Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 22 – Pain

Shingeki no Kyojin levi
Trying to move on.

Now this is despair.
Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 22 Review
Attack on Titan Episode 22 Review
“The Defeated: 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls, Part 6”
“Haisha-tachi -Dai Gojū-Nana Kai Hekigai Chōsa (6)-”
(敗者達 ―第57回壁外調査⑥―)

There comes a time when a filler at the right time with the right execution can fill a gap that the source material had with emphasis on the core themes in the show. I have no immediate negative bias towards fillers as I think that a well executed one can be just as necessary as following the source material without them.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 22 Impressions

Mikasa Ackerman

She mad.

INB4 Mikasa punches him right in the face.

Female Titan




Shingeki Levi


Destroyed. Sit down.

Female Titan flesh


Mikasa emotions

Mikasa derp.

Shingeki Rivaille



Female TItan crying


Holy crap. Levi’s speed is absolutely insane. Truly, he is a superhuman. I think. Mikasa on the other hand lets her feelings cloud her judgment as she tries to avenge the deaths of her comrades which only ends up in painful futility. It certainly proves why Levi is a captain and why Mikasa and the others still have a lot left to learn. Armin will probably be the best in assessing situations in a logical manner, but for an all-rounded character, there can only be one who stands above anyone we’ve seen so far my a large margin. He can leave the ground breaking, punch missing action to Eren as he’s just phenomenal at that.

Attack on Titan anime character

Dat character. Looking forward to WIT Studio making other anime.


Scout Corps



Sasha Blouse

D: Where is the potato when you need it?

Connie Springer



Erwin Smith


Eren sleeping

To say that the retrieval of Eren is a compensation for their failure to capture the Female Titan just sounds so incredibly wrong. The Scout Corps have been completely devastated and Eren is going to have to face judgment after this massacre. Here’s where the fillers start and it will continue until near the very end when they enter the Walls. Starting off with showing parents, grandparents, lovers, or whoever, you know that the producers are trying their very best to make us feel the utmost despair. Oh how painful it must be for the higher ups to endure the complaints of those who do not understand. Everyone is hurting, and we can’t blame those higher up or those following orders either way. Some can not endure and want to voice their thoughts however unreasonable they may be. Within those people who complain, there will be those that understand that they’re being unreasonable and others who don’t.

Way to get the derpy Titans to follow.

Petra Ral dead



You should be thankful.

Shingeki Mikasa Ackerman moe

Mikasa too moe in the anime.

God dammit, they just had to rub more salt in our wounds. Seeing Petra being thrown over the wagon just… Agh, those idiots. They should have known that they would go off and retrieve their friend and end up endangering everyone. As noted here, Levi isn’t as heartless as he first appears to those rookies. He is the one who has the lives of many people in his hands with the burden of holding onto responsibility of valuable lives that are vanishing at his every command. Every time a person dies, they must feel the pain almost as much as that person’s friends do. And if they also know them personally… Multiply that many times… Jesus, it’s no wonder they try to desensitize themselves and almost remain in a psychopathic state to even remain sane.

Eren and Mikasa. Yep.

Eren Jaeger bandaged

Now you see.

Ymir and Krista


Shingeki Levi devastated


Erwin Smith


Eren Jaeger crying

MORE SALT. PETRA’S FATHER? Holy crap, marriage? Alright, WIT Studio, lay off the hurt. What’s also worthy of note is the reversed position that Eren is in. He’s been looking up to the Scout Corps his whole life and now he’s finally part of it. He may have been thinking how cool it would be to be a part of the team and I’m certain he doesn’t regret his decision. Nonetheless, he realizes just how dreadful the truth actually is for his innocent mind from back when he was younger knew no such despair. Seeing the kids be happy at their return isn’t some form of encouragement for him. It was there to show just how naive and clueless he was and how powerless he is now. That’s why he can only cry.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 22 Review

First off, I want to say that when I watched the episode initially, I enjoyed it greatly. I didn’t find it to be too dramatic for my liking and it hit right where it needed to. However, after looking through it a bit more, I found myself questioning whether it’s emphasizing the horror too much by rubbing more salt in our wounds to make it feel like a cheap ploy of making viewers feel absolutely terrible. After thinking about it for a while, I’m still on the bridge of both sides. The part about Petra’s father rushing up to Levi seems to just make it absurdly despairing and some may find it a bit too much so. Still, after looking at Levi’s completely horrified face and taking into account the context of the show, that is, fighting for humanity’s freedom to not be chained to the walls forever, I can accept such an insertion better (it is part of the manga).

The slow motion Petra dumping (oh God that sounds bad T_T) feels a bit more iffy as it hits viewers at their soft spot mercilessly trying to create even more dread. That aside, the rest of the episode is thoroughly well done with reasonable amount of screaming and the shocked silence of everyone else that makes these emotional moments not prone to be melodramatic. The dialogue isn’t anything special, but it just feels right to me which has a lot to do with the soundtrack. I mean, I’m going to repeat myself another three times before the series is over, but I cannot just ignore highlighting how suitable the soundtrack has been throughout. It’s just fantastic and definitely one of my favorite parts of the show.

In the end, I think for an emotionally impactful such as this one, I’d leave it up to my own emotions without delving too deep into it critically. If I feel the way the show intended us to feel, which I did, then that is by and large more than enough for me to say that it’s well done. If it makes me extremely emotional, which it does to a small extent, then it is fantastic. You will have to watch it again if you want to see if it’s truly emotional or not as a well-executed emotional ride will still be an emotional ride multiple times through. Looking too deep into it critically may confuse you more than your feelings will as what’s emotional may not be easily explained with reason. And hey, if it makes you feel such a way strongly, it must have done something right.

Shingeki No Kyojin Wallpaper Eren Levi Mikasa


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  • Zombienuat117

    I loved this episodes and when mikasa was holding erens hand when he was crying ♥

  • Zombienuat117

    It was very sad too

  • Nicholas

    Captain Levi is hacking yo xD too pro

    • Entrav

      I know right, this guy knows how to spin.

      • GEODJO96

        Gotta go fast

  • Zakufan

    That part where you realize that its Petra rolling out and Levi’s looking on, that was the most important part in the episode. That was perfectly done create a shock and realization that you, the viewer’s rational side was ok with dumping the bodies until you saw Petra being lost then the emotional side kicked in.

    The part where Petra’s father approached Levi would have lost a lot of impact without that scene. Regardless of whether its filler or whether its heavy handed, the effect is exactly as what the director and writer wanted

    • Evilnemesis

      The part where the father approaches levi is in the manga, it’s pretty much 100% the same ( the scene ) .

      I was cringing so hard at that part, you see the sweats as he starts talking. You can clearly see his mind is in denial, you can be sure he looked for his daughter but didn’t see her but in a part of his mind he still hope she’s not dead as he fears.

      And then he begins talking to Levi about the respect his daughter has for him, and selling his daughter’s good points.

      And then Levi tries hard to keep dat pokerface.

      The only thing is I’d like the anime staff to stop making Mikasa this moe, it’s such a travesty. STAHP PLS!

      Nothing can be done though, can’t have an anime without moe. Shit doesn’t sell itself.

      • Entrav

        Agh, yeah, that’s a big complaint coming from most manga readers that Mikasa is far too moe. It takes me out of the show whenever that happens as I’m still not used to the way she acts though for anime only viewers it should be fine. Whatever, as long as everything else is done well, it’s a fairly small complaint.

        • Arimpact

          Mikasa’s moe? we just talking about the hots she has for Eren or is there something else? was there some specific example from this ep?

          As a manga reader I too questioned the Petra throwing part at first. This is probably the best filler I’ve seen but it’s hard for me to enjoy it 100% simply because I have a preconception of things happening differently. Thus I wish I can experience this from an anime only perspective.

          • Entrav

            Well, it kind of goes back to the way she has been throughout the anime, but her looks, the way she acts, and how the anime highlights her cute side is not sticking to the original source material where she is a lot less so. In this episode, the way she looks down after Eren asks her if she rescued him again feels a lot unlike the Mikasa in the manga. It’s a cute embarrassed moment which I didn’t feel at all while reading the same scene in the manga.

    • Entrav

      I agree with you to a certain extent, but for me, it also made me feel like it was a cheap shot which took me out of the emotional ride for a bit. However, they do a good job with Levi’s expressions which was what made me drawn back each time. I am a fairly empathetic person so I wasn’t really okay with dumping the bodies even if they were nameless characters, but obviously, since they show it’s a character we all know, it’s supposed to hurt more.

  • Ayame Niji

    I personally needed this episode. I needed to stop and mourn. Since I noticed in the last few episodes that I’m less and less affected by the deaths of so many characters I was actually fond of. I guess I started to use the very same method Levi is using – distancing yourself to protect your heart and soul and mind. But at the same time I felt bad for not feeling as shocked as I was supposed to be. This episode gave me the time to digest things, to cry my eyes out and to re-evaluate things. It was an emotianally draining but amazing episode. (In brackets, I’m new to the story, I haven’t read the manga.)

    • Entrav

      It feels more like the manga skipped this section than the anime added this filler. The battle moved straight onto what will happen in the next episode right away in the manga which I felt threw aside the tragic expedition too quickly. This episode gives, as you say, time to “stop and mourn.” It really adds a deeper layer to the dread which I appreciate quite a bit.

  • bCr

    Just noted this:
    When Levi is taking off the corpse’s insignia, you can see it’s the only one with an arm off the wrap. Then when ther throw Petra, her arm is still the sole visible.
    For me, that proves he took HER insignia, though, he could have taken others’ too.

  • GEODJO96

    When Petra’s body flew off the cart… those emotions, all over the place.

  • Ka-cho

    I feel emotionally abused.

  • Irenesharda

    Man, did this show do a 180. We went from epic battle, to the very heart of despair in only two episodes. This episode was pretty poignant, going to a point of depression that I have never felt before in this show. First off, the fight scene between Levi, Mikasa, and FemTitan was awesome. I too agree, that Levi must be some sort of superhero, or have Sonic the Hedgehog genes or something. LOL The guy went like lightning and certainly has proven what a fighter he can be. I love the red glint he had in his eyes, it was awesome. I did have some problems with Mikasa’s role in the fight, but I’ll get more to that when I talk about what this show has done with her character as a whole.

    Anyway, as for the rest of this, we really get to see what a toll this war is taking on the Recon Corps as well as the their families. It really drives everything home as you see the hopes and despair that these people have to go through, and the full impact of the lives that were lost. These are no simply Soldier As, these are people with families and hopes and dreams. Even when you wanted to scream at the idiocy of that one soldier who through his foolishness, not only lost his friends body, but caused several others to be lost, and cost his other friend his life as well, you really can also feel for the guy and understand that he’s not up for this anymore, that its all just become too much.

    The march of them going through the city as they’re being ridiculed by the citizens was just one of the hardest things to look out. It actually wasn’t until this point that I realized that everything they’ve been going through all happened in ONE DAY. It seems time and space seems like a standstill in this series, since I thought the same thing about the Battle of Trost happening in one day. This has to be one of the heaviest blows the Recon Corps has had to face, and it wasn’t even their fault. Just to see the looks on their faces as they try to deal with their loss, while also trying to deal with the ingrates that mock them, or think them useless. It is truly a thankless job and you have to wonder how these guys go on. Just seeing the looks on their faces as they travel, seeing Eren crying, it was all just heartbreaking.

    I won’t talk much more about Petra since many already have, but yeah the scene with her body and her father coming at the end was hard. Not really with Petra herself, but with Levi’s reaction to it. You can really understand why he’s as stoic as he is, considering how many friends he’s lost and how much he has to contend with. Going back to Mikasa for a second, I’m not sure if I like where her character was going this arc. She was mostly underused, and the times she was shown, she had only a few good moments. I thought she was mostly wasted in the fight with FemTitan as she didn’t do anything except make a mistake because “her emotions are clouding her judgement”. Ugh. I expect this sort of thing out of Eren, not Mikasa. Mikasa has been a great, strong, female character so far, something that is kind of rare in anime. However, as good as we’ve seen her during battle, suddenly she next to useless when Levi, a popular male character, shows up?! I don’t know, that was something that kind of irked me, along with the fact that they are really trying to push her towards having romantic feelings for Eren that impair her judgement, and make her seem more like a stereotypical anime female lead. And since this is said to not be the same in the manga, I can only guess this was a studio decision, since they seem to think that there cannot be a female lead character without there being a romance subplot. Argghh! It’s just so annoying. I really hope they move her character back to what she used to be, and she doesn’t continue down this road.

    So, what shall happen next now that the Recon Corp has returned in shame and Eren is to be handed over to the Royal Police where he’s going to be dissected, vivisected, and all around killed. Now, I highly doubt that this is really going to occur, especially since Annie (who I am positive is the FemTitan) is the one escorting them, and there is no way Mikasa, Armin, Levi, or Erwin is going to let the friend and secret weapon they protected and sacrificed men for, go down like that. Also, I’m betting that from the preview, Armin is going to be the first one who puts two and two together and figures out Annie’s secret identity. He also seems to be the one who will put together a plan of how to get Eren out of this. Will Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and some other members of the now disgraced Recon Corps now have to go rogue in order to protect Eren from the government who seem bent on his destruction? They have to somehow try to make it to that basement so I’m guessing they might have to do so against orders. What will Annie now have planned? Where and what is “Stonhess”? Where shall this season end. These are all questions that I’m asking, now that another arc has come to an end.

    I give this episode a 8/10. Not as good as last episode, but still full of emotional punch.

    • Evilnemesis

      Next to useless to Levi.

      Just recently graduated, first time outside of the wall vs. strongest soldier of humanity.
      Mikasa’s strength isn’t her current status but rather her potential growth.

      She appeared strong because everyone else at Trost were wimps and useless junk ready to just be eaten.

      Her instability when it comes to Eren is also in the manga. But as of yet ( the current manga chapters released ) it’s the only time where it impairs her combat ability.

      • Irenesharda

        I don’t know, I just didn’t like the way her character was handled this episode. They state she is already leagues above other graduates, and that did show when we saw her with the elite of the wall guard in the battle of Trost. Yet, I felt the way they keep making her eyes get wider and wider with her blushing more and more often now, is taking away from her character. I know Levi is just THAT good, but from what we’ve seen of Mikasa, she’s not that far behind, even if just graduating from the academy. I would have liked to have seen her contribute a little more to the fight other than watching Levi in awe and making a mistake that Levi had to save her from. I guess it’s the feminist in me, but I really like Mikasa’s character and I just don’t want her to devolve into your average anime fighting female character who’s really good at what she does, until a man who happens to be better shows up, and then suddenly she becomes a damsel in distress. I hate that archetype and I would be miffed beyond belief if that’s what Mikasa turns into.

        • Evilnemesis

          Stupid blushes, they don’t exist in the manga. And the eye widening is just the character designs.

          She’s very far from him, she’s nowhere near inhuman speed Levi is at. Normal human eyes can’t even follow his movements.

          During that fight he literally broke several scientific laws. How did he do that? Because SHOUNEN and author hasn’t done his research.

          The showcase of Levi’s skill was necessary in this battle because fans in japan wanted to witness his might.

          Don’t worry though she isn’t no damsel, she goes wild later on.

          The nips would send death threats to Isayama ( the Author ) if she was relegated to typical female character. Beside she’s the only asian in the whole cast, she can’t suck.

          And you shouldn’t complain too much even our great hero MC Eren ( heh ) hasn’t even had his first scout skill yet ( human vs. Titan ).

          • Irenesharda

            Well, Eren I’m not worried about. He’s been developing quite nicely as a character this far and I don’t mind the male actually being the one having to be saved sometimes as well. (Even if he acts a little ungrateful about it…)

            I’ll take your word on it though and I’ll have faith that the writers won’t be stupid and downgrade my favorite character. However, after the amazing Ep. 21, I’m wondering on how they will end this season. It would be a shame if the finale isn’t able to top that awesome fight episode. I’m guessing, and a little hoping that the season finale will end in a awesome cliffhanger. We’ll just have to see.

            I really don’t see how Eren is going to get out of this one and back to trying to find his family’s basement without going rogue and going off on his own (with his friends of course). The government isn’t going to let them have another expedition, and last we saw them, they seemed hellbent on torturing/experimenting/killing Eren, so I don’t know too many ways out of this. Also, there’s the problem with all the Titan-hybrids running around in disguise as well. We don’t know what they are planning next either. With as much determination as they tried to capture Eren, I doubt they are going to give up so easily.

          • Clemz

            “During that fight he literally broke several scientific laws.”

            well, Titan’s existence themselves also disregard few physic laws (as mention by Hanji in eps 15, I think?)

            So I think its a fair game for Levi to broke several laws as well

        • Railing Pleb

          Great review, I agree with most of your points. Anyway, thought i would add my opinion on some things you said.

          I feel like they need to finish off her character. I don’t think she’s 2-D or flat, just that her character rounding/smoothing wasn’t finished. For example, whilst her reaction to Levi skills is normal, it is just a reaction and does not really develop her character. If Eren said it, then it would be development/fleshing out/rounding for him since it would reinforce his respect and awe of the recon corps.

          This is just my personal method for character development though (That once a base of characteristics is set, then any interacts/ actions /reactions/ thoughts/ emotions add to that character by referring those things back to the base set)

          As for her character design, I can’t complain since it’s an improve (imo) from her early designs. She was too moe and cute during the trost arc but i liked how they animated her this episode (22), it fitted with her character more and the way she spoke and interacted awkwardly brought her back to life to me.

          Evilnemesis already explained the part about experience and skill so i won’t go into that. Going back to her reaction to Levi, although its normal for most, it doesn’t suit her character that much. However, her role was to distract the Femtitan, which turned out not to be necessary (i like those little details, though I’d have preferred teamwork) so her reaction moment probably occurred in the few seconds she sorted out what to do, which was solved when she saw the opening.

          As for useless or her emotions clouding her judgement, I disagree. Remember that unlike Levi, she doesn’t know about the hardening (and neither know about the regen, its just that Levi is a sadistic bastard who loves shoving his blades into the titan’s eyes so that no matter how fast they can regen, they will be blind) so when she saw the opportunity (i liked how she twisted her body to try the same type of move Levi does, it shows how she adapts quickly in battle situation; or you can see it as female blindly following the male lead) she went for it. Shingeki has already addressed the topic of following your own judgement or following orders. As we’ve seen, depending on the situation either decision could turn out right or wrong.

          At least Eren is aware of her affection and says ‘No, no moe pandering in this show’. Hopefully she finds a good balance. Her change depending on her emotions is a bit too black and white for my taste, although it reflects her character, that she bottles herself and the only time she shows her emotions are when she’s really emotional.

          As a side note, mikasa’s a kill stealer, she’s literally killed more titans than than every human character (excluding Eren titan and levi) so far. We need to give some kill moments to our other characters you know. And she makes killing titans look too easy, which weakens the impact of the other characters struggles.

          I used too many brackets to add my random thoughts but sadly i’m too lazy to edit up my post, sorry :-.

          I also liked how Levi’s fighting style uses the high ground, whilst Mikasa goes for continual gas ejection for smooth, fast speed. Nice to see fighting style in a very hard to distinguish fighting style that SnK has.

          On another unrelated note, the animation for this show is mindblowing at its best. When it’s quality drops it much more noticeable than other anime which have lower but more consistent quality.

  • Flaiboy

    Devastating . . .

    Levi . . . I sure hope he stays one of the good guys, cuz as the anime goes on I’m respecting him more and more. He’s a freak of nature and so fun to watch when he gets serious.

    • Irenesharda

      When ISN’T he serious? LOL :p

      • Flaiboy

        Well, there’s serious, then there’s SERIOUS. He certainly looked seriouser this ep. #B^)

  • Kiya

    guys, do you know the OST when Ivan’s friend cry and received (Ivan’s badge) from Levi?

  • Kiya Mmorpg Disold

    guys, do you know the OST when Ivan’s friend cry and received (Ivan’s badge) from Levi?

  • Kiya Mmorpg Disold

    anyone here know? pleaseeeeee >__<

  • JustSomeSoap

    I know this is 3 months late, but has NO ONE noticed that Levi also had a sort of liking to Petra too? I mean she would go up to him and have a chat when people dubbed him unapproachable. I’m sure he took Petra’s insignia, but giving it to that guy was just so nice.

  • Ameleen Wong

    is the photo with mikassa eren and levi in an ova episode or in any episode that i might have missed ? lol