Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 21 – THE ONE EVERYONE’S BEEN WAITING FOR

Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Titan vs Female Titan

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 21 Review
Attack on Titan Episode 21 Review
“Crushing Blow: 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls, Part 5”
“Tettsui -Dai Gojū-Nana Kai Kabegai Chōsa (5)-”
(鉄槌 ―第57回壁外調査⑤―)

Eren’s struggle as the choices he faces- FUCK EVERYTHING THIS IS TITAN ON TITAN TIME YEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! It’s rare for me to get excited for this anime as I’ve read the manga and let’s just say the joy of deducing and experiencing something for the first time are not there. However, this episode got my blood pumping more than any other episode and just goes to show what animations can do to make a sequence extremely exciting. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the episode that I and probably many others have been waiting for. IT’S TITAN VERSUS TITAN TIME.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 21 Impressions

Gunther slashed

It’s just the beginning.

Erwin Smith



Armin Arlert contemplating




Eren isn’t the first human to become a Titan which makes him an amateur when it comes to both control, experience, and understanding the Titan form. He is, however, the first Titan to be used by humanity for humanity. As such, discoveries about his powers are revelations on both sides and may be misleading as Eren does not yet fully grasp his Titan form. Even if he did, the various nuances with the different Titans like how the Female Titan is able to harden up, how the Armored Titan has armored looking physique and the Colossal Titan being absolutely gigantic can be quiet different from Eren’s Titan form. Whether Eren has some yet to be discovered power or not, we don’t know, but certainly humanity has to adjust to the wide array of different characteristics that each “human Titan” possesses.

Eren Jaeger


You know they’re all dead from here.

Oh damn…

Petra and Bossard



Female Titan slashed

Wow. That’s a lot of slashes.

As soon as Erwin says the words, “Unless we change how we fight, humanity will never win,” you know that it was a mistake for Eren to not go into Titan form. Still, with three of the elite troops who have survived countless instances of death and what happened in the episode before the previous pertaining to trust, it seems like the right thing to do. Extremely coordinated, skilled in maneuvers, and having fierce determination, the three show exactly why they are the elite by forcing the Female Titan who stomped anyone within a second in previous encounters on the defensive. But this isn’t your typical shounen where “nakama power” reigns supreme. Oh no, this is Shingeki no Kyojin.


Female titan bites


Petra Ral


Female Titan scary



Bossard Oluo

That sucks.

That sucks even more.

What is a masterfully executed moment of Eren’s understanding which is mercilessly countered by Levi’s words of uncertainty ends the advantage that the three held. We all knew this was coming, but the way Eren thought he knew the situation and then being grimly reminded that no one really will know how it ends up is just very well done. When the Female Titan was running towards Petra (NOO PETRAAA D:) it reminded me of NGE. The brutality of how they all die and the overall hopelessness of the situation is accentuated by the glorious soundtrack and the very impressive voice acting. But that’s not the climax of the episode. We’re all waiting for one thing and one thing only; TITANS BRAWLING IT OUT.

Eren Jaeger angry


Eren titan form



Female Titan vs Eren


Attack on Titan ral petra dead


Shingeki Levi or Rivaille



Titan vs Titan


Eren Titan form demented


Female Titan vs Eren


Shingeki no Kyojin fight


Female Titan punched


Shit, she sliced him up. Was it with her leg?

OH GLORIOUS ANIMATIONS. ALL THOSE STILL FRAMES FROM PREVIOUS EPISODES, ALL THOSE WEIRD MOMENTS, TOTALLY WORTH IT IF THAT’S WHAT IT TOOK TO GET THIS PART. It’s not just a short fighting sequence either. It’s a lengthy one that has punches flying in all directions, some martial arts movements and a ton of badassery. Seeing Eren go absolutely nuts is uh… nice, but seeing his jaw disappear by a much more controlled person is something else. I’ve wavered a bit in my opinion about the anime being better than the manga because some parts were a bit drawn out. Nonetheless, this is where anime shines. Action scenes that just cannot be portrayed in the same way in a manga which adds more weight to the combat. Couple that with an astounding soundtrack and you’ve got yourself one hell of a ride.



Mikasa Ackerman

Crazy mode again.

She’s got this.

Next time, we’ll see some more badass action.

Mikasa Ackerman mad

EATEN. YET AGAIN. Well… that’s too bad, but it’s a human this time that doesn’t really eat people as much as she smashes them to bits. But holy balls of steel they really let loose on the budget in this episode. We even get Mikasa slashing away at the Female Titan with some very nice attention to the animation and with Levi now with Mikasa, we have the two most powerful human fighters that humanity has at its disposal, at least, that we know of. We can expect even more action next time as both of them slash their way to see what remains of Eren and just who is the Female Titan. But man, Mikasa is awesome when she goes insane.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 21 Review

This is, hands down, the best episode of Shingeki no Kyojin so far. It has the brutality, the TITAN ACTION, a deeper theme, and superb animation that captures all the important details necessary for an extremely wonderful experience. I haven’t watched many action anime recently, but even so, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten this pumped over an episode fueled by punch after punch, and slash after slash. The soundtrack is as superb as usual and it’s a nice experience for “nakama power” to mean jack shit against the reality of the situation. Shounen it may be, but it certainly has something different that keeps making me want more. If you got hyped before Shingeki no Kyojin released, then I bet you’re hyped as hell now. This episode is a keen reminder of exactly why it got hyped in the first place. HELL YEAH, TITAN TIME!

Shingeki no Kyojin Wallpaper Levi Eren


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  • bCr

    Indeed, the best so far. Next episode is probably a badass showcasing :D

    • Entrav

      It’s going to be Mikasa and Levi slicing up some meat.

      • bCr

        I hope so, hopefully not like the cap. 18 hangcliff which was nothing but a cooldown. All this carnage and hyping claims for it (which in fact, can be considered some sort of fanservice along with the titan brawl) :D

  • Danish Bukhari

    It’s episodes like these that make me go,
    ‘More people need to see this!’
    I mean, this was seriously amazing. The whole series is seriously amazing. Even when I sit in class I look out of the window and think, ‘hmm what if I was a Survey Corps. Member fighting the titans right now?’ I really hope this series has more amazement stored for us. And from the looks out if, this isn’t a 25 or 26 episode series as so many questions still remain!

    • Entrav

      Well, the manga is still continuing and there are a TON of questions yet to be answered even in that. At the pace they’re going, they could have another 25 episodes and it still wouldn’t be done.

      While it certainly is an amazing episode, I wouldn’t say the whole series is as amazing as some people make it out to be. Though, some people make it out to be worse than it is because of the overwhelming hype which is just as bad.

      • Flaiboy

        I’m getting to that point in the series where I need to decide if I want to stay anime-only through what could be a protracted sabbatical to allow the manga to advance further material. I had thought earlier that if they end this season in somewhat of a natural break (if one exists? you manna peeps, is there such a thing in Shingeki no Kyojin?) that I would stay a manga virgin, but if they end it on a cliffhanger I would probably succumb to the temptation and start reading. But now, as I’m having fun speculating on what might happen and what it all means, I’m not so sure I want to give up that thrill of the “Ah ha!” moment when something clicks and I can’t stop grinning.

        • Entrav

          Hard to say right now as I don’t remember the precise details of where it stops, but when it ends, I will definitely give out an overall idea of where the series is at so you can make your own decision of whether to read the manga or not. Some people are saying that at the pacing it’s going, it should end at a decent place without too many cliffhangers.

  • Irenesharda

    Oh wow…oh man… just let me catch my breath…

    That was just amazing. There is no other word for it. The animation, the emotion, the drama, the music, it was all just breathtaking. At first, I was becoming a little annoyed with the lack of Erin transforming. The guy is supposed to be humanity’s savior, but how will he be able to learn how to hone himself into a weapon if you guys keep stopping him? All these other Titan hybrids are masters at their craft, and Eren’s pretty much a baby in comparison. He needs to learn, especially if it seems that each hybrid had their own unique talent.

    Well, most of the elite recon squad is dead; they sure didn’t last long. I love that they didn’t go the traditional way and have the elites be able to use their power of camaraderie to win the day. Instead the tide turned and all three ended up dead, with the lovely “Vogel im Kamfig” playing in all its glory. That had to be Eren’s most powerful transformation thus far.

    He and the FemTitan go at it and it’s quite spectacular fight to behold. Right away you can see that Eren is not as powerful and he is quite raw and inexperienced. However, even then he is able to hold his own, as of course a male has the stronger upper body strength, as well as the fact that in determination, Even is unparalleled. However there is also the fact the this is FemTitan’s second wind, and she was injured and pretty weak at this point. At any rate we know that Eren has a bit of learning to do.

    So Eren got captured did he? I can’t say I wasn’t expecting it. He’s definitely not dead. You can fool us once when he got eaten the first time, but not a second. Mikasa’s going after him was awesome and fits her personality. Seeing Levi come back and the looks he gave his comrades’ corpses was just haunting. Having him and Mikasa team up was a match made in heaven. The two look and fight alike, and slight animosity between the two makes for good chemistry. I can’t wait for the next episode, that Titan female is going to have hell to pay, and Mikasa and Levi are demanding recompense–with interest.

    I give this episode a 9.75/10. One of the best of the series thus far.

    • Entrav

      Such a well executed episode when it matters. They may be adapting it page by page, but it’s damn awesome to watch it in anime form as there’s nothing like the added layers that an anime has to make these scenes even more impressive. Next episode should be great as well.

  • The Atomic Dwarf

    Mikasa on a rampage!

    Btw 21:25 is that steam coming from the sweat? If not then hory sheet she might be like Eren, a sleeper Titan.

    • Irenesharda

      I wouldn’t put it past them if they did. However, steaming blood is unreliable. If you get Titan blood on you, it steams away and disappears. We’ve seen this happen with Levi and Hanji in earlier episodes. Also, she would have had to have already become a Titan, not just a sleeper. Eren had been injected with the serum YEARS before he actually transformed, before that he bled and got injured like a normal person. It was only after his near death experience that he got his powers and rejuvenating effects.

      Mikasa might later become a Titan-hybrid, but I don’t think she’s one now.

      • The Atomic Dwarf

        She might be the result of a different type of experiment where she doen’t turn full titan but has just a few stands of dna injected in her giving her increased stamina and strenght. We’ve seen stuff like this happen in western comics for dozens of years.

      • Flaiboy

        My idea is that, just as we’re seeing more enemy hybrids making an appearance, we’ll also be seeing more of Eren’s fellow corpsmen transforming. I would find it hard to believe that Eren would be the only one who was injected seeing as how his father was a doctor and had access to so many people.

    • Kenpachi

      Rolf man…The steam is coming from the Titan pieces(blood) she sliced and fell on her…

      • The Atomic Dwarf

        Hey from what I’ve seen in this anime anything is possible. It was the titan blood this time but what about then next time something crazy happens? You can’t say you don’t want to see a Titan version of Mikasa too.

    • Amarrez

      Mikasa can’t be a titan. She still has the scar she received from Eren in Trost. If she were a titan, that would have healed like any other wound.

      • Pony

        Eren probably had a bunch of scars and wounds from his training. His regeneration only started happening after his first transformation.

        • The Atomic Dwarf

          Exactly! See? We’re starting a religion here! All hail the future Titan Godess Mikasa!

          • Chi

            no, she had titan flesh/blood on her, and titan stuff always dissolve. It happens with a lot of the characters. But don’t let that stop you from assuming:)

  • Pony

    Haha, I remember when I was reading the manga and petra dared to uttered “Trust us” . I cringed really hard. I was like: welp, well that’s that she’s a goner.

    That was the most obvious deathflag in recent history.

    • Entrav

      Especially since it’s Shingeki no Kyojin. If it were one of the big 3 or something, I would have waved it off.

    • Irenesharda

      If you thought that was obvious, the you haven’t seen MJP lately. They just had an episode where they tossed every obvious death flag in the book, from the terminal illness, to the fiancee to return to, to the “I’ve got something to tell you when I return”. And it was all practically in the same episode. Lol
      Petra’s line wasn’t as obvious to me since she had said the same thing only a couple episodes before with good results, so I wasn’t expecting everything to go as far south as it did.

  • Yunii

    Oh man this episode. I already miss Petra. D:

    • Entrav

      Double the pain if you read the manga D:

  • greg

    the female titan is probably annie

    • Flaiboy

      Especially since they feature her so prominently in the OP.

  • Gamematio

    Lol, It’s so epic when the two titans are fighting that you start remember the first fist fight Eren had in the first few episodes with the blond girl … and … it all makes sense.

  • Flaiboy

    I took Commander Erwin’s comments at the beginning to mean that what was happening in this episode was one of many possible outcomes that he had planned for. Things turning out as they did meant that he would sacrifice the elite squad protecting Eren and risk the possibility of Eren’s death or capture, thereby losing their only hope for mankind, in order to find out more about their adversaries and try to figure out just how deep they’ve been infiltrated. That’s why Levi was ordered to have fresh tanks . . . he anticipated that if things went this wrong that they would be able to track the Fem Titan and look for a way to turn things to their favor.

  • Mike

    You know Entrav, you keep saying how SnK is overrated, but you never say HOW its overrated. Is it the plot? Because as a reader of the manga, I am totally on edge with what new revelation is around the corner. Is it the animation quality? Sure they have stills, but if they’re saving the budget for an orgy of glorious animation moments, then by all means give me some more. Can’t be the soundtrack, its hard for me to think of another anime’s that even comes close to inspiring the same levels of emotion. Could you give an example of how you think its overrated? Just so I don’t think you’re being dismissive of it because its shounen (seinen really) while you’re going gaga over Free!(.)

    • Entrav

      You know what, I spent like 30 min typing up my reply and decided to delete it. I’m really tired right now and I can come up with better arguments when I get more time. Tell you what, wait until my final review and I’ll tell you exactly why SnK is overrated. Sorry for not clarifying, but I’m sure I’ve said bits and pieces somewhere in the past. If you have to have an answer now, the extremely short version is that I think it placing 9th on MAL is far too undeserving. The fact that it’s placed so high means that it has to excel to an extent that most anime have not. Yes, it’s pretty good, but it’s not one of the best anime of all time. I’m sure most people who have watched a decent amount of anime can agree with that.

      Specifics about characterization, growth, mystery, story, horror and why the anime does not deserve such a high place will be detailed in the final review. I’d rather speak of it in detail although ironically I just did the opposite. *Sigh.

      • Mike

        Hey man that’s cool, I’ll just wait for your season ending review for your reasoning. I actually did not know it was placed so incredibly high on MAL (9th is REALLY high) even before the show has finished its run. All I can say to the mindset of those who put it that high is that we haven’t really had a show this “mature”, dark (almost unrelentingly cruel really), and that treated character death in such a manner since Gantz (IMHO). With all the bullshit going on with the big three (should it be big 2 since Bleach probably won’t be back till the manga’s over, ala inuyasha?) with their POWAZ OF FRIENDSHIPZ, I think people are just going a little nuts over something that to them is a refreshing change. After all, ain’t no amount of wishing going to bring back those who are dead in this anime unless they’re a hybrid or something (R.I.P. Petra :*( ).

        • Entrav

          I definitely don’t think Shingeki no Kyojin is bad by any means, but 9th is just absurd. Many people are labeling this as “best anime ever” or whatever which is probably something even the makers of the anime know its not. Hence, this is why I think it’s “overrated.” Not because it’s not good, but because of how people in the anime community view it and how it just doesn’t have what it takes to meet the labels some people put on this show.

          A lot of it probably has to do with what you are saying. It’s a different take on shounen that people haven’t seen recently which is adding fuel to the hype. It has dark themes that are unlike a lot of shounen out there and add that with some decently mysterious themes and some TITAN ACTION? Hell yeah, you got a recipe for some awesomeness.

          Though, it’s still a far stretch from being top 10 out of all the anime out there. I think what’s also happening is that people who normally don’t watch anime are jumping on the bandwagon and since they haven’t experienced much, they tend to rate it much higher than a person who has watched a lot of anime to judge it in a more justified manner.

  • Flaiboy

    Has anyone here gone through the ED and taken a close look at it? There are lots of amazing things in it that I just let go right by when I’m watching the credits roll. I just went though it frame by frame . . .

    1. Right away as the walnut is rolling across the floor we’re treated to faded images scrolling upwards that blend into the stone. They scroll so fast that they’re easy to miss but when you stop the action eventually you come across Japanese characters and you realize that they are manga pages! Most are really tough to make out anything at all . . . no spoilers there.

    2. Next up a mural depicting two opposing armies with different colored horses, flags (one looks suspiciously Japanese), and canons. From this I take that it is showing us that a war is being played out between humans, which leads me to believe that this is what we’re seeing depicted in Shingeki no Kyojin. This supports my previous speculation that the general Titan populace is nothing more than a biological weapon being used against our beloved recruits and the population they protect. It is therefore possible that there is another community of humans “out there somewhere’ waging this war and directing the Titans, which means that all of humanity is NOT penned up behind those three walls.

    3. As the camera is panning across the first group of recruits (Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Sasha, Connie, and Jean) we see the start of another mural on a wall which runs behind them which makes it difficult to see all of it, but it depicts, from right to left, homes, families, livestock, writing, and agriculture with two walls separating them; then a large body of water (possibly a sea), ships, and then land again with fortifications showing humans fighting off Titans. It’s possible this is depicting the retreat of this group of humans across the sea to where they currently are.

    4. We then turn two corners and see another mural running behind the second group of recruits (Annie, Reiner, Bertolt, Ymir, and Krista) which depicts more walls, Titans with their heads blown off, humans fighting them in 3D gear, and curiously a Titan tied down to a horse-drawn cart being taken away. Not sure what it all means although this mural seems to be from the perspective of the army with the dark horses.

    I wish I could read the Japanese characters on both murals – I’m certain they reveal important insights.

    From all this I’m guessing that: the second group of recruits are all Titan hybrids . . . and yes, Krista, too! She and Ymir have an interesting exchange in episode 3 when the is feeding Sasha some bread. They are all fighting for the opposing army.

    And the final thing is: the murals are the thing that is hidden in Eren’s basement. I believe the brick walls to be the walls in his basement. If I’m right, it’s pretty amazing that the thing we are wanting to discover so badly is put in plain view in the ED.

    • Irenesharda

      I too noticed that the ED held potentially information filled murals. However, from your description, I think that perhaps the murals are showing the passage of history? From the war that started this whole thing, the people in their agriculture stage as the war still rages on. The appearance of the Titans, followed by the battle against them. And perhaps the building of the walls? However, I really like your theory, that this is a war that’s been fought over the ages and the Titans and Titan-hybrids are the biological weapons of some other group of humans across the sea. However, is it really a war if one side is unaware that it’s even in one? If this was really once a war, then it stopped being such centuries ago. Now it’s just a slaughter of one side against the other. Why continue being the aggressors against a side that isn’t even really attacking you back? That is, unless this other group across the sea is planning on genocide or something?

      However, this show really is filled with hidden clues that you have to go back and hunt for. I went back to episode 1 when we actually first see Cmdr Erwin before he was a commander and we even knew his name, and I look at how his character has changed from then to now. And I wonder why? I also wonder what happened to the guy who was in charge of the Recon Corp before him? I went back to episode 4, and looked back on a conversation between Annie and Reiner and realized there was a ton of hidden meaning between the two. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bertolt, Ymir, and Krista are all Titan-hybrids too. Though they would all have to be ones we haven’t seen before as Ymir and Krista are female, and Bertolt has the wrong eye color for the Colossal Titan. I already have Reiner and Annie pinned down, but the other three I’m not sure of.

      Now, I’m not sure if the murals would be in the basement since knowing the history and everything is nice, but it doesn’t help in the fight against the enemy, unless he painted a plan or a weakness down there too. Also, since no one knows what’s in the basement, even in the manga, I don’t know how the animators would know?

      • Flaiboy

        I think the murals are showing two sides of the same coin. In the first mural there are two armies facing off, I’ll call them Light and Dark based on the color of their respective horses, and the murals behind each of the two groups of recruits is showing reality for that group: Eren’s group (Light) stands in front of the next one depicting their homeland and what we currently are seeing in the anime; Annie’s group (Dark) stands in front of the last one depicting their homeland and what we have yet to see. The two are separated by what looks like a sea with ships on it. The most interesting thing to me is that the Dark mural shows Titans being attacked by Light soldiers wearing 3Dgear and using blades! This shows to me that there is a war happening on two different fronts and that what we see of the general population is being kept in the dark to this by those in power.

        Yes, I believe that all those in front of the Dark mural are Titan hybrids. I know I don’t have a lot to go on, but just by associations alone I would naturally group those 5 together. So much of what they say among themselves has hidden meaning whether it’s Ymir and Krista, who are always together, or the other 3. I would be surprised if I were wrong, but I’m the kind of guy who is easy to lead down dead ends. It doesn’t take much more than an idea then I can see connections all over the place, even if they don’t exist! Ha!

        I’m certain the mangaka knows what is in Eren’s basement, whether or not he’s made it to that point in the manga. Why should we think that just because it hasn’t been revealed in the manga yet that it can’t be foreshadowed in the anime? This is the fun part of speculation, right?

        Also, from where does this idea come that whatever is in the basement is some sort of weapon to turn the tide against the Titans? Eren’s dad never once even implied such a thing. Here is what he said to Eren in his flashback from episode 9:

        “Always keep this key with you. Never let go of it. And when you look at it, remember! You must go to the basement! Because of these injections, your memories will be damaged. So it’s pointless for me to explain things now. Just remember this! Retake Wall Maria and reach that basement! This power will prove useful then! Their memories will show you how to use it! Eren! Once you enter the basement, you’ll find the truth! It will be a hard and merciless road, but you must walk it! If you want to save Mikasa, Armin, and everyone else, you’ve got to take control of this power!”

        I believe the “truth” of what is written on the murals in Japanese characters will indeed be as powerful as a weapon; Eren’s dad seemed to think it was the most important thing for Eren to do – to discover the truth of his world. Btw, the murals look pretty old – I highly doubt that Eren’s dad painted them.

    • Entrav

      Really nice that you noticed those things as I didn’t pay much attention to the ED. It’s definitely not unusual for studios to put hints for those who wish to see them especially in anime like this where the mysterious aspect is very prevalent. Well, I’m not going to say any more before I accidentally spoil anything, but thanks :)

  • Marquise Dawson

    Best episode of the anime so far. Just to imagine that all that happened within the first 10 minutes??!!! I know this is a shounen and the good will soon prevail but damn wtf when is that going to be lol. Well i learned with this anime that skill and ability gets you half way. After the anime ends and while we wait on the second season (hopefully) should I read the manga???

  • Marquise Dawson

    Speculation Time: I believe there are more titans across the world and we are only seeing just what are around them. I believe there are intelligent more advanced titans even beyond the female. Some could fly, some could be like fish you never know. Mind you, we still have not seen what is beyond their walls and for that matter another continent. Kinda hard to imagine all the world’s people even in early times being confined to those three walls. We don’t even have the slightest clue where specifically where the walls are located. I think Grisha was a military doctor and researcher. Somebody in the anime who is a main character or important side character knows more than they say.

  • Omar Martinez

    Do you guys (or admin) know WHAT FREAKING SONG is played when Eren became in a Titan and starts fighting with the female titan? I know it’s kind of a fusion between 2 OST songs, but, can i find this “mashup” somewhere? As you said: is a “glorious soundtrack” and i need to find it.

    • Irenesharda

      I don’t know if there’s a remix of the two out there or anything, but the first song when he transforms is the latter part of the song “Vogel im Käfig” which is Track #7 on the OST. This song has awesome lyrics by the way in German and English, so if you haven’t check it out. The actual fight is “ətˈæk 0N tάɪtn” which is Track#1 on the OST. I hope this helps.

  • animemaster

    how come mikasa and levis eyes started to heal like as if they were titans

    • Irenesharda

      I will refer you to earlier comments, that their eyes aren’t healing. They both got the female titan’s blood on their face and body. Titan blood steams away no matter what it lands on, we’ve seen this previous times before. This is also true for Mikasa and Levi who have Titan blood on their face.

  • Moonlight

    My jaw was literally on the floor the WHOLE episode!!!!! especialy when the elites got wiped out!!! :(
    BEST episode so far!!!

  • Comfort Ababio



  • Jordan ling

    Look like eren and the female Titian looked into each others eyes , like they where in love ! When him and her was on the floor.