Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 23 – IT’S TIME.

Shingeki no Kyojin anime
That's hot.

That laugh…
Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 23 Review
Attack on Titan Episode 23 Review
“Smile: Raid on Stohess District, Part 1”
“Hohoemi -Sutohesu-ku Kyūshū (1)-”
(微笑み ―ストヘス区急襲①―)

The revelation is finally here for those who haven’t figured it out already. To many people, the truth behind who is the female titan is already quite obvious. Nonetheless, the execution of the revelation is nothing short of wonderful. From one suspenseful moment to the next, it just keeps on accelerating.

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 23 Impressions


Outside the walls eh?

Military Police lazy


Pretty sure that’s almost everyone, bro.

Marlow derp


Speech cut short. Oh well, the basic meaning is still kept as portrayed later.


The crazy bastard spouting random stuff about the three walls aside, we take a deeper look in the inner workings of the Military Police. As you can clearly tell, they are some lazy assholes who don’t really give a damn either way. I have no doubt that because the higher ups are this way, the rookies will one day become the same for they had the same treatment and want to take it easy as well. In the end, it goes in a perpetual cycle where no one takes the job seriously and corruption is rampant. However, it looks like Marlow isn’t going to stand for this because he is so very just and everyone else who keep their own interests close to heart are scum. In the anime, Annie has an extremely short conversation with Marlow that barely scratches the surface of what she said in the manga (You can safely read until the end of this chapter without spoiling yourself about the next chapter).

In the more expanded version that is the manga, Annie goes on to say basically how normal people, or the majority people, are what he call to be “trash.” It’s not so much of the fault of the people as it is the structure of the system that creates corruption. Humans by nature are corrupt, and as such, there must be incentives to prevent corruption not by clearing the world of “trash,” but to change the system so they will not act such a way. Not everyone can be as righteous as some “special” few are so expecting everyone to act like that is ludicrous and impossible. While it is cut from the anime, the core themes of Shingeki no Kyojin do not focus on corruption so it’s not a terrible omission by any means.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Implying that he can even buy one.

Military Police smack

See, this is why you just play along until you have enough power.

Turns into a Titan and freaks everyone out.


What they did add is this scene right here where Marlow struggles to come face to face with corruption. I sensed a bit of parallelism with Eren’s situation in that they are both powerless against the opposition. What’s even more depressing is that the ones triggering the evil deeds are not Titans, but human beings reminding us that even in times of great peril, people will find a way to do things like this. There’s also more parallelism with how Eren and Marlow are both incredibly naive, or at least when they both first start off. They think they can change the situation by tackling it head on only to realize that things are not so simple. Marlow’s thoughts about how change is simple in that he just has to rise high up in the ranks to change everything is quickly shattered by his lack of power against the smallest ordeals. Similarly, Eren’s first real battle with Titans ended up with his near death and everyone in his team being brutally killed.

Oh, that hit her pretty hard.

O damn.

Jean Kirstein pretend

LOL. INB4 Jean cross dresses for rest of the series.

If Jean were here…

Dat acting.

Suicidal bastard indeed.

Her eyes O_O

Eren Jaeger

He wants you, bro uhhmm I mean, Bra. Waitwat?

Annie Leonhart hurt

Dat voice acting.

Armin Arlert ready


Armin Arlert eyes


Annie Leonhardt


Huh. Was Annie always this well endowed?

Shingeki Mikasa Ackerman

Holy crap, that’s a badass Mikasa.

Mikasa Ackerman badass


Annie Leonhart blush


Eren Jaeger


Mikasa Ackerman calm


Annie Leonhardt



Shingeki Annie

That murderous look. TITAN TIME.


Armin’s plan to catch Annie is a well thought out one, but Annie knows exactly what is going on from the horrified look in his eyes. I’m sure Annie has a reason why she’s doing this which makes me almost feel sorry for her. She’s been with Armin, Eren and Mikasa training. Now, they view her as if she were some abomination. They are justified in viewing her in such a way for she did kill countless people, but maybe it is the lesser of the two evils on her side that we don’t know of yet. Moreover, the way they treat her, maybe excluding Eren, is quite similar to how people treats Eren because he can transform into a Titan. Perhaps Eren understands her feelings more than many others which is why he is hoping that this is just a lie. Keep your eyes pealed for the next few episodes because we’re going to be getting some more TITAN ACTION!

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 23 Review

There’s always a disadvantage with reading the manga beforehand when it’s a very faithful adaptation due to the lessened anticipation because you know exactly what will happen. Even so, if you are a manga reader and you feel your anticipation rise as it reaches the eventual revelation, smiling all the way like I did, then you know the studio did a damn good job of creating the proper suspense to make things exciting. Heck, it’s quite obvious that Annie is the Female Titan (for most of us) so it’s no big surprise. That’s even more the case for manga readers and yet, I found myself smiling at the buildup and laughing alongside Annie for some strange reason. (I think I’m screwed up D:)

The anime does omit some scenes and adds new ones, but none of them really make the episode a considerable amount worse by any means. The fillers are still nicely done anyways and adds, as I mentioned before, some parallelism as an aside to the main revelation that is very well executed. Everything from the look on their faces, to the addition of Annie’s laugh which was actually not in the manga, to the soundtrack and to the badass poses, I’m excited to see how the final episodes will come into fruition.

Shingeki no Kyojin Levi Wallpaper




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  • Mike

    Now those idiots in the inner walls will get a taste of what true fear is.

    • Entrav

      Hell yeah, those idiots need to actually do something.

  • Armin Fanboy

    Sigh… as much as I’d like this to be as awesome and emotional as it’s meant to be, there was not enough Annie development in the anime for me to care about her. I mean, I think only Armin has evolved from being one-dimensional to being a pretty complex fellow as main characters go (Jean’s also an obvious bet). Annie, on the other hand, falls pretty short in terms of what a character needs to create a ‘stable impact’ (mind the term) in the plot. Don’t get me wrong though, for I enjoyed this episode as much as anyone, just couldn’t find a valid reason to feel for her.

    Always loving your reviews that are suddenly plagued with silly reactions to what’s taking place.

    • Entrav

      Character development has been a side of Shingeki no Kyojin that could be improved in both versions anime and manga. I certainly agree with your statement that Annie has not gotten the development she needs to make the revelation have maximum impact. I don’t remember that much of the manga, but I think character development-wise, it wasn’t superb either. However, while that’s true, I did still feel the tension in the atmosphere created from the gradual revelation and the fact that, heck, they’re damn TITANS. So in a way, even though the characters aren’t as great as they could be, just the scenario itself lends well to giving some much needed impact. Not to mention that if you’ve read the manga, then the impact is probably lessened by a considerable amount.

      Thanks a lot! I’m not sure what else I’d do for the captions if I didn’t have silly reactions to whatever is happening. I kind of like the more serious written part with the contrasting random and somewhat ridiculous captions. It’s easier on me that way too :)

  • YOLO

    Awsome review ! LOL AT DAT ANNIE FACE . dunno why they made it look like that lol Oh and i found the “holy-crap_mikasa is a badass” pic kind of weird…. It’s like she was meant to cary two swords but instead they made her cary one and forgot to draw the second one LOL much badassery causes amnesia ! Anyway great ep and i wish Eren would follow the example of Armin and Mikasa instead of being a brainless-FEEL-bomb . I like Eren but to be honest , he needs to mature as a character . HECK EVEN THE CRYBABY ARMIN SURPASSED HIM …..ahuuuum /Again great review ! keep it up !

    • Entrav


      Mikasa only needs one sword to be badass there. Honestly, I didn’t really notice that until I looked at it a second time, but it sure trumps the manga version in terms of badassery. I think since Eren has already seen so many comrades die at the hands of her that he refuses to believe someone he trained with is the cause of all that despair. It’s understandable, but he does need to grow up.

  • Ketsu

    I’m not gonna lie, hearing Annie laugh was pretty hot.

    • Entrav

      Dat voice acting hotness.

      • Evilnemesis

        Isayama posted something interesting on his blog.

        I must admit when I saw the episode I surprised at how differently annie acted when she revealed herself compared to the manga.

        Turns out it was from him and not the anime director’s choice.

        • Entrav

          That’s really interesting how he explains his reasoning behind changing her reaction. He wants her to be completely out in the open, having human emotions even if she takes up the role of a Titan who goes against humanity. Thanks a lot for sharing!

    • Flaiboy

      Watching her laugh was even hotter!

  • Me

    it feels like annie is obliged on doing this, against her will, or maybe just me trying to convince myself she wouldn’t do such things, not to mention she was about to kill Jean ( a comrade she’s been training with ) and probably was the cause of Marco’s death if she did not killed him.
    Anyways it’s a really sad revelation

    • Entrav

      The very fact that she didn’t kill Armin is kind of a hint that she is reluctantly doing what she’s doing. Though, however torn she is, she’s still choosing the opposing side with completely unknown motives. It’s not like Annie is just a heartless killer which makes it all the more despairing.

  • Irenesharda

    Alright, let’s get started.
    This episode brought out some interesting things in several respects, however, I will try to handle the different areas of the plot one at a time.
    First, we see our first real look inside Wall Sina and into the Military Police who we’ve barely really gotten a true look at before. Here we see that people dress as if it’s the Victorian Era, which is weird since the wall before that, people dressed like something out of the Renaissance Era, and the wall before that the Dark Ages…so I’m not sure if that’s on purpose, or the mangaka couldn’t figure out what type of old-fashioned European dress he wanted…

    Anyway! Back to the Military Police!
    And it is here that we can see how rotten and decrepit society has become. I’m not yet sure if it’s intentional or not, but the way this three walled city is set up, they are literally setting up their own destruction. The MP are made up of the best of the best out of their perspective classes, only those in the top 10 are allowed in. Yet, what are the used for? Absolutely NOTHING. None of them have seen a Titan before, much less battle. And even if you take the most prizewinning apple and let it just sit in a field, eventually all you will have is a mess of decomposing, insect-ridden filth this is now only good for fertilizer. The same can be said of the MP, who were the best, but all that talent is going to waste and is being corrupted by the life of leisure, malfeasance, and demoralization that being in the MP brings. And there is little room for change unless you take drastic measures. Unfortunately, by the time you reach the rank in which you can effectively make these changes, you yourself have become so entrenched or seduced by the temptations such a crooked system has to offer, that you no longer have the desire, will, or want to do anything about it anymore.

    Individuals like Marlow are good to see, however, you can only ask yourself how long he’ll last before he becomes tired of swimming upstream and gets drowned by the flow. One difference between Marlow and Eren, is that Eren obviously has more drive and is at times borderline suicidal and crazy. He would actually rather die than live a life in the MP. I can’t see Marlow as having the same amount of drive as Eren, as not enough has happened to him yet (which is also why Eren is a little more mature at this point then he is) in order for him to continue to go on no matter the odds. However, I think that he might soon have it…if he survives that long that is.

    Now, let’s get to the meat of this episode, which is Annie’s reveal. Now, remember that I do not read the manga and will not until the entirety of the series is over. However, I had already long ago guessed Annie’s duel identities, and would have called bullcrap if it had been someone else. As for the tension and suspense, I wish I could say that it was really held me on the edge of my seat or something, and yet…it really wasn’t that hard to see coming. This was one of those episodes that was done a disservice by its own preview. In seeing last week’s preview, and hearing that Armin was going to tell Annie about his “plan”, I had immediately suspected two things: that Armin somehow had guessed the FemTitan’s identity, and that he had put together some plan to get her to reveal herself.

    Now, watching this episode, the minute I saw Armin come to Annie with his gear on and talking about helping Eren escape, I was suspicious. One, we had seen little to no transition between the Recon Corps riding through the streets in shame, and to now, suddenly having Eren out from under Levi and Erwin’s watchful eye and replaced by Jean? (Who does look a lot like Eren with that wig on, if Eren was older and taller and broader…) I just couldn’t see all that happening so suddenly, without some previous evidence leading up to it. Two, Armin has one of the worst poker faces ever. The entire time he was talking to Annie, he looked off…haunted and even a little guilt-ridden. His visage seemed to get worse and worse as he continued to talk to her, and it’s now obvious that not just the audience, but also Annie herself was suspicious of his motives as we can see that she decisively decides to be her ring on.

    Anyway, I just became more and more suspicious when Eren and Mikasa showed up, and it’s once they get to the entrance of the underground city and Eren tries to make Annie come down that everything just clicked into place. And seeing how much Eren and Armin didn’t want to believe the truth (Mikasa doesn’t really care at this point, once you attack Eren, you’re the enemy from her POV) and how betrayed and sad Annie looked, I really felt for her and felt sad that this was happening to her. When she laughed, it was like a person who didn’t give a darn anymore and knew this was the end, a little like her mind had cracked. So yes, I felt sorry for what she was going through…….for all of TWO minutes.

    And then I remembered Petra, Oulo, Eldo, and Gunther. I remembered the haunted and torn apart looks on Levi’s face as he once again he has the shoulder the memories and responsibility of avenging his fallen comrades. I remember these families of these men and women waiting at home for them in vain. I remember brave men being smashed against trees and the ground like insects. I remember an entire flank being destroyed and eaten alive simply because it was serving as a decoy. I remember men who were fleeing for their lives, be kicked like soccer balls and played around with like a yo-yo. And as I remember all this, what little sympathy I had had for Annie dissipates and can only feel disgust and disappointment. Annie has not had enough character development for me to feel otherwise (I think we’ve really only seen her five or six times (sans as the FemTitan) total, and that is not enough for me to forgive her for what she’s done. I know they will makes some sort of excuse for her, so sob-story reason as to why she did what she did. But that story will have to be quite a doozie for me feel any more sympathy for her than the little I already gave. And even then, I doubt that there is anything that can be said that can make me let her off the hook for her single-handed massacre.

    And now we come down to this final arc of the first season. The FemTitan has revealed herself and she is going to be wrecking havoc in the inner circle, where most have never even seen a Titan, and don’t know the damage one could wrought. We have only the MP (who will have this moment to prove what they’re truly made of) and the beaten Recon Corps, who while battle-weary are eager for vengeance for the comrades they have lost to this she-devil. From what we see in the preview, we might be up for a little backstory of how Armin set all this up in the first place and then it looks like Eren will be having to come to terms with Annie’s betrayal. So I’m going to guess that Part 2 of the battle between Eren and Annie will be the season finale episode. And what a note to leave off on I must say. I just pray that Eren does better this time now that his head’s clearer than last time.

    I’m excited for this last arc and hope it’s the wake up call that those of the inner city and the MP need. I hope Marlow lasts for a while, though I’ve learned to not really get attached to any of these characters. Though it will be frustrating knowing that this will be it for Shingeki was a little bit until the inevitable second season comes around, which I guess will be no sooner than next spring season. But until then I will enjoy these last two episodes and hope they end this season with a bang.

    I give this episode a 8.87/10. Can’t wait for more.

    • You

      Actually, the 2nd season will most likely not be until 3-4 years from now based on how close it is to the manga unless they want to divert away from it. Supporting evidence is the anime was adapted 4 years after the original manga release in 2009.

  • Igor

    I really can’t take it anymore. Gotta read the manga asap. Does anyone know where should I start from after episode 23 please?

    • Entrav

      Starting right at the beginning of chapter 32.

      • Igor

        Thanks a lot mate. Reading it already. Have a nice evening.

  • GEODJO96

    Wooooow the detail on that ring, didn’t even notice.

  • Flaiboy

    Very fun to watch. I knew the system was corrupt, but gee . . . that’s beyond what I expected. Kind of reminds me of free-thinking candidates for Congress: if they buck the system they get beaten down until they comply and join in. What a mess.

    • Entrav

      :/ It’s especially sad to see that kind of corruption when the fate of humanity is literally on the line. *Sigh.

  • Flaiboy

    Makes me wonder if maybe we’ll see the revealing of some of the other Titans in relatively short order. If Armin can become suspect of Annie based only on seeing her use Marco’s gear, it makes me think he’ll begin to put two and two together and postulate their identities. I mean, at the very least considering her associations (which is what I rely on mostly for my speculations) Armin should already be grasping the ramifications of Annie being a proven Titan and beginning to suspect who the Armored and Colossal Titans are. Knowing now that Armin suspected Annie gives new meaning to his conversations with her before their assignment to their divisions and to his actions right before Jean was almost clobbered by her when they were on patrol.

    I wonder where Levi and Erwin are hiding? Certainly they had a hand in this – I can’t imagine it was easy for them to let Eren out from under their thumbs for very long.

  • Gamematio

    After watching this episode:

    • Luka

      LMAO laughed way too much .__.

  • SM’s Backdoor Entry

    me when i first watched ep 23 to the end: WTF IT WAS ANNIE I DIDNT EVEN KNOW OR SUSPECT OR WTF

    reads this: now i feel dumb for not knowing at all… especially because i havent read the manga so i look even more dumb

    then: … but if armin suspected from like ages ago after seeing marcos armour (which fricking hell explains why marco wasnt eaten but crushed geez im so dumb) why are the filler episodes so many that i lost track of everything… and did armin even ask annie why she had marcos armour when he first saw it?

    again:… i feel so dumb again why i feel so dumb …. even though it all makes sense i still feel dumb…