira Martins

            Yes, I agree with you that the doctor who injected K with poison was a cop-out. If you can overcome the Death of Same and the other inhibitions long enough to do that, they should have been able to kill the false Akki.
            However, the adults never killed anyone. They sent the Trickster Cats to do the job for them, the logic being that if you don’t directly dirty your hands, it’s ok. Yes, I know, it’s another cop-out, but, as I said, the whole “unconscious” thing doesn’t hold water, so these thinks are part of the general problem with the basic assumptions of the series.
            The best think about it, however, is that, as in great series like Evangelion, you have an engaging plot and, especially, well-construed characters that react like human beings, not moe or kawaii one-dimensional stereotypes like the characters in Trinity Seven and many other current anime.

          • Tomek666212 .

            I was most sorry for Reiko and Maria. I did not believe that Reiko died in the first episode. I thought she just left school.

            Then, the second ending was very sad, because dedicated to Maria.

            Saki took three days for bringing back Maria.

            Why it did not succeed.

          • Alexandre Sobreira Martins

            Well, it’s certain that Reiko died as well. You cannot leave school or the community. As Tomiko says in episode 15, if you do, the Ethics Committee will hunt you down for fear that you become an Aki.
            Saki did not bring Maria back because Maria refused, as Mamoru was scared to come back (with reason), and Maria would never leave him. Saki couldn’t force Maria to come with her.
            Also, of course, it was important for the plot so the monster rats could get their hands on their Aki-producing couple (who were lobotomized and used for that purpose, of course – considering Squeeler’s defeat when the Messiah died, Maria and/or Mamoru must not have survived the process and so they had no means of creating another Messiah.

          • Tomek666212 .

            I wonder how these rats trapped them?
            And when?

            Only speculation.

            It is not known whether these rats even forced to do their child.

        • Alexandre Sobreira Martins

          An update on my last reply: I’m now 100% sure that Maria suffered the same fate as the monster rats’ queens. In episode 15, when Saki and Satoru are discussing things in Squeeler’s colony, Saki says: “What if the monster rats tried to do to humans the same they did to the Queens?” That is far more than a mere speculation, at least insofar as we viewers are concerned, but it will also result in Saki thinking on how to get rid of the false Aki. It’s important to keep in mind that SSY is a work of fiction, so, unlike real life, everything is put there with a purpose. So, the subtext is telling us what was Maria’s and Mamoru’s fate. It’s like reading A Song of Ice and Fire: George Martin is constantly scattering clues like that throughout the text, which only make sense on hindsight.

          • Tomek666212 .

            I do not agree with you. I clearly remember that anime. They only speculated.

            I wish the anime showing the fate of Mary and Mamoru.

            About this dream. Why did the boy said to Saki not to help them escape? Why did he say “Maria has to die”?

            This is ridiculous.

          • Alexandre Sobreira Martins

            They speculated because they are the characters. They have to speculate because that’s how the author maintains verisimilitude for his/her text. We the audience don’t need to speculate, we need to analyze the clues the text gives us. The worst kind of story is the one that does what you’re asking of SSY: spoonfeed the audience every bit of information, not allowing us to think by ourselves. Also, you’re treating the story as if it were real life. It’s not. Every little thing is there for a purpose, it’s only in reality that things have no purpose and you can truly speculate. Speculate about a fictional text means putting there things that are not there, not drawing conclusions based on the text. You’re making the very common mistake of confusing fiction and reality. For instance, you’re talking about Saki, Mamoru, etc. as if they were real people.
            I don’t know what boy you’re referring to. No boy says that in chapter 15, that I mentioned. The dream is Saki’s, when they are in the guesthouse at the Robber Fly colony, after she and Satory go to look for Maria and Mamoru for the second time and fail to find them.

          • Tomek666212 .

            I wrote about this boy (16).


            Why did the boy said to Saki not to help them escape? Why did he say “Maria has to die”?

            As I wrote. The fate of Maria and Mamoru are a mystery. You do not know the details.
            Speculation is not the same as certainty.

            The best are the anime, where everything is explained.
            Even in the last episode.

  • Alexandre Sobreira Martins

    Actually I think this series was an oddball to some extent: sci-fi anime is usually not true sci-fi, it’s adventure disguised as sci-fi. Gurren Lagan could very well be a fantasy series without any effect on the general plot. Not so with Shin Sekai Yori. Even though their powers are, of course, magical, they are treated as “scientific” in a very convincing way. Satoru even tries to discuss this with Saki in one episode, saying that scientists have speculated what actually is their Power and where does it come from, since it’s obvious the ridiculously low among of energy generated by the brain could never account for it. The only thing I don’t like is the idea that the problem they have with their Power is that, as Shun explained, it is greatly under the control of the subconscious. That’s based on Freud’s theories of the unconscious and, frankly, Freud is bullshit without any biological basis whatsoever. It’s not his fault, he lived in the 19th century, but it’s way past time we admitted that it’s all nonsense. There’s no biological basis for the unconscious or subconscious. If Karmic Demons and Ogres were explained as genetic defects creating mentally unstable individuals and psychopaths, I would have liked the series a lot more. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, it’s one of my all-time favorites and a jewel among sci-fi anime, especially in these times of constantly repeated anime tropes and moe and kawaii all around. But I can’t like the unconscious explanation as the reason behind the insane society they created and which apparently Saki in the end finds a way around.

    By the way, I would love to have the book author deal with how people dealt with the problem in other parts of the world, but that’s so Japanese-culture centered in the novel that I doubt he would be up to the task (as a Westerner probably would not be up to the task of creating the amazingly convincing mysticism-based society of Kamisu 666,oops, sorry, 66.

  • Kevin De Leon

    Maria and Saki, were meant to be…